Book 2 Chapter 167

The boys met me at the door. They had been shopping today with Jenny and Pop-pop. They had new work boots and two new John Deere pedal tractors with wagons. They had been to the John Deere dealer in Queen Anne with Dad and Jason to look at a new combine – a five hundred thousand dollar investment without the corn or grain heads.
The combine they had was bought used from the farmer that we bought the farm from near Morton Field. It had a lot of hours and was nearly worn out. It was OK as a backup or a second machine, but not as the primary when it was harvesting season.
I wondered why they had not bought two and traded in the old one to get rid of it, with the amount of land they were tilling. They had two full time employees in the farming operation plus themselves – when they weren’t helping us.
I wondered where the boys were going to ride them, the house and yard was too small and they certainly weren’t going to ride them at Morton. Jenny must have sensed my thoughts.
”The Pop-pops have made a plot at the farm for a late vegetable garden for them to tend and teach them how to farm and grow vegetables they like. They even bought them garden tools to use,” Jenny said.
Dad always said idle hands breed mischief and if they were doing something they wanted to do that was productive, all the better. With school over for the summer they needed something to do to direct their energies.
Friday night – it was good to be home, my mates were looking forward to Saturday night, there were plenty of discreet kisses and affectionate touches and little hugs out of the sight of the agents. Some things might not wait until Saturday night – fun for the whole weekend might happen.
Over supper I listened while they paid out plans for the weekend. By luck it was one of those weekends where there were no fund raisers planned.
Supper was light and then we went over to the gym to work out as a group – something that I missed at the White House. There were always agents to assist. No longer was I allowed to work out on the weights alone; they wanted someone spotting all the time. I guess they were afraid I would drop the barbell on my head or big toe or something.
We worked out for over two hours before showers and the hot tub. The boys were put to bed and Takeo and Sara were sleeping soundly. I looked at the latest pages of updates before I headed upstairs with my mates.
We showered together and the dresser was covered with dildos, strap-ons and other toys.
”Vicky and I are ovulating tomorrow – we think. We both want you to try to make us pregnant tonight and tomorrow night. There is enough left for six attempts for both of us,” Marcy said.
That answered why all the hugs and feeling; they were in the mood and ready. I didn’t ask if they were sure this was what they wanted. I knew it was.
We made love to each other, feeling, fondling, a kiss here, a kiss there, sucking and nibbling here and there. Fingers where and when it counted and strap on when they wanted. The room was filled with the sounds of pleasure, I was sure the agents could hear if they were downstairs.
When we were all satisfied at least twice, Marcy was first with her legs spread wide. I inserted the speculum and inserted the tip of the syringe’s plastic tube into her uterus and pushed Jake’s semen in. As I did my mates were holding her hands, kissing and hugging. I slid a large pillow under her butt and withdrew the tube, closed the speculum and closed her legs. It was my turn to kiss and hold her.
We repeated the process with Vicky as she lay beside Marcy. Silence filled the room as we lay together and drifted off to sleep.
At 0600 I sitting at the table with a cup of coffee reading the morning updates. JJ and RJ were sitting on the other side with a glass of orange juice.
They were excited to be going with Pop-pop to the farm. JJ explained how they were going to plant peas and carrots in their garden this morning. Dad was going to show them how to cut planting potatoes so that each piece had an eye to grow into a potato plant for a row of potatoes.
”What else are you going to plant?” I asked.
”We were going to plant a row of sweet corn but Pop-pop said they have a whole field planted in sweet corn for the canning company,” RJ said.
“You could plant cucumbers or late tomatoes and cabbage if you can find some plants somewhere,” I said.
”Pop-Pop already looked for us,” RJ said.
”Well, you could always plant two rows everything and have enough to share with Pop-pop and Mom-mom,” I said.
”We plan to do that,” JJ said.
My mates joined us at the table looking no worse for wear. The first pot of coffee and pitcher of orange juice was quickly gone. The cook brought more and announced that breakfast would be brought out in a few minutes.
With breakfast finished Dad and Pop-pop stopped in to pick up the boys who were checking the window, waiting for them. At 0800 we took the tunnel over to the basement. Already in the meeting room were Andy, Paul Drake, Rich Hyland, Calvin Dickerson, Lonnie James, Milton Bear and Charles Black.
Cameroon had contacted JBG about pipeline security not long after Nigeria had asked if we would provide pipeline security for them.
Paul had shifted some of the JBG forces to protect the Nigerian pipelines temporally while additional contracts were negotiated.
Vicky and Ching Lee sent Milton and Charles as the advance team to work out the details. We listened for thirty minutes while Charles and Milton described the request and special needs of Cameroon and those of Nigeria.
Andy and Paul both suggested that we add another group similar to the one we did for Mexico, with the supervisor reporting to Paul for now.
I asked what they thought the manpower requirements would be for each of the Nigeria and the Cameroon units, since it would be two separate agreements.
”With the distances required to give reasonable coverage to the pipelines and necessary crews to widen the right of way of brush and trees, it will take five hundred initially. Once brush and trees are cleared so that drones and motion sensors can be used, the numbers may be able to be reduced,” Charles said.
“One note I should make is there has only been one pipeline actually damaged. It was owned by African Oil Ventures. Since then they have paid twenty nine million this year alone to several groups,” Charles said.
”We need to get the intel group looking at the blackmail letters and payoff communications to try to find the culprits. My guess is that it may be an inside job or at least someone supplying information,” Vicky said and we all agreed.
”Who is the lucky one to lead the new group?” I asked.
”Daren Hale and Taylor Messick both have extensive knowledge in the region. To handle the necessary foliage removal – Albert Prescott – he has only National Guard experience but his full time job was with Duke Power as a supervisor over ten right of way maintenance divisions,” Paul said.
“They are putting together the necessary equipment list and looking for supervisory people. Most of the crew people will be locals. It’s going to take a few weeks but everything will be in place as soon as they sign the proposed contract,” Paul said.
”They have seen the numbers and found them acceptable. They are waiting on the right people to sign off on them,” Milton said.
There were further updates on the progress of the truck stops and other things that they thought I needed to know. Marcy and Lorrie had started a program they were calling revenue offset. Marcy and Lorrie – on the advice of our tax people – were buy lots and more rental houses to offset income from the current rental houses and vacation rentals resorts. Both segments had been doing very well and very large tax bills were looming at the end of the year; buying both made sense.
When everyone was done with business updates I asked everyone to leave except Andy, I wanted a few minutes of private conversation with him.
”Andy, starting on the fifteenth I want the fast ships to start harassing the Iranian fast boats and other defenses. Don’t do anything to get a bunch of our people killed, just make the Iranians mad and jumpy.”
”Run multiple ships to and through their imaginary line in the strait and across it like you are checking defense responses, things like that,” I said.
”We have found out that running by the mines at high speed blows them up and executing a high-speed turn and putting all the propeller wash against them will do it too,” Andy said.
”That’s interesting but wait until the last week of the month, then blow up all of them by whatever means you need to,” I said.
”Robert’s intelligence is picking up some of their planning – it looks like they are leaning to action the middle of July. I want to reinforce that thinking, possibly making them move early,” I said.
”I understand completely,” Andy said.
I was getting ready to go over to the house when the receptionist called down from the lobby to say I had visitors wanting to see me. I asked who they were.
”Mossad special agent Ben David and Ambassador Ableman,” the voice said.
”Have someone take them to my office. I will be right up,” I said.
When I walked to my office, that someone had been two Secret Service agents that knew Ben.
Ben and I talked about the special weapons Andy had been asking for. There were issues with the export licenses for the American versions that was going to take time to resolve. The Israeli versions were available but with needed upgrades that were going to drive up the cost.
”Will the Israeli versions still work with the control systems we have, or are there other modifications that will have to be made to make them usable?” I asked.
”Depends on the computer software version you are running,” he said.
”Well I don’t know what we are using so I will need to hand that off to Andy to get that information. He should still be in the building; let me have him paged.”
Andy returned and the technical discussion began. Ambassador Ableman and I walked away and began a conversation of our own on the Russian agreement and how it would affect the Middle East.
It was perfect timing! I wanted all the secret information they had acquired on all of Iran’s military installations, including underground installations.
It was noon before the agents took me and my mates to the farm where the boys and gramps were planting their late garden. They were just finishing up. We went to the airport restaurant for lunch. It would be the first time for me in months.
Saturday night – after hours of passion – my mates and I made adult play again and I deposited more of Jake’s wigglers where they would find those precious eggs – if Mother Nature cooperated.
I hadn’t realized just how passionate we were until I showered Sunday morning to find a hickey low on the side of my neck and one on each breast. Worst part of it was it was too hot for turtleneck anything. But I did find a collared shirt that would cover most of it, most of the time.
Tonight we were going to be more careful. The media would spend hours analyzing and then weeks speculating.
One thing that happened Sunday night was a small birthday party for me, Lorrie, Marcy and Jason; we all had birthdays in June. Mine was today, Lorries and Jason’s tomorrow and Marcy’s the following day. I gave small gifts to Lorrie and Marcy. The Secret Service had taken me uptown one night just as the big jewelry store was about to close. Cake and ice cream for all in the family – including the Secret Service agents and my JBG security.
Edit by Alfmeister
Proof read by Bob W.

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1 Response to Book 2 Chapter 167

  1. dan herrick says:

    I’ve been reading and enjoying this from the beginning, it is incredibly generous of you to let me!

    It has been very well edited and clean, which makes it easier to read but is not what keeps me around: That is the story and your excellent telling of it.

    Of course it takes a detail not consistent with the rest to move me to actually write a fan letter.

    “They had three warehouses one; in Baltimore, one in Philadelphia and one in Richmond.”

    This reminds me of the book with the title about the Koala which “Eats, Shoots, and Leaves”.

    I would suggest that punctuation like “They had three warehouses: one in Baltimore, one in Philadelphia, and one in Richmond.” is closer to what you intended.


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