Book 2 Chapter 158

”Kansas Rep Harvey Wallbanger and Arizona Rep Kirtland Jasper are the two reps coming from the House Intelligence Committee,” Senator Fordes said.
While we were waiting, Frank Love knocked and then came in with several folders. He knew the Senators, ”Madam President, here are the intel assessments that you wanted. I went back twelve months – the ones you wanted are marked with yellow tags. Individually the first six show a growing pattern. The next four months tie a lot of things together. The last two months paint the picture we have discussed in the briefings for the last two weeks.”
”If you want my opinion, drastic action is the only thing that is going to change the situation. I’m not sure it is possible in the current political climate but in the past a few men have tried – while there were some successes, most failed. When you get ready to read it let me know and I will bring four of the best experts we have to explain what they think it means,” Frank said.
”Have them here at 0700 tomorrow,” I said.
”Oh by the way, thank Robert for the help in fixing our communication problems from the Masqat listening post. I will have to take him out to lunch next time I am over there.”
”I see on the JBG website there is a big announcement coming in a few days,” Frank said.
”It’s for Lorrie’s group. They have been looking for a while at adding more truck stops. I’m not sure where but I think she and Marcy have found two sites on the interstate to build on and they have bought two small but active stops to upgrade into very large truck stops. That will make five truck stops in four different states.”
”They have decided they want to build a national chain of large truck stops. This will be the first group in that endeavor. If I heard right they want to do eight next year,” I said.
”I’m sure that Marcy and Lorrie have had more than ample research done, so it should be a good venture,” Frank said.
”Just out of curiosity, what’s the normal employee requirement for a truck stop?” Frank asked.
”For the one we have now is one hundred and fifty on day and evening shifts and sixty on night shift, plus there are another fifty part-timers to fill in for holidays, vacations and sick time.”
”Those numbers include the truck shops and dealership. I’m not sure if Marcy will have the truck dealership at one of those new sites or not, but there will be a tire shops at them. Judging by the amount of tire debris on the road, trucks go through a lot of tires,” I said.
”So building a new truck stop is a big deal – not only for JBG – but the local communities they serve then.”
”Most communities think so, some do not. We will just have to see,” I said.
The two reps showed up as Frank left so we could get started.
”I asked that Senators Forde and Whitby be here as they have interest in the topics,” Representative Wallbanger said.
”We are concerned that you have shortcut protocol and established procedures in this visit with the Emir of Nigeria, Prime Minister Alfred Morris and now the upcoming visit with Russian President Orbatch.”
”Traditional protocol establishes that the Senate and House intelligence committees have a complete list of all proposed discussion topics thirty days before there is any meeting with foreign leaders. Complete transcripts of any meetings or calls with international leaders that may have national security implications are also to be sent to the committees within thirty days,” he said.
”Your staff should have known,” he said.
”We therefore demand that a minimum of two House and two Senate intelligence committee members sit in on all discussions and meetings with foreign leaders,” he said.
”Leader to leader meetings are just that, I see no need to allow anyone from your committees to sit in on them. To put it bluntly; you have too damn many leaks coming out of your committees. The transcripts of those meetings are classified and entered into the official Presidential records and White House records as required by law. They will also be archived into the official records.”
”It is an insult that you seem to think that my staff doesn’t know what they are doing with the decades of combined experience they have in executive level government. The State Department also has a number of experts that advise me as needed.”
”I decide who gets transcripts of my meetings and when. The National Security Agency or the CIA are always involved in my discussions. I know you receive some of the same information and briefs that I get.”
”I will have the issues reviewed by the White House legal teams. Unless they advise me differently, there will be no Senate or House members in my meetings with other leaders or unless I feel there is a need to because of special circumstances,” I added.
Representatives Wallbanger and Jasper left in a huff. I stopped Senators Whitby and Fordes.
”You are getting current updates from the intelligence agencies – aren’t you?” I asked.
”The committee chairman gives us summaries of the reports once a month,” Senator Fordes said.
”Let me understand this – you get a summary once a month of summaries that are issued every week. I can only imagine just how much you are reading between the lines, or do you have a crystal ball you share?” I asked.
I knew I would need help from the Senate for any deals made to ease the new European crisis and I knew Whitby and Fordes had top level clearances.
”Have a seat gentleman; let’s see just how much you are not seeing,” I said
I separated the folders and passed out those starting eight weeks ago. We each read one and swapped. After reading all three I chose three more and finally the last two that were bad ones.
Senator Fordes spoke first, ”This is not good and no, we don’t get this conclusion from what we are given! I recognize some of the lines but there is not enough to come to the conclusion that is obvious by reading these full reports.”
”I think it is time to demand that the chairman give the unaltered summaries so we can come to our own conclusion and not his,” Senator Whitby said.
”Based on what we have read, things are serious and the CIA thinks so as well. Reading between the lines I guess that is what the unscheduled meeting is about then,” Senator Whitby said.
”You’re close but we will just have to see how serious it really is and where it goes. The real questions revolve around what is out there to work with,” I said.
”I may need to speak to you in the evenings after our day meeting sessions for ideas and thoughts. You know you two are welcome here any time you think there are things we need to discuss,” I said.
”Yes, we know and appreciate the openness you give us. Works the other way too – call us if we can help,” Senator Whitby said.
After they left more files were brought in and placed on my desk. Before I started reading I made the calls I was going to yesterday. First was to Germany’s Fritz Hermann. That call lasted two hours. Fritz wouldn’t stop talking; he recounted every conversation he ever had with President Orbatch. He answered every question I asked.
Then he went into the current problems going on in Russia with his opinions and dozens of possible scenarios. Luckily Connie brought me in fresh coffee a couple of times. I had two pages of notes before we ended the call.
The next call was to Israel Prime Minister Reuven Gantz. I had to wait for that call to go through. He was in a ministers meeting so I left word and a number for him to call me.
Troy was in my office, we were going through the intel reports and Russia assessments that just seemed to keep coming. This group was from the State Department.
The CIA and NSA created their reports from gathered intelligence from a variety of sources. Human intelligence which translated to spies, double agents, undercover agents that could be helpful trained tourist or diplomats doing double duty. JBG’s embassy security group fit into some of those categories from time to time.
Then there was satellite sources, the CIA, NSA, and the DOD all had their own that did different things and then after a little arm twisting the information was shared.
Then there was the electronic type – all the agencies and the DOD had hackers, listening posts, and antennas of all different sizes, even along the Arctic Circle.
Every JBG Security embassy security site acted as a listening post. It was necessary to know what the mood was so there was no surprises. Local radio stations were monitored, wireless communications and in some areas aviation and military frequencies. The JBG/Black Bear groups were always collecting intel and it was being sent to several agencies and to Robert’s group.
Just as I was needing a break Prime Minister Gantz called. Adriyel Dorin was in the room with him. It became a very long conversation and two more pages of notes. It also turned into lengthy conversation about the Middle East problems and how the demise of Russia would affect regional peace efforts there and the sad prospects for all of Europe.
The conversations ended with us exchanging invitations for state visits.
I had one more thought and sent a note to the CIA and NSA. I wanted all public statements and video by Russian President Orbatch.
I was hoping to have several hours to review all the reports but was going to have to settle for a lot less. But I had learned a lot from the long phone calls.
Two hours later I walked out to the two 406’s and waited until the rotors stopped turning. The media was out on the lawn watching cameras rolling.
Two little boys were running my way with Takeo and Sara following. I went down on my knees to greet them. I tensed but not soon enough. They knocked me over laughing and giggling as Takeo and Sara caught up to join in.
The Secret Service were not amused and came over quickly to see if I was hurt.
My mates joined in by laughing. All of them were carrying brief cases today I wondered what that was all about.
Edit by Alfmeister
Proof read by Bob W.
It’s really hot out there drink plenty of fluids and take it easy.

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