Book 2 Chapter 21

Book 3 Chapter 21

            The waiter held the door open; in walked Frank, Eric, Ben and Marty.

            ‘’Well, we get to see one more of your secrets, you do have a bar. I’m impressed,’’ Frank said.

            ‘’There are lot more, there a few that you will never see,’’ I said.

            ‘’They said at the desk that your mates are away, they are not filling your spot on a clandestine special operation, are they?’’ Frank asked. But, before I could answer, ‘’Then they said Andy was away and that raises more questions?’’ Ben said.  

            ‘’My mates are conducting business at Thimble Shoals and will be back later today. Andy is somewhere in Africa then to the Middle East for the next week and after that, on to Portugal,’’ I said.

            ‘’No, they are not filling my spot on the OPS team today, although they have several times recently,’’ I said.

‘’With Marcy and Vicky expecting, Ching Lee, Lorrie and Jenny have stepped up to the plate on the OPS team,’’ I said.

‘’Marcy and Vicky are expecting?’’ Frank said.

‘’That’s not for public knowledge yet,’’ I said.

            ‘’Marcy was to leave some items for me for an operation in Asia. It was a last-minute thing this morning, did she have time to get them before she left?’’ Frank asked.

            ‘’She was in the air when you called but she filled me in. They are across the hall in the walk-in vault. I’ll get them before you leave,’’ I said.

            ‘’How are you coming on the special projects?” I asked.

            ‘’Making steady progress – as soon as we decode the work Robert has done we need to plan a raid. Andy is scheduling the people for the specialized mission requirements,’’ Frank said.

            ‘’Our hope is to catch the trainers all there. These are the people that were initially paid by the prince and are now being paid by Pakistani factions and China,’’ Frank said.

            ‘’Robert has been monitoring the traffic and comparing the satellite photos. When are you going to replace that crappy satellite with something that is the best we have?’’ I asked.

            ‘’I know there was money budgeted for ten new ones in the budget two years ago. Where are they in the launch schedule?’’ I asked.

            ‘’On top of those, money was budgeted last year for ten more to complete upgrading the surveillance systems,’’ I added.

            ‘’I don’t know but I will find out. I have sent several requests to NASA and have gotten no response for the five they were to launch. Vandenberg has one a month starting in July.

            ‘’Are the satellites completed and just waiting on NASA for the launch vehicle?’’ I asked.

            ‘’The packages are complete and ready to ship to the launch assembly site,’’ Frank replied.

            ‘’Troy, get me a list of all scheduled launches from NASA for the year. I also want to know what agency the launches are for and the what functions the satellite are to perform and for whom,’’ I said.

            We talked about intelligence that was affecting the agencies and where the experts thought it was leading. I questioned the group aggressively.

After an hour, ‘’Gentleman, my meeting with Frank, Ben and Eric is going to last a while. If there is nothing else we need to talk about now, I will talk with you tomorrow unless there is an emergency,’’ I said to the military men, sending them on their way.

            ‘’Frank, you seem to be having more trouble with some of your secret connections. Are there new issues developing?’’ I asked.

            ‘’No, they are not new, but they are growing with a lot of help from China, now that Russia is out of the picture. They started with the Obama administration. President Clinton had made many promises to the western European countries after the fall of the Soviet Union to get them to join the nonnuclear nations and give up the nuclear weapons under their control,’’ Frank said.

            ‘’They did. The agreements were called ‘The Budapest Memorandum’. Welcoming the accession of Ukraine to the Treaty on the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons as non-nuclear-weapon State also happened,’’ Frank said.

            ‘’Great Britain, Ireland, the United States and the Russian Federation agreed to respect the sovereignty and existing borders of Ukraine. They also agreed to immediate United Nations security council actions and to aid Ukraine in the event of aggression against them,’’ Frank said.

            ‘’France and China also issued similar agreements with Ukraine if it would to give up its nuclear weapons, although the wording was not as strong as in the Budapest Memorandum,’’ Frank said.

            ‘’The agreements were solid under Clinton and under the first President Bush. The second Bush was distracted by 9-11, then with all the military in the Middle East, things took on a new meaning with intelligence after the failures that led to 9-11,’’ Frank said.

            ‘’Then Obama became president and things in the intelligence agencies changed again and our longtime adversaries were now the good guys. The situation became terribly worse with Obama’s support for the spring uprisings in the Middle East and Africa. That distraction led to the Benzi incident that cost the ambassador and his staff their lives, then came the distractions of the cover up, with Obama allowing China to build islands for military use with only a whimper in objection,’’ Frank said.

            ‘’While all that was going on, Russia attacked Ukraine then withdrew with the US hardly raising its voice, when it should have been the leader and very vocal about the implied guarantees in the Budapest Memorandum. Shortly thereafter came Russia’s problems and Putin’s mysterious death,’’ Frank said.

            ‘’Then came the Trump administration which was mired in conflict and controversy from the very beginning. His domineering aggression and at times abusive demeanor, over-use of social media and what would have been helpful was not. All the while China was growing in power and influence,’’ Frank said.

            ‘’Then came Biden with the COVID fiasco, crashing economy and massive unemployment. There was an obsession with anything green, all kinds of bans on fossil fuels that drove inflation out the roof, plus the attacks on parents and massive new taxes. In the process of all that, Biden was going senile with his aides doing everything.’’

‘’Russia took advantage again and destroyed the Ukraine without a whimper from those that pledged to come to Ukraine’s aid from the Budapest agreements. Biden had been a Senator and ranking member of the Foreign Relations committee and had debated them at the time agreements were signed,’’ Frank said.

‘’As for President Biden, he even denied ever knowing anything about the American, Britain, and Irish and Russian part in the agreement. China defended Russia’s actions at the UN,’’ Frank said.

‘’Weeks later China began the military attack against Taiwan – again the US did nothing but make a little noise,’’ Frank added.

‘’Thomas was elected and tried to restore our good standing with our allies, but the damage was done. The US was no longer viewed as a dependable ally, especially in third-world countries. There was a string of failures – Korea, Viet Nam, Afghanistan, add to that Ukraine and Taiwan.”

“Fledgling governments and groups avoided the US. Intelligence and sources dried up. That was why your group was so successful finding out about the terrorists’ attacks before we did. China is driving that point to potential allies,’’ Frank said.

‘’To make matters worse, China is now working aggressively for the Yen to replace the dollar as the benchmark currency. By using the monster US debt to leverage the change to the yen, many countries and groups we need to work with don’t want the dollar, fearing it will be worthless,’’ Frank said.

‘’I knew a while ago that you were losing official channels for intelligence. I could see it in the reports when I compared them to Robert’s. The debt was the reason I am pushing so hard to get a balanced budget without using the gimmicks,’’ I said.

‘’For clandestine operations and to support various groups, they are demanding something other than American paper money and I know how you feel about the drugs. Neither one of us wants our gonads put in a jar in your office,’’ Frank said.

‘’We have been told your mates feel the same way and may be even more aggressive than you,’’ Ben said.

‘’That’s why the deal with Marcy – we have an important connection that wants gold to conduct business. We can’t go to a brokerage house and buy it. The Post would have the story in hours and the subpoenas would be flying, nor can we get any from the gold reserve. To run around and buy that much on the market would be problematic and soon be public,’’ Ben said.

‘’We know the mines you bought were still somewhat productive and if anyone had a private stash, it would be Marcy. If anyone could pull strings, we knew Marcy could – if there were any to pull,’’ Frank said.

‘’Marcy said that since it will be just a funds exchange, no need to do the add-on numbers,’’ I said. 

‘’How much do you want?’’ I said.  I knew Marcy said eight million, so I was just checking them out.

‘’Its an eight million transaction over three months so that’s how much I need. I can take it all at once or split it up if Marcy needs to,’’ Frank said.

‘’Are the three of you going to carry it out, or do you want a cart?’’ I asked. Eight million was fourteen 12.5 kilo bars – with change left over – or eight hundred coins.

‘’There should be a cart by the elevator,’’ I said. Troy went to get one.

I took the two keys needed to open the lock that secured the grade eighty hardened chain that was wrapped around the handles to the double doors. The glass in the doors had been painted to keep the contents from being viewed by prying eyes.

With the chain out of the way, I swiped my card, entered my pin and then the retina scan so the door would open. I held the door open for Troy to push the cart in followed by Frank, Ben, and me.

‘’I guess the mines are more than somewhat productive,’’ Frank said.

‘’I think coins would be easier for you to deal with than the bars,’’ I said.

The bags of coins were stacked on the side. Frank, Ben and I placed eight bags of coins on the cart. Each bag was one million dollars and held one hundred of the ten thousand-dollar Thimble Shoals gold coins.

Troy and Eric were motionless, staring at the bars stacked to the ceiling. I snapped my fingers to bring them back to life.

‘’What you see or what happens in the basement stays in the basement – or death shall quickly follow,’’ I said.

‘’Would you like to hold one, just so you can always say you have?” I asked.

I walked over, picked up two of the bars and then handed one to Troy and the other to Eric.

‘’It’s a lot heavier than I thought it would be,’’ Troy said.

‘’Hold it up Troy,’’ I said. I took his phone and took a picture after making sure there was nothing incriminating in the view.

‘’Do you want a picture, Eric?’’ I asked.

‘’No, I think I will pass,’’ Eric said.

‘’Just send Marcy a check,’’ I said to Frank.

I closed the doors and locked it all up again.

Frank, Eric and Marty left, Troy and I went upstairs to my office to address all the messages waiting for a response.

            Edit by Alfmeister

            Proof read by Bob W.

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