Book 2 Chapter 143

I was up early; my mates were coming tonight for the fund raiser at Dayton Ohio. It was a sold out event at the coliseum with sixty thousand seats, plus all the floor space.
Dayton was home to Wright Patterson Air Force Base and the Air Force museum. It was also part of the steel belt that was recovering after steel jobs went abroad to Japan first, then Korea and later China.
` President Thomas – being from Kansas – had a special place in his heart for what was known as the rust belt and fly-over country. His administration worked hard to continue and expand growth and jobs in the region.
Auto manufactures rebuilt several closed auto plants. New technologies cleaned up dirty industries. New machining and casting technologies along with better quality control had drawn big contracts from aerospace and other manufacturers.
Parts could be designed, manufactured, tested and delivered to aircraft manufacturing industries in Texas, California, Georgia, Maryland and Oregon in hours, not the days it took from China and Japan.
A new battery company had been started with the latest technology in batteries for hybrid and electric cars. Not only did they produce the battery, they produced super-efficient electric motors to go with them. Then they started producing the complete drive train. The company has expanded several times plus adding a second and third shift.
Adam had worked on the speech. I read the hard copy, made some suggestions, asked some questions and sent it back for refinement. I would test speak it with the teleprompter at lunch.
Grady Sinclair from the State Department was back; I spent the rest of the morning getting educated about Nigeria. At 1100 I put the process in play to make the call to the emir of Nigeria. A general outline of the topics of the conversation and a requested time for the call was some of the things that had to be discussed. Both parties had to be in agreement at diplomatic levels before heads of state could have an open conversation.
The only exception to that rule were the red and green phones on my desk in the Oval Office. The red phone was direct to the Kremlin and the green phone was to the British Prime Minister.
President Obama had the green phone and the bust of Churchill removed. President Trump had both reinstalled. President Thomas kept the bust and phone. President Thomas called the British Prime Minister often, usually to discuss NATO matters and other challenges in Europe.
I had talked with Prime Minister Attenborough multiple times. I had invited him to the White House and he had invited me to State visits and to address the Parliament. I had agreed to go in June and he would come to America in July.
After lunch the call was approved. The Emir would be available for my call at 1300; that would leave me an hour before my mates were to arrive. We were to immediately leave for Andrews and then Dayton.
I called on time and began a guarded conversation that slowly picked up steam. We talked about his vision for his country and then about its current problems. We discussed the agreement with Black Bear security forces in the northern areas.
I asked him if he knew that Black Bear had been taken over by Jones Business Groups and that I was President of Jones Business Groups before I became President of the United States.
”I know some of the details,” he replied.
”My family members took over because of US laws when I became President. But I must admit I follow some of the things that happen,” I said.
”I know through their intelligence that Boko-Haram was on their way to destroy Gusau. The Boko-Haram unit that ran into the JBG joint expeditionary force was only one of two that were to meet up close to the town,” I said.
”I know that President Thomas extended offers of cooperation in intelligence gathering and training for your army. I wanted to extend that offer again.”
”I would also like to have more talks with you about possibly helping you achieve some of your goals for your people,” I said.
”The Polokwane mining town and its rebuild – is that a JBG project or a US government project?” he asked.
”It is a JBG project. We bought the mines, the town and the surrounding area. We rebuilt everything and extended the runway so we could get men and equipment in and out, added a hospital, medical clinic and food stores.”
“We needed a Doppler radar there to assist the heavy cargo planes we use. The radar was a joint project with the US Air Force, NASA – our space agency – and NOA – our weather agency. All of them had various needs in the area; it made the radar affordable for JBG,” I said.
”Are you still helping the refugee camp?” he asked.
” Yes we do,” I said.
”We have the need for many such projects and have oil revenue to pay for them, but corruption from foreign companies cripple the projects with inferior materials and slow progress,” he said.
”Unless you don’t have any workers available, it doesn’t make sense to contract out the complete project. Contract out the engineering and supervision if necessary. But let the bidder train your people to be builders, masons, plumbers carpenters and welders and many projects will get done without outside contracting,” I said.
”You have a different opinion than the Chinese – they insist on what they call turnkey as loans,” he said.
”You don’t need turnkey or loans, you have more than enough oil revenue to begin pay as you go projects for your people by your own people. Improved infrastructure will increase oil and minerals output to pay the way without loans.”
”Beware of loans that are intended to get your resources for nothing and force you to give up control of your lands,” I said.
”I agree,” he said.
” I invite you and your advisors to Washington where can put together a plan along the lines we have discussed. We can discuss grants of assistance for construction training and additional security in the north,” I said.
”I will take your offer under advisement and respond soon. I do want to work closer with your JBG security in the north. We shall make contact with them and offer more assistance and it may require more from your company,” the Emir said and ended the call.
I had done all I could do. Did I open the door? Only time would tell.
The family is here – I saw them in the lobby. I had time to run through the speech before we had to leave. An hour and a half later Air Force One was gear up and climbing, heading north by northwest to Wright Patterson Air Force base. That was just minutes from Dayton Ohio where tonight’s fundraiser was to be held.
We had unannounced guests on this trip – General Ingram and the Joint Chiefs. I had invited them to accompany me since we were landing at Wright – Patt as it was known in Air Force circles.
Dayton was not only home to the Wright Brothers but the Dayton area was home to dozens of military bases; both active and reserve Air Force, Army and one Marine base. It also was a Macs base, same as Dover Air Force Base, another part of the base had the retiring F35.
The F35 had been discontinued with early models already headed to the bone yard and replaced with the F37 Viper.
The F37 Viper could fly fifteen thousand feet higher, substantially faster, turn shorter with better range and was stealthier. It’s fighting was done strictly with a new generation of smaller more powerful missiles; it no longer carried a gun. New flight suits had to be designed to keep the pilots from passing out in various maneuvers. Rumor was they had made several incursion flights over several hostile countries to check out the stealth.
Generals and high ranking officers by the dozen were waiting at the bottom of the ladder as I stepped down. By the time I shook hands, saluted and said a few words to all those people, we were getting close to ‘on time’.
I still had to do the donor meet and greet thing at the coliseum. In a convoy of military vehicles – including the Generals – we made the ten minute ride. The place was already filling up and I was still two hours from stage time.
My mates, the party chair, his group and I did the meet and greet in the large assembly room off to the side of the main stage. It took over an hour. While we were doing that my staff – with some direction from the Generals – set up the stage for my speech.
After a bathroom break, I was wired up for the sound system. Looking around the curtain at the crowd. I saw the front couple of rows were veterans in wheelchairs and chairs with crutches or walkers.
With the Secret Service in tow and the news group cameras following closely, I walked across the stage, around the items set up and down the steps and started talking to each of the veterans.
It was simple chatting. How are you doing? How long were you in for? Where were you injured? Are you getting the care you need? I shook each ones hand and thanked them for their service and saluted each one. Not only were the media cameras busy, so were hundreds of cell phones.
I walked back across the stage and was able to see all the posters that had been set up. General Ingram was gigging the Air Force. The Marine recruitment poster that was updated after I became President had been blown up to full life size. The rest were standard size.
With the area’s booming area economy and as many military bases, I expected a rowdy crowd.
The format was nearly the same as before. Push the growth and strength of the economy and advocate for more. Emphasize the strength of the military and the need to keep it strong.
I read the speech from the teleprompter, pausing in the right places, pounding on the podium, raising my hands and pointing on queue.
”We need to continue construction of solar farms,” but I stressed “We need to be aware we are losing precious farm land and residential lands that we as a nation will desperately need in the future. Wind farms are productive only when the wind blows and solar only efficient in the daylight. We still need fossil fuels and gas to bridge the gap! Nuclear makes more sense than ever with the modern advances in safety and other features.”
“Government needs to stop subsidizing both wind and solar. After almost three decades, it is time for the industry to stand on its own,” I said
”Our automobiles, trucks and industrial equipment are the cleanest and most efficient in the world. Mileage, durability and longevity continue to improve, with the exception of those pesky airbags,” I said to laughs from the crowd.
”Regardless of what the doomsayers, say our nation is strong. We are the most productive nation in the word per capita. With the exception of a few cities, the air we breathe is the cleanest since the fifties,” I said
”There is nothing we cannot do as nation as long as we stand united. We need eight more years to put our nation’s mark in history. It will be the most consecutive years of growth for our nation ever. We cannot allow the democratic socialists and communists to destroy all we have built. I need eight more years,” I said as the chants started.
”Eight more years! Eight more years! Eight more years!”
I backed the words up on the teleprompter as it just hit me what I had just said. Did I change, misspeak the words or were they written that way?
I was mobbed by my mates as they rushed me. They had been standing back against the curtain. They were chanting with the crowd, grabbing my hands, holding them in the air.
The party chair and his team were around me with my mates. The crowd was moving towards the stage. More Secret Service came up on the stage. The VIPs’ who were in the wings came out onto the stage.
The chants were deafening. The place had gone crazy. The flash bulbs were blinding. What had I just done?
We were two hours getting back to Air Force One. The conversations wouldn’t stop. The questions wouldn’t stop. The cameras wouldn’t stop!
Edit by Alfmeister
Proof read by Bob W.

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4 Responses to Book 2 Chapter 143

  1. Joe h says:

    Fantastic – another A✔✔✔
    Lol…what i fine messs BJ has got herself into – heeee haaaa…

    I see she can’t back out now…

    What ever happened to bone’s old gang & the 6 from the other?????

    When will the rest of the girls have kids & a 2nd round as well?

  2. dazed & confused says:

    Sorry, I’m confused about the “F37 Viper.” It could be the theoretical hardware equivalent of an OC (original character), I guess, perhaps OH for short?

    I will be the first to admit that I am far from current in knowledge of that kind of hardware, though I spent a few years decades ago as a “computer geek in a blue suit” (AF uniform). Usually, when I come across something like this, google is my goto source for fact (along with admittedly quite a bit of conjecture and supposition).

    In this case, a google search for “F37 Viper” showed the closest match being the classic Viper automobile. When I further qualified the search as also being for a “fighter,” I learned that “The test pilots of the F-16 called it the ‘Viper’ because it was quick, agile, and in its own way, very deadly.” Curiouser and curiouser. Many additional references concur, but perhaps one of the more authoritative sources,, has an interesting article called “F-16V (Viper) Fighting Falcon Multi-role Fighter Aircraft.”

    Simply dropping the “Viper” and searching only on “F37 fighter” did turn up something called an “F37 Talon Prototype,” going back at least as far as 2011, although most sources seem to believe it is/was “fictional.” 🙂

  3. jack says:

    Area 51 project Fictional maybe, maybe not.

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