Book 2 Chapter 112

The trouble started right away, the Secret Service decided they were in control of my security. They went through a whole list of demands and orders like I was a child. They even wanted an agent to accompany me in the bathroom.

When they finished, I started speaking.

”First, this is how it’s going to be. My personal security is going to be my JBG security. We train together and know what to expect from each other and what our limitations are.”

”They trust me and I trust them – they have taken bullets to protect me when I have been attacked and I have protected them. A few have even died doing their job.”

”Anyone that you plan to assign to my security detail will be sent to the JBG advanced personnel protection training program and pass. They will also have to pass the firearms training.”

”I learned one thing about your Secret Service field agents while in Pakistan. Your agents are not leaders, they are followers. They follow the instructions from the earpiece and policy manual very well. But when the earpiece fails in the field, they are lost.”

”They would have waited in the SUV until the terrorists were standing beside the door. Once given orders, they performed exceptionally. They should not have to depend on orders. Instinct has to take over – if nothing else, for self-preservation. Someone has to immediately step up and assume command.”

”They have no concept of instantaneous offensive or defensive planning and applying it to field operations. My teams have that and more. It is part of the training we do,” I said.

”How can you train for that? It can’t be done,” the senior agent said.

”Pick a spot in the training roster and see for yourself. The few that cannot grasp the details aren’t assigned as bodyguards for me or anyone else,” I said.

”I am not a socialite; there will be few elegant Washington parties I will be attending. I do have hunting and fishing trips planned and I have weeks set aside for rest and relaxation at Deep Water Cay – our resort island. You need to assign people that are the outdoors type to me, male and female.”

”That said, there are to be no photographs of me or my family without prior permission. My meetings and phone calls are not to be recorded nor are they to be documented or transcribed. There will be no media assigned to me except for special events or occasions,” I said.

”The laws require some things to be recorded and documented. You have meetings scheduled – starting tomorrow – to explain all that to you. You will also have to pick a staff of about one hundred,” he said.

”I’m going to be staying at home on the shore for an indefinite period of time and traveling back and forth to Washington. I will split up the travel in our helicopters, G5 jet or convoy.”

”The government can furnish all official transportation as you have been doing,” I said.

”I will have accommodations prepared for the few agents you want to stay with me at home. You can send some of them tonight if you like. Get me a list of the agents on my security detail and I will have them scheduled for the training,” I said.

They sent four agents with us to Andrews; the G5 was full with agents and family. More agents were coming by SUV while also bringing equipment.

We had supper at the Morton Field restaurant just to make the agents nervous.

My day shift JBG security went home and the next group started their shift. It was one more thing Andy’s command group had started yesterday. They wanted me to have twenty four by seven JBG security after Pakistan and since Iran decided not to negotiate.

Andy felt for sure more attacks were coming and I felt the same way. VP or not, they would only try harder now. The Secret Service now meant that the JBG numbers could be a lot smaller once Secret Service went through the training and satisfied Andy and Ziva of their abilities.

When all the agents finally arrived, they were given the grand tour including the tunnel to the command center. The command center because that was where the security cameras, sensors and the guard post on the driveway around the house were monitored.

We girls spent the early part of the night shifting more responsibility for the things I did to the girls and assigning the real work to vice presidents. Cindy and her group would have some more people. Jenny and Vicky were interviewing and making job offers tomorrow.

Then it was the hot tub with embarrassed Secret Service agents. We had decided that the changes in what I was doing were not going to change our private life style. Wine coolers and a couple of beers set the mood for the evening. Other than extra eyes, everything was normal.

Tuesday morning I spent a couple hours in my Morton office. It seemed everything needed some kind of guidance to get it in the direction I thought it needed.

It was 1000 before I flew to Reagan National in the G5 with my group. Reagan was closer to where I needed to be than Andrews.

I spent the rest of the day and most of the next three days getting the ethics indoctrination on what I couldn’t legally say or do and more. Then there were the paperwork requirements.

They wanted to know every dime I had touched for the last three years.
Luckily for the last three years I had taken only the federal salary from the task force. Jenny had advised me that taking a JBG salary with JBG having government contracts while working for the White House was trouble. Consequently, the only thing I had to show was income from the government.

With this change I had to put my JBG stock into a trust and remove myself from any decision making. The girls could control the trust. Marcy could help me with the financial reporting of a night and of course the legal group.

I was reluctant to give them any information. I did not run in an election to get the job.

On Friday morning I was called to do my first official duty. There was a bill in the Senate that was expected to be voted on in the afternoon. The outcome was expected to be close, possibly a tie that I as Vice-President could break.

I went there in the morning to listen and learn. I had been in the Senate a dozen or more times to testify and give testimony on various things for the terrorist task force.

Now I needed to know and understand how it worked or didn’t work, depending on your point of view.

I listened to a ton of bullshit, political propaganda and a few facts before lunch. Today I did not need an invitation to eat in the Congressional cafeteria.

I picked a table and ordered a light lunch, then worked my two phones. I still had my JBG phone and my State Department phone.

I had just finished a few texts when Art Cummins NIA, Frank Love CIA, Dick James State Department, and Bob Smith of the NSA came to the table.

”Mind if we sit and chat a minute?” Art said.

”No – not at all. Have you had lunch?” I asked.

“I thought you would never ask!” Bob said.

While we waited for their food, we talked.

”We are interested in implementing your plan with the people you are holding,” Art said.

”OK, I guess I can still talk about the technical details of that. I’m not sure where that falls in with the ethics people. I have an office here so we can talk there or over in Section Twelve, whichever is your pleasure,” I said.

”Section Twelve would be better,” Art said.

I left word with an aide to call me if a vote appeared imminent and went to Section Twelve with the group.

”We have decided to try to get the relatives out using part of your idea. Since you will no longer be able to be involved on the actual mission, the personnel will be CIA,” Frank Love the director of the CIA said.

”We will need to borrow one of your JBG logoed jets to make it work. We will use CIA pilots. The operation will take place in Pakistan,” Frank added.

”You will have to contact Lorrie to arrange for the plane. How many are you expecting to show up to claim remains?” I said.

”Looks like thirty five,” Frank Said.

”We are going to have a news leak that the five were executed as you described. The remains will be returned as you said they would be to Pakistan with the conditions you suggested. We plan on that happening on next Tuesday,” Art said.

“How are you going to guarantee you only have the wanted relatives?” I asked.

”We will have list plus a live camera link the five will be watching, giving a pass or fail on each of them as they come aboard,” Art said.

”I suggest you get five boxes large enough for a human head, fill it with dry ice as I said and place a picture of each on each box. Possibly put a fake head in them,” I said.

”Just make damn sure you have damn good insurance to pay for the plane and lost revenue if they blow up or damage the plane. I don’t think Pakistan is the place for it to take place,” I said.

My phone rang; it was my aide calling from the Senate. I cast the tie breaking vote on a farm aid package. I wondered when the yelling would start when the media finally figured out JBG owned farm land.

Another bill that passed was the Senate approved the agreement that I negotiated with Argentina. I was to fly on Monday and sign the agreement on Tuesday. I was sure the date and PR event was chosen by the CIA as a distraction for what they were going to be doing in Pakistan.

The leak was blasting on the news as I was leaving the White House on the way home. The talking heads were vicious.
Edit by Alfmeister
Proof read by Bob W.

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  1. Joe h says:

    I was waiting for White House mess to acquire – I guess that mess will be in the up comming chapters 😏🙊

    Thanks jack, a much need chapter – as always you make our days better with your writing.

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