Chapter 8

Chapter 8

            I showered, washed and dried my hair to use a little more time. I slipped on one of the new baby doll outfits I bought today and a cover up. I closed and locked my bathroom door from my side. James could unlock it and come in but it was a signal that I didn’t want to be bothered. I waited in the dark.

            No sooner had I done that when the light came on and the shower started. Five minutes later the shower ended and the light went off. James did not try the door.

            Dad’s door was shut so I knocked lightly before entering. He was sitting on the bed with a towel around him. Tonight there were two small night lights. I dropped the cover up in chair and started to remove the rest.

            ”No, let me,” he said as he rose.

            First was a hug with a kiss on my neck and then my lips – hard and forceful. And then there was the tip of his tongue against my lips.

            ”I hope you don’t mind the lights; I want to look at you,” he said as he lifted the frilly, lacy bra off. ”You are so beautiful.”

            His hands cupped my breasts and firmly squeezed them, finally rolling the nipples between his fingers. I was instantly wet. He kissed his way to them, sucking and then pulling on the nipples with his teeth.

            Dad went to his knees planting kisses along the way. With his fingers he pulled the panties down, then was kissing the top of my mound. I could hear him inhale the aroma of my desire. Then his tongue reached into the folds and found my clit. I started to open my legs a little for him, instead he leaned me back and picked me up. Then he placed me gently in the center of the bed on a double or triple thickness towel.

            Dad followed me onto the bed, lifted me and place a pillow under my butt and then started kissing me there again. First it was kisses, light licks, then long strokes from my anus to the top of my mound. Then his tongue was circling my hole where he was my first.

             Then the tongue hardened and penetrated – searching, tasting – then withdrawing and then back to the long licks. It stopped at my clit and played. A finger replaced his tongue at my hole then two and they were stroking, matching what his mouth was doing to my clit.

            I was moaning and whimpering, telling him of my need. He sucked hard on my clit between his teeth while his tongue attacked its tip. A third finger was added and I was off to the moon, telling him and the world I was cuming. He slowed and waited for me to come down. He was reading my body like a book.

            He withdrew the fingers and moved over me, kissing as he moved. I felt that plum at my entrance and pressure. He leaned down, ”Do you like to taste yourself?” he asked.

            I pulled his face to mine and kissed and then licked my juices from him. His fingers were back at my clit. The pressure increased and then several inches were in as my tightness gave way. A flip of his hips and several more inches followed and then strokes that slowly added more cock in me. Then his balls were against my ass – my clit mashed between us. He added circles when he was tight against me.

            I figured out the pillow – it allowed direct pressure to my clit and it changed the position of my cervix so I could easily take all of him. He was resting on his elbows on pillows that came from nowhere beside us.

            He had planned and wanted me as bad as I wanted him and to please me. The pillows under his elbows allowed him to play with and suck my breasts without the stress of extended arms.

            I realized he was playing my body, he was edging me and him. Taking us close then changing while allowing a cool down.

            I was moaning, whispering my pleasure and my desires, encouraging him, lifting my pussy to meet him and thrusting hard at him. I couldn’t hold off any longer; I came in a squeal. His mouth covered mine to muffle it. He was doing tight circles against my clit setting me on fire. I came and came then came some more and things went black.

            When I opened my eyes he was still in me, his cock throbbing with each heart beat as he kissed me.

            I pulled him to me and whispered words I would never say out loud and outside this room, ”Fuck me, please fuck me – pound me, cum in me, I want to feel it, make me yours again,” I said.

            He pushed my legs back and then he did – much harder and with more intensity than last night. The head board was banging the wall like a jackhammer; James was going to hear for sure. I would have to do something about that. He grunted once, twice and then the heat of his cum flooded my cervix. He lay on me, short of breath.

            I crossed my legs to hold him there, I quivered at each of the final pulses of his cum. I was full and could feel our fluids leaking past my ass onto the towels. Yes he had planned well. We were whispering sweet nothings about our feelings and our love. Yes we used those words with my arms around him. We were in no hurry to separate while enjoying the intimate contact.

            ”I see you have updated Mom’s medicine cabinet,” he said.

            ”Yes, may I call it mine now?” I said.

            The response was a kiss, ”You don’t need to ask,” he said.

            ”Some of my clothes are in the dresser. I will move more in a little at a time,” I said.

            ”What happens if you get pregnant from this?” he asked.

            ”Then we have a baby and a family,” I replied.

            ”I’m on the pill, have been for a while. So we can do lots of practice to get ready for that day. Would you like to make a child in me and milk in my breasts for you to suck out, see me with a big belly for you to rub?” I asked.

            The response was a kiss, ”We need more practice first and at least wait until you are out of school,” he said.

            ”With the internet now I can home school if we wanted to start sooner,” I said.

            ”Let’s wait a while and we will talk some more,” he said.

            I felt him throb and then slip out of my pussy. I felt so empty. He made no attempt to move even though I relaxed my legs some. We talked a while more then heard the TV turn on.

            ”I guess our secret is out,” I said as he started to move.

            I clamped my legs and tightened my arms to hold there.

            ”It’s confession time,” I said.

            ”James and I have been doing oral on each other for a couple weeks and with the Jacksons. It has gone no further than that – there has been no intercourse. Experimentation is with someone I trusted and loved.” I said

            ”There are things that I have read and heard about and have an interest in trying at least once and some of those require two cocks. I know that the two of you will never hurt me in trying those things. I hope you are open to sharing. If not, I am only for you,” I said.

            ”Your mother was a firm believer that anything that was tried in the bedroom should be tried at least three times. Once to see if it was possible, twice to see it was comfortable and a third time to see it was enjoyable. We went way past three and then quit counting on many, many things,” he said.

            ”I think she gave you her kinky genes. And we both liked to share from time to time with one rule. We always save the last orgasm for each other,” Dad said.

            ”I think that was a good rule,” I said as we kissed and held each other. Then I whispered a couple things in his ear.

            I opened the door and we walked into the living room naked holding hands. James was stroking while looking at the TV.

            ”I guess we woke you,” I said.

            I startled him as we walked to the couch. I went down on my knees and moved his hands, replacing them with mine and my lips. Dad was behind me on his knees rubbing his stiffing cock against my pussy. When it was hard enough he pushed it all in me hard.

            I had just lined it up to take some of James in my throat. Dad’s hard thrust and all of James was down my throat with my nose against him. It startled the hell out of me but thrilled me that I had been able to do it. I pushed back so I could breathe. Dad took the push back the wrong way and got aggressive.

            In this position the big cock was wreaking havoc on my new found G spot. James’ cock was being shoved into my throat and I pushed back allowing me to breath only to be pushed back deep again.

            A few minutes later James announced he was about to cum with Dad joining in. I couldn’t say anything other than to squeeze his cock repeatedly as tight as I could with my pussy muscles.

            Seconds later James erupted in my throat, Dad in my pussy and me with both of them.

            I was sitting on the floor with Dad’s arms around me and our cum leaking on it, James looking at us.

            ”James, nothing changes between us – this has to be our secret and no one else’s,” I said.

            ”When did this start?” he asked.

            ”Yesterday,” I said.

            ”Do you agree, do you understand? There will be time for all of us to be together,” I said.

            ”Yes – of course, it was just unexpected. I’m going back to bed; we have a lot to talk about. By the way, you need to fix the bed – it is noisy,” he said.

            I slept in Dad’s arms; it seems we both like to snuggle or maybe it was the warm body heat.

            We were both up early and showered together. There were kisses and hugs and I love you. I dressed from the clothes I had placed in Moms dresser.

            Breakfast was coming off the stove when James came down. The conversation was about the work today at the Jackson’s.

            ”Can the Jackson’s come over to sunbathe in the afternoon if we get everything done?” I asked. James looked and nodded.

            ”Sure, for a couple hours. And we will also have time look over those things you wanted me to from the office,” Dad said.

            There was no need to be coy any more. I hugged him tight, kissed his neck and then on the lips. He returned them, ”I love you,” we each said. James looked and then smiled.

            At 730 I drove the Pete into the Jackson’s yard and around to his grain bins. Dad drove the six wheeler. Dad worked the controls and got the grain flowing into the trailer and showed me how to shut it all down if there was a problem or when the truck was loaded.

            I was back from the mill by ten with a check for the load for Mr. Jackson. I had parked the Pete in our yard and Elsie picked me up. Elsie and Carol rode with me in the six wheeler. I dropped them off at the house and gave the check to Mr. Jackson. They were going to come over in the Gator in an hour.

            I put the papers on the table that I had saved when I cleaned out the desk. There were three life insurance policies on Mom – one included insurance on James and me – plus the checkbook and the key to the safety deposit box.

            Then I started on Dad’s desk, stacking bills and statements by vendor. There was a year’s worth of bank statements unopened. I opened the file cabinets looking for an empty drawer and found none. Just more clutter by the year.

            For now the thing to do was to get a new file cabinet and start from this year. I started a list for the office place.

            I heard the Jackson Gator pull up with Carol and Elsie. They came in excited as usual. It didn’t take much to make them happy –here there was no big town pressure and the freedom to ride the yard and the fields. Plus, that there was a pool and a free spirit like them was more than enough.

            We carried the blankets out with lotion and drinks. We oiled up, rested in the sun and turned every 30 minutes. We talked a lot about a lot of things.

            Carol was to start her period in the next few days and was safe but condoms would be double protection. Both were ready – the oral sex had lit the fire and itch between their legs. After my first time with James I knew there was no way I wanted to stop. I knew we would have been screwing our brains out after the first time we crossed that line.

            ”You have three options; two you already know about and have seen. James with the big cock and Bob with the average cock and hope that they can both be trusted to go easy the first time and not be over-eager,” I said.

            ”What’s the third?” Elsie asked.

            ”Come with me,” I said.

            In my room under my bed in a box I pulled out the strap-on, the two dildos and the vibrator and placed them on my bed. One dildo was a six and half; the other was a seven and a half and larger in diameter. I had washed both of them thoroughly before I placed them in the box.

            I snapped the six and a half on the harness and put it on. It took a few seconds to get it into place and the straps tightened as tight as I could pull them.

            I put a couple of the free condoms and the tube of KY on the bed along with a couple towels.

            ”You know what oral feels like, you know what we taste like and I think we know what we like,” I said.

            I put Elsie on the edge of the bed and started kissing her and waved Carol to help me get her excited. We played with her boobs and sucked them. I kissed and played with her tongue. I knew what it did for me and hoped it would do the same for her.

            I had my fingers working on her clit. She was wet. I went to my knees to lick and suck her pussy. While I did that I opened the condom and rolled it onto the dildo. I had been debating how to do this. In the magazine a lot were on their hands and knees, getting it from behind. Others were on sofas or couches with their legs spread – a few had their legs in the air.

            I decided the best was to have Carol on her back with Elsie’s pussy over her face and do Elsie from the rear. Hopefully both would finds something for their mouths to do.

            I repositioned them how I wanted them. Because of the short bed Carol was toward the head board enough to have her bent and spread. I told Elsie to play with Carol’s pussy and Carol to play with Elsie’s.

            I squirted lube on the condom and spread it around and along the length. A small dab on my fingers I spread in and around her hole. I moved into position and started the dildo in.

            Three minutes later I was stroking but not good at it. Elsie on the other hand was loving it. ”I’m going to cum,” she said. I stroked faster to help her along.

            I was ready for a quick change. With Elsie on the bed and her legs pulled back, I positioned myself like Dad had done with me. I stroked and then added deep circles with the strokes, increasing the pressure on her clit and mine. I was having results; she was puffing and panting with little squeaks and groans.

            I sensed she was close to cuming from her actions the other day. I went deep and held then did multiple circles. Then I put all my effort into pounding our pussy’s together. It was almost a whisper, ”I’m cuming, fuck me, fuck me.” Then “Ohh God.”

            Her legs started tremble and shake and then started to go ridged so I let them down. She pulled me to her and attacked my mouth as I continued to fuck her and grind on her. She came one more time hard. Her arms flopped down, she stopped kissing; she had passed out.

            I pulled off her watching and waiting. Carol was looking at me. Slowly Elsie came around.

            ”OK girl. How was it? The room wants to know. Good enough to want to do it again or never again,” I said.

            ”Again with the bigger one – but tomorrow. Then I want James,” she said.

            Carol’s eyes were wide and she was smiling. She handed me a new condom and the lube. We repeated the process. Elsie was quiet then slowly got noisy. Carol was totally different; very vocal from the beginning, more ‘give me more, Oh god it feels so good, harder, fuck me’, whimpering and moaning with each stroke. She was getting louder with each one.

            Carol’s body became involved before the dildo was half inserted. She place her hands on my hips – I thought to slow the insertion, instead she cupped my ass, thrust her hips and yanked at the same time. For a while I was along for the ride.

            She came once, ”Don’t stop keep going,” as she came a second time. I pushed her legs back and pounded our groins and body parts slapping together. She went suddenly quiet, her body started shaking, she tried to say something but nothing came out. Her eyes went all white and she collapsed.

            I pulled out – there was a gush of fluids. I should have used more towels I thought. She was still breathing and she slowly came around. By then I had removed the strapon and the dildo from it. The condoms and wrappers were wrapped in tissue and in my trash can.

            Elsie was sitting beside her on the bed touching. I asked the same question again.

            ”Yes. Tomorrow the bigger one and I want James too. Do you think he can do both of us?” Carol asked.

            ”Go get in the shower and wash the sex smell away before anyone comes home. I will put things away and bring in the blankets and towels. You do know the two of you can shower together to speed things up. Then we will have a long talk if you like,” I said.

            The toys went back into the box. At the pool I dove in, made two laps and then dried off. I had everything back in the house and was back in a sports bra and shorts when they came down.

            We talked quietly about today’s experience with the dildo and the strap-on. I admitted it was a new experience for me as well as them.

            Both volunteered to correct that the next time we could get time together.

            Everything was normal as Dad, James and Bob came home.

            The girls, Bob and James played with the TV while Dad and I went to the office while supper cooked.

            As soon as we stepped into the office I pulled him to me and kissed.

            “I am so horny!” as I stroked his cock through his pants. “But I will wait for later,” as I kissed him again.

            Edit by Alfmeister

            Proof read by Bob W.

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Chapters 7 & 8

Chapter 7

            At 630 I was cooking breakfast; at 730 I was driving to town in the six wheel truck with Dad in the right seat. I turned into the mill and stopped short of the scale to wait on the weigh master to change the light to green – then pulled forward.

            Dad got out to watch my position on the scale, too far to the right and I would be off the scale. I was good as the light changed-  I pulled forward then stopped when it changed to red. With the truck stopped they took samples of the grain to check moisture content, temperature, and check for mold.

            Dad had me to get out of the truck and introduced me to the scale-house crew.

            ”This is my daughter Mary – she is going to be driving the grain trucks this summer. This is her first time so I would appreciate all the help you can give her so she can learn how to do it safely,” Dad said.

            Our conversation was cut short as another truck had pulled behind us. We were directed to dump at Bin 7. Bin 7 had a full truck dump that I needed to stop at. The dump master unlatched the rear door of the truck and then lifted the front of the truck high for the grain to run out.

            When the truck was down, he latched the rear door of the truck and then I drove over the scale again and was handed a weight ticket for the load. Today the process took less than twenty minutes and then I was headed home.

            The Peterbilt was loaded and I began the learning process to drive it using all ten gears instead of three or four. Dad must have had me stop fifty times and start from a standstill as well as taking all the side roads with hills. Then I had to back the trailer into farm lanes without any help from him; that was a challenge.

            It was three hours later that I pulled the Pete back on the scale. The process was the same, just a little different because of the size of the truck. We went to a different bin this time – a pull through because this trailer was a bottom dump. It was divided into two sections with each having doors underneath that were air controlled. With the truck properly positioned the dump master activated the levers on the side of the truck to open the door. When all the grain was out he closed them and the truck pulled ahead so the next doors were in position and the dump master repeated the process.

            I pulled on the scales to get the empty weight and ticket. All the guys gave me a thumbs up. As we left I goosed the truck a little, even jumping a couple of gears that were not needed when the truck was empty as Dad had taught me.

            ”Well, in two loads you have hauled seventy five thousand pounds of grain. That’s 8200 dollars to pay some bills,” Dad said.

            ”James should have the other truck filled. You can take it solo while he is filling the Pete again and then you can take it. If all that works out without any trouble, you can call Elsie and Carol to see if they want to ride with you for the last load today,” Dad said.

            ”Don’t let them distract you from the driving,” Dad added.

            ”Driving will always be first,” I said.

            ”After I do that can I go back to town in the pickup? I need to pick up some things at the big box,” I said.

            ”Let’s see how you do and how tired you are after last night,” he said with a grin.

            ”I’m sleeping with you tonight; you might want to catch a nap,” I said. Then we both laughed.

            The next load went without issues as did the load with the Peterbilt.

            As I handed Dad the weight tickets, ”May I call Elsie and Carol?”

            ”I already had when I heard you coming; they should be here in a few minutes. Make sure they wear their seat belts,” Dad said.

            I had just finished walking around and checking the truck over when they drove in on the Gator. The cameras were clicking taking pictures of the trucks and me for their Mom.

            They never stopped talking the whole way, wanting to know everything.

            We had to get out of the truck at the scales and watch the moisture test. We had a crowd of watchers. Elsie and Carol both borrowed short shorts from my dresser to wear, along with shirts that could be tied under their boobs. They carried a pair of gym shorts in case there was a need to change.

            We were home in plenty of time. Dad said we could take my truck and go to the box store.

            We went to the health clinic first. I told Carol the things she had to say to get birth control pills. Miss. Hadaway was working – we had a short reunion. A few questions and she gave Carol a three months supply with all the normal instructions.

            She took me off to the side and gave me three morning after pills.

            ”You keep these for emergencies – hold on to them yourself. They will store for three years,” she said.

            She also gave me a goodie bag filled with things she said she had to give away. There were handfuls of condoms, a bunch pocket book size tubes of lubes, several boxes of tampons, boxes of different pads and several pregnancy tests.

            At the big box I took a cart and was hoping they would shop on their own but they didn’t. I went to the pharmacy, and went down the list of things I wanted, including two boxes of the jumbo size condoms and another enema bag. I wasn’t going to run one back and forth from my bedroom to Dad’s if things got that far. In the cart went a complete remake of my bathroom to go where Mom’s things were.

            Then I went to the women’s unmentionables section for new lacy panties, thongs and bras, garters and stockings.

            In the camera section I wanted a digital camera to use with the new computer and photo paper to print pictures. Dad and I were going to make new ones for us – he just didn’t know it yet.

            Then I bought some new short shorts and tops for Elsie and Carol, also a new bikini for each. They could wear them when they were with me but not at the Jackson’s home. I also bought three pairs of gym trunks for quick cover up.

            The last place I went was to the fragrance section looking for perfumes. I wanted something close to what Mom wore but enough to be different.

            At the cashier I separated everything into three different piles; one went on the house card, another went on my card against my checking account and the other I was paying cash for.

            We had one more stop to go. That was to the far end of the strip mall and around back.

            I knocked on the back door. Tony Simkins answered the door himself. The rumor was true.

            ”I know you – you’re Mary Grant, who are these two?” he said.

            ”This is Alice and this Fran. We just want to do a quick walk through to see if there is anything to catch our eyes,” I said.

            ”There is no one in the store so you can, but if anyone comes in you have to scram out the back.”

            A quick walk through we did, lots of things were nice but the prices were high. I could do a lot better for the things I wanted at Amazon.

            ”I think we have seen all we need to see. When we decide what we want, we will be back,” I said.

            ”How about a blow job?” he asked. Tony was known to be an asshole.

            ”Two hundred bucks,” I said.

            ”That’s pretty steep for a blow job,” he said.

            ”To do it any cheaper, I would be breaking a contract. When I do Lewiston the fee is a two thousand a night. Of course the agent gets a cut and the protection gets a cut, but I keep all the tips,” I said. I was feeding him lie after lie.

            ”What do you mean protection,” he said, he had taken the bait.

            ”They are the guys who escort me to the places that the agent sets up. They break fingers, arms and legs if you break the rules like leaving a mark on me, hurt me, or leave a hickey or anything like that. Or even if you were to call me or hassle me on the street. They also collect the fees if the customer has not pre-paid,” I said.

            ”I don’t think I want a blow job. When you come back to see me I will give you half off. If my car is not here don’t knock or come in,” he said.

            I was laughing like crazy when we got into the truck.

            ”What’s so funny?” Elsie asked.

            ”James knows him. I don’t want him hassling James or me in school. It was all lies,” I said.

            We headed home and all the packages went into my bedroom. The girls had to fashion show the things I bought for them. I emptied out one of my dresser drawers for them to keep the things in my room. There would be room in the dresser with some of my things going to Dad’s room.

            I bagged up the stuff I had brought for the office and carried it down.

            The girls wanted to Skype with their Mom and send her the pictures. That was fine with me; it would keep them busy. They sent the pictures to their Mom in an email. That would give me time to start supper.

            I took a trash can to Dad’s bedroom and started throwing things away, cleaning out Mom’s medicine chest, her dresser and also her closet. I kept very little – the elastics were rotten in everything so they all went into the can.

            There were a few things I wanted to try on before I threw them away. I pushed them off to the side. There were some fancy dresses I had no memory of ever seeing Mom wear. They were mini dresses and micro mini dresses, backless, strapless and low cut.

            The bed clothes in the hamper were stinking from last night so I started a wash going.

            The Jackson kids left to go home. We were going over there tomorrow with the grain trucks to clean out Mr. Jackson’s grain bins – they were almost empty. One load of corn in the Peterbilt and load of wheat in the six wheeler would finish it up.

            While Dad and James were still searching the TV I started on the office clutter. Dad’s desk was stacked full of disorganization. Dad hated the office. Bills often went unpaid until someone called.

            I asked Dad to help me bring in the plastic table from the garage (that had become a storage shed). That was another place that was going to be cleaned out later.

            When we had it set up, he asked ”What are you going to do with it?”

            I pointed to his desk, ”Try to clean up the clutter,” I said. James was still flipping channels.

            It was the first chance today with time alone, unrushed with time. I pulled him to me and hugged Dad tight and then I kissed him softly then initiated an open mouth tongue duel. ”I love you. I have already put some things in my dresser. I will shower upstairs and be down after James is settled in,” I said.

            He had both of my ass cheeks in his hands and as if to respond he squeezed both hard and pulled me into his pelvis, lifted my feet off the floor and then kissed me again and moaned.

            I finished emptying Mom’s desk out while looking at every piece of paper. Some were obviously trash and in to the trash can they went. I found a check book that showed it had money, a safety deposit key and a couple insurance policies. I had a drawer full that needed a closer look with a clear head.

            I finally gave up on the channel flippers and announced that I was going to shower, hoping they get the message.

            Edit by Alfmeister

            Proof read by Bob W.

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Chapter 6

Chapter 6

            Out front the noise came to a halt. Dad was in the dually pulling a portable feed mixer and a feed wagon behind it. Grandpa and Grandma Jackson was following behind with a nearly new ½ ton Chevy four wheel drive pickup crew cab with a short bed. It had slightly oversize tires on it. He was pulling two flatbed hay wagons; one of them had two Gators loaded on it.

            ”James, go get the tractor so we can park the feed wagon under the shed,” he said. He pulled ahead after unhooking the wagon to allow room for the tractor. Then he unhooked the mixer and it was next under the shed.

            The Gators were lifted off the wagon with the loader. The wagons were then parked under the shed. If I read all this right, Dad was going to expand our number of beef cattle.

            ”Elsie, Carol and Bob – have you behaved yourselves today?” Grand Ma Jackson asked.

            ”Miss Jackson, they have been good as gold and are welcome anytime they want to come over,” I said.

            ”Amos, how did the truck drive?” Dad asked.

            ”It drove good, seems solid. I think it was a good buy,” he said.

            ”Elsie, when you kids come home bring this Gator with you, it’s ours. Sherman is going to run us home. You can stay awhile longer but be home before dark or whenever Sherman heads you in that direction,” Mr. Jackson said.

            ”I’ll be back in a few minutes. Mary, have you got supper planned out?” Dad said.

”Yes Dad, Sheppard’s pie with peas, biscuits and apple pie with ice cream,” I said.

            ”OK, sounds good,” he said.

            The Sheppard’s pie was easy. Mashed potatoes and ground beef cooked, then mixed in a small pie crust and stick it in the oven until golden brown. The apple pie was one of those premade; just put it in the oven at the same time.

            ”Lets fill your Gator with gas and you can drive it around to make sure it’s OK before you head home,” I said.

            They were still driving it when Dad returned home. I was just setting supper out to cool. I had the timing about right.

            ”Mary, come out and see what you think about this truck,” Dad said.

            I opened the door and slid into the seat. It had been well kept or at least cleaned very well. The vinyl seats were clean and so were the rubber mats, so it had been ordered as a farm truck. The dash was like new. There were no dents in the bed inside or outside.

            I opened the hood, looked at the engine and pulled the dipstick to look at the oil. It was clean and new.

            ”Looks like a great truck Dad! I see it has the restricted farm tag on it, you will have to get that changed. It’s limited to 25 miles from the farm, ” I said.

            ”I had the restricted tag put on it when I came through town. The truck is yours. Tomorrow we will go to town and get you the restricted license to drive it and the farm trucks. The county signed onto the plan last week. James still has several months to go before he can get his license,” Dad said.

            ”Do you remember Sid Ortel?” Dad asked.

            ”Yeah, he was on the farm committee and AG teacher at school last year,” I said.

            ”He oversees the licensing division and will give you the test tomorrow at 11. You have to drive around the block a couple times and a mile or two outside of town. He said you can’t fail – just remember the seat belt, turn signals, stop signs, lights and speed limits. I know you do all those things; you have driven to all the farms we till and around dozens of time,” Dad said.

            ”You also know the license restricts you to daylight to sundown driving, no more than three in the truck and no interstate highways, ” Dad said.

            I hugged him tight and kissed his neck and then his lips, ”Thank you, I love you so much Dad,” I said and continued to hold him.

            ”Supper should be cool enough for us to eat now,” I said.

            I couldn’t wait to tell the Jackson kids. The three in the truck meant someone was going to be odd man out but then James would be working with Dad a lot.

            James and I were excited with the truck, disappointed he could not get a license but it still gave us a little freedom. With the dishes in the washer I showered, put on my PJ’s and while sitting on the end of the couch I text Elsie the good news. We had a long conversation.

            I was up early before anyone else. I started a pot of coffee for Dad and James. I made a new pitcher of orange juice to go with breakfast. Then I went out to the yard, looked at the truck, sat in the seat and adjusted it to fit me. I adjusted the steering wheel and the mirrors. They were electric so they were easy.

            I found the jack and lug wrench under the rear seat. It was then that I looked for the spare tire, it was under the rear of the truck. I would have to try to get it down and back up by myself sometime soon. I thumped it with my hand to check the inflation. It seemed OK but a tire gauge would tell all for sure.

            The light was showing under Dad’s door. I decided to go wake up James if he was not up. He wasn’t or he was faking. I had gone into his room through our bathroom. The sheet was tented.

            I reached under and stroked his cock a couple times then rubbed my thumb around the knob spreading the slickness. Then I moved the sheet out of the way, licked and then sucked the knob into my mouth just as his eyes suddenly opened.

            ”I see this thing has recovered quite nicely from yesterday,” I said as I pulled the sheet back over it.

            ”Dad is up. I’m going to start breakfast. Do you want your usual pancakes and sausage?” I asked.

            Dad’s door was just opening as I walked by.

            ”Good morning, thank you for the truck and taking the time to drive me to the license office,” I said.

            I gave him a big extended hug that he returned for the first time. Then I kissed his neck and a kiss on the lips, ”I love you so much. I have missed getting hugs,” I said.

            ”James wants pancakes and sausage – what would you like?” I asked

            ”The same but add a couple eggs,” he said.

            ”Now that we have the mixer and could make up all kinds of feed mixtures, I wonder if we should fix up the old hen house so we can have fresh eggs and an occasional chicken to fry up,” I said.

            ”I was thinking the same thing. Maybe some hogs too – we had them years ago. I came close to buying some pigs yesterday but we had no place ready for them or any way to bring them home,” Dad said.

            The sausage was cooking and the pancake batter was ready. The griddle was hot so I started cooking the eggs and pancakes. It would all come off at the same time just as James took his seat.

            The breakfast conversation was an extension of the one Dad and I had. Dad gave James a list of things he wanted done.

            ”I’m going to take Mary into town to get her the provisional farm license. Amos is not sure how much he is going to be able to help with the wheat harvest and bean planting. You two are going to have to step up to the plate a little more this year. Mary is going to learn how to drive the farm trucks,” Dad said.

            After helping James get started in the things Dad wanted done, I drove to town with Dad in the right seat. In fact I drove all over town – every single street and side street. I stopped at every single store there was, if nothing else to buy a pack of gum.

            I drove to the farm dealer and picked what parts they had in of his parts order. Dad introduced me to the parts guys, telling them that I would be picking up most of the parts from now on.

            They were really helpful, telling me everything we needed to know to get the right parts. They even offered to set up Dad’s account to be able to look at the parts book online.

            ”We don’t have internet at home,” I said.

            “The company is coming tomorrow to set up the satellite dish and run the wires to the office,” Dad said.

            The parts guys set it up and showed me how to access it and use it for the tractors we had. I wrote down the information; when the home system was running I could change the passwords. All of this may have been helped because I was wearing what I would have worn around home today. I had on a pair of tight short shorts, a cutoff shirt tied below my bra cased boobs and my baseball cap.

            From there we went to auto parts store where I went through the same thing again. This time I got to shop for things for my truck; floor mats, seat covers and a back-rack. A back-rack went behind the cab and fit into the stake pockets. A strobe light that we would have to wire up mounted on the top of it.

            A farm truck pulling wagons needed one by law to inform other drivers that there was an oversized or slow moving vehicle on the road. Dad chose a couple of hitches to fit in the receiver to pull equipment

            Next was a cross box tool box for the bed to carry tools and equipment. Dad picked out things he thought should be in the box; heavy duty jumper cables, a tool assortment, gloves and window cleaner.

            I drove around town again, this time to practice parallel parking. I was a few minutes early to the license appointment.

            I filled out the paperwork and written test and gave them my birth certificate. Mr. Ortel took my picture, filled out a few things on the computer and then handed my license.

            ”I thought I had to take a driving test,” I said.

            ” I have seen you driving out and around all morning while doing other driving tests. You aced that parallel parking as well as anybody. I don’t need to go for a ride with you. You’re good to go, just be careful and read the restrictions of the license carefully,” Mr. Ortel said.

            The last stop was the computer store for a new desktop with a big flat screen for the extra desk in the office. It had been Mom’s desk.

             ”It’s your desk now,” Dad said.

            Then he bought a laptop and a hotspot.

            ”The dealer said you would be able to connect to the diagnostic port on the combine and tractor to look at the parts and codes if there was a problem. They ordered the cables and program for me,” Dad said.

            I drove home on a cloud; the license in my pocket, my truck, internet and a computer at home for the first time. The satellite installer was coming this afternoon at three instead of tomorrow. And I was going to be allowed to use Mom’s desk and make it my own.

            I had a lot of things to assemble when I got home and a desk to go through.

            I had just cleaned off the top of the desk and opened all the computer boxes when the installer showed up early. The place he picked on the roof was close to the office. By the time he was finished I had everything plugged in and ready for setup. He stayed an hour helping with the programming and the setup for the printer. When he left I had a notepad of addresses and passwords. After supper I would start getting programs set up.

            I went out to the shop where Dad and James were mounting the back rack, tool box and installing the things Dad had bought. Those things set it off – it looked like a real farm truck.

            ”We have a couple hours before sundown. Let’s go talk about the six wheeler grain truck,” Dad said.

            One of James’ jobs today was to fill the truck with the last year’s wheat since there was a new crop to cut in a few weeks. We had three grain bins. Dad always held back about 20% of the crop.

            Dad walked around the truck explaining everything. I had driven the truck in the fields and had even driven them illegally from one of the farms several times. He explained about the tires, air brakes – how they worked, why they worked and when they didn’t work. Both had a cat diesel – I knew that – and both were six speed transmissions.

            I was forced to struggle to open the flip hood without help. But I did it and was proud of myself and I learned that I could open it two ways. One – in front by the single handle. It took every pound of my weight and all the strength I could muster but I did it with one foot on the bumper for leverage. The other was standing beside the tire and lifting by the wheel well. It again took all my strength and I thought it was easier than the other way.

            Oil, water, belts and things that had to be checked every few days were shown to me. I closed the hood and sat in the driver seat while Dad went over some more things.

            Dad drove down the road explaining things as we went. Then it was my turn to drive. Having driven it before I did OK. I drove it all the way in town and to the mill. Even though it was closed Dad told me what happened and why and the tank numbering system. I drove home and parked the truck in the shed.

            We were walking to the house for supper when the Jackson kids came around the corner on their Gator.

            ”Did you get them? How hard was it? How bad was the test? Wow your truck looks great,” Elsie said with Carol waiting for an answer.

            I opened the license wallet that Mr. Ortel had given me and handed them my license. One would have thought they had hit the lottery. They were more excited than I was and that was going some.

            ”When can you take us for a ride if we can get Grandpa to agree?” Carol said.

            ”Mr. Grant, would you let us ride with Mary some time? We promise not to cause any trouble,” Elsie said.

            ”Mary is going to carry a load of wheat tomorrow in the grain truck. I’m going along on that one as a training run. She is going to make two more runs after the solo second one. If it works well you can go on the third run,” Dad said.

            ”That is not the only surprise I got today. Come in the house while we eat and then I will show you,” I said.

            Dad and James both enjoyed the conversation that was going on. Elsie filled Dad in on the doctor’s reports that Mr. Jackson had received today. Amos was not going to be able to help Dad or possibly do his own wheat harvest; he was going to be recovering.

            ”That will be no problem, I have already told him that we would do his wheat. It’s only about three hundred acres,” Dad said. ”We have always worked together and we will help now.”

            ”Mary, after tomorrow I will teach you how to drive the Peterbilt. We will definitely need it now. I can combine and James can plant the beans and you should be able to keep hauling the grain with the three trucks. We can use the grain wagon if we need to,” Dad said.

            With the dishes away I showed Elsie and Carol the new computers.

            ”Can we check our emails?” they both asked at the same time.

            ”This laptop is nice, it already has Zoom and Skype built in,” Carol said.

            ”Mom has Skype; let me text her and she if she is near her computer,” Carol said.

            ”She is headed into her office now. Let’s set it up. What kind of handle do you want to use?” Lisa asked.

            ”Farm girl,” I said.

            ”Oh that’s a good one.

            A few minutes later they were video chatting with their Mom. They video chatted for twenty minutes before I said, ”Girls, it’s going to be dark soon. Mr. Jackson said you have to be home before dark.”

            ”We have to go Mom! I’ll take some pictures and send them to you of Mary and the truck her Dad gave her and the grain truck she drives. Bye Mom,” they both said.

            ”Maybe tomorrow we can go swimming and play a little more,” Elsie said. Carol was smiling and nodding.

            I watch Elsie turn on the lights on the Gator as they left.

            Dad and James were flipping channels on the TV. The internet system was a joint deal with TV.

            ”It has been one busy day, I’m going to shower and will be back down,” I said.

            ”I’m going to shower when I hear you turn the water off,” Dad said.

            I was in the living room watching some trash movie with James when I heard Dad turn the water off.

            ”Go shower, I will be up in a few minutes,” I said to James.

            Dad walked into the living room, ”Where is James?” he said.

            ”He has gone to shower,” I said.

            Dad was wearing just the pajama bottoms just looking fit as he stepped into the hall. I knew what Mom had felt looking at him.

            I was wearing almost transparent panties and the thinnest frilly top I owned covered with a thin cover up that I opened when I was just inches from him. He didn’t see me, he was staring so fixed into my eyes.

            I put my arms around him and pulled him tight, kissing the side of his neck.

            ”I love you so much. You have done so much for me – for us today. I don’t know how I can ever repay you. You have made so many people happy the last few days. Did I tell I love you? Thank you from the bottom of my heart,” I said.

            I kissed his lips lightly and then harder and then kissed his neck again.

            ” You know you can put your arms around me and hold me. I won’t break,” I said.

            His arms closed around me and pulled me in tight. I kissed him again hard. I felt his tongue against my lips but it quickly retreated. I went after it and pulled him tighter as the tips of our tongues touched and played lightly.

            I felt the instant rise in his pajamas pressing hard against me. I dropped my hands lower on his back and pulled, grinding our parts together. I was wet and felt his cock throbbing against me. I didn’t want him to cum this way. I kissed him again hard. Then took his hand and led him to his bed.

            ”We can’t do this,” Dad said.     

            ”Yes we can. There is just you and me and nobody is going to know,” I said.

            I pushed him to the bed and pulled the pajama bottoms down to the floor. He stepped out of them. I saw his huge cock for the first time. The pictures did not do justice. It looked bigger and had more veins and harder. The head was almost purple and the size of a very big plum in the dim light. He was bigger than James.

            I stood and dropped the light cover and then the thin top covering my breasts. I pushed the panties down and stepped out of them. I pulled him to me, spread my legs and pushed our groins together and closed my legs tight around his cock. I reached behind to feel how much was out past my legs and it was plenty.

            Hmm – I don’t know if I am ready for this – I thought for a second. Then I took his hands, placed them on my breasts and moved his thumbs to my nipples.

            “Feel them, squeeze them, pull on my nipples,” I whispered.

            I was no longer wet, I was drenched. I had my hands on his hips now moving our bodies back and forth, stroking his cock against my pussy and clit between my legs.

            I was breathing heavy; there had already been ripples in my gut. I had felt his cock throb a time or two.

            I pushed him back on the bed and climbed in behind him. The big cock was on his belly pointing towards his head. I spread my legs and settled down on his cock. I could slide back and forth with my clit resting on it and started moving my hips to do so.

            I leaned down putting more pressure on my clit and kissed him again with open mouth and our tongues at war. The tremors in my stomach were stronger and more often. His hands found my nipples again. As he pinched my nipples my first orgasm hit – strong and hard. I cried out my pleasure between kisses.

            I continued my moving sliding motion only faster. My orgasm ended but came back twice as hard as before. This one I had to scream out. His hands went to my ass to increase the strokes.

            I was building to cum again when he cried out, ”I’m cuming!” I felt the pulses with my clit. I came again long and hard.

            I must have gone away for a minute, I realized I was kissing his neck, his hands still on my ass and I was still sliding a little and my pussy quivering, my stomach still fluttering.

            ”That was the best thing I have ever felt,” I said.

            I backed off sliding towards his feet as his cock came into view. I leaned down and lifted it to suck the last drops from the knob. I moved it off to the side and licked and sucked the cum from his belly. Dad’s eyes were staring into mine.

            ”That tastes better than I thought, I was led to believe it would taste terrible,” I said.

            I thought being older he would deflate and take a while. It didn’t deflate by much. I kept licking and sucking and it was soon rock hard again. I moved towards his mouth again.

            When I got there I kissed him. I reached back and lifted his cock, notched it against my pussy and pushed back. I felt pressure – a lot of pressure. I eased off and pressed back again and then harder. I felt myself stretching and gaining a little. So I eased off again and pressed back hard. Then I reached down and played with my clit after feeling where we were mated.

            I increased the pressure and pinched my clit. I felt a small pop and two inches were in. I had in my mind that once the plum was in it would get easier.

            I started working my hips and moving as I continued pushing back. I was gaining; four inches were in. We were almost nose to nose looking into each other eyes. I kissed him again.

            ”Play with my nipples, roll them, pinch them,” I said.

            As he did I gained more, now six inches then seven. Finally eight and I started stroking, pulling it nearly out then back. I could feel his cock against my cervix. I tried different angles, sitting up on it, moving off to the side a little. I wanted that last two inches. Slowly I got them. At the bottom of the stroke my clit was rubbing the base of his cock.

            I picked up speed and aggressiveness . He was working my nipples by sucking and kissing them and my mouth. When I was stretched and loose enough I stopped.

            ”Dad, would you do me a favor,” I said.

            ”What’s that?” he said.

            ”Would you roll us over and let me pull my legs back so you can pound me in to the woman I want to be for you? ” I said.

            A few seconds later I was on my back, my arms hooked in the crook of my knees. Dad was on his arms hovering over me, his cock balls deep against my ass and looking into my eyes.

            ”I’m ready,” I said.

            He started slow short strokes and went from there grinding his groin against mine, my clit mashed against him to almost out. Then he was out and popping it back in, picking up speed and slamming into me. I quickly learned to adjust my breathing, sucking a breath on his withdrawal strokes. I was full when he went deep, my insides taking a beating.

            My orgasm had been building; I didn’t think I could go any higher without exploding. Then Dad picked up the pace – grunting, matching my whimpers. Little lights were flashing in my eyes. Then it hit me.

            ”I cuming, I’m cuming, cum with me,” I gasped.

            ”I’m with you, I’m cuming with you” Dad said.

            I cried out – almost a scream – when I felt the heat of his cum flooding my insides.

            When I came back to reality he was still up on his arms with my legs around his torso.

            I unlocked my legs and let them relax beside us. He started to pull out.

            ”Nooo, stop, please don’t. I worked so hard to get you in there, don’t take it out yet. Lie on me. Let me enjoy it a bit longer,” I said.

            I pulled him to me and hugged then kissed him.

            I felt him slowly shrinking until he slipped out and a gush of body fluids out of me. I turned on my side.

            ”Wait, don’t get up yet, let me get you a towel,” he said.

            I wiped between my legs, then rolled the towel and stuck it between them as I tore his bed apart and remade it with dry bedding.

            ”What time go you want breakfast?” I asked.

            ”I’ll get up at six to go check the livestock and check out the trucks, have it ready at seven. Why don’t you stay here tonight?” he said.

            ”Tomorrow I will bring some of my things here and then I will,” I said as I hugged and kissed him one more time.

            ”That’s a good idea,” he replied.

            Before I took a shower I placed my leg on the edge of the tub and looked at my pussy with a hand mirror and light. I expected it to be torn and bleeding – it wasn’t but I was still gaped. To be blunt, I stunk like a skunk and I could smell myself as I stepped into the shower.

            I set my foot on the tub ledge and with the hand-held on a solid stream, I held it against my pussy and had another mini orgasm with the water jets hitting my cervix.

            I had just finished drying when I saw the light come on in James’ room. The door was unlocked so I walked in.

            ”Staying up late aren’t you?” he said.

            ”Dad and I had a lot of things to discuss and take care of,” I said.

            I pulled him over to the edge of the bed and squatted to my knees. OH that hurt and it hurt to take a deep breath. I sucked James off in record time; I was tired and sore. I gave him a cum flavored kiss and said goodnight. I set my clock for 6:30 and went to bed.

            Edit by Alfmeister

            Proof read by Bob W.

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Chapters 5 and 6 posted today

Chapter 5

I was up at seven cooking Dad a decent breakfast before he left to pick up the Jacksons. As he was leaving I gave him a hug, ”I love you, please be careful,” I said. For the first time he hugged me back.

            James and I were in the process of letting the cows back into the pasture. They had eaten enough hay and it was time for grass, but only for a couple hours a day.

            We had just finished when Elsie, Carol and Bob came into the yard from the back lane.

            Bob and James went riding Gators around the farm.

            We girls talked quietly and decided to go to my room for girl talk. I learned about small town life. They lived in a town of five thousand where there was always something going on and trouble to get into. The girls had been in to some trouble.

            Carol had been in trouble – or rather trouble found her. There had been a stalker and threatening letters. It was the reason they were sent to Grandpa’s out in the middle nowhere. At first it was just to be for a couple of weeks; last night it was for the whole summer.

            ”You can come over any time for as long as you want. I can use someone to talk to other than cows and men,” I said.

            The conversation turned to boys and sex. Like me there had been no boys and no sex. Elsie had dated but that had turned out bad the first few times. The boys she dated were poor choices. They wanted the girls drunk or doped – or both – for obvious reasons.

            Elsie was smart enough to realize all the warnings given at the school’s Sex Ed classes and other rumors were serious. Twenty girls in the junior and senior classes at their school were rumored to have had abortions or were pregnant. Our hick school didn’t even give the state required Sex Ed classes.

            I read between the lines that the pressure to fit in was immense and that being part of the booze, drugs and sex parties was the only way.

            The conversation changed to the skinny dipping and the naked sunning at the pool. They wanted to know if I would shave them or let them use the stuff while they were here.

            ”I told you I would or you can use the stuff if you like,” I said.

            They wanted to know what it was like to feel and hold James’ cock and how I felt about it.

            I filled them in on the first time that we oiled each other and that we had masturbated each other while doing so.

            ”I was scared to death at first, then intrigued, then excited. It gave me a sense of power because I knew at that time he would have done anything I wanted. The orgasms were the strongest we had ever had,” I said.

            They asked if I had thought about doing more.

            ”Yes because I want to experiment – try things – and I know James won’t hurt me and I know he wants to try things to. I’m on the pill so I won’t get pregnant. Look around – it’s me, James and the cows. I know James won’t spread rumors about what we do. There is no intent on having his baby,” I said.

            ”I get to town twice maybe three times a month. I’m not going to do a five minute wham bang. We have all heard stories about them and there are no secrets in small towns,” I said.

            ”What about you three, what was the feeling about the skinny dipping and pool play? I know there had to be some discussion about it,” I said.

            ”We did talk and we are OK with it. Bob was envious that you two were so comfortable doing that and now so are we. The way you explained it makes sense,” they said.

            ”I am on the pill but Carol is not and we want to – as you say – experiment so that makes it tough. We haven’t done anything yet,” Elsie said.

            ”I may have a couple of answers for that since you are going to be here all summer. I’m going to town Saturday to shop at the big box when Dad makes the trip. The clinic is next door; I will see if I can get some pills and free condoms. The school nurse that set me up on the pill is on staff there so that is a possibility,” I said.

            ”I found some dildos and a strap on harness that were Mom’s so we can experiment with them too,” I said.

            ”Let’s go to my room and I will shave you and we can talk some more, then go lay out by the pool and decide how far we are going with James and Bob.

            I locked James’ bathroom door then I clipped and shaved both of them. Both of them had bigger clits that I did with the hair gone and both became aroused in the process.

            After I finished I showed them the dildos, vibrators and harness and we had another discussion.

            That’s when I told them that I had held back one bit of information about the first time at the pool.

            ”That night we did oral on each other. It was wonderful and satisfying and we plan to do a lot more of it,” I said.

            I had to explain it in detail and the difficulties with James’ size, how it felt and what cum tasted like.

            I asked if they were open to experimentation; what were their thoughts on girl on girl? They had friends that did it often so the suggestion was not a shock and was a possibility.

            We has spent long enough talking, so with towels, shorts and a cover up, blankets and lotion in hand we were laying out by the pool, oiled up and sunning when James and Bob returned. We were still talking about all the things that we might be interested in doing. I added a couple of things to my private list to pick up at the box store.    

            James brought a blanket – the ones we were on were full. There was a discussion about Carol and Elsie now being bare.

            Just to rattle the chains, ”James, why don’t you take Bob in the house and remove the birds nest so we are all the same here,” I said.

            ”No way is he touching me there with a razor. You can do it, you have experience around delicate body parts,” Bob said.

            The rest of us broke out into laughter.

            ”Come on girls lets go get the stuff. We can do it out here,” I said.

            A pan of hot water, clippers, cord, razors, towel and gel; we were ready. There were giggles and a lot of ribbing. The hot towel covering the jewels after the clippers were finished was a riot.

            Bob was excited as soon as I touched him. The cold gel caused it to shrivel for a couple minutes; that created another round of good natured ribbing. But it soon was back to full staff.

            I cleaned off the leftover gel and then checked for missed hair. There were only a few strands that were soon removed.

            While we were gathering the stuff I asked the girls if he should be rewarded for going along with us.

            ”We can give him a blow job, you two can start and I will finish him off unless you want to taste his cum,” I said.

            ”Think about it, when I finish I will ask you one or three. If you say three I will move out of the way and be the last. If he comes quickly don’t worry about, it he may not go soft at all or recover very fast,” I said.

            I looked at them, ”One or three,” I said.

            ”Three,” both said.

            I backed out of the way and Carol took my place and licked the pre-cum off the head.

            ”Lick it, slurp on it, get it wet, work your mouth up and down on it, cover your teeth with your lips an use your tongue around the knob. You have a gag reflex that we will talk later about how to overcome it,” I said.

            Bob was getting into it and so was Carol; she had her hand in her crotch, her fingers were busy.

            ”Carol you need to let Elsie have a turn,” I said.

            Carol backed away and Elsie took her place. It was already slick with slobber and Elsie went for it all. She coughed once at the reflex but the next time went all the way to the root and stayed there. Then she started a rhythm that went from the knob to the base.

            ”I’m going to cum,” Bob said loudly.

            Elsie jumped back and I took over and went to the base as Bob started spurting in my throat. I pulled off enough that I had plenty in my mouth. I showed the girls and swallowed. Then I licked the last few drops from the knob and sat back on my butt.

            James’ cock looked like it was ready to explode, the knob red and swollen with excitement.

            ”Girls, there is another one ready if you want to practice more,” I said.

            Within minutes James was in the throes of his orgasm. Elsie kept on sucking; she was trying to get his cock deeper in her throat but was not having any better success than I did. She gagged several times trying. Finally she just sucked him dry with shallow strokes.

            I was ready for more and pulled Bob over for his first pussy eating lesson. I pulled him over and attacked his mouth and tongue. Then I stuck my boob in his mouth and pulled his hand to the other one.

            “Squeeze, roll the nipple between your fingers – lightly pinch it. That’s it, a little harder. Don’t leave any marks on them,” I said.

            ”OK! That’s enough,” as I pushed him lower to my pussy. I was afraid there would be hickeys and that would be a no -no.

            ”Lick, use plenty of tongue action. If you don’t know that thing that looks like a little dick is my clit. It is extremely sensitive like the head of your cock only more so.”

            ”Spread the lips gently with your fingers. Notice there are two sets of lips; the larger outer one that are visible then a set of smaller ones. As I get excited they swell and get puffy and sensitive. They are the ones that will increase the pleasure of sex for both of us, pulling and stretching when your cock in there or if I play with toys. That is not going to happen today,” I said.

            By now I had an audience. Both girls were within inches of Bob’s head watching what he was doing. And James was staring down.

            ”That’s it, just like that. Add a little more pressure. OH Yes – a little faster. Slide your tongue in the hole a couple times, work it around the entrance. You’re going to make me cum soon. OH – OH yes. Gently suck my clit between your lips then work your tongue over it. Oh that feels so good,” I said.

            James hard-on was sticking straight out again. I reached for it and he followed it to my lips and into my mouth. I wasn’t a good position to do this but I finally was able to get part of it and stroke the rest.

            My hips started thrusting on their own, rising against Bob’s face. I was stroking James’ cock hard and fast. Just as he started to squirt I screamed! My whole body went rigid as I grabbed Bob’s head with my other hand, pulling it against my clit as hard as I could.

            I must have drifted away for a minute. Elsie was asking if I was OK. Everyone was smiling.

            ”WOW never had one like that before! I need to rest a minute,” I said.

            It only took a minute, “Carol lie here, Bob spread her legs and put your mouth to work again. Elsie you lie here, James you do the same – make her happy the same way.”

            I walked to the deep end of the pool and stepped in. I needed a quick cool down and rinse off. I swam to the steps and walked out. I poured myself a glass of lemonade, took a mouth-full and swished it several times before spitting it out by the fence. Then I downed the rest of the glass.

            I kneeled by Carol – she was on a short fuse so I started kneading both breasts and then rolled and pinched the nipples. She opened her eyes wide and opened her mouth. I bent over and kissed her with plenty of tongue play and continued working on her breast and nipples.

            She put her arms to hold my head, kissed me back just as hard and then screamed in my mouth as she came. Her legs went straight, she thrust her pelvis up and then collapsed, whimpering.

            James was still working on Elsie. He had her legs pushed back to take the pressure off his neck. From the verbals he was doing darn well. I did the same thing to her I did to Carol. Moments later the result was the same.

            ”We all need to get in the pool to cool off and get the sweat off, and then lay in the sun. What time is it? Anybody know? Wow! We have been going at this three hours,” I said.

            ”Let’s make some sandwiches and then we need to lay in the sun a couple hours and get dressed so we don’t get caught,” I said.

            A half an hour we were back sitting at the table and chairs by the pool eating.

            ”I know you don’t need to hear this but I am going to say it anyhow. Whatever you do, do NOT get touchy feely, even if you think you are being secretive around your grandparents. They will see you. They have the eyes of an eagle and you will get caught. Do not hold whispering conversations even fifty feet away. They have the ears of an elephant, they will hear you. I do not have to tell you what will happen to your and our summer if you get caught,” I said.

            ”Another thing I will say this to both of you – young men. That’s right, with what you have done today you are no longer boys -you are men and that carries some responsibilities,” I said.

            ”Elsie and I are on the pill and when WE get ready you can try to screw our brains out. But not before WE get ready so don’t even try to pressure us. That brings me to Carol.”

            ”Do not think you can jerk off on her pussy or put your hands on her pussy when the may be contaminated with sperm. Another thing for us girls – we cannot suck on her after swallowing a load without washing out our mouths. To protect ourselves, we must protect her,” I said.

            ”Dad has some combine parts that that are in and some more that will be in Friday. I’m going to tell him I need a few things from the big box store so maybe I can go with him. I want to get some more condoms and lubes. If this arrangement works out, I have some experimenting I want us to do,” I said.

            ”The health clinic is next door. I will try to get Carol some birth control pills there if I can and some other things. We just have to keep cool heads and not let things get out of hand for now,” I said. ”Now let’s tan.”

            We tanned for two hours. There was plenty of help applying lotions but no serious touchy feeling.

            At four there was a racket coming up the lane and a scramble putting on clothes and shoes. We went out to the yard to see what all the commotion was about.

            Edit by Alfmeister

            Proof read by Bob W.

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The Grants Chapter 4

I left the Gator in the shed and was walking to the house when I heard the Jackson Gator coming behind me. Dad and James still were not home. Dad wanted corned beef and cabbage tonight.

            I bought the ingredients at the box store when I was there. It didn’t take long to start – big pot of water, cut up the cabbage and add three cans of corned beef, add some seasonings and let cook, stir occasionally and let simmer at the end.

            ”You didn’t give us a phone number so we could call tomorrow,” Carol said. They were sitting at the table talking and asking questions again while I made supper.

            Dad and James drove in and unhooked the livestock trailer.

            ”I have to go back in town and pick up the co-ops portable pen for the vet to use tomorrow. It’s going to take a couple hours,” Dad said.

            ”It will take that long for supper to finish up,” I said.

            ”Are you up for an hour and a half of swimming?” I asked the group.

            ”James, you need to take a quick shower before getting in the pool – you stink like a cow,” I said to laughs.

            We carried the blankets and towels out for us to lay on and the bottles of lotion. I shucked my shorts and shirt as did my guests and dove into the pool. We were swimming laps when James came down and joined us. He had on his swim trunks – they were soon gone.

            An hour later we were on the blankets sunning. I oiled James’ front and he mine – including his now hard cock – to groans from the other girls and Bob (as I found out he liked to be called). James took plenty of time on my boobs and crotch to more groans.

            “You girls need to oil up unless you are waiting on James to do it for you,” I said.

            ‘‘If James does them, you have to do me,” Bob said. He may have been fourteen but he could think fast.

            There was a lively discussion between the girls. They decided not today until they had more time to think it over and talk about it.

            The girls were average C cups, healthy – not heavy, both were five seven and weighed one ten and one twenty. Bob was at least 160 and five ten and his cock was about seven inches long.

            When the hour was up, ”James, you need to take Bob to your room and fast showers – and I mean fast – then the girls and I will do the same so there are no unwanted questions by anyone. Come on guys, get with it. Dad will be home soon!”

            The girls and I went into my room. I threw an old blanket on the bed so it would not be saturated with oil. We talked while the boys showered.

            ”How did you get started shaving out in the country like this? We thought it was just a city thing,” Elsie said.

            ”It happens everywhere. For me it was a very small swimsuit that I can’t wear anywhere. I trimmed, liked the feel and then it was all gone,” I said.

            ”How about James, how long has he shaved and how long have you been doing the oil thing?” Carol asked.

            ”Yesterday was the first for both, all that hair takes up too much lotion. He caught me naked while sunning by the pool. The only way to make sure he didn’t tell Dad was to make him a partner in crime,” I said with a laugh.

            ”Would you shave us down there? We can’t do anything like that at Pop-pops – the bathroom is super small and we do not have anything to do it with and I’m sure they would never let us buy the stuff to do it with. Mom-mom and Pops watch us like hawks,” Elsie said.

            ”Dad’s going to an equipment auction in the next county the day after tomorrow. Maybe James and Bob will go with him and you could stay here,” I said.

            The boys were done and I sent the girls to shower, then I finished the cycle. We were in the kitchen when Dad came home. The meal was done; I got out the ice tea and he and James were ready to eat. Me, I had the last of the left-over spaghetti.

            I got Dad off to the side and asked if he was still going to the auction – he said he was.

            ”Can you take James and Bob with you so I can have some girl time with Elsie and Carol?” I asked.

            ”Sorry, but I already have a truck full,” he replied.

            ”OK,” was all I could say, even though I was disappointed.

            At 7 we were setting up the portable pen for the vet. After looking at it I knew what the function was. It was six gates that narrowed to two just the width of a cow. At the end of it was a big stanchion, basically two heavy metal gates that closed on the cow’s neck that were lever controlled. When they closed they locked – the cow was now trapped by the head.

            The vet could give shots, castrate, dehorn or in this case do artificial insemination. When finished the gates were opened and they were large enough for the cow to walk out. There were two bars that were slid through so the vet could not get kicked. The whole thing was fastened by driving big round stakes in the ground to hold it in place. I knew I was going to get sent to the house for this for sure.

            The vet was late; it was 9 when she arrived. Did I say she? Marie Sanger was thirtyish wearing jeans, a pair of black knee high boots that most old farmers wore and a baseball cap with her ponytail out the back.

            She walked to the fence and counted cows and looked at their general condition. She handed Dad a notebook with pictures of bulls and some of their offspring.

            ”I would chose a bull from the first ten pages for heifers, especially since you are growing them for beef. You want a bull that has a history of small solid calves with a good survival rate for the first six months. If you go with bigger bulls there may be birthing problems and you lose both about 20% of the time. I would recommend that we give them a shot of vitamins while we have them penned,” she said.

            ”How many did Jackson’s bull service?” she asked.

            ”Four of the three year olds. The heifer that he broke down was the first of the heifers.”

            Dad picked out ten from the book while she got everything ready.

            There were ten vials from the stainless tank that was very cold. Then ten long plastic hollow tubes with a little squeeze bulb on the top and ten disposable 10cc needles.

            ”Young lady, your job is to hand me the tube and the syringe when I ask for them,” she said.

            Dad was getting ready to say something and started to, but stopped.

            I guessed I was not going to be sent into the house after all.

            She sucked the contents of the vial into the plastic tube by first squeezing the bulb and filled the first syringe with a mix of vitamins. She and James herded the first victim into the stanchion as Dad controlled the gate and then James shoved the bars across.

            Wearing a long plastic glove that went to her shoulder, she squirted a glob of lube on it then – with James holding the tail off to the side – she shoved her arm up the rectum almost to her shoulder.

            ”Hand me the tube,” she said.

            I watched as she slid the tube into the cow’s vagina and squeezed the bulb again and with withdrew the tube and her crap covered hand at the same time. Peeling off the shoulder glove, she threw it on the ground.       

            ”Hand me the syringe,” she said then it was tossed over the fence and the cow let loose.

            ”Now that you have seen what I need, I want you to fill a new syringe with vitamins and a tube with serum. That way we can get this job over with quickly,” she said.

            She showed me how to get both ready, including a new shoulder glove and a regular latex glove for her other hand. Then the next cow was caught.

            I followed her instructions; sliding the plastic glove up to her shoulder and the regular glove on the other hand. In another thirty minutes we were done.

            ”You did well, if you are looking for a summer job I could use a helper,” she said.

            ”May be next year when I have a license,” I said.

            ”OK, I thought you were already sixteen, keep it in mind,” she said.

            We disassembled the pen so Dad could take it back. James and I cleaned up the trash. The vet was going to but Dad insisted that we could take care of it.

            Dad and James were gone for two hours. I was left to my own vices. I went to my room, retrieved the magazines from the hiding spot and looked at page after page of pictures. I studied every picture, every stretch and every facial expression.

            I came to the point that I could imagine if the girl was enjoying what she was doing when the picture was snapped – or not. Some were and others were not by the look on their faces and the eyes told the story for all. I decided that in a few they were in great discomfort and some in pain. Big toys and big dicks were the source of most discomforts.

            The girl on girl magazine was interesting; all of them were enjoying themselves from the smiles. I then realized that most of those pictures were staged for the camera and being a woman, if the partner was uncomfortable they changed to make it better. In the other magazine it came to me that the pictures were still shots taken while a porn movie was being made. I could see the cameras, lighting, and the crew in the shadows. These women were uncomfortable because these pictures were snapped while the action was going on. They were going to have to endure the pain until the director stopped it.      

            I saved the anal magazine for last because it had pages of articles with diagrams in it. It was more of a how to than anything like how to clean out and clean up any toys. There were articles about diet changes if anal was going to be part of normal play. Diets that needed to be heavy in fiber and drinks that helped reduce the UTI that was inevitable when sexually active, especially when anal was added to the mix. I would add both to the new grocery list, including fiber tablets just in case I wanted to experiment with James later.

            I remembered that when I was younger Mom had a drawer in her dresser that was always locked. I now wondered what if anything was in it and I remembered where she hid the key. I was watching through the slightly opened door when she was putting things away one day.

            I changed the sheets every week and knew that the room had not changed since Mom had died. Many of her things were still there where she left them. I guess Dad could not bring himself to throw them away.

            It would still be a while before they came home. I opened to door to Dad’s room and went to Mom’s dresser. I slowly began a drawer by drawer search – all the normal things were there: panties, bras, stockings, garter belts, even some lacy things. Other drawers held shorts, slacks, socks and tees. They had not been moved in five years.

            The bottom drawer was still locked. The key was still in the jewelry box. In it was baby doll pajamas, thongs, bras, crotch-less panties and bras that had holes for the nipples to be exposed.

            There were two boxes. In the first one I opened were padded handcuffs and bracelets along with clamps that I now knew were nipple clamps and other toys that I had seen in the pictures.

            In the other larger box were four dildos, from a small one and increasing in size until the big one was as big as or bigger than James. There was a harness like I had seen in the magazines and several battery powered toys. I was sure they would be no good if the batteries were left in them and they were. I was surprised when they ran a little as I turned them on.

            In that box was a packet of Polaroid pictures wrapped in plastic. I took a deep breath as I looked through them. It was Mom in the baby dolls doing all kinds of poses. There were some on her knees – naked – looking back at the photographer while smiling.

            Then there were the ones of her using the vibrators and dildos and several that took my breath. She was sucking Dad’s cock. It was every bit as large as James – maybe bigger – at various depths and one where her nose was against his shaved crotch. There was a mischievous look in her eyes and obvious pleasure. And then there were several of her wearing the strapon.

            Dad was on his knees with his hands cuffed behind his back. Another showed his butt and the dildo slick with lube just starting into his anus. I placed those back as I had found them.

            I took a couple of the midsize dildos and one vibrator to my room and carefully put things back in the drawer, locked it and put the key away.

            Mom and Dad had a kinky streak and were obviously sexually imaginative, experimental and playful and now I knew where I got my traits from. I checked all the perfumes on Mom’s dresser and remembered the smells of Mom.

            Then I went into the bathroom. There was a double sink and a double vanity that I cleaned each week since she died. I had never gone through the medicine cabinet that was on her side. Today I did.

            There were lotions and birth control pills that were long out of date and certainly not trustworthy. Then there were several tubes of lubes: KY and Anal Ease, a tube of anal lube with a numbing agent. All the tubes were hard as a brick.

            There was a box of condoms, well out of date by the number codes. I noticed they were extra-large – either they were used on the big dildo or Dad. I knew where James got his size from. I wondered why condoms had an expiration date on them. Then I realized that latex deteriorated with age and simply fell apart when touched or stretched.

            There were girls at school who had become pregnant during the school year – the story was the condom broke. But I also heard there were things that could be done to condoms that caused them to break or not work.

            When I cleaned in here on Saturday I would clean out this side without asking. Then I had a thought; I would replace the lubes with new in case Dad found a women he wanted to bring here.

            I had hooked up the tractor to the offset bush hog and was cutting along the fence line when Dad and James came home. It would take me three hours to finish just the first big pasture. It was a hot boring job, but easy because the tractor was hydrostatic with a foot pedal.

            The bush hog was on a sliding frame running low to the ground. Simply pull past a fence post and hit the lever to extend it under the fence, back up until I touched the post then forward until I touched the next post, then retract the cutter. I had to do this two hundred times just in the first pasture.

The tractor had no cab so I had put on the small bikini bottom that I was not supposed to wear and a tee that as soon as I started came off so I was topless. I also had on my sunglasses.

            It was noon time when I spied Dad coming on the Gator. I was two thirds done on the first pasture. I knew it was Dad because of the hat. James hated hats unless it was cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey – as Dad liked to say.

            I shut off the tractor, stepped down off the tractor and walked to meet Dad.

            ”What are you doing like that?” he asked.

            ”I’m multitasking; cutting the fence line and working on my tan,” I said.

            ‘‘Somebody might see you,” he said.

            ”There is only me and the cows and I don’t think they are bothered,” I said

            ”I brought some cold lemonade, what if I had sent James?” he said.

            ”He would have to stop at the barn on the way back for a jerk off session. You know he does that several times a day,” I said.

            ”How do you know that?” he asked.

            ”He thinks he is slick but there are things that gives him away,” I said.

            ”I’ll say something to him,” he said.

            ”Don’t you dare. How many times did you do it when you were his age? It wasn’t that long ago. You haven’t forgotten have you?” I said with a grin.

            ”Ugh, OK,” he said.

            I poured the rest of the lemonade into my thermos and handed him the one he brought.

            ”Dad, before you go – would you do me a favor?” I asked.

            ”Sure, what do you need?” he replied.

            ”Would you put lotion on my back?” I said as I handed him the bottle.

            I had put him in a trap. He couldn’t say no or walk away. I leaned, arms extended and spread against the tractor tire.

            ”Do my sides too while you are at it,” I said.

            He applied the lotion almost like a feather, ”Dad, you have to rub it in a little,” I said. Then he applied a little more pressure.

            ”Ok, finished,” he said.

            ”You forgot to do my sides.”

            When he finished I took the bottle, ”Thank you Dad. You know I love you. I don’t think we have told each other that enough lately. I know you loved Mom immensely as we all did and I look a lot like Mom. But you should be able to say you love me. And I do love you,” I said.

            I finished the first pasture and moved to the smaller one; it was only going to take a little over an hour. Then I was going to lay out by the pool. I put the tee back on before I drove the tractor into the shed. When I rounded the building the dually truck was backed up in front of the door. James and Dad were removing all the farm materials from the back seat and floor.

            I used the shop-vac to start on the front removing months of dirt and dozens of screws and nuts. It took two bottles of Windex to clean the dirt off the dash and the windows and a box of q-tips to detail the vents.

            ”Dad, does this thing have a fresh air filter?” “Yeah it might, the parts store sent a box of stuff. I don’t know where they went. I never got around to sending them back. They are on the back bench.”

            I found the manual in the glove box that gave the location of the filter and how to get it out. It was a wonder there was any air in the cab at all. It was packed full and even had grass sprouting in it. By luck there was one in the parts box and it fit.

            With the cab interior done, we washed the outside with the pressure washer, then hand washed it. It looked like a new truck.

            ”Farmer Jackson said his grandkids are coming over tomorrow. Is that right?” Dad asked.

            ”Yes! They are coming over after you pick up Mr. and Mrs. Jackson. I will watch after them,” I said.

            ”What are you going to do with the boys?” he said.

            ”I think there will be talk about the vet and I’m sure they will be riding the Gators. I think Bob will take advantage of a little freedom from his grandpa’s watchful eyes. I think they are riding a very close watch on them. May be you can pick up why?” I said.

            James and Dad had leftover cabbage and I cooked a steak sandwich. After the dishes were in the dishwasher I went to my room to shower and shave things smooth again, then put on pajama bottoms with a tee shirt.

            I was on the couch with James – he on one end and me on the other – when Dad decided he was going to shower. When he came out he was wearing a pair of pajamas we had given him for Christmas several years ago.

            ”I’m going to bed,. I may be gone when you get up,” he said

            I rose off the couch, ”Good night Dad. I love you,” I said as I hugged him tight and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

            ”I love you both, good night,” he said.

            Edit by Alfmeister

            Proof read by Bob W.

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The Grants Chapter 3

Dad came home a few minutes later. ”Looks like you two have been in the pool,” he said.

            ”I finally got it all cleaned up and the water feels great,” I said.

            ”Jackson’s grandkids are here for a couple weeks. I told them they could go swimming in the fresh water pond but they needed to careful. Invite them here if you want to,” Dad said.

            ”James, we need to move the bull to the pen with the last ones he serviced yesterday. I have to deliver him to Joe Brown’s farm next weekend,” Dad said.

            ”Mary, what is the plan for supper?” Dad asked.

            ”The left over spaghetti and rolls. Also, I can get enough things to make a salad from the garden,” I replied.

            ”OK, that sounds good. Give us a couple hours,” Dad said.

            That left me with two hours of free time.

            I went up and started looking at the book I had taken from under James’ mattress. I looked at pages of big dicks – James could fit in with them and in many, he was bigger. All of them were shaved to make them look longer, I noticed.

            Then as I looked at the pages of porn actresses doing deep throat I decided the real reason was so the actress did not inhale loose hair or get it in her mouth or teeth and to reduce the chance of lice. I wondered if I could get James that deep.

            There was a clipper kit in the closet that Mom used to cut Dad’s and James’ hair. I would move it to my closet.

            The next magazine was all anal I wondered how they did that? It had to hurt but everyone was smiling so it must not have been that bad. There were several articles on how to clean out, lube up and get started. I would get some the next time we went shopping and one of those hanging bag douche/enema kits. Dad dropped me off at the big box store to shop and went to the feed store or the farm dealer for parts, leaving me to do all the shopping.

            Another magazine was girls on girls. I knew what my juices tasted like; I figured all women tasted the same as long as they practiced good hygiene. There were pictures of strapons and women with their partner’s hand deep in their pussy. I never thought that was possible.

            I was just getting starting to rub when ”Mary, we need you to come help us, we have a problem,” it was Dad.

            ”OK, be right there,” I said as I hid the magazines and went to the barn.

            The bull and the cows had had a fight. The fence was broken apart – one heifer looked to have a broken leg. It would have to be put down. If she made it through the night, the locker in town would make steaks and hamburger out of her.

            Dad was shaken, he was standing by the wooden fence when the bull went through it knocking him down and almost crushing him. Farmer Brown agreed to take him early so we were going to load him tomorrow after taking the heifer to the locker plant.

            It took three hours to temporarily fix the fence with heavy oak boards and bolts, all the time keeping an eye on the bull. It was after dark when I fixed supper. James and Dad were showering and cleaning up. They both stunk like cow crap.

            We ate quietly, lost in our own thoughts, until Dad said, ”Work up a grocery list and after we drop the cow to the locker you can shop while I get some replacement lumber.”

            With the list done I said goodnight. I was in the bathroom shaving things when James opened his door and stepped in wearing nothing but his boxers and watched.

            I put the box with the clippers on the vanity, pulled his boxers to the floor allowing his big dick to appear half mast and a towel for him to stand on.

            “What are you doing?” he said.

            ” Be quiet, do you want Dad to hear?” I said.

            Using the clippers, all the hair was on the towel. With a small trimmer clippers it was cut close. I wet his groin with a hot cloth then covered it with my shaving gel. When I was finished he was a smooth as I was.

            With the shower running and hot I pushed him in and washed him – first his back and then his front – washing off all the gel and stroked that big dick a few times. He stood there looking lost as I washed myself.

            ”Go lock your door while I clean up in here. Then come to my room,” I said.

            When he came to my room I was sitting on a towel on the edge of my bed.

            ”My turn now, so get licking,” I said.

            ”I have never done this,” he said.

            ”I have never had it done either so we will experience the first time together,” I said as I directed him how I thought would be the most comfortable for both. I spread my legs and had him knee walk between them. When he touched my pussy I put my legs over his shoulders and rested them on his back.

            He started tentatively with a light licking on the clit. ”No, not there not yet,” I said.

            ”Tease it, lick around the lips down to my butt hole and back up to the top I think. Do that for a while and then lick around my clit for a little and repeat,” I said.

            ”Oh, that’s good! Do that some more,” I said.

            ”And that too,” I added.

            I started moving my bottom, lifting and sliding it against his tongue. I was picking up speed and so was his tongue. I put my hands on his head to pull him tighter against my pussy. For some reason ‘pussy’ was the only word I wanted to use for that area, a word I had never used before.

            My breathing suddenly got fast and my thighs started quivering, my hips moving like I was running against his face. I was cuming and cuming hard. I pulled the pillow over my face and screamed, my orgasm was so strong. James sensed what had happened, slowed down and pulled away as my legs fell to his side.

            ”Are you all right?” he asked.

            ”Better than alright! Let me rest a minute. Better yet, come here and kiss me,” I said as I pushed myself on the bed.

            ”My face is messy,” he said.

            ”I don’t care – I made it that way,” I said.

            I licked his face clean while tasting my spend, then I attacked his mouth and tried every kissing style I had seen or dreamed about.

            I climbed on him with that big dick pointing towards his head, rested my clit and lips on it and started sliding back and forth on it as I kissed him again. The tremors of my orgasm returned and grew stronger. I came again and again.

            ”If you don’t stop, I’m going to come again,” he said.

            ”Please don’t, I’m not finished with you yet,” I said.

            I worked my way between legs and slowly licked my juices from him. I wished I had left the light on so I could get a good look at his cock but I had not. I slowly licked the head, then put it in my mouth going deeper and deeper. I hit my gag reflex and I had to pull back but I kept trying, gagging each time it went there.

            I knew there had to be a secret. Wait a minute – food goes past the gag reflex and you don’t gag. That’s it; quickly go past it. I moved to a better position and angled his cock. Then I stroked faster, my drool wetting his cock. I added going deeper – just quickly hitting the gag reflex and pulling away before I could gag.

            On the next stroke I shoved down hard, past the gag reflex; at least two inches went down my throat. I felt my throat stretch – it hurt, or did it? I pulled off back to just touching the reflex. Then another deep one past the reflex – no it didn’t hurt – not really, just a different feeling. I repeated the sequence, several shallow then one deep then two deep then one of each.

            James suddenly placed his hands on my head, ” I’m going to cum.”

            I increased my effort, sucking harder and stroking faster. He groaned and I felt his cock throb then the pulses. It was in my throat but not a deep as it had been. I kept swallowing with each pulse and for some reason I counted, there were five big ones and then several small ones.

            I slid my fingers from the base up to my lips then closed my lips tight and lifted my mouth off his cock and swallowed. Then I licked the last drop off the tip. I moved up to lay beside James and kissed him deep and hard.

            ”Time for you to go to your room. It would not be good for Dad to find you here in the morning,” I said.

            The house was alive early and we had a breakfast of cereal and toast. It took an hour to get the cow with the broken leg into the trailer. Dad pulled up in front of the box store and gave me the bank card.

            ”I’m going to the parts store to pick up my order and then the lumber company so we can fix the fence.”

            I took two carts and began, starting first in the pharmacy section. Shaving cream for Dad and James, shaving gel for me with a bottle of lotion to help with razor burn along with several bottles of SPF 50 lotion now that the pool was open. There were also tampons that I would need in a few days and ladies razors for my legs and pussy.

            There were things that I shouldn’t have bought but I was going to pay for them with my allowance money; KY lube, a box or two of condoms and a hot water bottle/enema kit. I paid for them at the register there and double bagged them.

            Then I started serious shopping – when I was finished I had two rounded carts. Dad called just as I finished checking out to say he was in the parking lot. We stacked the bags in the back seat of the truck’s crew cab and the heavy stuff in the back.

            At home all three of us carried them in, filling the counter and kitchen table. Then we unloaded the lumber and parts Dad had purchased into the shop and shed. Finally it was time to load the bull-headed bull. It was one mess as he tried to crash the fence again. We were all gad to see him in the livestock trailer.

            ”When you finish putting the groceries away, ride the fences to make sure none of the cows got stupid last night. The Ag Co-op is going to send the vet to do artificial insemination on the rest of the cows tomorrow morning.”

            “It’s going to be late when James and I get back. Mr. Brown needs help cutting out cattle for the bull to service,” Dad said.

            I watched the cloud of dust follow the truck down the lane. I spent an hour putting groceries away and the things in my room. I read the instructions on the enema bag and hid it in my closet. The lube I opened and placed in my night stand by my bed and the condoms a couple of drawers down in my dresser.

            I filled the Gator with gas and brought a bag with the blanket and couple towels; if I had time I would skinny dip for a while. There was nothing wrong with the fences as I quickly rode past them. I drove across the cattle gate and into the field with the pond, parking at water’s edge.

            I spread out the blanket and towel and then dropped my shorts, shirt, bra and panties onto the towel and ran naked into the water.

            The pond was big, one hundred and fifty yards across. It was the perfect place to swim the laps that I did at a leisurely pace. I swam all the different strokes that I knew, then repeated them.

            I was all the way over to the other side for the tenth time when the Jackson’s Gator came puttering to the pond with the three Jackson grandkids aboard. Wasn’t much I could do about it now, so I continued swimming and finally headed back towards the Gator.

            They were standing by my blanket; the girls were in shorts and old fashioned bikini tops. When I had reach shallow water I stood up and walked ashore.

            ”Hi, I’m Mary and if I remember correctly you are Elsie, Carol and Robert Jr.,” I said as I gave the girls a hug and shook Bob’s hand. Elsie was the oldest at fifteen, within days of being sixteen like me. Carol was just fifteen and Robert fourteen – and big for being fourteen.     

            ”I’m swimming some laps and I have a few minutes left before I have to go work on supper – join me if you like,” I said as I turned and walked to the water and dove in.

            ”What are you doing,” it was Robert asking.

            ”Boring vacation – no way, not any more, I can’t wait to tell my friends I went skinny dipping with a new friend. They will never believe it,” it was Elsie talking.

            ”Me to. Wait, I’m coming,” that was Carol.

            There were three splashes behind me so I slowed a bit to allow them to catch up. We swam laps for the next thirty minutes.

            ”I have to go and start supper. If you want, follow me home and we can swim in the pool after I get supper started,” I said.

            I dried off and put on my shorts and shirt minus the panties and bra. They were debating on what they wanted to do. Robert was trying hard to hide a semi erection. On the other hand the girls were proud of the hard pointy nipples they were displaying from the cold water and the light breeze blowing across them. They were also peppering me with dozens of questions!

            ”Just follow the path outside the fence if you decide to. If not, maybe we can meet here in a day or two,” I said.

            Edit by Alfmeister

            Proof read by Bob W.

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The Grants Chapter 2

I didn’t know what time Dad and James came to bed; I must have been sound asleep. James woke me up twice with his heavy breathing before getting quiet.

            I woke early and put on the banned bikini with a tee shirt over it. I was going to vacuum the pool this morning after a breakfast of cereal and then lay out to start on my tan.

            I heard Dad and James come out and go to the barn and then the ruckus began.    

            I cleaned for three hours as the sun got hotter and hotter. When I finished it was clear enough to swim in and I would later. The water temperature was 75F, a little cool. I turned on the pool heater and set it to 80F.

            I was finished and laying out the blanket when I heard the truck start and drive off down the lane. Dad for sure and possibly James were gone.

            I took off the skimpy suit and applied tanning lotion to my front side, set the timer and spread out in the sun. I must have napped and had the same silly dream I had last night. I was naked on my knees with James off to my side going moo, moo, moo.

            The alarm to turn over went off – just as it did I heard the door shut; James was bringing me a glass of lemonade. I should have been startled but we had been skinny dipping for years.

            I accepted the drink then tossed him the lotion and lay on my front.

            ”Oil my back side – all of it,” I said.

            ”I can’t do that,” James said.

            ”Sure you can, you have been wanting to touch me for a long time! I noticed the bulge in your pants all the time and the hard on at the pond wasn’t because of the cow. Oil me, stop stalling and rub it in good – don’t just slobber in on me.”

            He started on my shoulders and neck, then worked his way down, stopping at the butt crack.

            ”Don’t forget the back of my arms and sides,” I said.

            He spent plenty of time on my sides especially the boob side bulge before moving to my legs and feet. I spread my legs wide so he could do the insides. He stopped just inches from my crotch.

            ”James, you have to do all of me even my ass cheeks and butt crack including my exposed mound. I don’t want to get sunburn anywhere,” I said.

            ”I don’t want to touch you there,” he said.

            ”James you have to – please finish the job,” I said.

            He slowly spread the oil and with a feather touch spread the oil on the cheeks and down the crack past the brown hole and over my mound and inner thighs.

            ”Thanks,” I said.

            ”The pool looks good, I’m going to go get my shorts in case Dad comes back early. He said he was going to be gone till late afternoon,” James said.

            I knew where he was going and that was to jerk off again. It was a wonder he had not ripped his pants as large as the bulge was.

            A few minutes later he dropped his towel and shorts on the blanket, slid into the pool naked and started doing laps.

            Thirty minutes later the bell dinged that it was time to roll over as James climbed out of the pool.

            ”Let me dry off and oil your front and you oil me, then I will sun with you and we can talk,” he said.

            ”That’s fair enough,” I said.

            I watched him dry off as I oiled my face and neck and lay back to wait on him.

            ”May be this is a bad idea,” James said.

            ”No. Get on with it,” I said.              

            I tried not to laugh as he started with my feet and legs stopping again four inches from my crotch. This was going to be interesting.

            He started at my neck and worked down. James looked me in the eyes as he oiled my boobs – both of them at the same time with both hands – staying a long time on my nipples. When he finished with them they were standing tall as a thimble and hard as a carrot. They weren’t the only thing that was hard either.

            He was and my clit was too and it was on fire – wanting to be rubbed – it was all I could do to lie still. My stomach was quickly rubbed and then with a hand full of oil he covered my mound. I spread my legs wide and he rubbed all around getting my upper thighs where he had missed. James went back to my mound, spreading the lips, covering them with oil. I stopped his hand.

            ”Use two fingers like this,” and then I guided them to my clit.

            ”Do slow gentle circles. Feel that bump – that is my clit. Be gentle, it is the most sensitive part – do circles around it,” I said.

            I put my hand on his, ”Here, let me show you,” as I began the circles.

            My clit was throbbing, my hips were starting to move. I was close, very close.

            ”Don’t stop what you are doing, kiss me now,” I don’t know why I said it but I pulled his head to me. The instant his lips touched mine I pushed my tongue in and then lifted my hips off the blanket. I cried out almost a scream, ”I’m going to cum!” as the orgasm took over my body. I increased the pressure on his hand and moved it faster as my body shook from head to foot.

            Finally I pulled our hands away, I was just too sensitive there, gasping for breath.

            Recovering I asked “Is that the first time you have touched a girl there?”

            ”Yes and it felt great. So that’s how you rub,” he said.

            ”Depending on my mood, I may change it up some,” I said.

            ”Now my turn to oil you up. Lay back and relax,” I said.

            James wasn’t that hairy. I started at his face and worked down. I oiled and played with his nipples wondering if it was having the same effect on him as it did on me.

            He had been hard since he had first touched me, poking me in the side with it many times. I did notice it throbbed each time I squeezed them and felt the little nipple in my fingers.

            I skipped his cock and did his legs and feet. I had to nudge his leg apart. I oiled his nuts and then started on his cock, looking into his eyes as I rubbed, oiled and massaged it. Then I began to stroke like I thought he would. Slowly at first while spreading the oil on and around the top of it; that looked to be as big as a plum.

            I had quickly looked at the magazines under his mattress. James was as big around as any in the pictures and longer than most. He certainly wasn’t this big at the pond the other day so he must not have been fully hard.

            I started stroking, sometimes using both hands and there was still cock above them. I guessed he was easily ten inches, maybe more. James started humping at my hand movement and moaning.

            I wondered what his cum looked like – was it really white, what did it taste like – was it really salty and bitter? The pictures showed women with a mouth full and some swallowing. Ginger Snow – one of my active dating girl friends at school – said she used blow jobs to keep her boyfriends out of her pussy. She said she always swallowed and if the cock was deep enough in her mouth there was no taste, otherwise it was salty and bitter at times.

            I picked up speed – so did James’ moans and movements – his eyes were getting bigger all the time.

            ”I’m going to cum,” James said a little too loud. I made a split second decision. I bent over and sucked the plum sized knob into my mouth and kept stroking and added licks and suction.

            I felt the pulses with my hands, one, two, three big ones and several smaller ones. My mouth was full after the first one so I swallowed – and swallowed and swallowed.

            I set backed on my haunches and looked at James. He was staring at me mouth wide. Finally,” WOW, did we just do that?” he asked.

            ”Yes we did and it tasted like coconut sun tanning lotion,” I said before we were both laughing.

            I laid back on the blanket and gasped while catching my breath. I hit the timer and an hour later had to prod James to turn. I oiled his back with no playing and hit the button again, still wondering about what we had done.

            The next time the bell went off I prodded James to get up, ”Dad might be home soon. We don’t want him to catch us like this. Go take a shower while I’ll put the stuff away.”

            The blanket went into the washer, the little bikini onto my dresser and the lotion on the stand by the back door.

             I was still naked when James came down. ”My turn,” I said. Ten minutes later I was stepping out of the shower to see him leaning against the counter, watching me.

            Our bathroom was connected to both James’ and my bedroom, a door on each end. If the light was on one of us waited or went to the half bath in the hall. Dad’s bedroom had a much larger bath.

            ”It just dawned on me just how beautiful and sexy you are. I guess I am just a big dope, we grew up and I never noticed. You are really beautiful,” he said as he started to walk away.

            I pulled him to me and kissed him on the lips. ”Thank you,” I said.

Ten minutes later I was sitting on the couch beside him in a sports bra and shorts, wondering what he saw in the stupid movie he was watching.

Edit by Alfmeister

Proof read by Bob W.

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The Grant’s Chapter 1

Mary and James Grant were the last two kids on the bus. They were the first two that got on the bus at 6:30 AM for the ride to school. It was an hour ride and they were last two that got off the bus at 6 PM. It was one long day. The bus dropped them off at the end of their lane. School was fifty miles away.

            If the weather was good, they rode their bikes the two miles to and from the house. If it was bad, either they rode the enclosed Gator or Dad let them drive one of the old Chevy four wheel drive pickups and park it in the corner of the field at the end of the lane.

            Mary and James took turns driving the truck home; they had been driving since they were ten. Brother and sister, they both had just turned fifteen. Mary was the older of the two, born in January – James in November.

            Amy – their mother – had been a doll and idolized both kids. Mary took after her in the looks department. At five eight Mary had her long blond hair and beautiful face. She also had her mother’s boobs. At fifteen they were D cup and were high with no sag. The rest of her body was lean with a nicely formed tight butt.

            James took after Sherman, their Dad – tall and muscular and hung were it counted. They had been skinny dipping more than once this summer and eyeing each other every chance they could get.

            There was a big pool in the back yard and Amy had taught both kids to swim. The pool was one of the highlights of family fun in the summer but there were others. There were several ponds that were used for irrigation and of course skinny dipping.

            There were two Gators and a four wheeler. As they grew older, on Saturday and Sundays afternoons Mary and James rode them to look at the fences and to check the pastures, looking for broken fences, injured cows or new calves. If they found nothing wrong they had time for a little joy riding and in hot weather always ended up at the stream fed fresh water pond.          

            There were no other kids within miles. School and any activities in the town were twenty five miles away so joining any school sports or after school activities were out of the question, except for rare occasions.

            There was a trip to town every two or three weeks to the big box stores so there was a big list and advance planning required for anything that was to happen in between.

            The farm was big with corn, soybeans, wheat and hay. Much of it was sold but enough had to be kept to feed the twenty five cattle that Dad kept for food to eat and to sell a few to get extra spending money.

            Because there was just the three of them, what money they had Dad invested in the latest labor saving farm equipment; a big tractor with big chisel, disc, planter and combine. Mary and Jim were educated very early on how to operate equipment.    

            There were just the three of them because Amy passed when the kids were ten. She was fine one day, sick the next and passed two days later at the hospital, leaving the family shocked.

            Dad’s brothers and their wives tried to get us away from Dad – first with kindness, then threats and finally with lawyers. Dad had a better lawyer and the facts that we refused to leave our father and we didn’t want to be separated.

            School was out and all the early corn was planted. The soybeans wouldn’t be planted until the winter wheat was harvested the first of July, still a few weeks away.

            Dad had left to go to Amos Jackson’s farm to pick up a bull to breed some cows that were due to be bred in the next couple months. It was the cycle that happened with beef cattle on the farm. Bred then there would be calves. The males would be neutered, fattened for a year and killed for the freezer or sold to customers that wanted to know the source of their meat.

            While Dad was gone James and I rode the fences. It was hot and we were hot from helping Dad get the pen ready for the bull. He had to be kept up or heifers that were too young may get bred.

            I grabbed a blanket and couple of towels from the house and threw on the Gator. If we hurried we could end up at the pond with time for a swim before he got back. The pool was still loaded with chemicals cleaning it from the winter and it would still need a couple weeks.

            James and I each had a Gator and drove fast along all the fences finding nothing wrong; we ended up at the pond in twenty minutes. Throwing our clothes on the Gator, James and I spread out the blanket and towels and ran into the refreshing water naked.

            We swam for ten minutes before we needed to get out and dry off. We laid on the blanket in the hot sun to warm up and finish drying off.

            ”I wonder if Dad will send me into the house this time when the cows are let into the pen,” I said. Dad had always sent me into the house saying, ‘This is not something girls should see.’

            ”I have already had sex education class – not once but twice – because the Sex Ed teacher messed the class up the first time with half truths and misinformation. It’s not like don’t know what was going to happen,” I said.

            ”Cows stand still if they are ready for the bull, the bull jumps up and sticks his cock in her and months later a calf comes out,” I said.

            ”Just how do you connect that to the Sex Ed class you just described?” James asked as he turned on his side towards me.

            ”Girls do the same thing when they are ready, only we lay and spread or we could do it on our knees like a cow – only the boobs are on the wrong end,” I said laughing.

            ”Where did you get all this information or have you tried them?” James asked.

            ”Sex Ed and from the net,” I said.

            ”Why are you sticking out like that? Don’t tell me thinking about cows made you that way,” I said.

            ”No – looking at you and your boobs was enough. Why are you smooth down there?” James said.

            ”I started shaving last year when I got the new swim suit Dad won’t let me wear. It was all sticking out of the crotch. Once I did, I found I liked it smooth – now I keep it that way. We had been skinny dipping several times last year after I started and you’re just now noticing?” I said.

            I had bought two swimsuits with my allowance last fall. One of them was the small bikini Dad forbid me to wear and the other was a thong that was just patches. I had tried them on and quickly decided shaving was a must to ever wear them.

            ”We never talked about sex before and cows fucking,” James said.

            ”You better not let Dad here you say that word or he will kick your butt hard,” I said.

            Jimmy laughed.

            ”What’s so funny?” I asked.

            ”I just had a vision of you on your knees with your boobs hanging. I’d like to see that,” he said.

            ‘That’s all it will ever be is a vision,” I said as I hit him.

            ”To change the subject, how much longer are you going to jerk into your underwear before you put a box of tissues by your bed?” I said.

            ”I don’t do that,” James said.

            ”I do the laundry, remember. How often do you do it – three of four times a day?” I asked.

            ”Is that why you keep a box by your bed? Do you rub one off?” James said to change the direction of the conversation.

            ”What if I do – are you going to peek through the keyhole and watch? Besides, I don’t make a mess,” I said.

            I reached over and smacked his dick and said, ”Down boy.” It wilted fast.

            ”You might get lucky and he will let you stay and watch this year,” James said.

            ”I’m not holding my breath. I would have a better chance of watching you beat off through the keyhole,” I said.

            ”How do you know when I’m doing that?” James asked.

            ‘‘You’re noisy and you breath like a race horse at the end,” I said as I was getting my clothes back on.

            ”Then you have been watching me,” James said.

            ”There is a dust cloud coming up the lane; Dad will soon be home. We need to get back there fast,” I said as I was putting the towels and blanket in my Gator.

            I was ahead of James by fifty yards when we reached the shed. Dad was just backing up to the pen with the trailer. A few minutes later the bull was standing at the fence bellowing repeatedly at the cows. The cows were all at the fence snorting like crazy. They must be able to smell the bull I thought.

            I wondered just how many times he was moved from farm to farm. The big bull was acting like he knew what he was to do. The biology class had said that humans were the only species that had any pleasure from sex. For animals it was just reproduction, maintaining the species. I wondered about that with the way the bull and the cows were carrying on.

            Dad and James decided to open the gates so they could mingle before they broke the fencing.

            ”Go to the house Mary,” Dad said.

            ”Dad, I know what they’re going to do. I had AG class, remember?” I said protesting.

            ”GO TO THE HOUSE,” he said.

            I was mad, very mad as I went to the house. To me it didn’t make any sense. I started the normal Saturday cleaning; it was the only day that everything got cleaned from top to bottom. Normally James helped with taking the trash out and sometimes dusting, if there was nothing to do outside.

            I started the wash – starting with mine first – including stripping the bed. I ran the vacuum, swept the floors then mopped them. I could clearly see James and Dad watching the bull serenade the cows. He was going to be busy for the next few days. The cows that Dad wanted bred had been given a fertility drug so they would all be in heat when the bull was here. All that only made me madder.

            I gathered all the trash in bags – all the junk mail and several months of magazines that had come in the mail the last couple of months. I was tired of piling the mess up day after day; now they would be gone forever. The bathrooms and bedrooms trash cans all went in one bag, everything else in several others. I placed a box of tissues on James’s night stand just to gig him.

            When I was finished there were four bags. Normally I would have carried them to the dumpster by the barn but today I piled them on the walkway. If I wasn’t allowed to the barn, I was not going to the dumpster.

            I opened all the windows and doors to allow the house to air out while I dusted. Even after all that, James and Dad were still at the pound. When the bull finished with one cow James and Dad moved it to another pen. He wanted the bull to spend in a different cow until they all had at least once. The older cows were going to be first. Then they would be put together again for a repeat performance.

            I put on the swim suit that Dad hated and started cleaning the pool. I cleaned it twice, including back flushing the filters. Then I checked the chemicals and added more. One more cleaning and it would be clean enough to swim in; all the algae was almost gone. I put in a lot more chemicals than the instructions said to help it along.

            I cut the grass around the concrete pad with the push mower with the bagger. I had a devil of a time getting it started.

            Finally I hosed off the concrete pad and placed the umbrellas, tables and chairs on the pad. I left one side open for the air mattress and blanket so I could sunbathe if I wanted to tomorrow or Sunday.

            Pulling on a long tee shirt for a cover up, I started supper at four. Like it or not, tonight it was spaghetti – heavy on the meat sauce – with ground beef. While it was cooking I finished the laundry. I stacked Dad’s clothes on his bed after I made it with the clean sheets.

            James’ bed I had stripped to wash after finding dozens of dried spots on the sheets. When I moved the mattress to put on the clean sheets I found his stash – dozens of men’s magazines of all kinds. I took several that looked interesting and hid them in my room to look at later.

            I wondered where he got them from. I knew he could not have bought them in town and risk bringing them home when we went shopping, even though we both received an allowance. It was with that allowance that I bought the new swim suits last year.

            Then I remembered that Tony Simkins got into trouble this year for buying things from the adult store and bringing them to school. Tony was a senior, he had made extra money out of buying and selling stuff from the store. Rumor was his Dad was part owner.

            There were a couple of senior girls supplying things for the girls – vibrators, dildos and such. I thought about getting one because my girlfriend at school said she had one and always talked about how good they made her feel when she used them.

            When supper was ready I made the pop and fresh biscuits to go with the pasta. I yelled for James and Dad to come eat. I listened quietly while they were discussing when to let the bull back with the cows he had not mated with yet like I wasn’t even there. They had penned him up separately for the night.

            I put the dishes in the dishwasher while they went back out to the barn. I showered and went to bed still mad! I hadn’t said a word all night; neither had they.

            Edit by Alfmeister

            Proof read by Bob W.

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New Short story coming soon. ‘The Grants’

It will be a story of sex and incest.

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Book 2 Chapter 200

Tuesday morning the first call before the day had even started was from party chairman Carl Isham. The party had succeeded in purchasing two blocks of time on the three major networks at 2000; the beginning of prime time. Each was on Monday evening so one would air the evening before most states opened early voting and the other eve of the general election.

            General Ingram was the next in with updates on the troop withdraw and the fleet exercise in the South China Sea. North Korea had suddenly gone quiet and patrol boats that had been acting like a bunch of busy bees disappeared back to their ports.

            Secretary of State Dean was in next. We had a two hour discussion on Iran and the election of delegates to modify and approve the proposed constitution. The election had gone well with almost no problems. Most of the problems were from confusion and an attempt to do things the old way.

            The Army demolition unit was still destroying weapons and explosives collected from the population and former military sites. So far there had been no mishaps. Citizens were still turning in weapons and pointing out former military storage sites.

            I was added to a conference call with Andy, Vicky, Ching Lee and Jenny. The discussion was about hiring more people for the security department. Black and Bear were working on more contracts for southern Africa and we were still short for Cameroon and Nigeria.

            ”If we are short people then hiring is a no brainer, but don’t forget that in eighty days you are going to get the thousand back from the Iran contract,” I said.

            ”These numbers we need are assuming the men in Iran are going back to their assigned work areas in eighty days,” Vicky replied.

            “Work up a poster and I will see it gets posted at the military bases, recreation areas, on bulletin boards and to the teams doing departure interviews. That about all I can do at this time,” I said.

            ”That’s all we can ask. We didn’t know if that avenue was still open to us or not,” Vicky said.

            ”Everything is supposed to ready at 1900 for you to make the TV commercials at the campaign center tonight. Carl has several scripts that look good. They are going to shoot some fifteen and thirty second ads as well,” Jenny said.

            ”I’ll be there on time, see you then,” I said as I closed out of the conversation.

            At noon media sites were going crazy and the Finney campaign was playing defense and cover-up. Finney was suddenly unavailable for his daily press briefing, promo breaks or anything.

            His media person refused to answer any questions. The police departments that had covered up the incidents were being hounded by reporters for statements. The police officers that made the stops and arrests were being hounded by reporters for statements. Freedom of information request papers were flying in every direction.

            The diehard liberal stations were already claiming the data bogus, possibly fabricated and unreliable; some even reporting it came from abroad.

            Russia was always an easy target but then Britain’s MI 5 was gaining reputation for dirty tricks as were Romania, North Korea, China and the Czech Republic.

            The Justice Department was being called upon to investigate its source and authenticity. Liberal Senators and Representatives were calling for an immediate Congressional investigation.

            With Congress on recess in a few days, nothing would be done before the election. The freedom of information requests could take months, depending how hard the individual agencies wanted to fight them.

            At 1800 I was walking through the door to the campaign headquarters – greeting people – as I made my way to the rear of the building where I knew the recording studio was.

            Carl Isham, Paul Ryder and a dozen more were waiting with my mates. We had a good laugh about Albert Finney’s problems today. He did offer a half assed apology last night, obviously not serious. That didn’t matter now – he was between a rock and a hard place while looking for a cave to hide in.

            With the liberal mentality that they could do no wrong, I figured his woes would last a week before his liberal media backers would have done everything to squash it and change the direction of the public’s focus.

            I read all the scripts several times then read them out loud. Two makeup ladies worked their magic. There were also three changes of clothes to see what the camera liked best. When everyone was satisfied, I stood on the X taped to the floor.

            Behind me was the black draped wall with the flag of the President and the United States. There were lighting people and several different camera men for camera angles.

            What I was to say was projected on large screen ahead of me; an oversize teleprompter. I did each of the long speeches four times – they were for the five minute national ad buys for the two Monday nights. I changed clothes three times and repeated the speeches.

            While the professionals reviewed all the videos and edited them, I worked on ads for the fifteen Senate races I wanted to keep. I was going to campaign with each of them at least once over the next two weeks.

            After that there were voice recordings made endorsing conservatives running for House seats, especially those races that were going to be close. I was going to do hundreds of them or as many as I had time.

            The old standby was brought in for a quick supper. There was pizza from almost every pizza shop in the area for everyone in the building. Pizza must be some kind brain food; it was always the go-to food when things were complicated or rushed.

            Many of the scripts were the same, just a name change and sometimes adding a precinct or district. Cue cards had already been filled out to speed things up. I was doing one every forty five seconds with multiple devices recording.

            I was finished at midnight and called for a quick meeting with my mates, Carl and Paul. I wanted to know from Carl the financial situation – how we were doing on contributions – would the party have enough funds for a final media push in the final week?

            I was glad to hear contributions were up considerably, but. There was always that word – but. For the next twenty minutes Jenny laid out how the Super PAC was going to help the fifteen Senate candidates and many of those running for the house spots.

            The Senate candidates were in a tough spot. Even though some big spending liberals had died, the liberal candidates still had plenty of money. With decisions made I flew back to Washington. One of those decisions was more polling on the Senate candidates and assigning someone to help them and improve the numbers.

            The Generals were in early with updates. Another ten thousand troops were going to be coming home from Iran starting today. The rest of the National Guard was also coming home. It would be a slower pace for them because they had to pack up equipment to bring with them.

            The investigation into the New York mess was in its third week of work. The debris from the Soweto was being hauled away to a landfill where authorities could go through it with rakes, picks and shovels and could fill cases of evidence bags.

            They had learned a lot from the twin towers collapse. It went slow at the beginning but moved a lot faster at the end. New York started out using the faster method this time.

            Eric Roberson – Director of Homeland Security – was at the door.

            ”We have problem with the Bloomfield building. NYFD is refusing to enter the building to search it for bodies. The building is swaying, moving way more than normal in even a light wind.”

            ”Engineers are wanting to clear all the debris from the Soweto building and blow the pillars to cause the Bloomfield building to fall into the vacant lot that once held the Soweto building,” Eric added.

            ”That sounds like a reasonable plan to me. I guess the mathematics have been double checked to make sure the Bloomfield building will fit in the lot under those conditions. What about the explosion of debris to the adjacent buildings on both sides of the streets?” I asked.

            ”What kind containment plan had been developed for that?” I added.

            ”They are going to plywood the fronts of all the buildings sixteen feet high. In front of that they are going to hang heavy duty blast curtains one hundred feet high off crane booms held by cables.”

            ”At the time of the demolition the fire department is going to flood the lot and the falling debris with water from dozens of ladder and tower trucks to keep the deadly dust down,” Eric said.

            ”All that sounds reasonable, so what is the problem?” I asked.

            ”They want to know if the military will use helicopters and blast the pillars next to the Soweto property to make it collapse that way?” Eric said.

            ”There is no guarantee for sure what way it will fall unless they attach cables to winches to put tension on it. I can’t see the military wanting the liability unless they do something to increase the chances of success besides potluck,” I said.

            ”What about a demo company to put it on the ground?” I said.

            ”Four of the biggest have been to look at it and want nothing to do with it,” Eric replied.

            ”I’ll call them up and tell them to do more engineering. But you would authorize Army helicopters to blow the pillars?” Eric asked.

            ”I’m sure the General will want the Army to do an assessment of their own. If they are satisfied I will approve it,” I said.

            Using military equipment and missiles in a civilian setting carried all kinds of risk. But – there was that word again – but a quarter of Wall Street was shut down from the explosions.

            The Bloomfield building was sitting there teetering on the edge. It would eventually come down on its own but when? A week, a month, six months and in what direction would it fall? It needed to come down on New York’s schedule and place of choosing and soon.

            A quarter of Wall Street was shut down, seven city blocks out of the middle of it. Seven city blocks with heavy damage and depending on the Bloomfield building, how soon they could be repaired? Buildings in twenty blocks had damage.

            Wednesday morning was the last day before the congressional break and Congress was deadlocked on two bills that needed to be passed. Important people that should have been on the floor were packing up. Vice President Harrison was in the Senate chambers instead of campaigning.

            At 1500 I closed my desk and rode to Andrews to start four and a half days of campaigning. This trip was a mix of must win states and campaigning for the Senate seats I wanted to add on my side. Some of these states I had been to already as many as three times and would repeat several more times before Election Day.

             It was Sunday night before I got together with my mates. Air Force One landed at Morton Field at 0000. My mates were waiting for me. We made up for time apart behind closed doors; I was spending Monday at home to be with my family and boys.

            We were late getting to the kitchen for breakfast. We six girls in the big shower turned into too much fun. When I dressed, I need to wear a turtle neck to hide the evidence of too much fun last night and this morning. It had been too long and our bodies and souls needed that kind of rush.

            Today was going to be a mix of Presidential, JBG and campaign things – in that order. I spent the morning on MTAC to first the Generals, then to Dick James of the State Department and finally to my staff at the White House.

            I had lunch with the girls and boys. After that there were a couple hours of JBG business I was caught up on.

            Lorrie now had eighteen full service truck stops open for business with eight more to be open by the New Year. It was now a separate division with a VP reporting to Lorrie. Lorrie had four thousand rental houses on the Gulf Coast and East Coast. The two islands in the Caribbean, the French Alps ski resort and two ski resorts in the Rockies were under a VP reporting to Lorrie.

            Jones Aviation – including the fuel farms and the fuel terminal on the bay – was under a VP reporting to Lorrie. Jones Aviation now had – with the latest acquisitions – twenty five C5 M models, thirty 747s; twenty as water tankers for forest fire fighting under contract to the US Forest service, five in passenger configuration and five in freighter configuration. JBG Aviation had ten C130s; two C130 L models and two C130J models.

            JBG Aviation had four hundred Black Hawk helicopters with three hundred eighty other helicopters – mostly Bell 406 – leased to the State Department. There were fifty Gulfstream G5, G550s, and G650 long range in the fleet.

            There were fifty Air Tractor turboprop ground support planes in the security department in Mexico, Central America, South Africa, Nigeria and Cameroon.

            There were also three Boeing business jets under multiple short term leases and two Bombardier 200 commercial propeller planes under contract doing daily commuter flights. There was a third 200 for backup. There were many more inspections required on commuter aircraft. There were another fifty smaller prop and jet planes used on lease, training or rentals.

            The security department was split a couple different ways. The college security was five thousand strong and answered to a VP who reported to Ching Lee and also included other security projects. Those projects were VIPs who we furnished bodyguards for, mall security, convention and stadium security. The Polokwane operation reported to Ching Lee with its security group reporting to Andy. The PR department and all advertising reported to Ching Lee.

            The embassy security group reported to a VP who answered to Vicky, Andy and Robert. The political needs went to Vicky and security to Andy with the intelligence gathering to Robert. All intelligence from all gathering sites went to Roberts’s group. Each embassy security team had at least three intelligence officers who monitored classified things twenty four hours a day.

            The Pact country security arrangement was heavy on intelligence gathering as were the OPEC contract sites. Many sites often had a CIA person or persons working with them. The CIA paid JBG handsomely for the privilege; in many cases the CIA carried only the JBG IDs.

            The Mexican security, the security zone leaders, the Pact countries leaders reported to Andy.

            The four training sites – Fort Smith, Polokwane, Fort Adams and Fort Dean – reported to Andy thorough a commander at each.

            Human relations, legal and training – both for security and other needs – reported to Jason and Jenny through vice presidents. Human relations did all hiring, firing, benefits. The legal department covered all legal needs plus Curtis Warren’s law firm was on payroll when needed and for international needs.

            Marcy was President and Chief Financial Officer since I had become active in the Task Force. MAAR – thru several vice presidents – reported to Marcy as well as did all the accounting.

            MAAR owned three hundred thousand automobiles and other equipment. Fifty thousand were leased to five utilities including bucket, line trucks, bulldozers and everything that moved on tracks or wheels. Another two thousand were leased to the US government and other governments. These were armored Suburbans at two hundred thousand each and the ones to the US government had to be replaced with new ones every five years.

            Ones that came out of service were rehabbed and used for our security divisions. Those that had reached end of life were cut up for scrap in back lots or used for training. No armored Suburbans were sold to the general public.

            In the accounting division was the tax section; it was responsible for all things taxed worldwide – taxes we paid to states, property taxes to foreign governments, payroll taxes to federal and state – everything. We had hired dozens of former IRS personnel for that department.

            They estimated taxes we would owe and how to offset them by buying property and equipment from golf carts to jet planes.

            Major lands we owned included the mine property in South Africa (a million acres), a thousand acres of oil lands in Cameroon, the fifteen thousand acre Fort Dean in Louisiana, and the one million acres in Montana that was once part of Black and Bear. It was now our cattle ranch. We owned property in sixty countries, mostly hangars for helicopters and a twenty acre training and command site in Loures Portugal.

            We got into farming by accident. When we bought Morton Airfield it was in the middle of a thousand acres. Pop-Pop Jones was a farmer, Dad grew up on the farm and Jake and I spent a lot of time at the farm. Instead of renting out the farmland, Dad and Jason wanted to farm it. Hobby farming was another name for it.

            Not long after that we bought the three thousand acre Ratz farm behind it because they were complaining of noise and old man Ratz decided he wanted to move to Florida.

            Jason and Dad had leased the Bay Farm hunting rights for a couple years for goose and duck hunting. A couple years later we bought the two thousand acre farm on the bay. On the tax department’s advice we bought eighteen hundred acres near Ruthsburg and another two thousand on Damonson Town Road.

            Dad’s and Jason’s hobby farm operation now had twelve thousand acres in the county and ten employees. The nine thousand acres in Nebraska was rented out to a farming interest there.

            Then there was Jeanna’s oil field gimmick – we bought the four thousand acres next to it so angle drilling could be done, putting wells on our property. On top of that on the advice of the tax department, we bought two more adjoining farms and another five thousand acres from the bank as oil investment properties for a fast write-off. It seemed we were always doing something that would change taxes in our favor.

            With ten producing oil wells and more to come, the gold and diamond mines plus owning forty percent of Thimble Shoals Bank – the tax department was continually telling the girls to build and buy to offset taxes.

            We owned other smaller properties that weren’t connected to Lorrie’s rentals. We bought the old mall at the Narrows for the task force connected drug lab. The rest of it was now JBG office space. The Morton Hotel was all office space, the Horsey House was also all office space and we still did not have enough. We had converted as much of the gym to office space as possible.

            We owned two parcels on Kent Island next to the bay. One was two hundred acres and we had talked about putting an RV resort and a water park on it. There was no water park in the area for the kids. The second was fifty acres and today we talked about one multistory office building now that the county had finally changed the height rules to save open areas.

            JBG now employed eighty thousand men and women assigned in one hundred and eighty two countries.

            Vice President Andy Reddick – head of security – and Vice President Robert Dunn – head of our intelligence and IT group – were our two highest paid employees they each made $50,000 a week plus perks -a lot of perks. Without them JBG could be in bad place. The CIA and FBI had tried to hire Robert but couldn’t match the pay or the benefits.

            I had new respect for my mates and the leaders for what they had done at JBG while I was away playing politics.

            Politics was next on my list for today. We went to the campaign headquarters so I could do an interview for tonight’s news. Three news networks each had twenty minutes of which they would use probably use five minutes or less for their newscast. Tomorrow it was one week to the election.

            We went to supper and then watched all three networks to see the high priced ads we had paid for. At 2000 all three networks ran the ads. The specialist had volunteer viewers so they could evaluate the ads effectiveness. It placed high but not perfect. It was the best we could expect. The networks would have an opinion tomorrow.

            This week was all campaigning; Troy and some of my White House staff were going along with my mates. There were twenty eight stops this week and twenty interviews for the news media.

            Tuesday I did an MTAC with the Generals while in Air Force One. They wanted to bring home another twenty thousand troops home from Iran.

            ”If you feel comfortable and have confidence in the reports then do it. I will not be happy if we have to send them back,” I said.

            I worked the information into the next campaign stop. It was another crowd pleasing announcement.

            Finney was AWOL for most of the week – he came out Friday for a big campaign push but did not take questions and admitted no wrong. He was behind in the polls but not by as much as I would have expected.

            My final TV campaign push started Saturday with the college football games and Sunday during the NFL games. Monday we returned home at noon. JBG needed some guidance and more TV interviews from the campaign center.

            Monday night our last campaign ads were on media. The five minute ad ran just before kickoff for Monday night football and on the other networks my other ads ran several times during the game. The last ads were during the late shows. If voters had not made up their minds by now, either they were going to flip a coin and vote or not vote at all.

            Tuesday was a day to relax with family and vote. My family and mates voted under the watchful eyes of the TV cameras at the high school. There were other local officials there as well, it had been planned to get the best coverage. It was all over as far as I was concerned, except for the fat lady singing.

            I called the Generals, Andy and Robert for updates. I heard what I wanted to hear – all was quiet everywhere today.

            At the campaign center enthusiasm was high- all the exit polling was good so far for the Senators I tried to help. The House candidates looked to be close but in our favor by a good margin.

            Elections were fickle in this day and time as we watched the returns come in. With the absentee votes to count, the outcome would not be known for a day or two, maybe more. In some states the margin of victory was enough the absentee ballots would not change anything. In the must win states it was too close to call and the absentee ballots meant the difference.

            I sent everyone home at 0200; they were exhausted, so were we. Hopefully tomorrow we would know and agreed to meet at noon and crunch the numbers.

            The story of BJ has lasted eight years and three months. I want to thank Alfmeister for all the work he has done with the editing. I want to thank Bob W. for the proof reading and Joe for his input and suggestions.

            Without the readers there would not have been a story. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. The story has been downloaded 1.4 million times and the closing score for book 2 is above 8.6. Again I thank you the readers for support for those eight plus years and the over six thousand e-mails.

            As with some of the chapters I closed with a cliff hanger, I close the book on BJ the same way.

            This is the end.


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