Book 2 Chapter 88

”General Bashir has gone on a rampage and he is furious! He points directly at you by name for the attack and apparent obliteration of his Paris cell. He has ordered the attack at Oklahoma City to happen tomorrow in retaliation to muddy the reputation of JBG.”

”Tiam has repeatedly tried to contact the Paris group with no success. They are looking for four special guests who were supposed to be in the training center or mosque. A short while ago Tiam issued a general broadcast that all attempts to contact the Paris cell be halted,” Robert said.

”Robert, the G5 will be landing in a few minutes. It has the nine people they are looking for onboard. Four of them are in the highest levels of the Iranian government. A security team is going to place them in separate cells in the Morton jail.”

”Max Grover has a box with all their cell phones and all the papers that were on the four of them. Agents from the CIA and NSA are meeting the plane; they are to bring the box to you and help break down the information. I don’t have to tell you how time critical it is.”

”Have you notified Ching Lee, Vicky, Paul Drake and Frank Hammonds?” I asked.

”Yes, as soon as the communiqué was deciphered I called them. They are moving everything into place tonight,” Robert said.

”OK, that is all we can do, I will bring Andy up to date in a few minutes,” I said.

I called the office to check in with Marcy, Lorrie and Jenny.

”Arthur Kennedy of ZZN Sunday Morning Washington has called the office several times – he wants you to appear on the show again,” Jenny said.

”At one time I would have said no right off but with the direction the security department is going, it increases the possibility that my time in the White House is short. The publicity may be to our advantage,” I said.

”I have his number; I will unblock it and set it up to happen in a few weeks,” I said.

”The media is in the lobby waiting on a statement,” Jenny said.

”Give them one. Tell them the mission was a success and of the five hundred JBG employees involved in the raid there were only minor injuries, none serious. Also add that the bulk of the men will be returning to their assigned operating centers within forty eight hours. They are currently going through post engagement debriefing,” I said.

”That’s sounds good. I will write it up and give it. I will send Maggie out and tell them a statement will be given in ten minutes,” Jenny said.

”Do you have any updates on the equipment at Brownsville for the Mexican operation?” I asked.

“Yes, all the MRAPs are completed. The mechanics had plenty of help after the temporary job postings at the military bases. They had to replace two engines and two transmissions to get all of them ready.”

”Did you know a rebuilt Allison transmission of one of those things was fifty thousand dollars a crate and the engines were forty five thousand each? Those things better get a lot of use.”

”The last two buses will be completed on Monday. The pictures they have been sending look really good and the guys we sent are satisfied with them. Everything on your list is complete or nearly complete.”

”All the air tractors and Black Hawks are at the Brownsville executive airport in a hangar I rented,” Marcy said.

”Black and Bear will be back from the Middle East Tuesday with a rough agreement for us to look at and the possible logistics locations. They called several times for guidance on cost and policy. I padded the cost heavily based on the cost of buying new patrol boats and the OPEC countries are to furnish fuel,” Marcy said.

”Anything on the boats?” I asked.

”Port Arthur Marine Works developed and patented the fast boat design we looked at. They have built thirty of them in the last year, all of them for export except the ones that we bought with Black Bear. They have partnered with two other shipyards to build them to get that number.”

”Schmidt Marine and Industrial Manufacturing in Bremerhaven, Germany and Yosef Tamar Marine Shipyard at Netayna, Israel are the other two builders.”

”Port Arthur says if we secure the contract they will increase production to deliver three boats a month at the Port Arthur yard after a sixty day build up to production period. The other two ship yards will also increase production,” Marcy said.

”There are differences in the builds, Port Arthur used Detroit Diesel power plants. The German are using Deutz power and the Israelis are using Cat Power,” Marcy said.

”That is not such a bad thing. I would hate to have a whole fleet of boats with a potential engine problem on all of them because of a manufacturing or assembly problem. Sounds like we just have to wait on the contracts,” I said.
It was time for me to go get ready for the post briefing party. Back at the barracks I filled Andy in on my conversation with the girls. We talked about a day to kick off the Mexican excursion. It would kick off early Monday morning with a multi-prong offensive plan yet to be determined.

I showered and put on a clean set of camo – this time without the stars – and went over to the cafeteria. All the men had been told to be there 1830 sharp.

I had paid the chefs plenty to prepare a victory dinner; the best steaks, porter house, T bone, filet and big ones – eight, ten, twelve ounces – they were for real men. Sweet potato, baked potato, multiple vegetables and all kinds of desserts were also available.

The only thing I didn’t like was some had to be cooked ahead and served buffet style to feed this many men. But then the chef had called in extra staff to cook and opened another section of the kitchen.

Louis and the French OPS drivers joined us in line. After the first course was completed I stood for a short speech.

”This is only going to take a few minutes while the chefs are putting out dessert. All of you did an excellent job today and I include our French partners in these comments; we suffered no casualties or serious injuries. A real general would get and give medals after a successful operation like this. I cannot give you medals, only my thanks. I am proud to call you my men and associates. This dinner is to show you my appreciation,” I said.

”Tomorrow at 0800 we leave France to prepare for a much larger and longer mission. We will remember the friends we have made here and hopefully meet them again under better circumstances. Again I thank you.”

”Let’s make the doctors mad and finish off this great meal with plenty of dessert,” I said.

For two more hours we talked and laughed and discussed politics in a jovial way and over did it on the desserts.

I walked with Louis and we found the French OPS drivers. I thanked each of them personally. Not long after that I had one of the medics give Melinda a couple of Tylenol with codeine to help her rest comfortably through the night. She was already in pain.

I packed everything but clothes for tomorrow, I called it a day and wondered when the hell would hit air over Iran’s missing VIPs. I was asleep in minutes.

At 0600 I was up and testing the fresh pastry before carrying my gear to the 747 400 for the trip home. One last walk-through of the barracks to make sure everyone was packed and ready to depart.

Some of men had gone out in search of souvenirs and night life after the meal was over. At least they were smart enough to go in groups.

A while later I was in the seated in first class with Andy, Melinda, Hanna and several of the majors as the wheels left the runway for home. First class allowed me more room to review the hundreds of emails that had flooded my account over the last few days and waited for any news from Oklahoma.

I didn’t want to sleep on this flight; I needed to reset my clock to Eastern daylight time. A long day today would be a good start..

Edit by Alfmeister
Proof read by Bob W.

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