Book 2 Chapter 101

Andy and crew were planning the next active part of the operation as well as keeping an eye on the Bull.

The plan for the march west on the pipeline from Tampico to Puerto Vallarta was eighty percent complete with the new base sites planned and in the works. Another five hundred of the on call group were already at Fort Dean, working off their armchair fat and beer elbows.

With the Bull apparently coming back, Andy moved more men and specialized equipment into the area to be able to take advantage when he showed.

Andy asked me, ‘‘How badly do you want the Bull?”

The Doc had interrogated the two men that were transporting the two girls across the border. They were paid twenty five hundred dollars apiece to kidnap and deliver them to a San Antonio client by the Bull. They were selling them to their friends along the way. They made the trip every month with two new girls.

Yeah, I wanted the Bull. He and those two were going to be the first to face the security zone justice system. I had it all planned out. I would appoint a three man tribunal to read the evidence against all accused and pass verdict.

Then my appointed appellate judge would review the charges, verdict and sentence (there was only one sentence) and I could override his decision.

At 0600 the next morning the trap door on the gallows would open, carrying out the sentence. A crematorium was being built not far from the gallows; I didn’t want anyone to hurt their back by carrying a body too far.

I had no compassion for traffickers – drug or human – they would all swing. There would be no repeat offenders and no crying do-gooders begging for leniency. No three squares, TV or lawyers.

”I want him – but I don’t want to lose any men unnecessarily, so have a good plan,” I said dumping it in his lap.

Part of the equipment was more Air Tractor 802s. Since Melinda and Hanna’s reports and coverage, Air Tractor has suddenly become very aggressive as a supplier and very cooperative.

They had sent techs to inspect the air frames and turbines once already and then scheduled another visit. Their salesman called Robbie or Lorrie nearly every other day, asking just how things were working out and what we needed, how they could help.

Andy had questioned that towards the middle phase of the project we might be light on air cover. The planes worked better than the Blackhawk for general survey missions.

They were quieter and arrived faster without the telltale thump-thump of rotor blades. When you heard the turbine, they were already over you. The big plus was they didn’t need the detailed inspections every time they returned from flying. The Air Tractor could be refueled, rearmed with a fresh pilot and fly for several days. We had done it.

Lorrie agreed and Air Tractor pulled a dozen air frames from the crop duster line and sent them to the military conversion line. It was the same air frame with reinforcements and armament mounts added. Robbie would be taking delivery about the time they were needed and about the time the ones we had needed major inspections.

Charles and Milton spent the rest of the week in the Middle East. They flew home on Sunday. On Monday I had a meeting with Andy, the command group and with Charles and Milton.

Based on the contracts and promises we would have three patrol craft from the German company, three from the Israeli company and four from Texas ship building in forty five days.

The two already completed and the other four would make up a freighter load out of the Marine Terminal at Beaumont Texas. It would transit the ocean and the ships would unloaded at the Israeli seaport of Haifa.

The three from Germany would be sent via barge to Haifa, meeting up with the three from the Israeli manufacturer. The twelve would go through the Suez Canal into the Red Sea, then through the Arabian Strait to the Strait of Hormuz as a group. They would be armed out before they left Israel.

All this should happen in a forty five to sixty day time frame.

I ordered Charles and Milton to go back to the Middle East after we had rated the sites one thru four, based on the amount of work needed to make them fully operational. They understood that one site needed to be ready for the patrol craft in forty five days with no exceptions.

”I want work going on at all four sites and you two are in charge of it. Andy will assign you to someone in his command structure. You are to report regular updates and request anything that you need,” I said.

“Is this going to violate the court orders on what we are allowed to do?” Charles asked.

”No, it specifically falls into one of the gray areas we had the attorneys place into the agreement. You are not directly supervising security employees. You are site management and development,” I said.

A nod and a knowing smile said all that needed to be said.

The update from Bobs Construction was interesting. The two six hundred by thirty foot slabs were down and they were working on the slabs for the kitchen, court and office part that joined the two slabs together.

It had taken all the concrete from four Brownsville concrete plants for two days. It had taken a bonus of twenty dollars a yard on seven hundred yards to get that kind of cooperation on short notice.

They were now pouring concrete into the forms every day. On Monday they would start setting them up and tying them together with the pre-form wall sections. The delivery of the center truss sections would start on Wednesday.

Block and brick crews from Brownsville and Matamoros were laying the block for the front sections of the building and the crematorium, although they did not know what they were building.

I left the rest to Andy to take a private call from the White House. It was an awareness call from the President and Secretary of State – the Vice President was ill and needed reduced duties. There were important conferences taking place in Belgium.

”With all the media hype and accolades after your OPEC deal, would you accompany Dick James to Belgium?” the President asked.

”There is always plenty to do but I can delegate it to someone. If you want me to go I will,” I said.

I called the girls to tell them and make sure they were OK with it. I expected them to be and they were, just as long as they did not have to go. They were as tired of flying as I was.

I spent three days in Belgium with Dick James and was able to sit in on several trade negations and a NATO funding discussion. Then there was the discussion about troop allocations by member countries.

I was surprised that I was not asked to leave in any of the general discussions and in closed door discussions with Dick James and the group, I was asked for my opinion and input.

From Belgium we did a stopover in the UK for Secretary James to meet his British counterpart for more talks about upcoming joint military training exercises. Again I was not asked to leave and I knew that most of the topics were top secret.

I had only been back on the island for two days when Andy called.

”The Bull is back and has set up a routine. He has used it for three days straight. I intend to order the raid this afternoon when he returns and that has been 1600 on the dot. He walks the inside the compound looking at what his workers have done and does orders for the next day, I guess,” Andy said.

I got out the satellite schedule from the DOD and CIA; the compound would be visible to the camera from 1530 to 1700 when the angle would become too extreme.

I would need to be in the White House to see it. The command links for that satellite were that secret. It would have to be ordered by General Ingram or the President himself.

I called the President for approval and left for Washington with Vicky and Ching Lee.

At 1515 we were in the situation viewing room while the operator got it on line, up and on the screen. I expected an audience and it came, Frank Love, General Ingram, Bob Smith, the President, Troy and Dick James. Troy brought popcorn – being a smart ass.

At 1530 on the nose, the caravan of red vehicles made their way down the winding road to the compound. At 1545 four 802s descended on the compound. All four corner towers were destroyed and burning by rockets. The front gate and towers were taken out by Hellfire missiles.

The 802s swept the outside of the compound with the mini guns and then a sweep on the inside to take the fire out of anyone left.

The Bull was in the yard with nowhere to run. He decided he was going to run for the compound main door, only to see it evaporate in a cloud of fire and smoke from a Russian RPG. He went to his knees with his hands in the air.

Two Blackhawks had been dropping men outside the entrance gate. Four Humvees were hauling freight down the dirt lane towards the compound.

A few minutes later with all of us still watching the action, Andy sent a text, ”Got him and his number two.”

”Take possession of all the drugs and money as per our discussion. If there are other treasures in there, I will get the Mexican’s chief of police Inez to go get it. Get the Bull out of there. Let me know what is there ASAP,” I sent.

I handed that phone to Vicky to carry on that conversation if there was more.

With the other phone I made another call on speaker.

”Thimble Shoals National Bank, this is Amy. How may I help you?” she said.

”Amy, this is Roberta Jones director nine, is anyone still in Pirates Bank?” I asked.

”Yes. Director Adamson is still there. I will transfer you,” she said.

”Director Adamson, Roberta Jones. Have you got time to check a numbered account for me? Account number 16057968 Bruno Hernandez?” I asked.

”What would you like to know?” he asked.

”Balance and transactions in the last few days?” I said.

”Balance is nine billion eight hundred million, no transactions,” he said. The drug business at that level was apparently very profitable.

”Lock it down and seize the funds. Minus the customary banking fees and holds, put the rest in a certified check to the Mexico National Treasury. Send it to my address, I will hand deliver it,” I said.

”What shall I put as the reason for the seizure?” he asked.

”Both parties and all kin are deceased – criminal activity fueled account,” I said.

”Check will go out tomorrow,” he said.

Bank fees and holds were ten percent of the account, to go in the directors’ fund for disbursement at the end of the year.

”Just that easy?” Frank asked.

”As long as you have the right credentials,” I said.

The Blackhawks were leaving, so were a couple of the Humvees. The Mexican Federal Police were thirty minutes away. Ching Lee had called Inez, he was only too happy to send agents to collect anything left and apparently there was a lot of very valuable things.

The Bull was a collector of exotic antiques, gold and art. Who would have known? Inez was going to have one heck of a news conference and bragging rights for his reelection campaign.

Another Central American drug kingpin down, four more to go.

We talked with the group about the field operation for another thirty minutes. I was happy with the way the operation was carried out. General Ingram must have been too.

We ran the tape from the beginning several times, stopping so he could count aircraft and the numbers of my men. Then there was a discussion with his confidential aides. I needed to pat Andy on the back for operational planning.

”Your reputation for carrying a big stick and using it aggressively worked quite nicely with this operation,” the General said with agreement from the others.

Edit by Alfmeister
Proof read by Bob W.

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  1. Bil Cook says:

    I loved the popcorn comment. Shows how much the relationship changed between those two, and tosses in a laugh

  2. Joe h says:

    I thought it was a nice touch – “Troy brought popcorn – being a smart ass.”

    Happy holidays jack.

  3. GaryDan says:

    Congrats on crossing chapter 100 in this Book.
    I’m still lovin’ this story. It just gets better and better.
    Happy Holidays to you Jack!!

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