Book 2 Chapter 79

It was just a few minutes before the 1100 hearing time when we walked in and sat down.

Senator Hope Emerson and Senator Ruth Gavin started out sarcastic and nasty as soon as Hope gaveled the committee into session.

”We have sent you subpoenas that you have not responded to by law. Do we need to hold you in contempt of Congress?” Senator Hope Emerson asked.

”I have been extremely busy, if you take the time to look at the news. I got the subpoenas this morning when I went to the office to check in. The subpoenas were addressed to me and not to the committee so they were not opened. I have today and tomorrow scheduled to be in Washington, if you want any testimony. Then I am out of the country for the rest of the month,” I said.

”You will not set this committee’s schedule. Those subpoenas have dates on them and you will be here to testify on those dates or else just who do you think you are?” Senator Hope Emerson said.
”Make your report,” she said.

I gave the same report that I had earlier without changing anything. Senator Ruth Gavin started with the questions related to the report asking for the numbers to be broken down by state.

”I will not break them down by state to preserve ongoing investigations,” I said.

”I want to know how many are going on in my state. I have been getting reports that your investigators are discriminating against religious minorities or races in my state and that you may be using stereotyping in your investigations,” Ruth said.

”Reports to the tip lines carry no information about race, creed, color, ethnicity or national origin. Each one is investigated on merit only.”

”If you allow stereotyping to be involved you are going to eliminate the ones that potentially will kill you. Terrorists come from all walks of life, races and national origin.”

”These are people with a beef against something, someone, a group or no one in particular. They can be uneducated or highly educated, poor or wealthy. They fall for the propaganda, promises, ideology or hate and in some cases, no reason other than they are looking for thrill and excitement.”

”Investigators, scientists, psychologists – some of the best in the world – have yet to come up with a definite answer as to why?” I said.

”I think this committee needs to see it broken down that way,” Senator Ruth Gavin said.

”I will take it before the agencies for review but I doubt that kind of report will be generated. A report like that may be viewed as discriminatory in itself and be misleading,” I said.

”Since this is the foreign relations committee, I have to tell you that your war on terror is beginning to cause rifts with some of the foreign nations that we consider friendly. They are calling for restraints in arrests and more understanding when dealing with their former citizens,” Senator Howell from California said.

”My best advice to them is to keep any of their citizens home that may have terroristic tendencies, otherwise they will be dealt with accordingly,” I said.

”The committee had subpoenaed the last four years of the records of Black Bear over six months ago, before the court became involved. Those subpoenas are still active and we still want those records,” Senator Howell said.

”After the court ordered Black Bear dissolved, because of the abundance of classified materials they also ordered all records sealed forever. You will have to take up that subpoena with the courts,” I said.

”JBG has to have original copies of the contracts and accounting to continue the business they acquired from Black Bear. We demand all contracts and records, plain and simple,” Senator Howell said.

”Again the court ordered those records were sealed after the agreements; you will have to deal with the courts,” I said.

”Many of the contracts Black Bear had involved foreign agreements that have a direct bearing on international relations. This committee has a duty to review those contracts and any new agreements to verify that no potential damage or infringement is be done to those relations,” Senator Howell said.

”If you approved the original contracts then you have all there is to those contracts, the only change was the name,” I said.

”That does not matter, we have subpoenaed those records and you will deliver them,” Senator Hope Emerson said.

”The next matter is this security zone agreement with Mexico; there will be issued a subpoena for all the documents and agreements,” Senator Ruth Gavin said.

”Those documents are listed as top secret by the Mexican government and by agreement, JBG, as are the documents with the security agreement with Mexpo. To allow this committee access to those documents would violate Mexican and long standing international laws and agreements.”

”Multiple federal intelligence agencies reviewed and gave their approval for JBG operations in Mexico. Those records are also sealed until 2050.”

”Another thing, those agreements are with a private company and a foreign government as are thousands of other business agreements with other foreign governments and there have been no subpoenas or investigations of them. I would have to ask our lawyers to file suit in federal court for harassment and other violations and infractions,” I said.

”International law does not overrule the subpoenas of this committee. JBG and you will comply with our request,” Senator Hope Emerson said.

”There are other questions about JBG’s involvement in the Pact agreement that need to be investigated,” Senator Howell said.

I stood up, ”It’s time for a ten minute recess. Senator Emerson, Senator Gavin, and Senator Howell, if you will meet us in the elevator for a private conference we will see if we can defuse this situation before you gavel back in order.”

I could tell by their expressions and glances they saw victory.

”Anything to resolve the issue would be a welcome change.” Senator Hope Emerson replied.

Andrew, Anne and I followed then into the elevator, ”Andrew, hold the door closed and push the stop buttons until we are finished,” I said.

The three were on one side looking at me, waiting for me to beg I thought.

”Puffy pussy lips, red ass cheeks, hung stud muffin for key word verification. That must have been one heck of an orgy at the Thimble Shoals Casino Hotel. That must have been just hours before you opened the numbered accounts in Pirates Bank,” I said.

Expressions drained from their faces, Senator Ruth Gavin lip started a nervous quiver.

”Yes I know all about your numbered accounts; all about the bribes, blackmail and extortion of Black Bear, Boeing, Newport News ship building, General Dynamics and others.

”I know all about the insider trading scheme you have been running with Chicago Investment LLC and the deposits to the accounts,” I said.

I thought Senator Hope Emerson was going to faint as she leaned back against the wall.

Senator Howell was the only one to respond, ”No need to deny it – You got us. Where do we go from here?” he said.

”Well, you do have options. You could walk out to the steps Capitol and announce your resignations for participating in criminal activities, conduct unfit for a Senator and bringing disgrace to the hallowed floor of the Senate.”

”I could have a revolver with a full cylinder sent to you. You use both hands and place the barrel just above the eyes on the forehead and aim straight to the back of the head and pull the trigger. Messy but quick and effective.”

”I could have a courier deliver a couple cyanide capsules to you. Just put them between your teeth and bite down. Not as fast and a little discomfort but cleaner.”

” I have some expert people with rope. I could have them make a hangman’s noose for each of you. You put it around your neck pull the slack out of the noose and while standing by your balcony, tie it off with a good knot and a loop a little below the hip. Simply sit on the balcony and drop off. If you do it right it will snap your neck. Death takes a couple minutes. If you don’t do it right you die slower by strangulation,” I said.

I waited for a response.

”Or we could put this conversation on hold for a few weeks until I have time to have a more detailed meeting with you. I am kind of pressed right now.”

”I think we should do that,” Senator Hope Emerson quickly said.

”Then you have some things to do then. First you need to figure how you are going adjourn this meeting quickly before you piss me off any more than I already am.”

”Then since you are into kink I have a big strap on that will stretch your ass plenty. I can’t wait to hear you scream. I will call you with a place and a time – you just have to wonder until then if you are getting it dry or with lube.”

” By the way don’t try to withdraw any funds from Pirates Bank – I locked the accounts,” I said.

”Who were your cohorts in the crimes?” I asked.

”There are no others,” Senator Ruth Gavin said.

” I know better, yours is going to be dry,” I said.

Hope’s eyes were still fixed to the floor, ”Rose Pearlman, Sherman Ballard and Roxy Granger,” she said.

”Don’t warn them of the impending storm. I will deal with them on my own time. Do you understand?” I said.

Gavin and Ruth nodded, finally I reached and lifted Hope’s chin to have her look me in the eyes.

”Do you understand?”


”Yes what?” I asked.

”Yes Ma-am, Ambassador Jones,” she replied with a hint of submissiveness.

”All of you need to become church mice, rarely seen and not heard from.”

”Release the door Andrew – let’s get back to our seats.”

As soon as we were in our seats, Senator Hope Emerson gaveled the desk.

”The committee is back in session. Due to scheduling conflicts this committee is adjourned,” Senator Hope Emerson said as she gaveled the desk again.

Within seconds the three of them were gone. Because of the elevator confrontation we had just, we had just made it on time to the third committee meeting for this morning.

It went smoothly, the chairperson thanked us for the report and work we were doing.

The ride back to the White House was quiet, with Anne and Andrew each lost in their individual thoughts.

Edit by Alfmeister
Proof read by Bob W.

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    Bj at her very best…
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