Book 3 Chapter 11

Thursday morning my JBG email was full of pictures. Heavy equipment and materials were on the tower’s site. Erosion fencing had been installed yesterday. The project was divided up among several major contractors.

            The time limit had run out on the county and opposition was low to begin with. The few that were complaining were using the excuse that the buildings would spoil their view of the bay. Hell, they couldn’t see the bay unless they were in a five story house because of the trees. There were no five story houses in the area.

            The Chinese group bid on the towers but were rejected by JBG; it would be a US contractor. One contractor was going to do both foundation tubs as they were called. That included driving steel into the bedrock and a waterproof concrete basement within the tub.

            A thousand tons of steel piling would be driven for each building into the bedrock and five thousand yards of high strength steel reinforced concrete for each tub. Steel from the bedrock would eventually rise fourteen hundred feet into the air to the top floor. The access for water, sewer and electric were made at several locations in the tub.

            Engineers for the tower building company were on site to ensure the pillars were properly placed. As soon as the tub cured, the construction on the tower would begin. Then the tub contractor would move to the second one. If weather and materials cooperated I would still be President when they were completed.

            The contractor promised that with the number of crews and subcontractors they were planning to have working both towers would be done in four years. Both towers being structurally identical was going to speed things along.

            Atlanta Construction Management was the general contractor for both towers was from Atlanta Georgia. They had built many high-rise buildings in Georgia, Florida and the Carolinas. They were responsible for the overall project.

            There were dozens of subcontractors, many from the south; Richmond, Atlanta, North Carolina and a few from Baltimore, Washington and Philadelphia.

            Bob’s Construction was building the RV and water park on the 200 acre site. He had subcontracted the site work to a local dirt contractor and was going to handle the rest of it with his crews.

             There were four bath and laundry houses to build along with the camp office and store. They were also building an adjoining bath house and laundry plus a club house and the ranger shack. Over two thousand trees were to be planted

            The water park would have two pools, an Olympic size for adults and a smaller shallower one for youngsters. The water park would have all the high and low slides along with the dump buckets and drip sprayers. There was a river course that inflated donut rafts could be ridden, carried by the flow of the pumps within the park.

            There would be a club house that made a small list of fast foods and drinks with picnic tables and vending machines plus showers and rooms to change in.

            It was a well planned out and laid out. I liked it a lot – I hoped it would be very successful attraction for the area kids to enjoy all summer.

            Another task that happened today was working with the inaugural committee. They were finishing up thousands of details and making the last minute invitations for all the scheduled parties. The inauguration was ten days away. Tomorrow night there was a dress fitting from a world’s clothier – my mates were coming over to get fitted for theirs.

            I asked Andy if he and Shelia wanted to come to the festivities. ”Not only no, but hell no,” was his response.

            Ziva, Abra and Farah – the former Mossad officers and now my personal body guards – were going with us.

            New additions to my staff were researching every federal agency, fretting out advisors, appointees and people they had hired by liberal presidents to place liberal policies in those agencies. They were to be removed in the downsizing of the budgets.

            I would appoint and hire new people to those agencies with my line of thinking. The swamp that operated against every president from within was leaving government, like it or not. My investigative group was looking at all social media of the supervisors and managers in those agencies. If they weren’t on board with conservative policies and principals, they were gone too.

            General Ingram came in to inform me that two of the carriers were at sea and two more would be before the end of the day. I wondered why the Navy didn’t come to tell me that.

            ”What are the satellites showing for activity in Pakistan near the border?” I asked.

            ”Frank will be in with the updates in a few minutes,” General Ingram said.

            Melinda and Hanna were in the lobby waiting to see me with questions from the group of reporters that were going to Iran. It took an hour to answer them, the related information and what arrangements were made.

            ”Every news reporter from the inside and outside group has signed up to get updated vaccinations, saying they wanted to go,” Hanna said.

            ”Wow, that many! I’m surprised that many want to go. If you don’t have any problems with this first test group, you can increase the numbers for the next week if you want. I’m sure there are plenty of logistics available if they are needed,” I said.

            Troy came into the office – at 1100 – just before I was going to lunch, ”The district court of New York has issued an injunction blocking the Labor Department from ending the extended unemployment payments. The suit was filed by the unemployed workers union and several other labor unions.”

            ”The ruling says that ending the extended benefits could cause unnecessary harm to the affected groups,” Troy said.

            ”I will order the Justice Department to appeal immediately, based on the process we talked about the other day. Then I will send an order for the Labor Department to ignore the district’s unconstitutional ruling in the meantime. I will write a statement for Harry,” I said.

            The rest of the day went like that – one minor crisis after another. I was ready to go to the residential section as the office closed down.

            I was on a VCATS with my mates and the kids for over an hour. Things were hopping all over. Four more wells were pumping oil today in Nebraska. Marcy was running into a problem getting pipeline space to send it to the refinery.

            That wasn’t the problem in Nigeria; both refineries were operating at fifty percent capacity. As new wells came online, that would only increase. Our Pig Iron Point terminal had been expanded several times and was in the middle of another major expansion.

            Marcy and Lorrie were trying to get enough reserve to be able to handle a finished product tanker- they were considerably smaller than crude oil tankers – solely by ourselves. The freight was much cheaper when they could unload at one terminal.

            When the tanks were done, a dock was going to be built in the bay near our Pig Iron dock. Ten inch pipes would go from the dock to the tanks. Tugs would push the tanker next to the dock and the entire load could be off loaded.

            Now the tanker was anchored in the ship transition area. The fuel was transferred to barges that were then pushed to Pig Iron Point and offloaded; a process that took nearly a week. There was a two day grace, then fifty thousand a day for each day the process took.

            The other thing in the equation was the Air Force contract. When we initially started, there were five C5 planes and we needed to have enough fuel reserve to fly one flight a week of each for thirty days.

            Now we had fifteen and were slated to get ten more. The reduction in forces was going to reduce the number of C5s and those ten were going to be shifted to JBG to make cuts in the Air Force budget this year.

            Next year all the remaining C5s in the Air Force inventory were going to the desert boneyard eventually to be scrapped. The C17s would be the last and only heavy lift planes in the Air Forces inventory.

            JBG’s C5s would be scrapped as the air frames were beginning to show the ravages of time. No one knew how long that would be – ten, fifteen possibly twenty years. Lorrie had a contract for as long as we had a flyable C5.

            As if that wasn’t enough, Lorrie had thirty 747s – twenty that had been converted or were in the process of being converted into fire fighting water tankers. Australia had contracted for ten of them to be sent there during the fire season. Five were passenger configuration and the last five were freighters or being converted into freighters.

            There were no more air worthy 747s to be bought. Many had been scrapped as soon as the airlines removed them for service or in various bone yards for salvage parts.

            All of that required a lot of reserve jet A fuel. Each C5 held fifty one thousand gallons. Each 747 held sixty three thousand gallons. Each C130 held seven thousand gallons and we had the largest number of C130s of any nonmilitary organization.

            That was driving the latest expansion of the Pig Iron fuel depot. As soon at the tanks were done, pilings and an unloading dock was going to be built. There would be enough tanks to hold a tanker of jet A and enough tanks to hold a split load of gasoline and diesel.

            The first infrastructure project that Prime Minister Bello wanted was completed. There was a big press conference and celebration. Everyone was happy, or so it seemed.

             On the other side of the coin – in Nigeria JBG had thwarted another Boko-Harm attempt to take hostages in the village Murom. There were plenty of them dead but there were also several prisoners taken, including several leaders. Their fighters had fled without hostages, only to run into JBG aviation.

            I talked for over an hour with my mates, RJ and JJ plus Sara and Takeo. Sara and Takeo were talking up a storm now and didn’t want to be left out of any conversation.

            I went to the fitness center for an hour and a half then called it a night.

            Edit by Alfmeister

            Proof read by Bob W.

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2 Responses to Book 3 Chapter 11

  1. Bil Cook says:

    I know this is fiction and fantasy, and with our current state of affairs across the country, a nice dream. But the District Court of New York (there are 4) are Federal Courts and would have the ability and authority under the Consitution to order a hold (a restraining order) on an executive order or a law that might cause irreparable harm to a defendant from going into effect until it can work its way thru the Court system. That Courts ruling, in the real world, would NOT have been unconstitutional. This is one that would have to be decided by the SCOTUS, and in the real world, would be an interesting battle of separation of powers and the power of the purse. Based on prior rulings, especially the line-item veto being overturned, I doubt this would stand. Then again in the real world, the current administration has blocked spending money on things approved in the prior administration’s budget, so who knows. Since this is fiction, the second thing we do is hang all the judges

  2. Jack says:

    Hang all the judges both local, state and Federal would be a great start to ending all the problems. This administration has lost it’s way. It’s only a matter of days before Russia takes the Ukraine and more. China will take Taiwan shortly after and Biden will do nothing. Sad days are ahead. Thanks for the note.

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