Book 2 Chapter 134

Friday morning I was up at 0500, reading the updates from the night; it was still night in California. My first meeting with the DHS, FBI and the Attorney General were at 0700. Then there was a meeting with the secret terrorism court at 0800. That meeting was green-lighted and the warrants typed up late yesterday afternoon.

At 0800 the Justice Department made its case before the judges. An hour later they left the court with one hundred and twenty four warrants for California state officials and one hundred ten for San Francisco government officials. There were another hundred for Los Angles and one hundred split between Sacramento and San Diego.

An F16 Fighting Falcon was to deliver the warrants to California. With in-flight refueling and afterburners it would make it in plenty of time. To hell with the sonic booms; people should be up by now anyhow.

The warrants would be served at 0800 Pacific time, 1100 here. Hundreds of FBI, DHS and US Marshals were going to do the task – they were already there waiting for paper. They were told to make the arrests as high profile as possible. Handcuffs and leg shackles were appropriate and add plenty of TV coverage.

Marty Coeburn from the FBI, Attorney General Dunne and General Ingram were in the Oval Office with a handful of papers to get the legal ball rolling. I read them and signed at all the noted places. Connie copied all of them for my records. I placed check marks by the items on the outline.

Dozens more check marks to go; it was going to be a long day. Connie and Troy both walked in with mugs of coffee for me.

My next meeting was on MTAC with General Ingram, the Army chief and the Generals assembled at Camp Parks with the addition of General Clayton Stone, the base commander of Camp Parks.

I made the opening statement. ”At 0800 Pacific under the National Emergency Powers Act I am declaring two emergencies for California. One is a national disaster emergency to deal with the rioting. The second is an order for Federal Martial Law for the state of California because of inaction of the California authorities to protect the public, general safety, its property and also to deal with the rioting.”

”The third item I am ordering is the arrest of government individuals for treason, conspiracy to commit treason, suspicion of terrorism, dereliction of duty, failure to fulfill the oath of office and a variety of other charges. General Ingram will give you your individual assignments,” I said.

”General Wainwright, you should have the package with the breakdown of the operations at Camp Parks to house twenty thousand in the temporary camps that are being set up. Also included are guidelines for their detainment. The DHS, FBI and ICE teams will be there to help identify them with instructions. They should report in within the hour,” General Ingram said.

”The DHS team has the instructions on how to process all the individuals detained at the camp and that is their responsibility,” General Ingram said.

”General Wainwright, you and your team are to replace the Governor and state legislators at Sacramento. You are acting governor and control state government. You are also to assume command of all military units in the state as needed,” General Ingram said.

”Your initial order is simple; stop the rioting. Make note that live ammunition is to be issued to all soldiers. Rocks, bottles and Molotov cocktails thrown at your men are to be considered deadly weapons and are to be responded to appropriately with three round bursts,” General Ingram added.

In perfect PC language – ‘kill the sons of bitches if necessary’ were my orders to the General. He made it sound so innocent.

”All homeless are to be relocated to Camp Parks,” General Ingram said.

”All rioters are to be relocated to Camp Parks, they are to be identified as rioters with the necessary information attached to their flex cuffs. Separate accommodations are being built for rioters and criminals,” General Ingram said.

”Marine Brigadier General Louis B ‘Chesty’ Puller the third will be responsible for carrying out the orders at Los Angles. He is also to be the acting mayor and local government there,” General Ingram said.

”General Richard Donner, your area is San Diego. Mayor of the local government,” General Ingram said.

”General Harold Moore, your area is San Francisco. Mayor, head of government,” General Ingram said.

”General Simon Scott, your area is the city of Sacramento with like powers,” General Ingram added.

”In the back of the packet you will notice the powers that Martial Law gives you. One of those is that it suspends all labor unions and labor contracts. I am sure you will hear from them – deal with them appropriately,” I said.

”You are to also note you have authority to limit access by the media including arrests to limit inflaming the public,” I said.

”On another note, the EPA is to do an assessment of the environmental damage to the city because of so much human waste in the streets. They are not to interfere with the cleanup as suggested in the packet,” I said.

”You have your orders, let’s make a productive day out of them. If you have any questions – call,” I added.

At 1045 I received an update from the AG. ”FBI, US marshals and DHS officers in position in all cities and Sacramento.”

Connie and Troy helped with the statement I was going to give to the media at 1115. The media was already assembling. Just as we were finishing up, General Ingram came in.

”The Iranian destroyer ‘Tehran’ collided with one of ours in the Indian Ocean in the darkness. Damage to our destroyer will take several months to fix. No causalities on the USS Wilmington, there was only minor flooding. Their destroyer may be sinking, it is listing heavily to port. They are refusing aid,” General Ingram said.

”Do all the appropriate things,” I said.

”You do know the dry dock at Mirbat is operational if the Navy wants to do repairs there, versus sailing half way around the world,” I said.

The dry dock at Mirbat had been built by the British in the Great War to be able to handle heavy cruisers, battleships and the British carriers at the time, up to a thousand feet long.

The Wilmington was a Burke class destroyer at five hundred and five feet long. There would be plenty of room if it was needed.

The Iranian destroyer Tehran was a former British destroyer left over from the Great War. It was one of six sold to Iran during the reign of the Shah in the early seventies. Three had been scrapped, two others were in a bone yard supplying parts to keep the Tehran in service.

If the collision only caused minor damage to the Wilmington and the Tehran was sinking, I would bet it was being scuttled and this was the next round in the card game they were playing.

I added it to the list of items to talk about.

At 1100 the AG sent, ”All agents are making arrests, ‘Operation Sunshine’ is in full swing.”

The news was already on the TV; SWAT teams and politicians in handcuffs quickly make the news.

At 1115 I stepped behind the podium. ”At 0800 Pacific, 1100 Eastern, I signed a declaration of National Emergency for California because of the multiple city riots. The declaration has several parts.”

“Part one orders martial law for the state California.”

“Part two orders the military under General Wainwright to take control of the California government. Four cities that have heavy rioting are also under military control; Sacramento, San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco.”

”All homeless individuals are to be collected and taken to Army Camp Parks. They will be processed, fed, evaluated for the proper health care and detained.”

”Those rioting will be charged under the appropriate sections under Martial Law. They will also be temporarily incarcerated at Camp Parks,” I said.

”This is in the interest of public safety, National Security, and to stop the rioting. It is also for the prevention of a serious medical epidemic because of the human waste and used needles from intravenous drug use that are routinely deposited in the streets with little or no response from the elected officials. This is the reason I chose this drastic and controversial action,” I said.

”Keeping the streets and our cities safe and sanitary for our citizens is one of the primary duties of elected officials of developed nations,” I said.

”It is our belief that criminal elements – both international and domestic – have a large influence over local and state government in California. These suspicions have been proven with evidence of payoffs and influence peddling.”

”Cell phones, email accounts and other communications of all officials have been seized,” I said.

”On another front the Iranian destroyer ‘Tehran’ collided with the USS Wilmington last night. There were only minor injuries on the Wilmington and minor flooding. The Iranian destroyer is listing and appears to be sinking. Aid has been offered and it was refused,” I said.

”I have time for ten questions. Who wants to go first?” I asked.

”How long will the martial law order be in effect?”

”As long as it takes,” I said.

”How many soldiers are involved?” one asked.

”Fifty thousand with another fifty thousand on the way for reserve,” I said.

”Are there any troops headed to other states,” another asked.

”Not today but possibly soon, if they don’t get their acts together. It’s time to end this crap some liberal governors and mayors have allowed to happen. Once great cities have become cesspools of crime and filth for our citizens to live in. This is clearly not reflective of the America we once knew and were proud of,” I said.

”What prison are the politicians being taken to?”

”They are going to federal prison Guantanamo Bay. The prison is nearly empty, quiet and I hear the climate is great there this time of the year,” I said.

It was going to be anything but quiet. I had ordered they were to get no sleep. They were experts at that there – live fire and mortar duels all night.

The flight was going to be anything but first class – they were going to be delivered there in several C130s. Hot, cold, very bumpy and plenty of barf bags.

For lawyers to get there it was going to be a long swim. I had ordered only military approved flights be allowed at the Gitmo airfield. There was no one assigned to approve them.

The questions took thirty minutes to finish. I was tapped on the shoulder and handed a note from Troy. ‘‘You’re needed in the office.”

It was an excuse to end the news conference. I was ready to walk away anyhow.

”That is all for now,” I said then turned and walked into the hall reading the handful of notes from Connie.

The news media was in a feeding frenzy on the TV. I had just put the most populated state in the union under martial law – many stations were simply going full time to the news, jumping on any live feed they could get.

Sorry Iran, your destroyer is a distant memory on any news channel you turn to. If you sacrificed your destroyer for media coverage it was for nothing, I thought.
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Proof read by Bob

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4 Responses to Book 2 Chapter 134

  1. joe h. says:

    omg – i think i have received to high of a dose 🤩. When I get withdrawal symptoms what will I do?

    As always fantastic job…. 👏
    Event though I will have to wait several days to read the next chapter, i will do what i need to do until my next round of meds…

  2. Bil Cook says:

    well, that for sure is one way to shift what the media is or is not talking about.

    Interesting to watch the application of the “general welfare” clause related to health issues in your story vs real life. Definitely going to be interesting to watch that one play out through the courts.

    Did real-life shift your storyboard any Jack?

  3. jack says:

    I had a basic outline for book two before I started writing it. There were some changes along the way but not to much.. try to avoid getting it to close to current events.

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