Book 2 Chapter 77

”I found ten acres fenced in 6 miles from the Brownsville International Bridge. The property is owned by Texas Steel and Fabrication. It was a shared property, they use half of it. They had the rest of it on lease to Gulf Shores Petroleum Ventures.”

”Gulf Shores was sold and incorporated into Shell Oil offshore. I leased it for one hundred eighty days with an option for more.”

”Texas Steel says they can do any kind of fabrication. Andy and I worked on your sleeping problem and we think we came up with a workable solution. I am working on the pieces for it today; as soon as I get them all together Andy and I will fill in the blanks for you.”

“The service trucks are here and the two mechanics who are going to run them are putting tools and supplies on them as we speak.”

”Four pallets of spare parts and special tools arrived today from Quantico via Army trucks. They are loading them on the trucks. Tomorrow both service trucks are heading to Texas; they should be there on Monday.”

”I am sending two of the motor homes with them and Vicky is sending two men from the college security group to go with them to help. The motor homes will give them a place to sleep and keep dry plus guard the equipment. There is a motel and restaurant close by,” Lorrie said.

”Tuesday the trucking company is to start delivering the MRAPs to the Texas Steel site. They will have plenty to do to get them checked out and ready,” Lorrie said.

Andy came on the line with updates and questions.

”Did you find what you needed today to take the heat off?” he asked.

”Oh yes and more. Plus, I have to go there once a month from now on,” I said.

”The two men I sent to Port Arthur confirmed the boats are yours and so are the unpaid invoices. I have copies of all the paperwork. They go in the paint shop and then final prep and fit out next week, after that a shakedown run. I told them that we wanted people on board for that. Have you figured out what you are going to do with them yet?” Andy asked.

”No I haven’t. When I meet with Black and Bear tomorrow I will find out, they must have had some kind of contract or plans for them,” I replied.

”I know this is rushing but have you put together a management team you can trust there?” I asked.

‘‘Yes, I’m planning on coming back on Monday and work on filling my staff there. I want to do one more review of the list for France then and get them notified. I do want to go over Ching Lee’s plan with her and Frank Hammonds. It looked good, I just want to make sure they are still on track,” Andy said.

”This place is shaping up; men are grumbling and night life has changed to bunk time. I want to bring the trainers here for a week or so for riot and heavy crowd control training. That seems to be something that was not done and we may need some of that in France,” Andy said.

”That’s what the extra hundred men are for – police duties and control. I guess they don’t have enough police or they have doubts about them. Worse yet they don’t want any of them to possibly get hurt. The good thing is I want the leaders so the Doc can interrogate them. The extra men will help with that,” I said.

”We need to be there at least by the twentieth to work out the last few glitches and check out the route plans,” I said.

”I take it you are planning on going?” Andy said.

”Oh yes – the first major operation like this; I have to be there. The outcome will be watched from so many places. There is just too much at stake on this one for me not to be there,” I said.

”By the way, I have convinced Sheila to get the Suburban we talked about and give Sandy the car,” Andy said.

”Just have her stop by and see Lorrie to pick out one – don’t forget to get the gas card with it,” I said.

”Schedule the trainers you want there – the jet can deliver them and their tools of the trade on Monday and bring you back,” I said.

”The FBI found what was left of the office equipment. It’s not worth bringing back unless Robert’s group can use any of it for parts,” Andy said.

”Have the two techs that are there look at it and call him,” I said.

”I will tell Marcy that as we still have not canceled their insurance yet she may want to turn it in for a claim,” I said and finished the call with ”See you on Monday.”

We were landing at Morton by the time I was finished the VCATS. It was a good thing I was talked out but still I was not done. I needed an update from Robert on the latest happenings and a quick walk-through of the Horsey office building.

Tomorrow would be the last day for changes before the spaces started filling up on Monday. Baltimore Office and Bob were to be here at 0800 to meet Marcy.

Bashir was continuing his posting frenzy, putting more pressure for the strip clubs to produce intel they could use. Bashir demanded that the strippers be properly punished using the ancient traditional methods for lack of productivity. In other words, beat the crap out of them. I guess he did not realize bruises would lead to reduced visits from customers and police visits with lots of questions.

Friday was a busy day with calls from Louis confirming my thoughts about the situation in Paris and he was wanting updates. One thing was obvious, he was far more nervous than I was and there were still over twenty five days ago.

A call that should have lasted ten minutes lasted well over an hour while I went through the prep work for the raid, finally convincing him that everything was in hand and on hand to carry out the raid. I even offered to send a G5 to pick up him and a delegation if he wanted to view the training that was going on for the raid.

We met with the various contractors at the Horsey office and declared it usable. Andy had a nice big office with a smaller private office with a nice fancy desk and a small meeting table. When you walked out the private office door into the larger part, there was a larger meeting table and ten large cubicles for his people and there were two bathrooms. Four rooms had been combined into one for his office.

Black and Bear were going to share a two room unit with one clerk for each of them. The cubicles were larger for them. A major step down on the ego ladder but at least it didn’t have bars.

The freighter was in Maputo, the C5 was on the ground with the men to help get everything to Fort Polo. An Israeli C130 was bringing my hardware order along with the now 8 hard items for it to bring back along with the shipment from the mines. It would make the trip back tomorrow.

I was in my office early, meeting with Lexi. She had broken down all the payments to the Pirate Bank for the last six years from Black Bear.

With the account copies from the bank along with all the other transactions, it all fit. The six congressional people would face decades of time in prison if I wanted. Not only them – but brokers, aides and accomplices as well.

There were a total of ten numbered accounts deposits that were made to and from Black Bear accounts. In a few minutes they were coming here separately to meet, that would be one of the topics. I would find out just how truthful they were going to be.

My next trip to Pirates Island may be sooner than I wanted to find out who the other four were, unless Milton or Charles decided to divulge.

Charles Black was first in the barrel and I started with the accounts, pushing a list of just the account numbers in front of him.

”Do you want to give me the names to go with this list and what they did to earn it?” I asked.

Edit by Alfmeister
Proof read by Bob W.

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