Book 2 Chapter 192

Morning was tough to get started with all the time zone changes in the last few days, but morning it was. Breakfast was fried ham, eggs, coffee, and biscuits – a lot better than tea and muffins.

            My mates entertained the wives of a group of high level politicians while I was in meetings with the politicians. We had a good meeting while talking about the progress on the agreements and other things of interest.

            A committee had been formed with American businesses in the search for suitable manufacturing that could be put in place for the factories making military equipment. The goal was to increase the manufacture of products for export.

            My secret goal was to reduce our imports from China as much as I could to punish China for the arms sales to Iran. The meetings ran into lunch. Lunch was a private low key affair with me and my mates, Orbatch and his wife along with Anton and his wife.

            After lunch and plenty of private conversation, we went to the Russian air base where the teams were disassembling the final short range nuclear missiles and war heads.

            The final missile fuel tank was mounted on a stand. In front of hundreds of media from Europe and America, President Orbatch and I cut the tank in to with a big band saw.

            We then cut off two, two inch wide sections that were like a giant ring. We presented the rings to each other as souvenirs in front of the media as an end to that series of weapons and the completion to that part of the treaty.

            We each gave a short speech about the cooperation and progress of the agreements. The naysayers that said it couldn’t be done, or the treaty would not be complied with, had lost round one.

            After the press conference, I finally got my promised tour of the Kremlin by Anton and President Orbatch. I was expecting there to be some excuse.

            I was introduced to the Russian Generals who had offices neatly tucked into corners. Doors were opened and no attempts were made to cover the maps on the wall and on tables.

            They were interested in the war plan against Iran – the regional power in the Middle East – was so effective as to neutralize the million man army, how it was put together and created in such a short time.

            ”It’s simple; there was no million man army, it was an elaborate deception. If you repeat a lie long enough and loud enough with enough people wanting to believe and not question, it becomes fact. We have only captured fifty thousand soldiers while capturing two thirds of Iran’s territory,” I said.

            ”In that territory were three quarters of Iran’s military bases including several very large ones. As of yet we have not found that many bodies,” I said.

            I didn’t lie to them; I never expected that many bodies to be found. I doubted anyone was going to dig up all the known bases hit by MOABs and seismic bombs trying to find bodies. At least not anytime soon. I expected the massive depressions where they once were to filled and covered over with concrete, sealing them forever.

            The tour was interesting. I saw a lot of things that were similar to ours and I knew we did all of them better.

            The organization than ran the doomsday clock announced the minute hand had been moved back fifteen minutes for the first time in decades.

            Tonight there was a state dinner for me and my mates. It was the normal political gathering and by now I was used to it. There were plenty of Russian big business leaders there. All of them wanted to be seen with me and talk a few minutes about their business with a new interest in international trade.

            I played the game; I knew how it worked. There would always be international trade. My interest was to change the playbook away from the Chinese dominance in trade with the US.

            It was morning again and we were on our way to St. Petersburg. We toured the Catherine Palace and the reproduced Amber room. It was almost beyond belief, it was that beautiful. If the reproduction was so beautiful and crafted then the original must have been breathtaking.

            The original was disassembled by Nazi soldiers and shipped to Berlin. It has never been found. Another of the great works Hitler and his henchmen had destroyed all over Europe and Asia or looted to never be found.

            Air Force One flew east Friday evening. I pondered changing plans and going to Saudi Arabia then taking a Greyhound flight to the Thomas and to the Boxer to have a face to face talk with war command staff. Unfortunately there wasn’t time; I needed to be back in Washington.

            We had left Moscow’s international airport at 1700; we would first land at Andrews at 0900. Jet lag after this trip was going to be a bitch.

            There was one more fundraiser that had been added to the schedule at the last minute for Saturday night and the convention speech Thursday evening.

            There were things going on with the Philippines that required my involvement, according to Secretary Dean.

            I had enjoyed the whole week with my mates. Even though I had been in many meetings, we still had spent a lot of quality time together.

            I needed to spend a few minutes in the real Oval Office to catch up with the reports for the week.

            The weekend crew for the joint Chiefs brought up the reports from Iran they thought I needed to look at. There was slow progress but still progress. The IRG soldiers were putting up sporadic resistance. The resistance was being handled with plenty of bombs and rockets.

            Another fifty towns surrendered on Thursday and Friday. The noose was closing on Tehran and the other two big cities from all directions.

            While I was doing my updates, Vicky and Ching Lee were checking in with Paul Drake and Andy Reddick. The first six of the least damaged fast ships had been repaired and were back in service. Three of the fast ships were loaded on an ocean-going barge and on their way to Texas to be rebuilt by the builder.

            They were going to be expensive repairs – at least one of the engines in all three ships had been destroyed by 20mm Iranian shells. The engines were over a million each. There was other substantial damage to the ships. Three more ships had sunk in the gulf, specialized recovery ships were looking for them.

            On the other front – Africa – things there were moving forward as Jenny had found three hundred more men for the Cameroon contract. She was still six hundred men short. To temporarily fill the slots former Black Bear employees would be pulled to help them. It was getting harder and harder to fill the vacant positions. In the process we were leaving some areas of JBG security short staffed.

            It would be thirty more days before drilling was to start. As I suspected, money could fill the drilling crews and did. The holdup now was getting enough drill stem for the rig and casing for the well. Everything was to be ready to go within the thirty day wait.

            At 1600 we were back aboard Air Force One, flying to the fundraiser at Santa Fe New Mexico. It was a big stadium and was filled as I glanced around the curtain. I met and mingled with the big donors as always, only this time there were over one hundred that had pledged one million dollars and more.

            There were five that donated ten million and one that donated one hundred million. This had to be the biggest take of any of the fundraisers where I was keynote speaker.

            I spoke for an hour and thirty minutes. I pumped them up from the beginning and kept them that way. I beat up on the liberal candidate like he was a rented mule at a log pulling contest.

            He had left the debate trying to correct the poor showing by appearances – several a day – and cutting me as a nobody, a one shot wonder. Instead he was leaving more openings for me to beat him like a boxer with a bad rotator cuff with an arm that wouldn’t follow the brain commands, always coming up short. The speech that Adam and I wrote was throwing solid rights and body punches.

            Adam had added a few jabs of his own at the liberal candidate by using sly humor – Ronald Reagan style – and I delivered them perfectly. The audience loved it.

            I knew there was media set up in the corner but I didn’t know there was that many. The local media was always there. They needed something to put in the Sunday edition local paper.

            The national media was there this time – all of them. Cameras and boom mikes. The Sunday morning news shows were going to have plenty of material.

            My family joined me on stage for an energetic eight more year chant. We walked off the stage after leading the chant for five minutes.

            We were still pumped up from the adrenaline of the crowd when we reached the White House.

            Sunday was quiet with plenty of family time – at 1700 they left to go home before dark. I was alone until Wednesday evening when they were coming back.

            I went to the Oval Office and looked at some of the backed up paperwork that had been placed on my desk. It took three hours but I cleared the pile, creating a new piles with sticky notes for Connie and Troy to follow up on.

            A shower and I went to bed taking the rules book with me. I finished the chapter on Presidential campaigns before turning out the light.

            Edit by Alfmeister

            Proof read by Bob W.

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1 Response to Book 2 Chapter 192

  1. typo says:

    Another great chapter. Please keep ’em coming. 🙂

    Two rather minor gaffs in quick succession this time. The first has one word “warheads,” spelled as two separate words. The second is a sample of the old to/too/two trichotomy, homophones since they’re pronounced identically but each having different meanings. In this case “to” appears where context requires “two.” Artifacts of Speech Recognition software, possibly, which might explain a few of the other recent catches. ( That’s not so much a negative as just recognizing that SR packages like Dragon aren’t perfect and require cranking up the “attention to detail” on review accordingly. ) 😉

    – – – –

    “After lunch and plenty of private conversation, we went to the Russian air base where the teams were disassembling the final short range nuclear missiles and war heads (WARHEADS).

    “The final missile fuel tank was mounted on a stand. In front of hundreds of media from Europe and America, President Orbatch and I cut the tank in to (TWO) with a big band saw.”

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