Book 2 Chapter 91

Tuesday morning was spent with Andy’s group going over all things Mexico. The logistics plans were complete; MRAPS, trucks, food, the sleeping buses, the 802s, water, fuel. The men were given times for assembly and locations.

We had been working on logistics for the security zone and getting materials and equipment ready for it. We had everything ready to go including three staging points near troublesome border areas.

Our agreement said that we had to complete part one before starting on the security zone. We initially thought it would take a month with the first plan.

With the success of the Paris and Oklahoma operations – maybe I was over confident – but I thought two weeks was all that were needed for the first pipeline part.

The first runway designated ‘Apple 1’ and the second one ‘Baker 2’ – a hundred miles further south – would be taken at the same time on the first day. The men split up into four groups.

The planning was interrupted by a frantic call from Louis and French President Spaghettis.

”The Iranian embassy is demanding that they be allowed to interview all the prisoners. It seems they are missing some VIPs that should have been at the training center or the mosque,” Louis said.

”Not only no but Hell No,” I said.

”First, they just admitted that the government of Iran is sponsoring terrorism in France and Europe. They did that by saying their VIPs were there just hours before the terrorists were scheduled to go forth and commit mayhem on innocent civilian across the continent.”

”Second, they are implying that the prisoners are Iranian citizens, not French citizens. Once upon a time sending Iranians to carry out organized terrorist attacks in France would be considered an act of war.”

”Third, tell them that the prisoners are being held under control of the Pact Security group. That is JBG and France cannot authorize visitations or interviews without authorization from me,” I said.

”Did you take facial pictures for identity of all the dead with their IDs as I requested?” I asked.

My men had done the same thing for our benefit but I wanted to make sure Louis had done the same thing.
”Yes and the same thing with the living prisoners,” Louis replied.

”Good. Assemble the information on the dead and living in two notebooks. Worst case scenario we may let them look at the notebooks.” I said

” Just tell them to contact me as head of Pact Security, ” I said.

”How can they do that?” President Spaghettis asked.

”They have used the Pakistan Ambassador Fazel Al Farsi in Washington to voice their displeasure with me before,” I said.

Louis was laughing so hard he knocked something over on the table.

” I should have known after the air show incident there would be a method. Ok – I can do that but that is not the only problem that may be happening. Lawyers are coming out of the woodwork demanding to see their clients. Several have filed court papers to see them.” Louis said.

”How do they know any of their clients are under arrest? You followed Pact rules and released no names of prisoners. Didn’t you,” I asked.

”No names have been released,” Louis replied.

”Under the Pact laws you can hold them for suspicion of terrorism for sixty days before any court appearance or legal consul. You did charge all of them under the pact laws didn’t you?” I asked.

”Yes, but the lawyers are questioning the validity of the Pact agreement as a treaty and if the court rules the Pact is in violation of the French constitution and not enforceable,” Louis said.

”It would seem to me that the courts first have to decide the validity of France’s participation in the Pact and if it is indeed a treaty which is stated multiple times in the agreement. Your current houses of government ratified it as a treaty.

”That alone should tie the matter up in the courts for months before the question comes up of the terrorists’ rights in court proceedings,” I said.

”It should but a superior judge could rule it is unconstitutional and order the lawyers immediate access to the terrorists. He could order them available for bail and release pending appeals until the constitutional matters are settled,” Louis said.

”How long before all that takes place?” I asked.

”As early as three weeks,” Louis said.

”So you are telling me that in three weeks a judge favorable to the terrorist cause or a corrupt judge could begin releasing the terrorists,” I said.

”Where are the negotiations with the Pact on the super max prison? The last meeting we had it was stalemated. Has there been any progress behind the scenes at all?” I asked.

”No, none – none of the countries want the prison in their country,” he said.

”Obviously another crisis is just over the horizon,” I said.

”How much does it cost France to hold a prisoner in a maximum security cell for a year?” I asked.

”Fifty thousand Euros, about the same in all EU countries,” Louis replied.

”Would the pact consider contracting out the prison no one wants for say forty thousand Euros per prisoner?” I asked.

”Who knows but something has to happen and soon. I will start making calls and see if I can get something moving,” Louis said.

For someone that looked like he had things together he surely does not, I thought.

I went back to looking over the plans for the pipeline operation.

Starting tomorrow Eric and General Ingram were going to start feeding drug traffic information to Fort Dean, along with Eric’s direct feed from the DEA aviation surveillance wing and the border patrol.

General Ingram from the Army and National Guard’s air wing that were temporarily stationed at the border.

Eric, Frank, Marty and General Ingram were all on board with my ideas to stop the drug traffickers in the security zone. Interrogation without lawyers and interpreters coaching would get us to the bosses faster. I could do that in the security zone.

Robert sent several from EIT to set up camp in Fort Dean while we were in France. The communications were up and running. The 802’s had run test flights along the border checking for dead spots and transmission delay hiccups.

I intended to shut down as much cross border drug traffic on Sunday morning as I could when the operation began. I wanted a maximum pressure campaign on the cartel. With enough pressure from enough directions they would get careless, sloppy, and desperate and make mistakes.

I walked back to the office. Bobs Construction draftsmen and engineers were here every afternoon. They were continuously updating the master plan and blue prints for the Fort Polo residential town.

I told them what I needed and how fast I needed the completed blue prints. I was going to possibly kill two birds with one stone – one for sure.

Wednesday I sent the other two RVs to Texas. They were going to be our command center once we crossed the border.

Thursday and Friday went fast – things coming and going on everywhere – it seemed that no JBG site was exempt.

Friday night I called Hanna and Melinda on a conference call, ”Hey girlfriends, what have you planned for the next few days?” I said.

”I had plans but I will cancel them,” Melinda said.

”I was going to the Ocean City for a few days,” Hanna said.

”I will see that you get your feet wet with salt water warmer than that at Ocean City and a lot cleaner. Be at Morton at 0700, pack for a few days.”

I was going to object to all the girls going but was quickly shot down.

”Every one of us has a part in this operation. The legal department and HR have worked on the contracts and legalities, Lorrie has worked getting aviation and finding good locations, Ching Lee and Vicky have worked with Andy in shuffling our best experienced men into the battalions. Marcy has worked miracles with money, suppliers, getting equipment and keeping the logistics flowing.”

”WE ARE ALL going to be there. This conversation is over,” Jenny said.

”OK! Good, I’m glad you feel that way. Make sure you have all your gear and if you haven’t done so, hit the gun range with your Glocks and M16s,” I said.

”We have all packed and ready,” Marcy said.

Saturday morning all of us without the youngsters flew first to Fort Dean.

Edit by Alfmeister
Proof read by Bob W.

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    as always you did it again……..great job

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