Book 2 Chapter 103

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I was standing by the main walkway entrance leading to the main chamber. The main chamber was where all the UN diplomats held their international votes, decided UN policy and held forums.

Testimony is given before assembly. So are pompous lies and propaganda, mixed with a little truth and massive grandstanding. It’s all about a level of international politics few people ever see. Add in the hundreds of billions of dollars and control by the UN general assembly.

And control is what they wanted. Control over the world’s financial system, control over all fuels, control over the food supply, control over all housing with the UN deciding who would live in your house with you to end the world’s poverty and homelessness.

They thought they deserved a massive UN tax on the world’s workers to control and give away to poor and developing nations, along with lining their pockets along the way and living lavish lifestyles in NYC and secret bank accounts.

They had tried multiple times to ban small arms and seize them. The only weapons they wanted was in the hands of UN soldiers they controlled. They wanted a UN police force to replace state and local police in the United States and Europe to enforce new UN mandated laws. Local politics and local elections for sheriffs made your local police criminals in the eyes of the UN; they had to be appointed by the UN.

The UN troops – made up of soldiers from third world countries – used in Africa and Kosovo had proven to be as corrupt as the worst war lord armies of the world. Most UN troops were from African countries and were there for the money and all the children and women they could molest, rape or murder, stealing food destined for the starving. I had seen the results; that’s why I supported the refugee camp.

The diplomats and their groups were filing in. I saw Iran’s supreme leader, their President and General Bashir walking towards and past me with an entourage of reporters from the Middle East.

I stepped out where I could be seen, in Persian I yelled, ”General Bashir- do have you a minute to talk?” as I started towards them.

He stared, all expression gone from his face the look of fear replacing it – then he regained his composure. ”What could you want to talk to me about. I have nothing to say to you,” he said.

”I have a few people I thought you might like to see. I’m sure they would like to see you. They are only a few minutes away and I will have you back in time for the assembly opening session,” I said.

The three held a whispering session, finger pointing and hand waving. Finally the Supreme leader came to me and said, ”He goes only if we go with him.”

”The three of you and no one else and I will agree,” I said.

There was another animated discussion, ”We will not be harmed and will be returned here?” the supreme leader asked.

”As long as you do not touch me, you will not be harmed and you will be returned here,” I said.

”OK,” the General said.

” This way then,” I said as I called the Suburban to meet us at the street. Cameras were everywhere, clicking away.

I changed the channel on the radio and said, ”We are on our way – make it happen.”

Make it happen was code for the group to cut the chain. On the north end of the UN Secretariat building was a large public park. The park was surrounded by a chain on posts every so many feet.

With the chain cut the group of Suburbans was to pull into the park in a semicircle. They were to set up the five chairs and have the men sitting on them when we got there.

I had enough men there to guard the entrance after we pulled through and maintain a security corridor around us.
When we pulled in through the cut fence, everything was as I ordered. The five hooded men were sitting in folding chairs in the semi-circle protected by the Suburbans. We were followed by whatever media that could find a taxi or car with boom mikes and camera crew.

The media and others were trying their best to get past my security men without success. Their screams of the rights of the press were ignored.

The four of us walked to the first chair where I removed the hood. Speaking in Persian, ”Say hello and good bye,” after allowing them a few minutes to talk. Most of which was on how they had been treated. I placed the hood back on and went to the next chair.

When I finished placing the hood back on the last one, they stood, waiting to see what was next.

I snapped my fingers and Major Zeke Armstrong stepped forward, ”Yes ma-am.”

In Persian so they could not mistake what I was saying, ”Major, your orders are to deliver these prisoners to Fort Polo. In seven days you are to remove their genitals to deny them their virgins. At noon on that seventh day you are to execute all of them.”

”You are to remove their heads and to pack them in dry ice for shipment to Pakistan for delivery to the Iranian embassy there as proof of their fate. The bodies are to be wrapped with swine entrails and cremated so they wander in hell forever. Their ashes are to be dumped in the swine pens to further solidify their fate,” I added.

”Do you understand your orders Major?” I asked.

”Yes Ma-am, to the letter,” he replied.

“Load them up, make it happen,” I said.

”Yes, Ma-am,” he replied his men started the process.

The three were clearly shaken; they had not expected such an insult to their family and in public at that.
The General knew he was in trouble for his failures, most likely leading to a public trial and execution at one of Iran’s notorious prisons. Someone was going to pay dearly and it would not be the Supreme leader or the Iranian President.

I turned to the three, ”You have six days to negotiate in good faith a firm and unyielding agreement to secure their return to Iran alive. At midnight on the sixth day all negotiations will end and will not be restarted or extended.

”Some of the terms will be that you remove all the bounties on my family and me. You will release all Americans in Iranian jails, all those being held for trial and those accused of any crime. You will end all support, financial, material and other for all terror groups in Africa, Europe, and the Middle East – without exception. There are more small details to be explained if you decide to secure the lives of these men,” I said.

The Suburbans were driving out onto the highway to carry the prisoners to the airport as we loaded back up in the Suburban to go back to the UN building.

”Iran did not put any bounties on your family,” the Supreme leader said on the way back.

”Well then, you do not know what your people are doing then. After the second failed attempt to kill me, IRG General Fayeez Mohammed placed the first bounty on me and my family.”

”I killed Fayeez Mohammed in the failed attempt to kill me and my men on the Golan Heights using the Hezbollah fighters as cover. He made crucial mistakes that cost him his life.”

”General Kadar replaced Mohammed and doubled the bounty. We all know what happened to General Kadar. I planned it in public to send you a message that you ignored.”

”General Bashir, you replaced General Kadar and you increased the bounty again, didn’t you?” I said.

There was nothing but quiet.

”I can produce the communiqués if necessary. Your people in France were not only so over-eager to carry out your instructions, they threw caution into the wind. They were more than stupid, as you shall soon see,” I said.

”Yes I did; I only continued what my predecessors had started. It has proven to be a bad policy. You were under-estimated not once but many times,” the General said.

”When the bounties were put on my family, I took it personally and now I have members of your family to extract revenge for all those attempts to kill me and my family.”

”I ordered them executed, I didn’t say how. But death will be slow in coming and painful. I have had enough of your attempts. I decided to send you a message you cannot mistake,” I said.

By then we were back to the entrance. I opened the door and then let the three out. By now the media had translated what I had said to them at the park and it was getting blasted over the airways. It took dozens of police to keep the screaming mob of reporters and international reporters back, demanding interviews and shouting questions.

I went inside and took a seat in the general admission section to listen to the propaganda that was about to come.

For the next two hours I and the world listened to one Arab country after another – aligned with Iran – spew forth falsehoods and lies about their citizens who had been the victims of the attack at the religious training center.

Andy had his men pull every posting off the walls and bulletin boards in the training center while they were waiting on Louis and his officers to get there. They had posted every communiqué that the General and Tiam had sent. They used them for motivation for their mission.

I had them in a notebook with me – the originals with tack holes and the tape still on them.

When it was my turn I started reading from them after I explained where they came from. General Bashir’s orders were to send the people wearing suicide vests to France, Germany, Italy, England, United Kingdom, Poland, Spain, Austria and Portugal.

I offered the delegations from those countries to come and read the papers for themselves.

Then I read the names of those who were to wear the suicide vests, along with their nationalities and where they were to go.

”There is no doubt about who is sponsoring terrorism – the evidence is here. The terrorists they trained wanted to die and they will, only they will not take anyone with them.”

”They are prisoners of the Pact agreement and by agreement JBG handles all prisoners and their fate. A tribunal will hear each case and determine their fate without outside interference,” I said.

I asked one more time if any of the countries involved wanted to look at the postings.

I was surprised when the Supreme leader said he wanted to look at them. He was followed by the General. The Supreme leader looked at page after page.

Speaking to the General, ”I told you they were stupid, all these documents that implicate you were posted on the walls and bulletin boards,” I said.

When they were finished I closed the book and left.

I called Denton Crabtree for an update, then I told him to prepare to receive prisoners from France in seven days. Do what you have to do to be ready for them. Sixteen hour days, seven day weeks, more people – whatever it took.

I called Bob to tell him the same thing.

Then I called Louis to tell him to have the prisoners ready to go on Thursday morning seven days from now, seven days ahead of schedule. It was time to get them out of France.

Edit by Alfmeister
Proof read by Bob W.

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