Book 2 Chapter 182

I knew Frank and the Generals and Secretary of State Amos Dean would be my first visitors. Frank and Amos were waiting for me with a handful of papers.

            Being a lady, ”Which one of you wants to go first?”

            Amos said, ”I’ll go first; I have another meeting I need to go to.”

            ”The Iranian Ambassador assigned to Pakistan and the Iranian Ambassador assigned to Afghanistan met the Iranian Ambassador assigned to Iraq at Dubai. They requested safe passage and escort as instructed. They flew over multiple major cities and military bases before landing in Tehran.”

            ”The Air Force supplied four F16s to fly escort. They landed and stayed on the ground at Tehran for four hours. Surveillance aircraft covered the meetings and captured their attempts to contact multiple individuals by phone.”

            ”After an hour they were met by about a dozen individuals. Those individuals carried them to the remains of the parliament and the IRG compounds and several other sites that had been bombed.”

            ”Our US Ambassador to UAE met them when they landed. There was a short conversation but the group would not discuss anything to do with surrendering the government,” he said.

            ”Ok, then they aren’t convinced yet,” I said.

            ”Keep me informed if you hear anything,” I added.

            Frank placed out the papers and pictures.

            ”The people that met the Ambassador were observed going to a residence. There was no way to monitor what they said.”

            ”What we do know is several left the residence and traveled to a large compound just over the Pakistan border. We have been watching the compound for a while in association with other Pakistani terrorist groups.”

            ”Kill one pack of rats and more take their place within hours,” I said.

            ”Give the locations to the Navy. When the bombing resumes, put a couple missiles in the house and enough in the compound to do the job,” I said.

            ”Bombing is going to resume?” General Ingram had just walked in.

            ”Yes and send in the next group of troops and equipment and keep moving forward. Follow up with more as long as the logistics and supplies can keep up,” I said.

            ”We can send forty thousand more then we have to let logistics catch up,” the General said.

            ”While you are letting logistics catch up for the foot soldier, keep the Navy and Air Force hammering them,” I said.

            ”Bring me the list of restricted targets. It’s time to reduce the list and be a more aggressive,” I said.

            I went through the restricted list and approved fifteen types of government buildings and establishments to be bombed at midnight. There were a total of seven hundred new targets for the Navy and Air Force. While some of them could be military targets in a guerrilla type war, they weren’t very important as a large military target but their destruction would be demoralizing to the population. All of them were close to sizable population centers.

            ”The pamphlets told the people what was going to happen if they didn’t surrender. Make sure you drop more MOABs and closer to the population centers, time for shake rattle and roll part two,” I said.

            General Ingram nodded his head as acknowledgment and just smiled.

Politics was going to capture a couple of hours out of my day. The party leader had called wanting an emergency meeting. It was scheduled for after lunch.

            Technically I was the party leader as President but I had shoved it off onto the Vice Chairman of the party. I assumed he wanted me to pull in the reins over Iran. I was wrong.

            I worked with Vice Chairman Howard Workman to schedule the fundraisers and he attended all of them. He was a straight shooter; if he didn’t like an idea he said so and aggressively argued his position. He would yield if facts proved otherwise.

            Since there was no impending leader of the conservative party with the stalemate in the candidates until after the convention, the liberal party was making hay of the situation.

            What they were doing was being portrayed as televised debates between the two presidential candidates. The dates had already been chosen months ago by the parties. The TV slots from all networks were approved and paid. Both conventions were to have been over and the candidate from each chosen.

            The liberal party then changed the date of their convention to a month earlier. The attendees were notified by mail and there was no public announcement until a week before the opening day of the convention. All the posturing and date movements were done to reduce the number of attendees and have a closed convention.

            They were using a blacked out chair with an off screen voice as the conservative candidates. They had molded all the sound bites and promises at whistle stops by all the candidates as the position of the party.

            It was a well-planned  and well-choreographed propaganda event for the liberal party.

            The party chairman didn’t want to use the candidates because they had been so stubborn about deciding the leader. He was furious they would not come to some agreement.

            No matter whom he asked, the others would react like you had thrown a bucket of fire ants on them. The back biting and bickering issues were getting worse and starting to hurt the party.

            We talked about the mess – and that was all one could call it – before he flat out asked if I would represent the party at the next so called debate instead of the empty chair and programmed voice.

            It would not be announced until an hour before show time that I was going to be there. In my mind I was sure the liberal candidate would refuse to debate under those circumstances.

            Our real goal was to force him to refuse to debate, thereby throwing a chock in front of their smooth rolling wheel. Any way he tried to get out of the debate could only make him look bad.

            Was he afraid to debate me because I was a woman? Was he afraid to debate me because I was President? The chair had all the angles figures out like a chess match.

            The other change up was with the questions. Instead of the programmed questions that they obviously had prepared and rehearsed for, they were going to have the audience write questions on 3×4 note cards and then choose the best ones. The liberal candidate and I would each get a set time to answer.

            I figured I could at least hold my own after all the fund raisers and press conferences I had done. It was set up for Saturday night.

            I had four days to prepare. I called my research group and had them do a complete search on his days as a Representative and Senator.

            I called Robert and had him to do a private background search – it would dig in places where to government people would not go. Robert was also going to have someone pull all public statements from over the decades and the present campaign statements and positions for this race.

            I had barely hung up the phone with Robert when Troy came in with Marty Coeburn, director of the FBI. Marty had the latest update on the trials that were taking place in California for those arrested. The DOJ was getting 95 percent convictions of those that went to trial – with heavy fines and jail terms to boot.

            Another thirty percent were pleading guilty to avoid the trial judge and accepting nearly the same penalty.

            ”In thirty more days all those arrested will have their day before the court. Then after that, the appeals process starts,” Marty said.

            Marty and I talked for thirty minutes. It seemed like months since he and I had just a few minutes to talk about anything that was not a fire needing put out by one or both of us.

            I asked what the FBI had for records on the liberal candidate.

            ”Nothing that you cannot get through public sources. With Roberts’s group doing the looking, I doubt there will be a grain of sand that wasn’t turned in his investigation. If they thought the FBI was investigating a candidate, Congress would act like it had been constipated for a month.”

            ”I’m sure that Robert can find anything that might be helpful,” I said.

            I let the conversation drift from there. It didn’t matter because Robert had hacked the FBI’s system long ago and left a permanent backdoor to get in any time he wanted.

            Just when I thought I was done for the day, General Ingram was back in with more updates.

            “All the troops we have talked about moving to the front have been notified and are in the process of packing up for departure. I want to know your thoughts on calling up the National Guard, we can use them for the expanded logistics we are going to need and to build prison camps and staff them,” he said.

            ”I thought it took months to call up the Guard,” I said.

            ”The call up was not the problem, it was the recurrent training needed to make them combat ready. Using them for logistics and guards should not take a whole lot of training,” he said.

            ”It took other Presidents weeks to make the decision because they were worried about the politics and tried to maneuver through the minefield. With your ‘I don’t give a rats ass about politics’ attitude it should go a lot smoother,” he said.

            He was smiling broadly when he said it.

            ”Well, the politics don’t worry me any. Get a list together of the units you want, the States they are located in and what I need to do to activate them,” I said.

            He handed me a list and the orders necessary to activate two hundred and forty transportation and military police units in thirty eight states.

            It was a total of four thousand men and ladies. As I looked through the list, I could see trouble coming. Several were very liberal states with extremely liberal governors who thought they were world leaders instead of state governors.

             Let the fun begin!

            The orders I signed into effect were under Title 10 ‘Presidential Reserve Call Up’ and it limited service to two hundred and seventy days.

            The order that I signed was a forty eight hour notice to deploy. Each state National Guard unit had a General of some level at its helm that answered to the Governor. Each Governor and General were faxed the activation orders.

            ”Do you have all the elements in place to get these men and equipment to Iran?” I asked General Ingram.

            ”Yes, we have our favorite contractor in the loop. What they can’t carry, the Air Force C17s will,” he said and then smiled.

            Lorrie’s aviation department was getting a work out. The twenty five C5s and the ten passenger configured 747s must be flying around the clock.

            The Congressional chief bean counter watchdog was going to have a fit when those numbers hit the tally sheet.

            There were a lot more questions I needed to ask Lorrie the next time we talked.

            I went to the private dinner room for supper before I called my mates -eating alone again. Things had been so busy at home that no one was coming over for the rest of the week. I would see them on Saturday.

            Robert was sending me information on the liberal candidate as the assigned investigative team found it. I would spend my night reading. The party vice chair had sent all the questions from the two previous fake debates – more reading.

            I decided to first spend an hour in the gym. After a nice hot shower and in pajamas with a tee shirt, I settled into the executive recliner and started reading.

            It was midnight when I crawled under the covers with my mind spinning. I wondered if I had bitten off more than I could chew with this debate.

Edit by Alfmeister

Proof read by Bob W.

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