Book 2 Chapter 194

Wednesday was off and running by 0700. Turkey’s President Cavdet called all upset – and I knew why before I picked up the phone to talk to him.

            ”Your cargo planes picked up the nuclear warheads today but they brought none of the promised new ones,” he said.

            ”Yes that is right. I wanted the old ones removed as soon as possible and there were empty cargo planes returning from Iran that could do that. It will be two to three months before production has assembled and tested the new dial-a- yield bombs. Then they will be shipped and installed on the missiles as we discussed,” I said.

            ”We have none to respond to a Russian or Chinese attack in the meantime,” he said.

            ”Russia is no longer the number one threat that it once was. China, on the other hand, might be a bigger threat but the analysts are not waving any red flags that they are an immediate threat,” I said.

            ”I have twelve heavy carriers and twenty five light carriers now that their troops are ashore. There are also thirty guided missile cruisers, over a hundred destroyers, sixty nuclear submarines at sea with a dozen in the Mediterranean Sea and over two hundred heavy bombers in the area. I have another 500 attack and bomber aircraft in the area as well. I think everyone is going to play nice; anything else would be national suicide,” I said.

            ”I can see your point,” he said.

            ”I am still upset that you are still bombing Iran and have not started peace talks,” he said.

            ”Is that why you have rushed troops, armor and artillery to your border with Iran?’ I asked.

            ”No. I am preparing to repulse the hundreds of thousands of refugees that will come to Turkey on their way to Europe. We simply cannot handle them,” he said.

            ”You can rest easy because I don’t think there will be very many,” I said.

            We talked another thirty minutes before the call ended.

            The generals were waiting at my door with today’s update. ”The forces have captured on the east Semnan, Sari and on the west Amol, Karaj, and Qazvin.”

            ”Tomorrow we take a lot of small towns and then there is the united push into Tehran from all directions,” General Ingram said.

            ”Tonight Air Force planes are going to drop the new Sunlight flares and bomb the few remaining targets. We are also going to drop a couple more MOABs on the IRG Complex and the Parliament building. The plan is to keep everyone awake all night so they will be more inclined to surrender,” he said.

            ”That’s good to hear. As you know, I will be in Atlanta for the convention tomorrow. Keep me informed,” I replied.

            I walked General Ingram through the discussions with Philippine President Ramos. We had a short discussion on possible options and solutions. There was to be a call with Ramos later today.

            The afternoon came and went quickly; it was full of problems. The CIA intercepted a plot to assassinate me and my mates again. It was a splinter group of Iranians that had infiltrated from Canada. They came from the UK to Canada because of lax immigration laws.

            The combined surveillance with the FBI and CIA had identified members of the group and had a location. They were waiting to track the financing for the group. As soon as that was established, they were going to be arrested.

            Robert had sent me the information on the group four weeks ago. The speed was a reflection on how slow the government agencies were.

            It was in the hands of the Secret Service, FBI and federal Marshals to handle it now. Robert and his ever expanding group of spooks were beyond busy on things for JBG and for me at the girls’ direction.

            I closed down the desk early to meet with Adam to finalize the speech for tomorrow night. There had been a change because there was no real progress on the planks today.

            Carl Isham called and asked if I could come an hour earlier to help force a decision on some of the planks. Acceptance of the planks and the first vote for the nominee was at 1900.

            ”Send me the planks before 1300 tomorrow. I will look them over before I get there,” I said.

            Wednesday became Thursday; General Ingram was in at 0800 with the updates.

            ”All the small villages and towns around Tehran have surrendered. Tehran and the Niavaran Palace complex are all that is left,” he said.

            ”Negotiate with those in the Palace complex; it is a world heritage site that deserves to be saved. If no agreement can be reached, do whatever you have to do,” I said.

            ”As for as Tehran, have at it whenever you are ready,” I said.

            I needed to do a day’s worth of work in four hours. The family was coming to make the trip to Atlanta at 1300. Adam was coming with us. I was going to do a run through with the final version of both speeches on the flight to Atlanta.

            The media section was filled to the limit and was not going to get their ten minutes today. The speeches were a priority and then a family discussion with my mates.

            I had the list of planks from Carl Isham. I spent twenty minutes red-lining the ones that were outright stupid and didn’t belong in a paper you were going to use as goals for the party.

            Then I marked through those that I thought would be of little or no interest to voters. Those were the things that were more directed to local elections and should not be an item for a national election.

            Improving our schools was always a topic for both parties and they tried to outdo each other with promises of bigger and grander things. The one problem was the liberal educators always found a way to use the funding for more liberal classes and propaganda shoved down the throats of our children. When more federal funding was directed to the states, they reduced the state funding and used it for other special interest projects.

            There were plenty of things that voters could see and appreciate like a commitment to get more money to improve the roads.

            There were other planks that I red-lined like federal funding for a G6 level of wireless service. I was sure someone connected with the big two communications companies was the reason it got on the list.

            Get the government to pay for research and development, then lobby Congress for free grants for the equipment, then get Congress to force the military to give up some of its dedicated frequencies and finally, handsomely charge the public for access to it.

            When I was finished there were eighty planks that I thought worthwhile for the platform. Carl and the plank committee could argue it out.

            I liked the speeches; the first one was to the delegates at 1800 before the news teams were allowed in and went live at 1900.

            Air Force One landed at Atlanta International at 1500. We were heavily guarded as we left the airport and entered the arena. There were the normal paid protesters.

            Every movement now seemed to have unlimited money to pay protesters and they were not shy about it, by openly advertising on Craigslist, Face Time and local media. The average citizen no longer had real access to influence politicians.

            Protesters paid by big money, special interest groups and favorites of the media carried all the influence that affected most politicians.

            Terrorists, death threats and actual attempts on my life limited my access to the average citizen. The closest they could get was near the stage without being checked out by the agencies.

            When we walked backstage, the first ballot was in progress; they were nearly done. Carl’s assistant Paul Ryder was back stage watching the tally. It was nearly evenly divided among the four candidates. Nothing unexpected there with the first ballot. When it was completed the horse trading would begin.

            ”I have the plank items Carl wanted,” I said.

            ”He will be relieved to look at them after all the bullshit on the floor about them. They postponed the debate on them in order to get the first ballot going on time,” he said.

            I asked the senior Secret Service agent, ‘‘How close a security sweep did today’s group at the convention get on the way in?”

            ”Extremely close,” he replied.

            ”Close enough that with my mates and a couple Secret Service agents we can walk around?” I said.

            ”Maybe six agents and you can do that,” he said and added a wink.

            ”Is the Texas group close to the stage? I would like to talk to GW McClintock for a few minutes,” I said.

            ”Yeah he is here,” he said.

            I placed one of my JBG agents in charge of my portable office and removed a manila file from it.

            My group-mates, Secret Service and I made our way around the end of the stage and walked up behind the Texas delegates and GW. Standing behind him, I handed the file to him.

            When he opened the file he was looking at a wanted poster with his likeness in the middle. Wanted dead or alive by the US Marshall’s office $10000, reward. Cattle rustler, armed and dangerous.

            ”Oh crap, I have been caught and nowhere to run,” he said.

            The delegates and my group had a good laugh at his expense.

            “Have you got a few minutes to talk privately?” I asked.

            “Sure, do you want to do that here? I can scatter the delegates and there is enough noise in here that the conversation would be private,” he said.

            His delegates scattered and we talked surrounded by family, Secret Service and JBG security ten feet away. ”Do you remember our previous conversation in Texas and are you still interested in participating?” I said.

            ”Yes and yes,” he answered.

            ”Here is what I need you to do,” I explained what I had in mind if things went the way we thought.

            I and my group went backstage; I needed to get makeup and wired for sound. I had five minutes to talk privately with my mates before my speech.

            Thirty minutes later I walked out on stage, the teleprompter was in place and the podium ready. The stadium was packed full of delegates.

            I pumped up America, its manufacturing, agriculture, tourism, freedom and independence. I stressed how the eyes of the nation were on us to do the right things, NOW! I talked the full hour before walking behind the curtain.

            The TV cameras and other press were brought in and seated. The next ballot was started for the nation to watch. Behind the stage we talked with Carl as the voting progressed.

            We talked about the short list of items for the plank. He agreed with my list. It was typed up and run through the printers. It would be passed out and voted on after my second speech.

            I took several important phone calls, Tehran had been entered from all sides. I hated the sound of that – it was a recipe for a friendly fire disaster.

            The ballot count complete and it was still a disaster. This could go on all night and still no platform would be agreed on.

            I walked onto the stage for the second speech for the national audience.

            ”Good evening, fellow Americans, ladies, gentlemen, friends, family and those viewing at home. I am honored and humbled to be speaking to you tonight from Atlanta.”

            “Tonight our conservative party will chose our candidate for the presidential election and if successful, to lead our nation for the next four years. It is not an easy decision to arrive at as evidenced by this year’s difficult primary elections.”

            “Millions of votes were cast, but there is no runaway winner. In fact – as we all know – the voting was split four ways. Four different opinions on what it takes to lead our great country. Tonight we must choose one set of ideas and ideals.”

            “Will it be one of these four or will someone step forward with bolder ideas that can unite our party and our nation?”

            “History has proven time and time again that the liberal democrats promise big programs, higher taxes, huge feel good bundles of new regulations over our businesses and lives. The result is always the same; high unemployment, high interest rates that hurt all of us, and higher domestic prices for everything we consume.”

            “History also proves that conservative administrations reduce regulations, increase employment, lower interest rates, increase home ownership and all things that produce a larger, more productive economy.”

            I believe the public wants a conservative driven United States – a better productive economy that creates meaningful jobs with good benefits for everyone that wants one. I believe they want affordable energy so all modes of travel are affordable and have a comfortable environment in our homes.”

            “The liberal socialist democrats want none of the above for you while demanding it for themselves. The promises they give are runaway inflation, high unemployment, higher taxes on everybody and tons of new job killer regulations. No one will escape their tax man or the intrusion into your daily life, regardless of their denial.”

            ”I believe in conservative principles, a conservative government and the right to live my own life. Under the Thomas and then the Jones administration, our economy has grown and continues to grow.”

            ”Gross domestic production is up, factory orders are up, order backlogs are up. Unemployment is the lowest in years for all groups. Inflation is stagnant, home ownership is at record levels. Interest rates are the lowest ever. Energy prices low and stable, creating energy independence for the U.S. and a solid growth economy.”

            ”Our wind and solar energy sector continue to grow at a steady pace. New and safer designs in wind turbines are increasing output from the wind generators. New designs in nuclear power are promising improved safety. These are signs of increased affordable energy production and reducing emissions.”

            ”We haven’t had a terrorist on our soil for three years now by the work of the best domestic anti-terrorist agencies in the world. We are in the final stages of responding to a foreign terrorist attack against our Navy.”

            ”I do not believe the American people want to trade prosperity for a liberal socialist democracy that will bring disastrous results. They want stability in our lives and a future for our children. They deserve the rewards for their own hard work without the government taking away the proceeds for the pipe dreams of others. They want all parties to support our rights and freedoms as written in our Constitution.”

            “I believe it is possible to continue our beliefs and freedoms in America – the great experiment.”

            ”I have traveled the nation in the last few months while fulfilling a commitment that President Thomas made before he passed to support the party. I have heard the calls at every whistle stop-eight more years. America needs and wants eight more years of stability, growth and prosperity. Not the pie in the sky promises of the liberal socialist.”

            ”That decision is yours to make here, now and on November fifth.”

            ”Eight more years, eight more years,” I started the chant as GW walked to the microphone on the floor and the chant grew louder and louder.

            ”Mr. Chairman, Mr. Chairman,” GW was saying into the microphone.

            Ten minutes later after multiple attempts to quiet the delegates, “The Chair recognizes GW McClintock from the State of Texas.”

            ”Mr. Chairman, the state of Texas wishes to place a new name in contention for the party’s nomination. A war hero who served with distinction and who today still carries shrapnel in her body from the fights.”

            ”A person who built an anti-terrorist organization known the world over. As Vice President she was attacked by terrorists on foreign soil and triumphed against them. She continues to serve the people today as our current President.”

            ”I place the name of Roberta Jones on the ballot for us to consider for President,” GW said.

            ”I second the nomination,” came from Georgia and several other states delegates.

            There was a ten minute break to allow horse trading, if the delegates wanted to.

            During the break it was announced that three of the candidates withdrew their names and pledged their delegates to me. Another ballot was begun and finished quickly with the other candidate only getting the votes from his state.

            ”This convention has nominated Roberta Jones to be our candidate in the Presidential election. Madam President, I hope you wrote another speech,” Chairman Isham said.

            ”I will have to do this one off the cuff,” I said.

            ”I want to thank all the delegates who supported me. I will need your support and help to win this election. There are only ten weeks left and there is a lot of work to do. We need campaign offices in every state. If you can help and can work for the campaign, the chairman’s staff wants to talk to you. They will be here for a while gathering information.”

            The media was crowding the stage, wanting the most sought after interview of the year.

            While I was still speaking on the microphone to the delegates, I was tapped on the shoulder, ”Madam President, I hate to but I was told to interrupt – it’s important,” Lt General Myers said as he handed me a note.

            ”Madam President, the city of Tehran and the nation of Iran have agreed to unconditionally surrender and have signed the documents, today’s date and at 2245.” It was signed by General Ingram.

            I turned back to the microphone holding the note. I rapped on the podium for quiet, ”More good news – just a few minutes ago at 2245 the city of Tehran and the nation of Iran unconditionally surrendered to Marine General Downs and Army General Irons.”

            The cheering lasted minutes, ”Other than a few isolated spots, the ground war and bombing campaign in Iran is over. Now the work to build a true democracy in a hostile area of the world begins,” I said to more cheers from the delegates.

            We stayed two more hours talking to people and making alliances and deals. The fundraisers I had done for the party had raised over a billion dollars. My mates, Jeanna and GW had started a Super Pac; two billion dollars would be deposited in its accounts at Midwest Bank tomorrow with more if necessary. And it would be needed to counter the liberal billionaires.

            I gave the media thirty minutes of my time; one would have thought I had thrown a new born calf to a pack of wolves the way they were fighting each other to ask a question.

            The planning had started three weeks ago; that was why all the questions at different times. All the federal paperwork was sitting on Curtis Warren’s desk to be filed tomorrow as soon as the Federal Elections Commission opened for business.

            There were fifty three packets to be filed in the fifty states, plus the District of Columbia, Puerto Rica and Guam.

            We knew it would be expensive starting at this late date. There were fifteen Senate seats up for grabs. To keep the conservative ones and go after the liberal ones would be even more expensive. But in order to run an administration that could get things done, I would need those seats in my corner.

            Liberal billionaires had bought Senate seats in the last two elections with big money. Their money decided who won the primaries and with big money, they also won the seats in the general elections.

            It was going to take big money to counter them unless Andy and Robert had found effective counter-measures.

            Edit by Alfmeister

            Proof read by Bob W.

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4 Responses to Book 2 Chapter 194

  1. typo says:

    Thanks for another great chapter.

    You won’t be surprised (since I don’t bother posting at all unless there’s nothing to report) that there is another minor, though significant, gaff. Minor because it’s a simple 2-character transposition, but significant because it changes the meaning in ways that are fairly obvious once they’re pointed out. 😦

    If you meant to keep the subject to communications, that standard should eventually evolve into “6G” (from “5G”), rather than refer backhandedly to EU politics. 😉

    “There were other planks that I red-lined like federal funding for a G6 level of wireless service. I was sure someone connected with the big two communications companies was the reason it got on the list.”


    The “wireless service” and “communications companies” puts the entire paragraph clearly into the realm of communications, however the “G6” reference tries to drag it instead into the realm of European politics (the “G6” being basically the six most populous countries in the EU, consequently the six nations having the most sway in directing the actions of the EU as a whole).

    As Don Adams used to say, “Sorry about that, Chief.” 🙂

    • typo says:

      Dang, that should be “when” and not “unless there’s nothing to report.” A half-made wordsmithing effort, eh? Nobody’s perfect, and certainly not me. 😉 😉

  2. Bil Cook says:

    hmmm I seem to recall an author comment on BJ not running for a 1st full (and because of the timing) potentially a second like LBJ did until ‘Nam went south and he stepped out of the race in 68..the last time a brokered convention happened.
    I suppose you could keep that commitment by bumping her off, I did notice a change of tone on her reliance on Federal units rather than her own staff. that would be a way to end this multi-year story…and her mates are all too young to run too. You wouldn’t do that to us, would you Jack? Grin

  3. Bil Cook says:

    And Jack, you sneaky devil you. For all the times I read and reread this, I just noticed the date of the convention. ‘Remember, remember the 5th of November…’

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