Book 3 Chapter 38

The ride back to Washington in the G5 was quiet and fast. Troy and I talked about today and how things went. We were both happy but the Secret Service not so – much – they felt they had given up too much control over me; little did they know this was just the beginning of the changes I was going to make.

            Russian President Orbatch was coming tomorrow. I had people checking on the final arrangements for the meeting. We were going to destroy the last of the Jupiter short range nuclear missiles class by cutting the fuel tank in two as we had done to the medium range Russian missiles last fall.

            There was a major news conference planned, I intended for it to be a media event to rub it in the face of the UN secretariat – just had to gig him one more time.

            After that, I was holding a state dinner for him and his wife Wednesday evening. They were flying back to Russia on Thursday.

            The last of that class of missile had been carried to Aberdeen to be disassembled, the warheads made the trip first by truck to Dover Delaware Air Force Base and then by C17 to the nuclear weapons storage depot in Pyote, Texas. They were slated to be disassembled this winter and then the nuclear ball was to be sent to Waco, Texas. This was the third step of the treaty that was completed.

            The first step – The Treaty of the Arctic – was moving along nicely. Research teams from all the countries were in there testing the assigned areas for things of value. Real work could go on now as to how much of the promised minerals and wealth was there and if it was worth the cost of mining for it.

            I made phone calls and read emails while I was waiting on Marine One to arrive to carry me home for the night. Everyone had been busy for the last couple of days working and traveling. Screw the ethics rules – I was going home to be with my mates for a mini reunion and to hear about all the excitement of their travels.

            The news media was going about all the normal things with faux rage about my travels today. The reporters that had accompanied me today had been restricted on going public until after the G5 was back on the ground at Andrews and they had to share the raw report and video plus still pictures with the other media outlets before going on the air for their own networks.

Not one but none were happy with the arrangement. I was sure Harry was going to have his hands full tomorrow. They were going to have to bear the unhappiness because I was going to visit every state where I had won a majority, and where I had campaigned for the governors and legislators that stood with the things I was trying to do. The G5 was going to be the mode of transportation for all that were close.

I had told Vicky and Ching Lee that I was going to come home for the night. The Secret Service wanted Marine One to land at Morton and then a down sized convoy home. When I walked in all the family was there, Marcy and Jenny had only arrived a few minutes before me. Both looked refreshed from when I had VCATS with them earlier today. They must have slept on the flight back.

The chefs had been called and a light supper would be ready in a few minutes. We had a quiet supper – except for the kids who wanted to be kids – at the supper table. JJ and RJ were able to carry on a conversation that required that we listened to in order not to agree to some play idea that they had.

After supper we retreated to the living room and the agents disappeared, some to the gym for the exercise and others to look at the scenery. Ching Lee had said that there were more and more ‘dolls’ as she put it exercising in the late afternoon and evening slots and running into what was once the men’s exercise time.

That had become a blurred area as time went on. I wondered if the ladies were getting their kicks out of teasing or were on the prowl hunting for new cocks to play with. I was pretty sure that a few men would have little problem sliding a hard tool into a willing sweaty orifice if it was offered.

Although some of the ladies were on the young side wanting tans for spring break and eventually prom, age meant little difference any more. With horny cocks and hungry pussies, all sense went away and they would find a way to play. Vicky had said I needed to find some time to look at the secret video of the gym in the evenings to watch some of the flirting and positioning going on.

After the conversation turned from gym gossip, I asked Marcy about the trip to Africa.

‘’Black and Bear were in Cameroon and were to make a trip to Nigeria following up on the logistics for a new possible oil pipeline that was to be a joint venture between the two countries. The pipelines would have fed our second refinery that has only been running at twenty five percent production levels and be fed by several new wells,’’ Marcy said.

‘’While they were there for the meetings, Boko-haram attacked and destroyed a pipeline in each country that merged into a much larger single pipeline – a joint pipeline owned by the Congo Petroleum Company and the Republic of Gabon. They hit both pipelines within five miles of the merging point,’’ Marcy said.

‘’Boko-haram wanted five million a month for each pipe line in protection money. They killed the fire fighters and kidnapped the repair crews. They finally released the repair crews after a few days,’’ Marcy said.

‘’Gabon’s Prime Minister Turnaile Imaril and Congo President Bandile Thabo were scheduled to meet with Emir Bello the following day about other regional matters. All conversations immediately turned to pipeline security,’’ Marcy said.

‘’Black and Bear were called in and the negotiations started from there. When they finished there was a preliminary contract for five hundred miles of pipelines from the oil fields to their refinery and oil terminals at N’Dindo. They needed to complete the negotiations with senior management. That is why Jenny and I went on the rush flight,’’ Marcy said.

‘’What about their militaries? They should be able to handle Boko-haram without problem,’’ I said.

‘’Their military is small and all the elite forces are committed to UN peace keeping missions in Chad, Somalia and Sudan. The remainder are local reservists with little training and – it is feared – easily influenced by Boko-haram fighters,’’ Jenny said.

The last thing I wanted was to expand the remaining soldier of fortune part of B&B. But my impression of this contract looked like this could easily go in that direction. I said nothing but would talk with Andy for his thoughts.

‘’We have a good contract that covers all the pipeline and the production wells, all the way to the refineries and terminals. They ship out refined product and some crude in excess of their refinery capacity,’’ Marcy said.

‘’We wrote all the normal exclusions and protections for our men into the agreement,” Jenny said.

“We have a six month prepayment. Andy is pulling the on-call B&B men in tomorrow. There is an airport that will handle the C5s and has plenty of fuel to get all the logistics in place. Several of the 802s from Mexico are having the wings removed and crated for the trip to Gabon in a C5 tomorrow. The flight will be finished out with new right of way clearing equipment,’’ Marcy said.

‘’Some of the right of way clearing equipment is going to be temporally moved from Cameroon to Gabon in the next few days while new is located and shipped. The drones will be there in the next few days. I rented several large hangers to keep equipment and men in as things are put in place,’’ Marcy said.

‘’It is a good contract with good profit and working room,’’ Jenny said. It was a statement that I would have expected to come from Marcy.

I was satisfied for now and told Marcy and Jenny how worried I was about them in that part of the world and glad they had taken all the extra security.

‘’There are possible changes coming to Morton Field. UPS wants to move their Baltimore air freight operation to Morton. BWI has repeatedly raised landing fees and fuel charges to the point it is driving non-passenger operations away,’’ Lorrie said. ‘’Plus, they are delaying commercial landings in holding patterns to accommodate the passenger planes,” Lorrie added.

‘’They want a big hanger for the larger sorting needs. It must be big enough and high enough to be able to handle the air freighters they are using. Some of them, the nose opens and others are side access. They want it covered for all weather operation,’’ Lorrie said.

‘’I do not want us to sell any land for that so it will have to be a lease. Are they wanting us to build the hangar and lease it to them or they wanting to own the hangar?” I asked.

‘’We build it and lease it back, long term lease with a penalty for early exit provision. They are getting the plans they want drawn up. Our landing fees are a lot cheaper than BWI and currently our fuel is a dollar a gallon cheaper, and that was after we added a nice margin to it,’’ Lorrie said.

‘’The plan we are looking at will extend the taxiway out into the field past the ILS system on the heated runway beside the C5 tarmac and then a left to the new UPS sorting hangar and its tarmac,’’ Lorrie said.

‘’All we can do is look at their final plans and see how it fits in ours,’’ I said.

It was time for the hot tub and then fun and games in the bedroom. I needed to be back in Washington by 0700. I was eating breakfast at 0600 and Marine One was sitting on the pad behind the gym waiting for me at 0630.

I stepped out of Marine One at 0655 and my office was already humming. Today’s CIA and NSA updates were on my desk. There was another new item on my desk – a mug warmer. It would keep my coffee hot when the mug was sitting on it. I did learn there were several mugs that came with it so there could always be a fresh hot mug of coffee for me.

I read all the updates before Frank and Ben came in for the oral part of the updates. General Ingram came in as they were finishing up. The General had all the necessary parts for the President Orbatch visit; everything was set up at Aberdeen. The Secret Service had the route already planned as well as the decoy convoy.

General Ingram had more pictures and updates on Hawaii. Fifty percent of the nuclear weapons were aboard carriers, the rest would be by the weekend. The armored aircraft hangers – both air force and navy – had been entered and all the aircraft in them were undamaged. There were four of the latest fighter jets in each, fifty-seven billion dollars worth.

We decided to have the Navy construction unit open one runway so they could be flown out. The rains and winds would keep blowing the ash and covering the runway if we tried to keep them open long term.

The next topic involved the Secretary of Defense. Things were moving on the agreement with the Philippines, construction was beginning on the replacement buildings for the Navy and Air Force. There were fifty Navy ships in Subic Bay or anchored in the nearby waters – three of them were carrier task forces. The Air Force had one hundred planes and bombers at our former bases. China was not happy.

‘’I want all the exhibits from all the service museums at Pearl Harbor and Hickman Field brought back to Washington. I want an immediate assessment of the condition of the Arizona and the possibility of removing all artifacts from the ship and it makes no difference if it has collapsed or not,’’ I said to General Ingram and the Navy chief who had responded to Troy’s call.

‘’You will have it in writing tomorrow,’’ I said.

I went to meet Orbatch at Andrews. His plane was five miles out when it developed engine problems with the number one engine. The next ten minutes were full of concern!

Edit by Alfmiester

Proof read by Bob W.

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