Book 2 Chapter 162

At 0500 I was eating breakfast at my desk with a cup of orange juice and coffee as a chaser. I finished just as kitchen staff brought in fresh coffee and a pitcher of orange juice to put on the table we were going to use.
The Russians were escorted in by the Secret Service and my staff to begin today’s discussions and clear up any questions from yesterday. Yesterday we listed the topics we wanted to discuss.
We were going to take one from the list and beat it to death before moving on to the next one. Yesterday that idea had worked out better than I expected.
One of today’s hot topics was the Treaty of the Arctic that had been tossed around for the last decade. Another was nuclear arms reductions and ballistic submarine limitations.
Another that was not on the list was the Chinese problem on the Russian border. No matter what we did, if there wasn’t a discussion and plan this whole exercise was a waste of time.
The group was smaller this morning – a couple of the Russians had gone to the embassy to converse with their staffs in Moscow.
We started on the Arctic treaty that had been in limbo since the Obama administration. Russia – at the time under Putin – was determined it was entitled to all the possible wealth in the Arctic Circle. After all, they were the largest territory holder in the circle.
At the time Russia was booming, plans for the aircraft carriers were being drawn up and the Council of Ministers and the Parliament had signed off on their construction. Other military expansions were approved; a new stealth fighter and a new bomber to replace the ancient Bear propeller driven bombers that were nearly copies of the US B29.
New tanks, destroyers, submarines were on the drawing boards. Putin was exercising the power of the Russian military by building and expanding bases and science posts in the polar region. They were ahead of the other nations.
In other areas of the Middle East, Russia was flexing its power by getting involved in Syria and Libya along with trying to mediate peace in the Middle East.
Then it all started falling apart; the carriers exploded, the locust came, the seven year drought. Chernobyl radiation flared up again requiring emergency measures and containment. The oil markets were flooded with oil as more electric vehicles took to the road and solar farms curbed the use of oil and coal.
Temperatures were gradually warming as population grew, scientist had finally admitted the sun was burning hotter and moving closer to earth fueling a new round of end of time revelations. The warmer temperatures killed the high demand for heating in the winter time. Utilities were screaming they weren’t making enough money because of it. The Russian endeavors in the Arctic were slowly abandoned.
We started with the obvious on the treaty, Russia and Canada were the two largest land mass holders followed by Greenland then the United States, Norway, Sweden, and Finland. Those seven countries held title to the Arctic Circle.
Always before the UN was involved, demanding countries thousands of miles away reap the benefits of the Arctic wealth and of course the UN should decide who, how much and what the UN was going to keep.
First we decided the UN was out of the picture – that any wealth should be divided among the seven based on the percentage of holdings in the circle regardless of what area anything of value was found.
Another key point was who should be working the circle. Looking at past proposals, we decided that contractors would have to be approved by the majority of the seven nations. Inspectors would be on site at all times.
There would be an emphasis on limiting environmental damage to the circle and restoration of all areas and funding set aside for it.
We ironed out dozens of key stumbling blocks that were there before. The key was Orbatch dropped the claim to all the territory that the bases and science centers had been built on. Dividing the possible wealth based on the percentages eased fears that other countries of the circle would lose out.
A list of what minerals could be sold on the market and what minerals should be kept and divided among the seven would be determined later. Precious metals were a hot commodity in the discussion.
We settled on the final draft. The State Department was going to put our musing in official order and send it to the other five nations. President Orbatch and I would sign it on Thursday with an invitation for them to attend and participate in the historic signing.
At 0800 we took a break. Jenny, Marcy, Vicky, Ching Lee and Lorrie were in the lobby waiting to do the video conference with Thimble Shoals Bank.
The documents that my mates explained was explained again in detail on what and how I needed to proceed and the limitations the bank would allow. They were as concerned about the situation in Asia and Europe as I was. The key to long term financial institutions was world stability.
Four numbered accounts had Putin listed as the owner with no beneficiaries and no after death instructions. Those four accounts totaled almost nine hundred billion dollars. Before his death these accounts were used excessively with deposits and withdrawals from other numbered accounts – some of them monthly – as regular as clock work. At times the accounts had totals exceeding one and a half trillion dollars.
There were account transfers to a fifth Putin account that had his wife and daughters listed as beneficiaries, but again there were no after death instructions. That account had one hundred billion dollars in it.
After death instructions were important on the numbered accounts. Sometimes being dead was associated with one name with the person to reappear at a later date with a new name. Pirates Bank did not care as long as the credentials matched the records. After death instructions were usually for the bank to contact the beneficiaries with contact information that was supplied. Without instructions the bank would hold the funds.
Secret bank accounts also had secret credentials. Part of my secret credentials were toe prints – big toe on my left foot and little toe on my right foot – and of course a secret code and phrase.
The conversation with the directors lasted twenty minutes. ”The bank must not be exposed in any way to what you want to do. To do so could cause a loss of confidence in the Pirates Bank secret account structure,” the senior director said.
”You must find a way to make it look like it is you or your government. The funds in the four accounts have been transferred to your account minus fees, Madam President. Good luck,” he added.
”Since we are all on here together I will take this opportunity to introduce everyone to our newest bank director – Ching Lee Jones, welcome aboard,” he said.
”Congratulations Ching Lee,” I said. Something else I would have to ask questions about later – there was no time for it now.
We closed the conversation. Marcy handed me a checkbook for the Thimble Shoals account. In fact the girls and the two boys had one for each for the accounts that would be locked away. There was a checkbook to go with the numbered accounts in Pirates Bank. Most were locked in a safety deposit box at the other bank.
My mates were going home. I walked them out to the two helicopters to see them off.
When we were all back at the table we continued with the military reductions we had lightly covered yesterday. Russia and the US held – by the numbers – ninety percent of the world’s nuclear weapons, roughly six thousand five hundred each.
My military and CIA experts said that the warheads on the older R36 ICBM were the same warheads that we suspected destroyed the carriers. The warheads were of an earlier design. The scientist theorized the insulation material separating the components failed.
Our early designed warheads were found to have the same problem. They were taken out of service, then disassembled or rebuilt with better insulator material separating the components. After finding deteriorating insulation materials, it became routine to remove one of each type of warhead for inspection every couple of years.
By lunch time we had come to a general agreement and went on to list number two. We had two lists.
One list was of the things that were a done deal; things that were under the general aid package that the State Department and I could handle.
The other list was things we were in agreement but dependent on the final funding package. This list was growing and it was going to be a challenge.
We continued adding to the list for the rest afternoon. Before calling it a night, I brought up the information on the growing numbers of Chinese troops at the border and the heavy phone and radio traffic.
”You are correct that there are a lot of Chinese troops in the area with no reason for them to be there and they are sending many more. The Chinese government radio started claiming that former Chinese citizens in the Russian border towns are being harassed and arrested, none of which is true,” Anton said.
”We are sending troops but it will take weeks to catch up to their numbers,” President Orbatch said.
”You need to do something to throw them off the plan,” I said.
We knocked off a little early at 1500. Tonight was a rest up night and I was sure they would be at the Russian embassy on conference calls way early in the morning.
Edit by Alfmeister
Proof read by Bob W.

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