Book 3 Chapter 12

Friday morning continued with updates and satellite pictures from the DOD and CIA. Pakistan’s Premier still had not called. His military was speaking for him.

            Thousands of troops were descending on every province where there were any roads, paths or dog crossings into Iran. The compounds, training areas, camps and a couple villages that the militants between Rasman Kargud and the Iranian border had been using were leveled.

             High magnification photographs showed bodies everywhere and they weren’t just the militants. The Premier’s troops had paid a price as well. There were over one hundred army trucks that had been destroyed by rocket or RPG fire.

            The militants had staged the attack on ‘Forward Base Hammer’ from this area. Pakistan was making sure there would be no more.

            ”Cancel the departure orders for the last two carriers. Let the first four continue to the Indian ocean. Issue a stand down for the bombers from Lackland Air Force Base. Order a stand down order for one of the bomber groups from Russia, have the other land at Teheran and stay a few days,” I said.

            ”Better yet, have the bombers fly the Iranian Pakistan border, say at twenty thousand feet, low enough for the Pakistani troops to see and hear them,” I said.       

            The bombers there would make good press when the White House media was there.

            The Thomas and the Fordson were two of the carriers that were going to the gulf. They were the visiting carriers to Subic Bay Naval. When they left the Indian ocean this time, it would be to return to NewPort News Ship Building and the Navy yard.

            The Fordson and the Thomas would have a checklist of ship defects repaired. They had had the longest shakedown cruise in history.

            The White House media group was in a tizzy over my orders to the Labor Department ignoring the court’s orders. The Justice Department had a court date Monday with the appeals court. I was undecided if I was going to make an appearance with Harry today or not.

            The protesters were already outside throwing trash over the fence and climbing on it. I went to the Secret Service office and looked at all the cameras outside, there were no poor protesters out there. All of them were carrying commercially made signs and posters and they weren’t starved or wearing rags. Many were carrying union messages.

            Congress had changed to a format of aggressively restricting access after the 1-6 incident, including fencing and razor wire. I wondered if I could do the same thing for the White House. After the acid smoke during the run-up to the Iran assault, I would bet on it. I called the agent in charge of White House security, telling him I wanted a meeting ASAP.

            It just pissed me off royally that the DC police did little and the Secret Service seemed to be hamstringed to do anything about it. It was one thing to orderly protest but to throw open bags of trash over the fence onto the White House lawn was not going to continue. Neither was spray paint on the fence and sidewalk.

            Today was a meet and greet for the final group of newly elected members of Congress. I went through the niceties and the pep talk about standing together on my policy. I laid them out and asked where they stood to open the dialog. It was a good meeting. I emphasized that we had an open door policy when there were needs to be discussed.

            I also stressed that the media was not a sounding board for ideas and could never be relied on to be truthful nor friendly towards them. All media thrived on controversy and created as much as possible for ratings. All those things finished out my morning.

            The after lunch meeting was with Health and Human Services, National Institute of Health and the Department of Education and other alphabet names from the field of medicine. The meeting almost turned into a brawl between the alphabets.

            The flu season was on us in full swing. All the agencies were afraid they were doing too little and wanting their time in the lead while dispensing fear on the media. Since the great pandemic of the 20’s, fear and control was the weapon of choice for the health agencies.

            As usual this year’s flu started in China. They always started in China. I had to wonder why. And as usual, this year’s flu shot was the wrong strain for the flu that was making the rounds. The flu shot was for J1A – the flu was H2JN

            When I got order restored – that only took a few seconds – I started asking questions.

            ”Is this year’s flu shot helping at all, since it was for the wrong strain?” I asked.

            ”Oh yes, absolutely,” Dr. Armistead said.

            ”Can you explain that to me as it is the wrong vaccine this year?” I said.

            ”It will give people peace of mind that they are vaccinated and J1A may make an appearance,” Dr. Armistead said.

            ”Vaccinated with the wrong vaccine – that is some piece of mind – not! The vaccine for this flu season is worthless. When was the last time the right vaccine was given for the flu?” I asked.

            ”So, the National Institute of Health spent twenty billion for vaccine development and production for nothing, same as last year and the year before that,” I added.

            I got no answer, only stares at the table.

            The next part of the conversation was on school closures and masking. The Department of Education wanted to close schools and go with virtual learning for the rest of the school year. They were having many internal discussions, both in house and with the National Association of Teachers and other education related unions.

            The National Institute of Health along with Health and Human Services were the ones pushing masking and wanting a federal mandate.

            I settled the arguments. ”it’s a flu that happens every year, same as last year and the year before. Seven to ten days feeling bad, chills, vomiting, loose bowels. Some are having to go to the hospitals, a few are dying – they are few – mostly senior citizens and the very young. The rule of nature – the strong survive – the rest perish. It’s had been happening since the beginning of time, it’s sad but that is life,” I said.

            ”There will be no mandatory masking; a voluntary masking recommendation will do for those that may have weakened immune systems. There will be no virtual schooling or closings,” I said.

            ”The public service messaging is to carry all the normal cold and flu information – fluids, rest and treat the symptoms. That will be the administration policy unless something drastically changes. This applies to all agencies. That will be the public stance we take,” I said.

            It was the same policy that former President Thomas had in place the last seven years.

            The afternoon slowed down, except for the media hounding Harry. I had one more meeting with the intelligence group and one more with Bob for terrorist updates.

            The terrorist trials were winding down and would be finished in a couple of months. Then there would have to be decisions made about then for the terrorist task force. It was just more food for thought I needed to address.

            At 1700 the chopper landed on the lawn with my family, all of them carrying briefcases again and a few suitcases. The dress maker with the seamstress and the fashion experts were already in the building. There were multiples of them, so they would get finished faster. The dresses had already been chosen, this was to be the final adjustments before inauguration.

            We were finished by 1900; the kitchen staff had a late supper for us. Then we went to the family rooms. My mates talked for another hour while I listened and played with the boys.

            At 2200 my mates and I were in the master bed making up for the time apart. That was the way the weekend went – spending time together.

            Saturday morning the C17 flight from Dover left on time with Hanna, Melinda and the other four reporters and camera people. General Ingram had made the necessary arrangements for housing, escorts, and an interpreter. It wasn’t going to be a joy ride for the group. He had also made arrangements for Melinda to be sent to Forward Base Hammer for the report she did for me.

            Sunday morning Washington had Melinda’s first report from Forward Base Hammer, complete with interviews of soldiers and video of the base damage. The report was thirty minutes and covered all aspects of the trip from Dover to Teheran and the accommodations for the news groups.

            The other news teams had chosen areas around the major cities. Interviewing mayors and anyone else they could find that would talk to them. They were asking questions about the reconstruction and the war. They were interviewing our soldiers as well.

            Monday my mates left early to get things at JBG headed in the right direction. Monday was always the busiest for the office. Marcy had lots of things to check out in accounting and on the stocks she was buying.

            Lorrie needed to verify status of all the airplanes needed for the week. Jenny needed to check in with HR and legal. Ching Lee looked in on the college security. And Vicky needed to check in with Andy and on the embassy security. I always called Robert for updates on intelligence.

            The time sheets had to be recorded from all the employees worldwide and the process went on from there to ensure that everyone got a paycheck on time and the payroll taxes paid. Vice presidents handled everything. My mates just needed to confirm everything and sign off.

            Monday morning went to crap not long after we finished with the NSA meeting at 1100. Duncan Woods – the Secretary of Education who was sitting at the table Friday as part of the decision making on this year’s flu policy – had called a news conference at 1000.

            At that news conference he said that as Secretary of the Department of Education, ”I am ordering full masking and virtual classes as soon as the arrangements could be put in place until the end of March to prevent the spread of the flu.”

            ”Hell will have no fury compared to me when my presidential orders are overridden or ignored,” I thought. I wondered what the hell had transpired between Friday afternoon and this morning for him to make that kind of decision and not think it important enough to call for a special meeting.

            Troy called all the agencies that were here on Friday to be here at 1200 for an emergency meeting. Mr. Woods office informed my caller that he was too busy to attend the emergency meeting.

            That was a big mistake.

            I made two calls, one to Art Cummins to get a list of phone numbers to and from Woods and Parsons cell, home and office phones starting Friday after my meeting and a copy of all emails and texts until now.

            The second call was to get a printout of who the phone numbers were assigned to. I would have had Marty Coeburn do it but he would have wanted court orders to do it, so I called Frank. The CIA would run them without court orders.

            I made one more call to the Secret Service, ”Bring Duncan Woods and his second in command Emit Parsons to my meeting, in hand cuffs if necessary.” I sent Ziva and Abra with them.

            I didn’t know for sure what the Secret Service agents would do, but I knew what Ziva and Abra would do.

            It was 1215 when the agents with Ziva and Abra came in with Parsons and Woods in handcuffs. Ziva placed both of them in a chair, leaving the cuffs still attached to their wrists.

            ”This is an outrage. Never before have I been treated in such a manner. I demand to have an attorney present,” Woods screamed.

            ”I don’t think you need an attorney to sit in on this meeting and explain your actions in violation of administration policy that you help develop on Friday.”

            Frank followed them in with the reports from their phones. Frank and I walked off to the end of the meeting room where he explained the papers he held. They were what I expected – therefore no surprise.

            ”Secretary Woods, you participated in the policy meeting in this very room Friday afternoon where we discussed and implemented my administration’s current policy towards this year’s flu,” I said.

            ”Less than seventy two hours later you discarded that policy and formed one of your own without notifying your superiors. Explain that to me and what information that you received that caused you to formulate the policy change,” I said.

            ”I took calls all weekend long from school systems and teachers’ organizations that were very critical of your policy and demanded a change to it. After consultation with the school boards and the American Federation of teachers and others, I decided that virtual schooling was the only way to go,” he said.

            ”Any demand to change my policies should have come to me. Only me and no one else – including you – can change my official policy,” I said.

            ”Who called wanting you to overrule my policy?” I asked.

            ”I can’t remember all of them but there were a lot of representative calls from state school boards advising of their concerns wanting a change. After listening to their arguments, I agreed with them,” Duncan Wood said.

            ”Well, let’s see,” I said as I opened the folder Frank gave me.

            ”There was a total of fifty calls between your office phone, your official cell phone, your personal cell phone, and your home phone between 1600 Friday and 1100 today from Mary Sue Folcomer, President of the National Teachers Association,” I said.

            ”There were thirty calls from Luanne Fiske of the State Employees National Federation of Teachers Union with calls to your office, personal cell and home phone. There were also several calls from other organizations connected with virtual learning management,” I said.

             ”According to the phone logs, there were no calls from any state school boards,” I said.

            ”Even I don’t have your personal cell number, but the Presidents of these unions have. There is something wrong with that picture.”

            “Teacher’s unions do not set national education policy, nor do they set policy for the National Institute of Health or Health and Human Services for my administration,” I said.

            ”Mr. Parsons, were you in on any of these calls and when did you become involved with the change?” I said.

            ”I took one call Friday afternoon from Mary Sue Folcomer, wanting my support for changing the policy. I told her that it was an executive branch decision and any change was above my pay grade and that she needed to call the White House or someone else,” Parsons said.

            ”Does anyone else have any information that would suggest that we needed to change the policy made on Friday?” I said. No one said anything

            ”OK. Friday’s decision still stands as policy. Mr. Woods, please stay – I have a form you need to fill out and sign. Mr. Parsons, wait in the lobby and anyone else that has something that I need to address also wait in the lobby. I should only be a minute,” I said.

            I had the papers for termination or resignation in the folder.

            ”For insubordination, check one of the boxes, date and sign it or this one will go in your file.” Connie had already filled out the ‘you’re fired’ one; I signed it and slid both over to him.

            Troy left the room to make three calls, one was to Art Cummins to cancel Woods’ ID and authorizations, the second to the US Marshal service to assistant Woods in cleaning out his personal belonging. The third was to Congress, notifying them of the change for the department of education.

            Mr. Parsons was called to the Oval Office.

            ”In case you haven’t guessed it, Woods has been fired. You are acting Secretary of the Department of Education until an Executive review of the department is completed. I would strongly suggest that you do not give your personal or government cell numbers to any unions or organizations. I would also suggest that you take no calls from Mary Lou Folcomer, just send them to an underling. Better yet, inform your staff not to forward any union calls to you and not to give out your phone numbers to anyone,” I said.

            ”Wait until Troy gets back and he will write up a joint press release reaffirming Friday’s policy and announcing that you are acting Secretary of the department. Then you can give a press conference at your office and notify all the states and local boards that there was a miscommunication in Woods’ press release and Friday’s policy stands,” I said.

            I wondered how many more agency heads were going to try me to see how far they could push me. Six more days to inauguration.

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Book 3 Chapter 11

Thursday morning my JBG email was full of pictures. Heavy equipment and materials were on the tower’s site. Erosion fencing had been installed yesterday. The project was divided up among several major contractors.

            The time limit had run out on the county and opposition was low to begin with. The few that were complaining were using the excuse that the buildings would spoil their view of the bay. Hell, they couldn’t see the bay unless they were in a five story house because of the trees. There were no five story houses in the area.

            The Chinese group bid on the towers but were rejected by JBG; it would be a US contractor. One contractor was going to do both foundation tubs as they were called. That included driving steel into the bedrock and a waterproof concrete basement within the tub.

            A thousand tons of steel piling would be driven for each building into the bedrock and five thousand yards of high strength steel reinforced concrete for each tub. Steel from the bedrock would eventually rise fourteen hundred feet into the air to the top floor. The access for water, sewer and electric were made at several locations in the tub.

            Engineers for the tower building company were on site to ensure the pillars were properly placed. As soon as the tub cured, the construction on the tower would begin. Then the tub contractor would move to the second one. If weather and materials cooperated I would still be President when they were completed.

            The contractor promised that with the number of crews and subcontractors they were planning to have working both towers would be done in four years. Both towers being structurally identical was going to speed things along.

            Atlanta Construction Management was the general contractor for both towers was from Atlanta Georgia. They had built many high-rise buildings in Georgia, Florida and the Carolinas. They were responsible for the overall project.

            There were dozens of subcontractors, many from the south; Richmond, Atlanta, North Carolina and a few from Baltimore, Washington and Philadelphia.

            Bob’s Construction was building the RV and water park on the 200 acre site. He had subcontracted the site work to a local dirt contractor and was going to handle the rest of it with his crews.

             There were four bath and laundry houses to build along with the camp office and store. They were also building an adjoining bath house and laundry plus a club house and the ranger shack. Over two thousand trees were to be planted

            The water park would have two pools, an Olympic size for adults and a smaller shallower one for youngsters. The water park would have all the high and low slides along with the dump buckets and drip sprayers. There was a river course that inflated donut rafts could be ridden, carried by the flow of the pumps within the park.

            There would be a club house that made a small list of fast foods and drinks with picnic tables and vending machines plus showers and rooms to change in.

            It was a well planned out and laid out. I liked it a lot – I hoped it would be very successful attraction for the area kids to enjoy all summer.

            Another task that happened today was working with the inaugural committee. They were finishing up thousands of details and making the last minute invitations for all the scheduled parties. The inauguration was ten days away. Tomorrow night there was a dress fitting from a world’s clothier – my mates were coming over to get fitted for theirs.

            I asked Andy if he and Shelia wanted to come to the festivities. ”Not only no, but hell no,” was his response.

            Ziva, Abra and Farah – the former Mossad officers and now my personal body guards – were going with us.

            New additions to my staff were researching every federal agency, fretting out advisors, appointees and people they had hired by liberal presidents to place liberal policies in those agencies. They were to be removed in the downsizing of the budgets.

            I would appoint and hire new people to those agencies with my line of thinking. The swamp that operated against every president from within was leaving government, like it or not. My investigative group was looking at all social media of the supervisors and managers in those agencies. If they weren’t on board with conservative policies and principals, they were gone too.

            General Ingram came in to inform me that two of the carriers were at sea and two more would be before the end of the day. I wondered why the Navy didn’t come to tell me that.

            ”What are the satellites showing for activity in Pakistan near the border?” I asked.

            ”Frank will be in with the updates in a few minutes,” General Ingram said.

            Melinda and Hanna were in the lobby waiting to see me with questions from the group of reporters that were going to Iran. It took an hour to answer them, the related information and what arrangements were made.

            ”Every news reporter from the inside and outside group has signed up to get updated vaccinations, saying they wanted to go,” Hanna said.

            ”Wow, that many! I’m surprised that many want to go. If you don’t have any problems with this first test group, you can increase the numbers for the next week if you want. I’m sure there are plenty of logistics available if they are needed,” I said.

            Troy came into the office – at 1100 – just before I was going to lunch, ”The district court of New York has issued an injunction blocking the Labor Department from ending the extended unemployment payments. The suit was filed by the unemployed workers union and several other labor unions.”

            ”The ruling says that ending the extended benefits could cause unnecessary harm to the affected groups,” Troy said.

            ”I will order the Justice Department to appeal immediately, based on the process we talked about the other day. Then I will send an order for the Labor Department to ignore the district’s unconstitutional ruling in the meantime. I will write a statement for Harry,” I said.

            The rest of the day went like that – one minor crisis after another. I was ready to go to the residential section as the office closed down.

            I was on a VCATS with my mates and the kids for over an hour. Things were hopping all over. Four more wells were pumping oil today in Nebraska. Marcy was running into a problem getting pipeline space to send it to the refinery.

            That wasn’t the problem in Nigeria; both refineries were operating at fifty percent capacity. As new wells came online, that would only increase. Our Pig Iron Point terminal had been expanded several times and was in the middle of another major expansion.

            Marcy and Lorrie were trying to get enough reserve to be able to handle a finished product tanker- they were considerably smaller than crude oil tankers – solely by ourselves. The freight was much cheaper when they could unload at one terminal.

            When the tanks were done, a dock was going to be built in the bay near our Pig Iron dock. Ten inch pipes would go from the dock to the tanks. Tugs would push the tanker next to the dock and the entire load could be off loaded.

            Now the tanker was anchored in the ship transition area. The fuel was transferred to barges that were then pushed to Pig Iron Point and offloaded; a process that took nearly a week. There was a two day grace, then fifty thousand a day for each day the process took.

            The other thing in the equation was the Air Force contract. When we initially started, there were five C5 planes and we needed to have enough fuel reserve to fly one flight a week of each for thirty days.

            Now we had fifteen and were slated to get ten more. The reduction in forces was going to reduce the number of C5s and those ten were going to be shifted to JBG to make cuts in the Air Force budget this year.

            Next year all the remaining C5s in the Air Force inventory were going to the desert boneyard eventually to be scrapped. The C17s would be the last and only heavy lift planes in the Air Forces inventory.

            JBG’s C5s would be scrapped as the air frames were beginning to show the ravages of time. No one knew how long that would be – ten, fifteen possibly twenty years. Lorrie had a contract for as long as we had a flyable C5.

            As if that wasn’t enough, Lorrie had thirty 747s – twenty that had been converted or were in the process of being converted into fire fighting water tankers. Australia had contracted for ten of them to be sent there during the fire season. Five were passenger configuration and the last five were freighters or being converted into freighters.

            There were no more air worthy 747s to be bought. Many had been scrapped as soon as the airlines removed them for service or in various bone yards for salvage parts.

            All of that required a lot of reserve jet A fuel. Each C5 held fifty one thousand gallons. Each 747 held sixty three thousand gallons. Each C130 held seven thousand gallons and we had the largest number of C130s of any nonmilitary organization.

            That was driving the latest expansion of the Pig Iron fuel depot. As soon at the tanks were done, pilings and an unloading dock was going to be built. There would be enough tanks to hold a tanker of jet A and enough tanks to hold a split load of gasoline and diesel.

            The first infrastructure project that Prime Minister Bello wanted was completed. There was a big press conference and celebration. Everyone was happy, or so it seemed.

             On the other side of the coin – in Nigeria JBG had thwarted another Boko-Harm attempt to take hostages in the village Murom. There were plenty of them dead but there were also several prisoners taken, including several leaders. Their fighters had fled without hostages, only to run into JBG aviation.

            I talked for over an hour with my mates, RJ and JJ plus Sara and Takeo. Sara and Takeo were talking up a storm now and didn’t want to be left out of any conversation.

            I went to the fitness center for an hour and a half then called it a night.

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            Proof read by Bob W.

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Book 3 Chapter 10

I shut down the office early; there was little going on other than the media orgy about the ones going to Iran. None of them were happy, for all kinds of reasons.

            The Secret Service agents that had been wounded in the Pakistan attack and the attack on the Capitol steps were all back to work now. Several had brought me Soldier of Fortune and various other gun magazines when they came back to work. It was the kind of reading they were doing while they were convalescing.

            It was mostly because every issue had some kind of an article on the various terrorist attacks on me and operations that JBG carried out. Filled with information from anonymous sources, it was interesting reading.

            There were even articles and breakdown descriptions of the parts of the Glock – my personal weapon of choice – along with performance charts.

            It was in these magazines that I became aware on the increased attacks on the Second Amendment by the anti gun crowd, liberal politicians and by liberal states. There had always been those against the second, thinking it would make crime go away.

            They were putting pressure on the banks supplying operating capital through boycotts, letter writing campaigns and protests at stockholders’ meetings. It was becoming a serious problem.

            Several major banks and credit card companies had shut off all funding and were refusing to process checks and credit cards to the companies and retailers selling ammunition and weapons.

            Winchester was long gone, bankrupt, bought and sold and bankrupt again and in receivership. Remington was in the same boat; bankrupt, sold, bought and sold multiple times. A holding company had the patents and buildings and manufacturing equipment.

            Ammunition manufactures were no better off. Pressure was being applied from the anti-gun lobby – as usual, blaming the gun and not the person pulling the trigger. As well as environmentalists complaining about lead pollution, trying to use it as a hammer against the industry. They were citing all kinds of things including noise created by firing weapons and shell casings creating trash. All the anti-gun groups were on a mission to close down all shooting ranges, training facilities, gun shops and even now were wanting to close down all hunting in all states.

            They were trying to close down all hunting on federal lands but that was going nowhere. I had already vetoed a couple bills trying to get the law forced in by attaching amendments. I let it be known that any and all bills that tried to restrict hunting on federal lands or hunting on private property was DOA at the White House.

            I made a note to question Jeanna about the credit card issues. If anyone would know about alternatives, she would. I was sure problems were coming our way at some point. I needed to check with Marcy to see if there were any funds left after she made all the business changes she wanted.

            Tuesday morning it was more of the same for Washington; politics was heavy in the air. All the newly elected representatives and senators were making the rounds trying to find out the things they were supposed to be doing and how they were to do it.

            Many made the mistake of hiring the staffs of representatives that were defeated in the election. In my opinion they were simply hiring the swamp and it was one more reason nothing ever changed in DC. They all had a song and a dance on how great they were, how many contacts they had and how much they could do for the new rep.

            This afternoon I met with the new House and Senate leaders. I presented my agenda for the new Congress. There was to be a new emphasis on nuclear and fossil fuels as backup for solar and wind. I planned to eliminate completely the subsidies for wind and solar.

            The government had spent two trillion dollars of tax payer money over the last two decades developing the liberal utopia green dream, only to be caught short on power when needed. It wasn’t working, and the solar panels were failing with age at a much faster rate than predicted. Some were needing to replaced at ten years old when they were supposed to last thirty years.

             They weren’t recyclable as promised; landfills were taking thousands of tons of them daily. Yet there were those appointed in the energy department that wanted hundreds of billions more money so for the government to pay for new ones. I had succeeded in the budget just signed to cut the funding by fifty percent and now in next year’s budget I wanted it gone completely.

            The wind generators were just as bad. They were unusable in heavy snow, icing and freezing weather even though they were supposed to have heated components. The gear boxes were self destructing, the generators starting fires that were impossible to put out so high in the air.

            I gave the leaders a list of my priorities. Reliable electric energy was at the top followed by creating new jobs. Improving our highways was third. Fourth was reducing and in some instances eliminating overbearing government regulations on business.

            Another was ending the homeless problem with housing projects copied from the new California, Oregon and Washington State models. The plans were working and I wanted it expanded elsewhere. The streets in California were safe and clean today. The numbers of homeless in the camps were being reduced everyday as they found jobs and affordable housing was being completed.

            I wanted an overhaul of the judicial system – not only the Supreme Court but the entire Federal system and all the lower courts as well. I wanted harsh penalties to reduce crime in the streets. The catch and release programs and policies had been miserable failures. All crime was increasing by double digits each year in the cities.

            I wanted murder to be a federal crime with only one penalty – death to be carried out in one hundred and eighty days after the trial – with the trial going directly to the Supreme Court for review, side-stepping twenty years of appeals. I wanted it done in a way that no President could stop the process, other than a presidential pardon or a repeal by two different sessions of Congress.

            I wanted to maintain our strong defense, but I wanted it smarter. I wanted the funding spent on things that worked. I wanted real accountability from defense contractors and they knew it.        

            And above all I wanted taxes reduced as business improved and the waste was gone out of government. The savings from December’s final budget cuts were going to save ten trillion dollars over the next ten years. This year’s planned budget changes would make it balanced, I hope.

             I failed to understand why the Congress-critters always talked about budget cost or savings over the span of a decade, like there was some magic in it to happen. If there was red ink this year, there would be even more next year, so the decade thing was a joke.

            The next four years of my budget were only going to get better as the nuclear weapons were reduced and the troops numbers were reduced along with the base changes. And then there was the wealth tax plus the growth in the economy creating more tax revenue.

            Wednesday I started meeting the new members of Congress. There were congratulations and handshakes for the cameras and then serious business. I met them in groups of twenty.

            I reminded them of all the hard work and money my election team spent working to get them elected. We were elected by enough margin that we had a mandate to get the things done we had campaigned on. I expected full support from them and an expedited process to get it done.

            Wednesday at 0100 there was a knock on my door. Militants from Pakistan had attacked with rocket and mortar fire on one of the Army posts on the Pakistan – Iranian border, injuring twenty soldiers. It was the same group taking credit for the attack that had attacked me in Pakistan when I was filling in for the Vice President.

            If they thought running back to Pakistan was going to give them cover, they were wrong. After checking in with the night DOD crew I went back to bed. Wednesday the Pakistan Ambassador was going to be summoned to the White House. I would bet he would not like the conversation.

            At 0800 I called Melinda.

            ”Hey girl friend, where are you at this morning?” I said.

            ”Outside on the grass getting ready to report on last night’s attack, as soon as someone gives me something to work with,” Melinda said.

            ”I’ll give you this – twenty injured, a couple serious – but there were no fatalities. The President is very pissed. That’s for the record,” I said.

            ”Now off the record. If I sent you a script, would you do a fake news report for me? There is someone I want to torque up very badly later this morning. Just send it to me, don’t broadcast it. Make sure you are away from the other reporters when you do it,” I said.

            ”Sure, OK!” Melinda said.

            I wrote it up and had an aide carry it out and hand deliver the script to Melinda.

            Twenty minutes later I was reviewing the report from the script. It was just as I wanted. I called Melinda.

            ”Thanks, you will get an exclusive. I will see to it that you and only you and the camera get carried to ‘Forward Base Hammer’ in the province where the attack took place to interview the troops and view the damage – if you like – when you arrive in Iran on Sunday,” I said.

            ”Hey, that would be great,” Melinda said.

            I summoned Pakistan Ambassador Fazel Al Farsi to be at the White House in an hour.

            Ambassador Farsi was humble when he was brought in by the assistant Secretary of State Troy, Connie and General Ingram. Before he said anything, I played Melinda’s report.

            ”This is Melinda Schaffer reporting from the White House lawn. Last night at 0100 in eastern Iran, aligned militants from Pakistan crossed the border into Iran and fired over fifty mortar and RPG rounds into Army forward base ‘Hammer’. Twenty soldiers were seriously injured. There were no fatalities. Intelligence gathered indicate this was the same group of militants that attacked President Jones when she was filling in for the former Vice President.”

            ”Additional evidence suggests that the arrest, trials and executions of the militants was staged under pressure by the Iranians with the militants quietly released. The word is the President is very pissed.”

            ”Information from a reliable source a few minutes ago said that the two carrier task forces assigned to the joint US/Russian base were ordered to sea immediately. The task force assigned to Guam and the task force assigned to the Yokohama navy base were ordered to sea. The two task forces that are doing a port call to the newly approved US Navy base at Subic Bay were also ordered to sea. Destination for the all these task forces is the Persian Gulf area.”

            ”One more bit of information from that source is the two B52 squadrons that are stationed in Russia and two B21 Bomber groups from Lackland Air Force Base have been put on alert status BLUE. Alert status BLUE is armed with the crew on standby and ready to depart on thirty minutes notice. This is Melinda Schaffer outside the White House.”

            I slammed my hands hard down on the desk, startling everyone sitting at the table.

            ”You Ambassador sat in this office and all but promised in blood that the militants that attacked me would be executed. Now I find out the trials and executions were staged!” I said.

            ”Several months later you were in this very office and promised that Pakistan would control the Iran-Pakistan border and that there would not be any fighters crossing into Iran, and now this happens,” I said.

            ”If I don’t see concrete results in that border province in forty-eight hours, all hell is going to happen there. I will see to it there are no more attacks on our troops from your side of the border,” I said.

            ”I will remind you, Pakistan is a nuclear power,” Ambassador Farsi said.

            ”Yes, with half of your nuclear warheads in deep mines leaking radiation, unsafe for even your own nation. I will remind you that Iran launched eight hundred missiles in just twenty minutes within a distance of fifty miles or less at our ships; we shot them all down. Not one hit,” I said.

            ”We have added a lot more missile and aircraft defense to the arsenal in the area. Do want to find out if you can do any better?” I said.

            ”No! I think not. I will relay your demands to my premier with instructions to contact you immediately to defuse this problem,” he said and then left.

             ”I’ll send the orders to the carrier task forces to go through the process of getting ready to sail. I’m sure Pakistan is buying satellite time from the Chinese,” General Ingram said.

            ”And then have them sail. It will be easy to recall them and write it off as a rapid departure drill,” I said.

            ”Agreed,” Ingram said.

            I called President Orbatch to inform him the carriers would be gone on a drill for a few days and possibly the bombers as well.

            The call lasted an hour; in the process another visit to Moscow was inked onto the calendar for next month. We would celebrate the destruction of the last of the group of missiles for the treaty. The first two former weapons factories would go into production producing agriculture parts for export to America. I would visit both while I was there.

            The following month Orbatch was coming to DC to do the same with a class of our missiles. Their inspectors had been certifying the numbers destroyed in Texas as we were making progress on our part of the agreement.

            Much to the distress of the UN, the treaty was working. They were still trying to force themselves into the mix without success.

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Book 3 Chapter 9

I ordered a grilled ham and cheese sandwich with tomato soup and unsweetened tea with Splenda. The General ordered a steak sandwich, American fries and coke. While we waited for them to be prepared, we discussed the media demands to allow reporters to now go to Iran and view the reconstruction.

            With the levels of troops now where we wanted them and things reasonably calm, we decided to give in to the pressure.

            ”Give me a few minutes and I will write out the rules, conditions and limitations for the media to make the visit and you can review them,” I said.

            What the General didn’t know was that I had several conversations with Hanna and Melinda about the media visitations to Iran. I was several steps ahead of him.

            I had the perfect candidates for coordinators and liaison. I sent them a text to be here at 1300 when Harry was to give the afternoon briefing.

            Back at my desk I finished out the list of ideas and waited. The General reviewed them before nodding and leaving. Then Connie and I fine-tuned them and she typed them up and made three copies.

            I spent the next forty-five minutes on a call to Prime Minister Attenborough about the base realignment and consolidation that was being discussed. I had told him that I would call when I had more information, so I did.

            I ordered donuts and coffee for the news group but told the Secret Service to hold them behind the divider until I was ready to attend.

            Melinda and Hanna came in the front entrance and were led to the Oval Office.

            ”Well girls, have you recovered from the Christmas and the New Year’s celebrations yet?” I asked.

            ”OH yes, but I don’t think you invited us to come here to find that out,” Hanna said.

            ”You are right, I didn’t,” I said.

            ”I’m wondering if you had thought any more about the proposal we had talked about. Were you able to come up with any accumulated days off or could you get time off?” I asked.

            ”I want you to be the coordinators for me, if you are up for a challenge. This time you will be paid. You could even rotate one of you there a week and then the other, even reporting for your station while you are there,” I said.

            ”I have agreed to allow the White House press group to go to Iran to report on the reconstruction. I need someone to coordinate and ride herd over them. You have been in the field with my men. You know the risks that are there and the challenges,” I said.

            ”You know the things you can and cannot do. It is still a very dangerous place. Saying the wrong things and asking the wrong questions of the wrong people may still get you killed,” I said.

            ”I gave you the language programs weeks ago. I hope you took the hint and have been learning. There will still be an interpreter and a couple of guards and transportation supplied,” I said.

            ”We will use the draft that they like so much. Two reporters and two camera men along with you and your camera man will make up one group,” I said.

            I handed them the folder with the rules and guidelines. The two groups of six would leave Sunday morning from Dover on a government jet and arrive in Iran early Monday morning. They would spend six days on the ground in Iran.

            ”You would land at one of the military airports and be carried to one of the daily briefings. They would be allowed to question officials at those briefings. From there they would be assigned bunks in a military non-segregated barracks. At that time, they would be given a set of geographic areas that they could chose to report on, based on security,” I said.

            ”A driver/guard and an interpreter would be assigned to each reporter team. They are to return to the barracks before dark. Your group would get no special treatment, food or housing accommodations,” I said.

            ”All individuals will have to have all the required vaccinations, passports and be limited on the amount of baggage,” I added.

            ”My sister Sherry will take over for me while I am doing this project. Grand Pop has been working her at the station on special interest projects. This will be her chance to expand. So, I am in,” Hanna said.

            ”As long as I can give news reports from there, my bosses will work with me. So, count me in too,” Melinda said.

            ”I am glad to hear that because it’s going to be implemented quickly. Look the over the rules – we can make changes now. Then we will go out and make the announcement at the 1400 press conference,” I said.

            ”Connie had printed out the vaccination requirements for you to pass out to get the conversation started. The outside media people as well as the White House press group will be eligible,” I said.

            I waited as they read over the rules and limitations and read them myself. I was satisfied with them.

            There was a scheduling office for the Air Force for transportation between military bases on a first come first served based on space available. It was used to shuttle DOD personnel from one base to another under non-emergency conditions with available aircraft seating.

            Connie had contacted them and there was a C17 freight flight out of Dover to Tehran leaving Saturday at noon with seats for the first media teams.

            At 1345 the media groups were notified of the joint news briefing to allow the inside and outside media to get into the media center. The Secret Service was setting up the donut/coffee table as they were coming in.

            ”I have a quick announcement to make then I need to go. I have decided to allow media access to Iran. Hanna Page and Melinda Schaffer are going to be the coordinators and White House liaisons and they will accompany the media on the visits. That said, I will turn this over to them to explain how they are going to work it,” I said.

            ”Thanks Madam President,” Hanna said.

            ”Melinda is passing out several handouts that you need to look over. One is the vaccinations that are recommended for travel to Iran. The second the geographic areas that are open to visiting reporters, as you can see they are divided into areas that you can choose to visit,” Hanna said.

            ”As you can see by the handout, all of Iran will be open, barring any possible security issues at the time of your visit. You can only choose one location to report out of for the seven day period because of logistics,” Hanna said.

            ”The visits will be for seven days. When available, transportation will be by military transport planes that are making routine deliveries. The plane departing this Saturday will be at Dover Air Force Base. Departure time has not been scheduled yet,” Melinda said.

            ”Each team in the field, consisting of one reporter and one cameraman, will be assigned one security guard and one driver. You will report back to the same base for overnight lodging, meals and laundry. What you can carry will be determined by your ability to be responsible for it. No laborers are going to be assigned to you,” Melinda said.

            ”Currently there are no restrictions of where you can go, see or who you can interview. Currently you will be able to carry a personal weapon for added protection, provided you have had an approved safety course and can  demonstrate proficiency with it,” Melinda said.

            ”As you know, I have been shot in the field, so I intend to carry. Hanna and I both have been through the JBG weapons training course and suggest that you take a course,” Melinda said.

            ”Those of you wanting to go will be chosen by lottery. There is space for four news teams plus Melinda her camera man and me and my camera man on Saturday and each Saturday thereafter until all of you that wish to have made the journey. Melinda and I will be responsible for two media teams,” Hanna said.

            “We will take a ten-minute break at this point, so you can get approval from your news desk,” Melinda said.

            After the break, ”If you are interested in going Saturday, put your White House ID in the bucket Melinda is holding and Harry will pull four names,” Hanna said as everyone returned.

            An agent came out from behind the divider with one of those bingo cages that volunteer organizations used at fund raisers. Melinda dumped the bucket of ID’s into it and turned the crank several revolutions, giving them a good mix up.

            ”Harry, please pull four ID’s,” Hanna said.

            ”John Day, ABC news,” Hanna said.

            ”Howard Croswell, AP news,” Hanna said.

            ”Amanda Purcell, UPI,” Hanna said.

            ”Laurence Palmer, NBC news,” Hanna said.

            ”While you were on break the departure time was established, you need to meet Hanna and me at the main gate at Dover Air Force Base 0800 Saturday morning,” Melinda said.

            ”If you need guidance, see Hanna or me and we will try to get everything together,” Melinda said.

            ”There will be a drawing every Monday to give the next group a few days to pack and get things in order,” Melinda said.

            I walked back into the media center just as Melinda and Hanna were finishing up.

            ”If there are any questions about visits to Iran I will see that Hanna and Melinda get them,” I said.

            ”Madam President, do you have a response to the challenge of the extra unemployment benefits cuts in the courts? The one the unemployed workers union and the ACLU have filed suit against to reinstate?” one said.

            ”The elimination of the pandemic enhanced unemployment payments that should have been done years ago was part of a constitutional process called ‘The Budget’. The Constitution clearly describes the process that all spending originates in the House and then to the Senate. That process is followed up by the budget being signed into law by the President,” I said.

            ”I believe that it would be unconstitutional for a lower court federal judge to overrule that process when Congress had spent tens of thousands of hours debating and formulating that budget based on constitutional guidelines,” I said.

            ”There seems to be no end to federal judges that think judgeship gives them the power to legislate from the bench. Of course, attorneys hunt for judges they think would be sympathetic to their cause,” I said.

            ”Vice President Harrison and I have discussed at length such a possibility and I have consulted with the group of constitutional experts that I go to for advice when I have questions. Should that situation arise, I have an outline of actions to oppose such a ruling,” I said.

            ”The base cuts and cuts to other programs and the wealth tax looks to be sizable, will they balance the budget?” another asked.

            ”They may not balance the budget completely but combined with other funding changes it will be close. The markets must think so – stocks are up more than average today,” I said.

            ”What’s going to happen to the closed military bases?” another said.

            ”I believe the plan – at this time – is to move them to a standby status. That is to keep the grass cut, electric on and in a condition ready to be activated in thirty days or less. Some of them may be sold but at the current time, that just speculation on my part,” I said.

            ”The manned mission to Mars so far looks good and there have been few problems. How long does this administration plan to continue the project? Former President Thomas was against the mission.”

            ”I think it is a wait and see thing. The original funding was for five years and we are only in the third year of that. Successful outcomes of each phase of the mission will give it strength as we move forward. A string of failures would not encourage longevity of the program,” I answered.

            ”I have faith in American engineering, the pioneering spirit and the courage and bravery of the crew up there. It’s been a long ride for them and the successes are very encouraging,” I said.

            ”There are a couple major pieces of the Mars station assembly happening in the next few weeks; that will be the deciding factor,” I said.

            ”Word is you may be going back to Russia soon, any thoughts on that?” the API reporter asked.

            ”We are at another milestone in the reduction treaty. I may make the trip to celebrate reaching that milestone with President Orbatch. The continued progress is very encouraging. Both our nations are ahead of schedule and should be in full compliance earlier than the deadline,” I said.

            ”There have been several minor agreements that will strengthen trade between our nations. There are several major agreements that will be signed when President Orbatch and I meet. Several manufactures are completing military factory conversions to auto parts and equipment for export to the US. Those factories were slated to be built in China,” I said.

            ”The move strengthens our supply chain with diversity in the source of supply. It will also mean more trade for the east coast ports, giving relief to those on the west coast that are overwhelmed.”

            ”That’s all the time I have for now. Let’s do this again,” I said.

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Book 3 Chapter 8

Book 3 Chapter 8

             The kids were late getting up and it gave us time to get filled in on all the things they were doing. The list had been expanded several times and was still growing. I listened and cringed at some of them. I could just see the subpoenas from the alphabet federal agencies.

            ”You have run all this by the corporate lawyers and other specialists, haven’t you?” I asked.

            ”We are doing everything by the book and they have approved each step,” Marcy replied.

            ”OK,” I said.

            By the time they were finished, the kids were up, ready for breakfast and another day of playing. Breakfast took nearly an hour between the lack of staff and kids unable to make up their mind on what they wanted. I told my mates and the kids that I had a few things to do but would be back in a bit.

            Washington was dead this time of a morning on a holiday. With a few Secret Service agents and Ziva, Abra and Farah and one White House photographer, we rode to the Tomb of the Unknown in four of the GSA Suburbans. We were a few minutes early so I got to watch a lot more. We were the only ones there.

            I stood at attention and counted every step and mentally timed every turn. It was a solemn few minutes; no one said anything. I watched the changing of the guard as I had done so many times. Other than a few Secret Service, no one knew that I came here late at night to clear my head and keep my thinking going in the right direction.

            After a few minutes watching the new guard I asked to be taken to the cemetery where so many American soldiers were buried. I walked the rows to Betty’s grave. I had the row and numbers memorized and placed several small flowers by the marker. They would be gone on Monday when the caretakers made the rounds. I said a prayer while on my knees by the cross. I could hear the photographer’s camera clicking, even though he was well away. I wish he wouldn’t but there needed to be a record, or so they said.

            Thirty minutes later I was back in the Oval Office. I glanced at the intelligence updates and then went back to my family. On the floor I played with the kids and talked with my mates.

            There were no fires that needed to be put out anywhere in the world that I could do anything about. The Christian population in Iran celebrated its first Christmas without the heavy hand of an oppressive Muslim government restricting them.

             In Egypt several Christian churches were attacked. It was the same every year and Christian holiday. The government promised swift action, but no one was ever arrested or prosecuted.

            The same happened in several other countries in Africa. Some things in the world never changed. Just the places, dates and times.

            Marcy and Jenny had brought the checks that gave away the forty million that I received as my share from the sale of JBG to TSCIC. They were certified checks drawn on my Midwest Bank account. Even so, I needed to sign them.

            Ten million went to the Shriners Children’s Hospital, another ten million went to St Jude Children’s Hospital and eight million went into an account to buy food for the Nimule refugee camp. I would match all the donations from the public or finish out a C5 load.

             The rest was divided among the three volunteer fire companies that always helped at Morton Field and the one on Chincoteague Island where Uncle John’s beach house is that we used from time to time.

            The animal lovers had finally stopped the annual pony penning and sale that was their major fund raiser. They had petitioned the National Park Service and protested while including false adds that the adopted ponies were being mistreated. The liberals had caved in and forced the Department of Interior to shut it down.

            The penning and sale were to control the size of the herd. The Island could only sustain a certain number of wild horses. Everyone who bought one had to prove they could financially care for the pony and had an approved place for them to stay. But it didn’t matter.

            What the animal lovers didn’t know was that all the stallions had now been neutered. In a few years – as they died of old age – there would be no wild horses on the island.

            There was always someone from the city that just had to ignore the signs and tried to pet the wild horses or crawl into the corals to get a better picture or to feed them. They always ended up kicked, bit and hurt and it was always the horse’s fault. No horses – no problem.

            All of recipients had to sign a nondisclosure form that they could not discuss or make any statements about who the donor was. I wanted it to be totally anonymous. Two lawyers were going to deliver the checks before the end of the year and explain the form.

            We had discussed in depth about me giving the money away. There were no objections from the girls; we had beautiful children and each year it was heartbreaking during the holidays to see the children needing so much help in the fund drives. With all that Marcy was doing and had planned, we would be anything but poor.

            With all that out of the way we had more family time. In two days we would be back on Summers Lane for the family Christmas gift opening over the weekend.

            We left Washington late Friday afternoon, the girls and kids in two JBG Helicopters and the White House team in three Marine helicopters. I had to land at Morton while the girls landed behind the office.

            The supper that was waiting for us had been made by the chefs. Tomorrow I was going to spend time in the gym, much to the dismay of the agents that had been assigned to work out with me.

            Some of the boys and girl’s toys were left at the White House for them to play with when they were there. Most were brought home to join the collection they already had. This year’s gifts were loaded up with educational toys for JJ and RJ. Takeo and Sara got toys to play with.

            We had plenty of time to play with the kids together now that we were forced to have a Secret Service cook. I had no idea that cooking and dishes took that much time out of the day.

            We planned another vacation to Deep Water Cay at the end of February. That would give me two months to work with the new Congress and my agenda for the first year.

            Sunday came and went, the family time was well enjoyed by all. The kids had too many toys to play with and more clothes they would out grow long before they were worn out.

            Monday, I alone went back to Washington after spending time with Andy and Robert and long goodbyes with the family and the kids. There were a million things still to do in the JBG organization. Marcy was working on the business change and that was keeping everyone busy.

            Vicky was still working short the one thousand security people that had been that had been contracted to the State Department and DOD as interpreters. There were still thirty days on the original contract and both agencies had requested a sixty day extension. Ching Lee was short several hundred from the college security division.

            Time was running out on the planning and zoning to deny the permits for the two projects. I hadn’t thought about the timing, but with the holidays thrown in there were only sixteen working days in the thirty day window they had to approve or reject. Two public hearings were scheduled in the next ten day period.

            There had been no raging ‘fire and brimstone’ letters in the letters to the editor in Elmo’s paper and that was surprising. It was a different story in the papers from Baltimore and Annapolis.

            Baltimore and Anne Arundel county were a different story. Both county commissions were threatening lawsuits to stop construction if the county approved the projects. They were being pushed by the ‘Save the Bay Foundation’ and the Baltimore construction unions – plumbing, electrical, stone and iron workers.

            Those unions had no special influence in the county like they did on the western shore. ‘No union approval’ over there was the kiss of death for a project. The commissioners were scared of the unions on the western shore; not over here.

            All the commissioners were re-elected in our county and I knew what they thought of the unions.

            Janet Ashworthy – the EPA design engineer certified by the EPA – had done all the sewage studies of the county sewage plant. She designed the expansion that would be needed and we had agreed to pay for. She had also done the studies on the ground water necessary for the water tower that we were going to pay for.

            Those studies were delivered to the county environmental department and the planning and zoning department the day after we made the presentation.

            On Monday my office was full from the opening bell. The agency was watching another new terrorist group making noise in Somalia and Ethiopia. NSA and the CIA wanted me to authorize getting a more detailed intelligence gathering put in place. Of course, they wanted help from the JBG embassy people, Robert and Andy.

            I wondered if they were self-funded, or who was funding them. For me that was the most important thing, without money they would have to resort to kidnapping and ransom attacks. That would supply intelligence so we could find them over time.

            Vice President Harrison and I worked on my administration’s agenda for the first year. On January fifth the new House and Senate members would be sworn in. Most had been contacted by my staff expressing the need to meet soon.

            Thursday I went back home, I was going to spend the New Year at home with my family. This year we had planned a New Year’s party. We wanted to close out the last year and all its problems and to welcome in the New Year with the promise of a better one.

            On January second, I was back in the Oval Office and there was a fire storm brewing in the liberal media. The budget had been signed just days before Christmas and it contained the negotiated cuts in spending and tax increase. The IRS had sent e-mails to all professional tax preparers with the forms and instructions to use for all the tax forms they prepared.

            The IRS also did a blanket mailing of the forms and instructions to all tax payers that were delivered before January 1 so all those early birds that planned to file their taxes to get fast refunds in January had the necessary forms.

            The tax wasn’t going to apply to anyone with a net worth less than five billion anyhow, but to make the tax legal, everyone had to fill out the new form and attach it to the 1040 form. That was the first thing to hit the media.

            The next thing to hit was the finalized budget with all the cuts that that Congress and I had agreed on. Right off the top was the cuts to entitlements, the first being unemployment benefits.

            The budget cuts finally ended the boosted unemployment rates from the decade past pandemic. Congress could never bring themselves to do it and I twisted their arms and made them do it by adding sweeteners.

            The unemployment benefit hadn’t been updated for years and was based on a seven dollar and ninety five cent minimum wage. Minimum wage was now sixteen dollars an hour and the new formula was to be fifty percent of six hundred and forty dollars a week. That was a weekly benefit of three hundred and twenty a week if you were unemployed. It eliminated the federal higher rate and continuous extensions.

            The added kicker in the new rules was one could only draw unemployment benefits for two years and then they were ended. It was a return to the pre-pandemic rules for that section.

            There were many millions of people still drawing the pandemic boosted benefit years later. Yet, there were millions of help wanted ads for the job market. Free money was addicting as any drug.

            Other cuts were coming in handouts for immigrants in the form of the length of time they were able to draw from the programs. There were individuals that had been getting money for ten and a some as many as twenty years.

            The new rule was two years and then the money was cut fifty percent for the final and third year of eligibility. They came here for a better life, it was time to go to work and earn it. After three years – if they could not make it – it was time to go back to their home country.

            I had pushed for the time limits to motivate them become a true part of America or leave, the free ride was over. Practically all of them were going to experience the fifty percent cut starting January one.

            The JBG Mexican security zone had all but eliminated illegal crossings at the southern border. The new game was to fly from Mexico City to Canada and come across the northern border. Canada was being tough on the process by forcing the airlines to only allow passengers to book flights into Canada with round trip tickets and no refunds.

            The next big announcement was the DOD had agreed to reduce the size of the military by cutting active troop numbers and close twenty percent of the military bases in two years. The target plan was fifty billion the first year with one hundred billion in cuts at the end of the second year and thereafter.

            The Navy had already provided twenty billion with the cancellation of the last Fordson carrier, the necessary crew and complete air wing.

            The first complete list of candidates for base closings was to be out in sixty days. West coast training facilities and bases were on the cutting block because of the high cost and political opposition. The Washington state Bremerton Navy yard was going to take a major hit in a couple of ways. They were going to lose one of the two task forces stationed there – and possibly both – with those being shifted west. One went to Russia and the other to the Philippines. California was losing both task forces as it was reassigned to the Philippines or Guam.

            The bases themselves were terribly expensive to operate because of all the lunatic laws and rules the fruitcakes had passed. That insanity was multiplied by the high cost of support services from the local area to the bases.

            Germany was going to lose four military bases and the UK was going to lose an equal number. These eight were to be eliminated by consolidation. The plan was to keep the bases under a new standby plan yet to be fully developed.

            There were to be cuts in other agencies as well. The EPA was losing billions in funding and were going to be forced to streamline policies and procedures as well as elimination of thousands of rules and regulations that were decades past outdated.

            The Agriculture Department was going to take hits as well. The liberals had turned the department into an entitlement agency instead of an organization that was to help farmers continue to grow food for the nation.

            Twenty years ago, each American farmer was producing enough food to feed two hundred people. All the recent regulations from different agencies had reduced that to less than one hundred. Our nation was growing and we needed to produce more food ourselves without depending heavily on imports.

            The Department of Energy was another one to get cuts. The heavy subsidies for solar and wind was ended. Thirty years was enough at the money trough. I had cut the funding by fifty percent last year and the new budget ended all the subsides.

            The division that oversaw electric generation was filled with anti-anything generation of green environmentalists. A shakeup in the rules and procedures was coming like a freight train.

            The reserve generation capacity we once had was gone. Many areas were heading towards rolling blackouts in severe cold and high heat summer seasons. We needed the reserve back desperately – we needed dependable electricity for manufacturing and our homes as a necessity.

            I was determined there would not be the rolling blackouts that had become the normal in third world countries and California during the brush fire season.

             The Nuclear Regulatory Commission was getting a shakeup as well in the form of a major house cleaning. The anti-nuke administrators appointed and hired by previous administrations were going to be terminated.

            They had signed their pink slips after the utilities that I had met with delivered the evidence of complaints and the NRC’s tactics. My new investigative branch was already putting the cases together.

            Another change was coming in grants to the states. Instead of getting lump sum grants from the federal government for education, road building and other federal aid, it was going to be in twelve monthly increments.

            Teachers didn’t get paid a lump sum – a year’s salary – they got paid weekly or bi-weekly, so why give the states the year’s worth of money at one time. The same was true for road and bridges. Contractors got paid based on percentages of completed work so why give the state a complete check for the project up front. If the project was a four year project, the contractor was paid over the four year period.

            With Marcy’s guidance the White House budget people were able to find out how the states were playing that game. The states were taking the lump sum payments and putting them in their investment accounts withdrawing the funding as needed.

            The federal government was borrowing hundreds of billions of dollars at a time to be able to do the lump sum grants. Under the new budget the Treasury Department was permitted to split the grants up by each month. It would give the financial markets more stability and save millions of interest on the national debt.

            It would also allow the Treasury to monitor more closely the actual needs instead of just a wild ass guess and then borrowing the money. If Congress thought there was money, they wanted to spend it. With the changes in the revenue and the reductions in agencies, there may be times that the Treasury wouldn’t need to borrow at all or nearly nothing.

            The states were not happy and were letting everyone know it. It was an Oh-well, tough luck thing in my opinion.

            General Ingram came back in just as I was ready to go to lunch. We went to lunch together in the White House cafeteria, it was a working lunch.

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Book 3 Chapter 7

Chapter 7

            The morning was filled with news leaks indicating an agreement movement on the budget, breaking the stalemate that had stalled progress for weeks. Congress had stayed in session all night.

            There were pictures of sleeping Senators and congressional people at their desk. The word I received from the Vice President was the two separate bills were in conference committees, working out the differences. The Senate version contained the cuts and tax bill as I wanted. The House version, liberals had tried to eliminate the spending cuts but kept the tax.

            I had told the group that had come to the White House to discuss the new revenue portion – the wealth tax had to be included as written, the cuts had to stay in place and there was to be no additional spending or else – no signature.

            Even if they passed it I would use the pocket veto and the government would close three days before Christmas and remain closed until the Senate and House returned for special session or in January, unless Congress stayed in session for the ten days that I had to sign or veto the bill. They didn’t like the threat but they took it seriously.

            If it was put off to the new Congress, I would have even more leverage with the numbers of conservative legislators coming in. But I knew they would never allow the government to be closed down over the holidays.

            I finished my Christmas list and called senior agents Brewer, Carter and Tull and asked if there was any way for me to leave the White House incognito to finish my Christmas shopping at the mall.

            ”With your luck finding terrorists at mall’s, not likely. Get your list together and we will send someone to get the things for you,” Brewer said.

            ”The media and Congress would find out about it and I would have to hear a raft of horse crap about it, plus the hearings and all the other crap to go with it. I will just have to do differently. How were Clinton, the Bush’s and Obama able to get out discretely for the things they did?” I asked.

            ”They didn’t carry the risk that you do. There are still very serious unresolved death threats against you,” Brewer replied.

            ”Every President had death threats against them,” I said.

            ”You have had many more and too many close calls,” Agent Brewer said.

            ”OK,” I said.

            I called Ziva and Abra to come to my office. I would have to get them to do the shopping for me as much as I hated it. They were on the JBG payroll so neither Congress nor the media could say anything.

            I explained the list item by item of the things that I wanted them to get for me and why I needed them to do it for me. I had used catalogs to put the list together.

            ”What do Abra and Ziva want for Christmas? What can I get you?” I asked.

            ”JBG has already given a nice Christmas bonus. I don’t think I need anything else,” Ziva replied.

            ”I agree,” Abra added.

            ”Well, that is not what I wanted to hear but if that is the way you want it, so be it,” I said.

            I knew that gold coins were to be given to Andy, Burt, Robert and Cindy. I would give each one of my personal JBG security group a coin. They had been shot at protecting me; it was the least I could do.

            I had ordered as much as I could from the internet, the problem was every single package had to go to the decontamination center and be opened, inspected and tested for contact poisons before it got to me. It was a process that left everything messy.

            I sent a text to Vicky, she and Ching Lee were coming over to stay with me for a couple days. ”Please bring five rolls of the Thimble Shoals gold coins and the plastic gift cases for them when you come over” I said.

            I called the ethics group to send someone over – I had a couple questions I wanted answered. It was my first Christmas as President; I needed answers to issues related to me giving gifts to my staff. Did those gifts have to be reported, did the person have report them on IRS forms? Did they have to be entered on campaign or other disclosures? There was still so much to being President I had to learn.

            I went back to work on the list of things to do after January fifth when the new Congress was sworn in. I started another notepad with rules and laws I wanted to have Congress change, agency by agency.

            Every President loaded up the agencies with new rules and requirements that aligned with their political persuasion. Those rules were going to be reviewed and removed, either by Congress or me by executive directive.

            It was 1800 when the helicopter touched down on the lawn. Not only were Ching Lee and Vicky on it, but all my mates and all the kids who were bundled up like the Pillsbury dough boy. All the mates were carrying briefcases again.

            I was glad to see them and displayed my affection as soon as the door closed off the cold air. I gave each of them a gigantic hug and kisses, including the boys.

            The chefs had to change the supper plans – the boys wanted Mac and Cheese and hot dogs and we all were getting a much better meal than I had planned for myself.

            With Christmas just two days away, the boys were out of school. Takeo and Sara were walking and talking. Damn, when did that happen? I was missing so much of their youth, they were growing so fast.

            I sent a text to Ziva that when they returned to have the things they were getting locked in one of the security closets, that all my family was here. Marcy gave me the five rolls of the coins I wanted and the cases with a presentation sheet for each one and a gift box. I placed them in my desk in the Oval Office.

            Christmas cards had been made with a family portrait of all of us and sent out to all of our friends. I had missed the JBG employee Christmas party this year. I was at the G8 meeting. I was told there was plenty of food, booze and good partying. Politics in high places changes your priorities sometimes, though it didn’t make me feel any better about missing the people and friends I had worked with.

            At 2000 there was an announcement that Congress had passed the budget and it was on the way over. My staff that had been following and assisting in the final numbers and negotiations assured me that everything was as I wanted. The tax increases and spending cuts were as I wanted in the final writing.

            The details in the bill text would not be made public until after the first of the year when Congress came back into session to swear in the new members. That would be when the crap hit the fan with all the cuts to programs that had started out as short term help and turned into long term entitlements that were going to end. Some of them were done cold turkey – all at once – and others over two years to ease the shock.

            The White House reporters on hand and the House and Senate leaders witnessed me signing the document with a dozen pens. With the signatures done, Capitol Hill was deserted in a matter of minutes. Reagan National had stayed open an extra hour so all the private jets could carry the legislators back to their home states.

            Lorrie had twenty of JBG’s small jets chartered by various senators and representatives. The California and Texas group had each chartered one of the Boeing 200s and the galley was instructed to have ten cases of champagne and other alcohol on hand for the party atmosphere – all on the congressional government credit card.

            Lorrie was wise and sent two flight attendants and two of JBG’s big armed security on each to keep order if necessary. The capitol police would be as drunk as the legislators by the time the flight was half way.

            The pilots knew how to handle drunks, just slowly crank down on the cabin pressure and they would all be asleep within minutes. I could see a one hundred thousand dollar new carpet coming on the GAO credit card to get rid of the stains and there would be complaints about it from Congress.

            The White House Christmas Party was the following afternoon. Presents were passed out to all my staff and the Secret Service group that worked my personal protection detail.

            I called Kitty Winn, Connie Hines, Bobbie Canterberry, Bob Smith, Eric Roberson, Frank Love, Marty Coeburn , General Ingram, and the four joint chiefs, Vice President Harrison, Troy, Ziva, Abra, agents Tull, Carter and Brewer into the Oval Office and closed the door. I gave each of them one of the Thimble Shoals gold coins in the plastic protector and in the gift box information sheet.

            Before I passed them out I said, ” I am going to give each of you a special gift for the support and friendship you have given me in this year of unprecedented events and hardship that we have had to deal with. It has been a unique year – in fact the last eighteen months has for all of us,” I said.

            ”From the chairperson of the task force, to Vice President, death of the President, to President, a history making treaty, a war and an election has been a terrible strain on all of us. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the support , loyalty, dedication and above all the special friendship that we share and I depend on so much,” I said.

            ”These are valuable gifts so please don’t lose them. For obvious reasons I would like you to open these in the privacy of your home,” I said.

            My family and I went to the Christmas service at the Washington Cathedral on Christmas Eve. Christmas morning we were going to open the presents that were under the tree in the private living quarters. We were going to wait until Sunday to open gifts at the house with the other family members.

            To put all the agents involved with me traveling home on Christmas day we thought was totally unnecessary. The chefs were going to cook a Christmas dinner for all my family that was here with me.

            After dinner Ziva, Abra and I went to the storage room and wrapped the rest of the presents they had picked up for me and placed my name tags on them. They were going home to be opened Sunday.

             The rest of the family had gone to the heated presidential pool for some swimming. I used the excuse that I had a few more official things to do then I would join them in the pool.

            I was able to swim and play with the boys and my mates for an hour before everyone had had enough of the water.

            Christmas morning was special as all of them were. The boys were excited and ready. There had been long Christmas list from them with all the usual things growing boys wanted. The living area was a mass of excitement with bows and wrapping paper flying and the kids trying out the new toys.

            By the end of the day all were played out, falling asleep shortly after supper. The rest of us were thankful for the quiet time together, it allowed intimate conversation and cuddling – something we all cherished and needed. There was no business talk; that would come tomorrow.

            Edit by Alfmeister

            Proof read by Bob W.

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Book 3 Chapter 6

Book 3 Chapter 6

Happy New Year!

            I left the White House at noon on Tuesday; Marine One carried me to the landing site behind the office. I met with my mates in my old office. We discussed more updates before we went to the commissioners meeting.

            Bobs Engineering group had the 3D models of the twin 110 towers and associated development assembled on display tables so my mates could make any last minute changes before the meeting.

            There was a 3D display of the RV park with the water park complex in the corner. They looked impressive to me. The real test would be in a couple hours.

            Duke was going to allow them to be set up on tables with wheels so they could be rolled into the meeting as my mates were introduced.

            I had sent Hanna and Melinda a text to be at the county meeting tonight. They were there when we got there as was Elmo. All three asked if they could sit with us. We had arrived early and the Sheriff’s deputies, my JBG security detail and the Secret Service guided us to seats on the side where we could make a quick escape if it became necessary. It also gave the Secret Service an excellent security vantage.

            Sitting in the corner with Hanna, Melinda, Elmo and one White House reporter, I answered questions on camera for the fifteen minutes before the meeting started.

            We listened to two hours of mundane county end of the year business that included holiday schedules and openings and closings along with agency reports. Every one of the agencies asked if there was any questions before sitting down. I guess my rant the last time I was at the county meeting had brought some changes.

            Finally they opened the meeting up to new business. Duke announced that a special request for time had been allotted to Lorrie Jones, Marcy Jones, Jenny Jones, Victoria Jones, and Ching Lee Jones of Jones Business groups for a presentation.

            Lorrie started with a description of the properties and the intended construction as the models where wheeled in and uncovered. Pandemonium lasted twenty minutes with the rest of the commissioners’ agency heads and Realtors going nuts.

            Marcy was finally able to give the financials and all the reasons why and then there was another thirty minutes of heated conversation before the meeting continued.

            Jenny gave the legal overview of the project with all the necessary filings. Vicky gave the construction security and long term security for the complex. Ching Lee gave the web site information and where to find more detailed information, the layout, engineer drawings, concepts and progress updates.

            ”The Jones group have agreed to answer a few questions and the commissioners have allotted fifteen minutes for that. Those that want to ask questions, step to the podium and use the microphone so everyone can hear the question, ” Duke said.

            ”These projects are huge. Do you really think they will ever fill up to become profitable?” someone asked.

            ”One thing, JBG is going to consolidate many of our offices, likely taking up twenty five stories in one building. Another thing you have to look at is that within a two hour commute you’re are looking at a population of five million people that could be potential customers of the retail areas,” Marcy said.

            ”Another thing, businesses are leaving the major cities because of the high crime rate and taxes. As an example Baltimore, New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, and Washington DC are averaging twenty five deaths a day from crime. There are hundreds of assaults, rapes, a hundred carjacking a day and hundreds of daylight robberies,” Marcy said.

            ”All of this is because of liberal courts, liberal policing and liberal policies in those areas. Another thing, those cities have been dumped on since they were started. The plan wasn’t designed to be people friendly – just dump everyone together and see what happens. The county plans will prevent those things from happening. Queen Anne county plans calling for controlled growth to protect open spaces is to build tall,” Marcy said.

            ”What’s this going to do to local property taxes?” another asked.

            ”With JBG paying for the expansion of water and sewer plants and paying for its own emergency services, property taxes should not go up. In fact with the taxes these two properties will pay, the county should be able to cut taxes substantially and should even eliminate them for the county’s senior citizens. The high taxes are the reason our senior citizens are moving out of state,” Marcy said.

            The commissioners wanted the models left for other county officials to look at and evaluate. Elmo, Hanna and Melinda wanted pictures and interviews with my mates. They wanted me in the pictures and interviews. I told them because of ethics rules I could not. I was here to support my family in their business decisions.

            The plans for the property were on the 2200 Baltimore news when we got home. The media must have called every Maryland senator, delegate, the Annapolis mayor and the Baltimore politicos for a statement.

            The Annapolis and Baltimore politicians were screaming that the complex had to be built on the western shore in Anne Arundel, Baltimore County or the city. They were the only place suitable for such a structure or they would not allow it to be built. Like they could stop it!

            The Governor was more understanding, most likely because of his close friendship to Jason and Jenny.

            ”Tonight’s was the first that I have heard the JBG development plans on the shore. I got a tip that I should watch the Queen Anne county meeting and I’m glad I did,” the Governor said.

            ”As usual the Jones group keep things close to the chest; this complex development had to have been years in the planning stage. I understand they have already submitted the prints for approval and have full funding. How you can keep that kind of project and that amount of funding under wraps, I wish I knew,” he said

            ”It’s a remarkable complex for the state of Maryland. It will supply tens of thousands of construction jobs and long term employment for both the western shore and the eastern shore residents. It’s definitely going to be a showplace for the state. The third and fourth tallest buildings in the United States will put you on the map,” the Governor said.

            ”I received an invitation moments after the presentation to meet with the QA council, the Jones Group and the State Highway Administrator to discuss the project highway needs,” he said.

            ”One thing we have to remember is that JBG is a major US and International company with hundreds of facilities in nearly every nation around the world. This project could have been built in any state or any country in the world with their connections and they chose Maryland. That says a lot about where their heart and pride is.”

            ”The Governor’s office will work with the county and JBG to expedite the process and get the project moving. I understand this is only two of many major projects that JBG has in the works in the US and around the world,” he said.

            I spent the night home with the girls and in the arms of Jenny. I needed to go to work at the White House tomorrow to be able to rest up. With the Secret Service provided 24/7 chef, I had an early breakfast and then Marine One carried me back to Washington. The media was in the roped off section as the gear touched the grass – yelling and screaming as usual.

            For spite I walked over and said “Good morning, how do you like this cold weather?” I asked.

            ”You could invite us into the warm media room for hot coffee and donuts,” one of them said.

            ” You’re right – I could. I think there might be a few dollars left in my donut budget for the year, 0830 media room,” I said.

            I worked at my desk until time to go the media room. The donuts and coffee were already on the table and both media groups were helping themselves. I had brought my mug of coffee with me.

            I sat with Harry on the edge of the stage, sipping my coffee while he had a donut with his.

            ”You’re not having a donut with us?” one asked.

            ”I had a big breakfast this morning; two pancakes, bacon with a big sausage patty, scrambled eggs and toast with grape jam. I’m still full and the gym is already telling me I am late for my appointment,” I said with a laugh.

            ”With Christmas just a few days away have all of you got your shopping done?” I asked. It was a diversion to send them in a different direction and a delaying tactic. It only worked a little while.

            ”No, I – most of us are last minute rush shoppers. I guess you are all done,” another said.

            ”I have done some on line but have more to do. I’m going sneak out of the White House incognito and go to the mall and finish,” I said.

            ”Like hell you are. Over our dead bodies,” came from behind wall. It was Senior Agent Brewer.

            ”Well, maybe not,” I said.

            ”The base changes have got lots of people worried this close to the holidays. Have you got anything to give anyone piece of mind?” one said.

            ”Given that information was released just two days ago, there have been no changes. It will be thirty days before the list is the review stage,” I said.

            ”You had a busy evening last night. Lots of media coverage in Maryland and national this morning – some happy, some not so happy – in fact plain outright mad,” another said.

            ”I was there to support my mates on plans that we had started a couple years ago. It was nice to see the models, it will be even better to see steel going into the ground and the buildings rising to the sky. There is always someone upset with every decision someone else makes. They will just have to get over it,” I said.

            I left all the extra donuts with the media people and went back to the Oval Office to deal with today’s problems. I delegated people to handle the mundane tasks and I read the updates from my investigative group. They were working in the direction I wanted. I had given them a list of names that I wanted complete details on.

            At 1000 the IRS commissioner was back with the all the information I wanted about the various tax proposals that the advisory group had put together. Breaking all the rules, he brought me a list of the one thousand richest people in America and their worth. He had compiled it from public sources so there would be no real connection to the agency.

            We talked an hour on various tax codes and their effect on the economy – in his opinion. I researched the top one hundred names on the list myself and made notes on the paper. It was exactly what I thought it was. The top one hundred richest were liberals and supporters of progressive socialists and communists.

            I cross checked them – from the last election’s campaign donations, they had given Finney and the liberal party nearly two billion dollars and had tried to buy multiple Senate seats. It was no secret that I could be a revengeful bitch but how do you hurt someone that wealthy? Simple; you make them poor.

            One way to do that was a wealth tax they could not get out of paying. Liberals had used the tax system to make the middle class poor and the poor more poor for decades to make them dependent on government handouts while protecting themselves. Even the speaker of the house had special wording put into several tax bills to help her family avoid millions in taxes.

            The reason everyone said the wealth tax was unconstitutional was because the bills were only directed against a few. My plan was to make the wealth tax bill apply to everyone – including non-filers – by eliminating the non-filer rules. Everyone deserved the headache of filing taxes. But as in all tax codes, create exemptions.

            Line A net worth less than one billion, line B no tax due. More than one billion but less than five billion, five percent due. Five to ten billion ten percent and all above ten billion, the rate would be twenty five percent. The richest – and there were more than several dozen that were two hundred billion and above – would send the Treasury a chunk of money. A few years of that and they would be a lot poorer.

            I had the IRS commissioner, his experts and my White House staff write up the bill. That way Congress couldn’t put loopholes for the billionaire benefactors. I had an ace in the hole to get it passed this session and make it applicable to this tax year.

            Congress had still not passed a final stopgap bill for the budget and were rushing to produce a bill I would sign so they could go home for the Christmas-New Year’s holiday.

            I called the House and Senate leaders and told them that I had a proposal and if it was included in the budget bill along with the already agreed upon cuts unchanged, I would sign it immediately.

            They could – if they wanted to – waive the readings and committee hearings and add the bill as an amendment to the funding bill. I would find out how badly they wanted to go home.

            I was just finishing lunch when the leaders were led into the dining room. They could join me for coffee and dessert. The attendant had just set a slice of apple pie with vanilla ice cream on top. If I was going to spend time in the gym, I could just as well make it worth my time to go there.

            The leaders were happy and unhappy, if such a thing was possible. The progressives and liberals were happy with the high tax on the rich, something they had always wanted. They didn’t know the reasons I wanted it done for. They had plans to spend it for the liberal wish list by putting spending back into the bill but they were soon disappointed.

            I went back and read the base list from the DOD and highlighted several of them. Then I had a thought – if the DOD was serious I would give then something to think about. Dover Base, which was on the list, was four hundred and sixty eight acres bordering the marshes of the Delaware Bay.

            I could imagine the fight the developers would go through to fill the bay marshes to make water view condos. Nothing seemed to stop developers in Delaware.

            I wrote a bid to give to the DOD to influence their thinking – a little.

            JBG bids five hundred million for the Dover Air Force Base. With the following conditions:

            JBG will maintain the air base for a period of no less than fifty years.

            JBG will back lease the DAFB mortuary to the DOD for the sum of one hundred American dollars per year.

            JBG will allow the Air Force to staff and operate the Doppler radar site to maintain defensive monitoring of the coast in conjunction with other military radar sites. The radar must supply vectoring to all JBG aircraft as needed by FAA regulations.

            JBG will allow the Air Force, Air Force reserve or retired reservist to operate and maintain the Museum at the base. JBG must approve the removal or transfer of all historical planes and exhibits. Should the Air Force decide to close the museum, JBG must approve the closure and assumes ownership of all artifacts, exhibits and planes of the base museum.

            JBG will allow the Air Force to hold the traditional Dover Air Show without cost to the Air Force.

            JBG will allow the base to be used as a training facility for the instrument landing system and touch and goes and as an emergency field for military aircraft in distress.

            JBG will maintain the fuel farm, runways, selected barracks, mess, maintenance hangars and repair shops for fifty years.

            ‘That ought to give them something to think about,’ I thought as I finished the letter. I would let General Ingram read it first and judge his reaction.

            I emailed a copy to Lorrie and Marcy. It took all of nine minutes for my cell phone to ring. Then there was a thirty minute three way conversation while I explained my thinking and the intent behind the letter.

            I called it a day and went to the gym. I needed two hours to work off breakfast, apple pie and ice cream. A light supper was called for after the gym.

            I listened to a few minutes of the 2200 news. The western shore politicians were still screaming about the ‘Jones Towers’ as the project had now been named.

            Congress was burning the midnight oil with reports of great progress being made on the final legislation push for the year and the budget. After ten minutes I had had enough and turned off everything. I wished that one of my mates were here, I could use some TLC.

            Tomorrow night Ching Lee and Vicky were both coming over; I was ready. Ching Lee was bringing some of the toys from the basement.

            Edit by Alfmeister

            Proof read by Bob W.

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Book 3 Chapter 5

Book 3 Chapter 5

            It was the first Monday in December after a Marine One ride to the White House I was on my way to Andrews and to the G8 conference. I had boxes of information to review on the flight.

            I thought about the meetings and the things that Marcy was wanting to do. She wasn’t going for small; she was going all in and for broke. As usual she had all the reports and numbers to argue her points in what she wanted. When she finished, there was no way but to agree with her.

            The business financial end was her ball game and she was sure she could make it happen in our favor. I wasn’t worried about that. It was the political fallout when it all went public at the end of April and the first of May. The six primary companies she wanted were very big and all had their stockholders meetings in that thirty day period.

            There were a dozen smaller companies she was going to add along the way. All of them were a fit to the communications and energy division she had created with the oil wells and refineries. They in turn would supply part of our energy needs here for the truck stops and jet fuel for Morton Field, Africa.

            The media was going to go crazy and so would the remaining liberal members of Congress. I pushed it to the back of my mind – no need to worry about it now. I needed to concentrate on government matters at hand.

            I started reading the reviews of the interviews that my staff had done for the ‘Executive Investigative Agency’ as the media was now calling it. A few had already been disqualified by the staff for one reason or another. All had been good standing attorneys or prosecutors.

            The final reviews came up with twenty that they thought would be acceptable – each; would have two clerks and two assistants. They would be divided into two teams of ten with two appointed as team leaders who could approve and issue subpoenas. They had been offered the positions and had accepted. They would be sworn in when I returned from Europe.

            The GSA was already moving offices around so they would have space close to the White House. Let the fun begin!

            The other important thing was the first draft of the base closing list from the DOD. I looked at the list and cringed. The only good thing, there were several paragraphs attached to each base with why they were on the list and where the forces would be transferred or why they were eliminated. It gave me relief to see it that way.

            The Navy had not submitted a list for review yet. I could only imagine what they would cut.

            I had finished all the work and was resting when the plane landed. I had dinner scheduled with President Orbatch and Anton Pavlenko in two hours.

            It was a working dinner with beer and conversation. I asked if there was a chance about expanding our basing agreements to include a second carrier force and bomber group on Russian soil for a couple years to add more pressure on the China problem.

            I would have an answer before we left to go home. It was the answer I was expecting. All things must be discussed with the appropriate people and I understood that. I opened the door and that was all I could do at the time.

            We discussed at length the recovery that was slowly taking place. Military production plants were being retooled into making consumer goods for consumption and export.

            The experts were back working on the oil fields to put them back into operation. The estimate was two years to fifty percent and four to full production.

            ”I have more good news for you. The request you wanted for ten thousand Black Angus and Hereford live female cattle to rebuild your herds has been approved. Have your agriculture department contact ours to set up a schedule for shipment,” I said.

            ”That’s great news. I am told that you may need to make another trip to Moscow soon. We are close to completing another benchmark on the agreement,” he said.

            ”That is good news. For that I will gladly make the trip,” I said.

            We talked a couple more hours before turning in. I spent another hour with Troy and my aides going over the latest updates. The Navy had finally sent its list of recommendations for base alignment and ship reductions. They did not want to acknowledge the growing issues in the Pacific.

            At 0700 I was sitting with Prime Minister Attenborough in the restaurant at a corner table. We were discussing possible base changes and consolidations. I told him it was too early in the process, that it would be several months before there would be any firm answers.

            I did tell him that I had instructed the DOD to get me a preliminary report in thirty days.

            ”When it arrives and I have time to thoroughly review it, I will call,” I said.

            The king arrived at 0900, just in time for the meetings to start after the customary photo sessions and musical chairs.

            It was another wasted day; so much general talk and no decisions about anything. There were proposals to give more buckets of money to some area of the world.

            I shut down US participation in any expanded G8 projects, ”The US is fully committed to the continued rebuilding of Iran including establishing a democratic government.”

            ”We were committed in and expanding our relationship with Russia in overcoming the recent disasters that had befallen it. I am committed to building a strong robust trading partner to further prosperity in both our counties,” I said.

            The luncheon was more musical chairs and photo sessions. I did get congratulated for winning the election. Every one of the country’s leaders wanted one on one time with me before leaving tomorrow. It was a long three days.

            I landed back at Andrews early Thursday morning at 0100.

My first meeting with President Santos was at Andrews when he landed at 0900. He rode  went to the White House in Marine One with me while his entourage rode in Secret Service Suburbans.

            We went through all the public nuances – the photo sessions, the musical chairs, and the VIP meetings – while behind the scenes the Joint Chiefs were reviewing all the condition reports of the bases and estimates to put it back together again. While that was going on, the State Department was looking at all the aid and financial request.

            All that meant was while Santos and I were making nice, the hundreds of people who went to the Philippines to evaluate the former Clark Field and Subic Bay Naval Base were busy. Those people were now explaining the results.

            The Navy report was better than expected. I knew it would be from the early report of General Ingram.

            The previous Philippine President had Subic Bay dredged, planning to bring in container shipping. The problem was the infrastructure was not there for necessary traffic. The intent was build the infrastructure but then terrorism and rebellion on the southern islands consumed too much money and time. Other seaports were already equipped to handle container traffic.         

            While we had been doing all that China had been getting antsy. Their fleet had been actively visiting all the contested areas, cutting fishing nets. Those areas had several anchored Philippine gunboats and fishing boats working the area.

            Philippine flags had been placed on newly installed lighted buoys on all the shallow sand bars which the world courts decades ago had said were Philippine territory.

            West Coast carrier task forces were short ported and returning to sea. The two Pearl Harbor task forces were already a thousand miles west.

            By the end of the day the DOD, State Department and the Philippine representatives had come to agreements that were acceptable.

            Tonight was the official White House dinner with President Santos and his lovely wife as guest of honors. There was champagne, caviar, crab and steak with all the fixings. It was 2200 when the guests departed for the guest house. 2300 when I crawled under the covers. It was a cold night for the first week of December and windy. The document signings tomorrow would be inside for sure.

            I was up early, wondering what was going on in the world today. The early briefing notes were on my desk. Another new terrorist group was wreaking havoc in Mozambique – it had all the appearances of an ISIS copy or a connected group.

            The staff had pictures of fifteen years of Christmas decorations for the White House. My mates were coming over Saturday and we would decide how it would be done this year by using the pictures as a guide, along with staff suggestions. The official Christmas tree arrived the day after Thanksgiving and had been decorated by the maintenance crew.

            I was going to piss everyone off this year – there was going to be a large manger scene on the lawn outside the White House.

            At 1000 all the signees were here in the Oval Office for the signing. Speeches were given, flash bulbs flashing – it was another media event Washington style.

            The rest of the media event would happen in a few days when the task force made its way into Subic Bay and planes landed on Clark Field. It would be a billed as a series of courtesy stops for now; in a few months there would be permanent base facilities there.

            I was in the fitness center working out with the Mossad ladies and a few Secret Service agents for most of the early evening. At 2000 – the agreed upon time – I went to my living quarters and did a VCATS with my mates.

            Marcy wanted to update me on the things happening with JBG. The five of them plus Jeanna had spent the last two days on Thimble Shoals, setting up the final pieces of the corporation.

            All the diamonds had been crated back up and were flown to Thimble Shoals in one of our C5M. Along with the diamonds, all the billions of cash and treasury notes made the trip. She had kept five million in currency for emergencies plus the normal working cash the business required.

            The value of all JBG’s assets had been agreed to and it was a WHOPPER in capital letters! The diamonds were going to take a month to formulate a value. All the cash and treasury notes had been done before they came home and that was another whopper in itself, without the diamonds.

            Just the oil and natural gas reserves in Nebraska, Cameroon and Nigeria, the refineries and the estimates of gold and diamond mines were valued at four and a half trillion in US dollars. That didn’t include the value of all the properties, the thousands of cars and equipment owned by MAAR, the hundreds of aircraft or the now two hundred fast boats.

            Marcy was pleased. There would be enough reserves to buy all the companies she was interested – not just the six largest ones – with plenty left over.

            The bore test results had come back on the development site. The project was a go. Modelers were building the 3D display to take to the county meeting next Tuesday. It was the last county meeting of the year and would be a humdinger for sure. Duke and Clarence were still enthused about the project.

            The building plans would be delivered to planning and zoning Tuesday morning. It would take a truck to deliver them. They required six copies of all plans. What they didn’t know and were going to find out, the plans for each building were two thousand sheets of thirty six by forty eight print stock paper. Also, there were the plans for the parking garage and site work.

            The piece that I was laughing to myself about was when the new rules were written for planning and zoning, they had sixty days to approve or deny the building permit and any denied were automatically sent to the commissioners to override their decision.

            The denial paperwork had to have a written explanation on every single page of the blue prints of what issues were denied and why.

            No longer could a few complainers stop a project. To appeal a county approval, they needed to put up ten percent of the project cost. That was to stop all those people that thought they were rich from forming a committee, claiming harm and going to court. Two hundred million would eliminate most all of them.

            But then I expected them to go to court immediately, claiming the ten percent requirement created an insurmountable burden to anyone appealing the county’s decision.

            I decided I would go with my mates to lend moral support. Let the fun begin; the circus was coming to town JBG style.

            The weekend was a blast. Workers from the GSA and White House staff did the decorating of the White House for Christmas. The boys were amazed that all those decorations came from somewhere.

            The nativity scene was carefully placed outside and was lit up by a light for all to see as was the official Christmas tree. It took exactly twenty nine minutes before the liberal media was stroked.

            The White House press phones were ringing off the wall. I told the night duty press officer to not answer any more. The liberal press could just cry in their green tea. I would deal with it on Monday.

            Monday was going to torque up the media in a big way. There were six hundred executive orders issued by past presidents that were still being used by various agencies to control policy and the various agencies’ work.

            On Monday I was signing six hundred executive orders canceling them out. I was President and there was no reason executive orders from past presidents should be interfering with policies and goals that MY administration was going to implement.

            Then I was signing many more of my own. One of them stated that if an employee was in an appointed non-federal judicial position and had been appointed to that position by a past President, they were to tender their resignation by December 28th or be terminated on December 31st.

            These people were in entrenched positions. Their affiliation with the rich or special interest groups is how they got those appointments. They had many names: the swamp, the second government, the secret government.

            Every new President had policies, programs and changes they wanted to implement and had promised. They – including me – would appoint department heads with expectations that those ideas and policies would be pushed along to be implemented and given reasonable attempts to become law.

            The swamp, the second government killed many of those plans and ideas. If you want to kill anything, just assign it to a committee to complete it. It would soon die in desk drawers and committee meetings that were postponed or canceled on hopes the midterms would change the fortunes.

            If the new department head hesitated in changing key personnel from the past – the swamp – he would get schooled quickly. I was going to attack the swamp from within.

            I was going to issue an order that every department head was to fire all managers and administrators that were leftover from all previous administration and anyone they had hired, with the exception of the Thomas administration. I was cleaning house. Let the lawsuits begin!

            On Monday morning I had the first meetings with the DOD and the Joint Chiefs about the reductions. I questioned several of the Air Force bases that were on the list as potential closing targets. One of those bases was the Dover Air Force Base. It was a Mac base – ‘Materials Air Command’ base – that has C5s and C17s. They had several on the East Coast, one in Massachusetts, Dover Del and another in Georgia plus more around the country.

            With the declining numbers of C5s in inventory and C17s, it only stood to reason that several bases for them could be closed. The Air Force was sure they could never get approval to build new cargo planes that size ever again, so the bases were expendable.

            I knew Lorrie would be interested in acquiring Dover. We were running out of room again for all the 747 water tankers we had plus more were on the way. Lorrie was working on more air freight contracts with both UPS and FedEx. Along with that, she had bought several of the later 700 series Boeings and they were being converted into freighters, some in Israel and some in Australia. Dover would be a great place to store them plus do repairs on them.

            There were lots of plusses to that thought; radar, an ILS landing system, fuel farm and massive hangars designed for repair were already there. And then there were the barracks. The downside – what to do with the world’s biggest mortuary.

            I was willing to bet JBG would be offered more cargo contracts and the approval to buy more C5s when they became available.

            In the afternoon was a meeting with members of Congress about cuts. The next few days were going to be fun.

            Edit by Alfmeister

            Proof read by Bob W.

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Book 3 Chapter 4

Book 3 Chapter 4

            I had written few executive orders as President; almost all of those were associated with the West Coast rioting fiasco. Every time I did that, I was reminded I was only a place holder. That was over now with many of those that had called me a place holder were now on their way out.

            I directed an aide to get me copies of all the executive orders put into effect by the last 5 presidents. I called in the chief of the White House legal team Alex Crabtree.

            ”I want to know if there are time limits on executive orders or are they forever. I want to know if previous executive orders are still influencing programs and agency policies,” I said.

            Congress was in a pickle on funding again. This year – just like last year and the previous 30 years – they had not fully completed the budget funding on time. From October until January there was one continuous funding resolution after another. They would pass this piece then another piece and never the whole piece.

            They sent another resolution to get by Thanksgiving so they could go home. I vetoed the resolution and sent a note that the resolution would not be signed in its current state. They needed to send one representative and one senator to the White House to negotiate a binding final solution to the budget crap that they had been dancing around for weeks.

            To put more heat on Congress I issued an executive order to freeze to all hiring by the federal government until all budget and revenue issues were resolved and a balanced budget was approved.

            I called the Secretary of Defense and the secretary’s of the individual forces and the Joint Chiefs to a meeting at 1300. I was going to rock them to the core.

            I then had a letter sent to all agencies to produce concrete plans to reduce their budgets by twenty percent and to submit those plans to the White House in no more than 30 days. Let the fun begin! I figured if I asked for twenty they would come forward with five.

            Congress was heading towards another trillion deficit. I was determined there would be no more of them.

            I called Secretary of the Treasury Morrison for a 1500 meeting. I told him to bring several IRS people who could think and chew gum at the same time to give me numbers on revenue.

            I had Troy set up a series of meetings with the incoming Conservatives, Representatives and Senators and then meetings with the ones that were reelected. I had campaigned for all of them in one way or another and the PACS had paid for a lot for advertizing. I was going to start the process to call in some of those favors.

            I sent Harry a press release that the White House would begin hiring investigators and prosecutors for the new White House investigative branch. That branch would have subpoena powers as well as the authority to forward cases to the Justice department for prosecution, the same as Congress.

            The branch would be used to develop policy and funding levels and also fret ferret out false and misleading testimony from all the departments and agencies of the federal government that had led to mismanagement and hundreds of billions in the waste of federal funds.

            In all the years that Congress had that responsibility, not one federal official had ever been sent to jail or lost their pensions or job for lying to the government or lobbying for special interest positions, conflicts of interest in decisions they had made, personal, party or for profit. Too many had used their position to leverage high paying jobs or huge profits after leaving government.

            I had run the idea past constitutional scholars, but there was no firm answer or consensus from them. The only thing left to do was to start it, use it and then let the Supreme Court figure it out.

            At 1300 the Joint Chiefs and the Secretary of Defense were in the meeting room.

            ”With the demise of Iran and Russia an ally now, there should be opportunities to combine, reduce and eliminate a number of bases in Europe and the Middle East as well as the US. Some of those forces may need to be moved into a better position to respond to China,” I said.

            ”I want a list of all US bases worldwide and at home. I want to know if they can be closed or consolidated with other bases and closed. I want that list in 30 days.”

            ”I am also firmly suggesting that ALL West Coast carriers be moved further west to apply more pressure on China and move several East Coast carrier task forces to the West Coast. Move the carrier task forces to Pearl, Guam, Subic Bay, Japan and hopefully in Russia in an expansion of that agreement,” I said. ”I will meet with President Orbatch at the G8 conference next week,” I added.

            “To allay some of your fears I want the domestic base closings to gain concessions from Congress. I want them to rein in domestic spending. The fear of losing bases in their states might help do that. Given the events of the last six months, I am sure there are places where cuts can be done,” I said.

            ”We knew there would be changes in the military with the threat level from Iran gone and Russia down. We will have everything completed by then that we have been working on and more ideas,” General Ingram said.

            ”The survey of Subic Bay has been completed. What is left of the base is in better condition than we were led to believe. It’s what we need to improve our position in the South China Sea as you directed,” Admiral Block said.

            Subic Bay Naval Base and the Clark Air Force Base had been big military bases for the US since the big war. Political corruption and a declining Philippine economy had been the beginning of the end of the bases there. The corruption started with the Marcos family and grew.

            The result was massive cash payment demands for the US to continue to have bases there. The military and the US government balked at the demands which resulted in lengthy negotiations that went nowhere.

            The eruption of Mount Pinatubo in 1990 resulted in heavy damage to both bases, making them too expensive to rebuild and pay the lease demands. The US walked away and expanded other Pacific military bases.

            Philippine presidents since then had a love – hate relationship with the US, bordering on insanity at times.

            China was back to claiming every sand bar shoal waters as theirs, based on centuries old hand drawn maps already dismissed by the treaties of the seas courts. They were making man-made islands into military post to reinforce their claims on total sovereignty over the South China Sea and everything it touched.

            I had intervened in some of the disputes by sending the carriers to spend several weeks in the South China Sea in support of the Philippine position. Two carrier task forces were still there doing operations in the area.

            ”President Santos will be here for a summit in a few days. Will the survey be completed on the old Clark Air Force Base by then and will you have estimates for the hangars?” I asked.

            ”Both should be completed. I will check on it and put a rush on it,” General Ingram said.

            ”The notice to Congress will be sent out today on the base consolidation and Harry will give a media briefing later today,” I said.

            I called Prime Minister Attenborough to give him a heads up so he would not be blindsided by the base cut-back announcement. Then I called German Chancellor Hermann where we had the most bases. All agreed to discuss further at the G8 meeting.

            I received a note from Harry that my appearance would be appreciated.

            I ordered an emergency delivery of donuts and coffee from the agents favorite donut shack. They set them up on a table behind the divider. I took one glazed donut and my coffee mug and sat on the edge of the stage in front of Harry and ate the donut while Harry continued to give the daily briefing.

            The reporters became fidgety, looking around, expecting agents to bring donuts from behind them.

            When they didn’t, ”Madam President, did you forget something,” one of them in the back said.

            ”That was a great donut! I think I will have another,” I said as the agents brought the table and the donuts out on cue.

            ”Harry will you join me in a donut and coffee,” I said.

            Harry got himself two donuts and a cup and then sat down beside me.

            ”You know, you play this group better than anyone I have ever seen,” he said.

            ”Possibly, but I expect things to get heated up from here on out,” I said.

            ”That was good. But I’ll have to add an hour in the fitness center tonight to make up for it,” I said standing behind the podium.

            ”Harry says you have some questions for me. Who wants to start the inquisition?” I said.

            ”You sent notice that there may be a military base realignment and possible closures both in the US and abroad. Would you expand on that? Multiple state governments are already ringing alarm bells,” a reporter asked.

            ”Europe and the Middle East are prime candidates for closures, realignments and reductions. Africa and the West Pacific are candidates for expansion. All of those will require lengthy negotiations, ” I said.

            ”Even with the elimination of Iran, the terrorist threat continues to grow. New groups pop up every day in Africa and South America with all of them looking to be the next ISIS. The long term challenges are huge and never ending,” I said.

            ”As far as domestic bases go, I’m looking for substantial reductions. West coast training costs are three time higher than southern east coast facilities,” I said.

            ”With reduction in troop levels comes a reduction in recruit training, so some things need to be closed,” I said.

            “Some members of Congress are saying that you do not have the authority, that bases come under Congress’s authority,” a reporter said.

            ”The President is Commander In Chief of the military and I think that throws a broad blanket over the bases that house and support them. Congress will certainly have input, but the final decision will be mine and the Joint Chiefs, also costs are going to figure into it. We need to get every pennies worth from every dollar,” I said.

            ”While Congress controls the funding to build new bases, the decision to adjust bases to fit the needs of the military will be decided by the military. Excess monies from base realignment will be used as necessary to make the changes or returned to the Treasury,” I said.

            I answered questions for an hour and called an end to the news conference.           

            Days became weeks – Thanksgiving was in the history books. I did the noble thing and pardoned the White House turkey for the media. The cooks already had several in the pots cooking. The White House Thanksgiving dinner was a feast in itself. All my mates, staff and the kids were in attendance. JJ and RJ were little gentlemen. They were getting used to the suit and tie routine for many of the things we had to do as a family.  

            After an official White House Thanksgiving dinner for all the staff, I went home to have one with my family the next day.

            After the dinner there was going to be a big business meeting. Since the June attack on the destroyer in the Persian Gulf, Marcy had been on a mission to diversify JBG’s income streams. She was worried – and rightly so – that the security division was going to lose substantial foreign contracts.

            JBG had thousands of men and hundreds of millions – even billions – of dollars tied to those contracts. Losing them and we would have to lay off thousands and we did not want to do that, not without looking for serious alternatives first.

            My mates had already done a lot in that direction with the Nigeria oil land deal and the refinery. In the last month a deal had been reached for the second refinery that we were supplying security for. It was older and needed a lot of upgrades that had been put off because the financial needs of the Nigerian government wouldn’t allow it to be shut down for months.

            Now with our refinery in full production with more royalties going to the government, the other refinery could be shut down for the repairs and upgrades. But Nigeria didn’t want to spend the money out of the new royalties so another deal was reached to sell the refinery to JBG with a long term contract and of course – oil royalties to the government.

            Everything helped because the expanding oil fields and production required additional security. But it wasn’t enough for Marcy – she wanted more different streams of revenue and wanted them soon. To do that was going to take money and a lot of it.

            We had a basement full of money that we couldn’t use; hundreds of billions of dollars in uncut diamonds. The only diamond revenue that was being utilized and reported was the ones sold through Thimble Shoals Bank, the rest were shown as raw inventory and went to the basement. They were only sold when Marcy’s reserve level dropped below her target levels.

            There were ten years of mine output that had been hidden that was now in the basement.

            Then there were the billions in gold where the only reported income was what was being sold again through Thimble Shoals Bank – the rest shown as unprocessed material.

            There were the billions in currency we had taken from the prince and other raids associated with the terrorists. There were even more billions in US treasury notes.

            Then there were the untold millions more we had taken from the drug cartel plus the money laundering we had done changing the dirty money to clean money.

            I had always believed the Treasury notes and all of the money from the prince would have to be burned. There was simply no way to safely explain where it came from without going to jail.

            My mates had not given up looking for a way. Marcy found it through the secrecy of Thimble Shoals Pirates Bank. With us now holding five of the ten directorships, we could influence policy. After much debate and months of legal maneuvering, Thimble Shoals Pirates Bank was going to allow an investment corporation to be formed while covered under its secrecy laws.

            Curtis Warren and Howard, Howard & Fine had spent weeks on Thimble Shoals writing the laws, policies and guidelines of corporations for the Directors – us, the government of Thimble Shoals and the bank.

            Only one would be allowed for the first two years to evaluate and streamline the process and determine how it was to operate. That one was owned by my family [the six of us] and was to be called ‘Thimble Shoals Pirates Bank Critical Investment Corporation’ [TSPBCIC]. There was just so much that could be read into the name or denied.

            Marcy’s plan was to move all the diamonds, cash and treasury certificates to Pirates Bank for the new corporation and set it up as the cash reserve operating funds.

            The uncut diamonds would be evaluated and sold to the Thimble Shoals International Bank and then sold as the market would allow, giving TSPBCIC additional billions of cash to work with.

            The gold bars would stay in the basement for the time being. It was just too much to go through to crate it back up and ship it to Thimble Shoals. It would be shown as assets of JBG Mining Division in secure storage. Marcy knew how much was there. An inventory sheet came in each crate with serial numbers of the bars.

            All new gold and diamonds would be shipped directly to Pirates Bank. The oil revenues from Nigeria and Cameroon was to be deposited to TSPBCIC at Pirates Bank, reducing the US reporting income of JBG and taxes.

            The oil and gas reserves, along with future gold estimates were also technically put up as collateral on a massive credit line for Marcy to operate under. I didn’t know exactly what Marcy had in mind. I told her I could not know but she was going to have one massive war chest.

            The final piece was to sell all the assets of JBG on paper to the new corporation at a fire sale price, with us retaining only the gym and the house as our private property. The fire sale price was to be two hundred and forty million – or forty million for each of us.

            Taxes was going to take massive amounts out of no matter how we did it. This left the new corporation with a lot more cash plus eliminated taxes taking so much.

            Mistakes had been made early on in forming our business. Things would have been fine if we had stayed small for the type of business we set up. Now we would have to pay for that mistake through massive taxes that would take ninety five percent without doing it this way.

            To offset the fire sale price for all the arm chair accountants of the media, all six of us would be retain our positions and control in the corporation with lifetime salaries of one million each for the first ten years. Then we would get two million yearly for the rest of our life – on paper. I would not collect any until after I retired from the presidency – it would go in the trust fund administered by Marcy.

            All this was to be able to use the money in the basement and allow Marcy to diversify and buy other corporations and businesses, plus gain money to back up the limits on the line of credit. Pirates Bank was going to issue a line of credit to the full value of the assets. Marcy’s war chest just kept getting bigger.

            Marcy had been looking and buying stocks. Many small to medium corporations had put in place rules and golden parachutes for executives to prevent hostile takeovers.

            The large corporations had done little; they were the ones swallowing the little corporations. They were too big to fail and too big to be swallowed – or so they thought.

            They would keep parts of companies they bought and sell or close the rest, acting as corporate raiders. Little did they know what was coming their way by a determined Marcy!

            They had left the back door of the barn wide open and Marcy’s JBG surrogates were already inside. There were six major companies she had targeted but three were at the top of her list. There was were dozens of others she was investing in to take over.

            She had brokers buying stocks in targeted companies since July. It had been bought under all ten of our names plus JBG, Midwest Bank, Thimble Shoals Bank and several stock brokers. There was a six percent limit on the amount of stock one could own without notifying the Securities Commission and the companies. Marcy stopped the buying at five percent under each name.

            Another thing that was a death blow to the companies was Midwest Bank had been buying options on those business bank debts that were secured by company stock, giving the Midwest Bank the stock voting options. The assumption was the bank would never vote against the company unless the companies were in dire straits.

            Marcy had been using the credit lines we had to make the purchases. The start of the new corporation, transfer of the assets and purchase was timed to take it all over before reporting dates and the New Years rounds of stock holders meetings that took place in February, March and April.

            I signed all the papers and power of attorneys that sold all JBG to the TSPBCIC as did all the girls. Dad, Jason, Jeanna and Jake had already signed. On paper we would sell JBG on December twentieth.

            The fecal material would hit the fan when my tax returns were released to the public as required by law. They would not be released until after April the fifteenth – the last day. I was going to donate all my forty million to various charities so the liberals would have nothing or something to complain about.

            The hope was by then Marcy would have enough stock in the companies she wanted that it would be too late to for them to stop the hostile takeover. Once in control of the companies, she was going to freeze the stock price and take the companies private. JBG would be the parent company for all the paperwork

            It was good to walk the house again; even though it had only been a couple weeks, it seemed like months. It was even better to hit the gym and tanning booth again.

            To the Secret Service’s dismay, I worked on the mats with the Mossad people for four hours and was going to every day I was home and that was for five days. Ching Lee, Jenny and Lorrie were waiting their turn with the padded sticks to work me over, knowing that at some point with the soft job and age I was going to lose to them. Marcy and Vicky were going to referee since they were now three month pregnant; no more stick training for them.

Edit by Alfmeister

Proof read by Bob W.

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Book 3 Chapter 3

Book 3 Chapter 3

            Friday night and Saturday morning were family time; there were just so many things that had been put off in the last ten weeks. It was fun to spend unrushed time with JJ, RJ, Sara and Takeo. It seemed they had learned so much in ten weeks.

            At 1300 we were we were in the dining room with Clarence, Duke and their wives, sitting at the large table.

            They were surprised when they were handed menus by the Secret Service hired waiter. ”The chef will prepare anything you want from the lunch menu. What may I get for you to drink?” he asked.

            ”My oh my, servants and a personal chef, you have moved up since I was here last,” Duke said.

            ”Not by choice; there have been a couple new death threats. My meals have to be fixed by the Secret Service chef or prepared under his watchful eye, or even tasted by the official food taster before I can eat it. I can’t even eat things I make myself, without getting the evil eye.”

            ”Instead of going through all that, it’s easier just to let them fix it for me and the rest of us at the same time,” I said.

            ”That’s terrible, even things you cook yourself? I could never stand for that,” Elva Dukes said.

            ”It takes some getting used to,” I said.

            We talked a few more minutes and then the lunch items started arriving. We had a good lunch.

            ”I said this was to be a business lunch. Now that we are well fed and uncomfortable, Marcy and Lorrie have a couple things they are planning and wanted to make you aware, plus they want your thoughts,” I said.

            ”JBG is making plans to develop the two parcels we have on the Island. The first parcel – the fifty acre one closest to the bridge – we are wanting to build two multistory commercial buildings,” Lorrie said.

            ”They are to be one hundred and ten stories tall, divided into retail, office and residential complexes, two thousand feet apart. They are to be connected by a glass enclosed tram at the second story level over a multi-arch historic looking bridge. The footprint of each tower is two hundred and fifty feet square,” Lorrie said.

            ”The upper levels will be restaurants on both buildings. From those restaurants you will be able see the lights of Norfolk, possibly Richmond , Washington , Philadelphia, Wilmington Delaware and New York city on a clear night,” Lorrie said.

            ”At one thousand four hundred and two feet, they will be the second and third tallest buildings in the United States. They will be majestic centerpieces for Queens Anne County pointing to the future. There will be over twelve million square feet of space in them.”

            ”There will be a medical center to serve the employees and residents in one of the buildings. There will also be helipads for both buildings,” Lorrie said.

            ”Each building will have its own ten story parking garage and there will be additional parking to the east side of the complex. The area to the west of the complex to the bay will be walking trails, greenery with tables and covered areas for lunch along with recreation and fountains,” Lorrie said.

            ”The first fifteen stories we think will be retail in each with the next fifty stories to be office space. Some of it for JBG as we have administrative offices scattered everywhere and are running out of space. We are going to consolidate much of it into one location. We are expanding and these buildings are only a small part of that expansion,” Lorrie said.

            ”The stories in between will be age restricted residential with one tower having reserved penthouse apartments,” Lorrie said.

            Marcy passed out artist concepts of the grounds layout and project. It looked good; I liked it.       

”The other project is the two hundred acre plot. We want to turn that into a first class RV resort with a water park that the local children could use in the summer time. There is no water park on the shore except for the few small ones at the ocean beaches.”

            ”The RV resort would be full hookups, with a camp store, laundry and bath houses. There would be a boat ramp with a fishing and crabbing pier. The lanes would be black topped as would the RV sites with concrete pads. Trees would be planted to separate the RV sites. The amenities would be limited to registered campers,” Lorrie said.

            ”My turn!” Marcy said. ”The cost of the two projects is four billion dollars. I estimate that the county would collect over one hundred and fifty million annually in property taxes on these two projects. That is equal to the current county wide tax collections. The experts estimate that it could add up to forty thousand long term jobs to the county employment numbers.”

            ”Let me talk about sweeteners,” Marcy said.

            ”JBG will grant twenty five million to the county water and sewer department to upgrade the sewer plant as soon as the projects are approved. JBG will drill a new well and pay for a new water tower wherever the experts think it needs to be placed,” Marcy said.

            ”JBG will work with the state on improvements for the highway that runs south on the island behind the plot.”

            ”Now what we want. We want the county to waive the impact fees and let me explain why,” Marcy said.

            ”As you know, the impact fees are to pay for building new schools, fire departments, police and water and sewer. JBG is paying up front for the water and sewer so the work can start immediately once the projects are approved and not have to wait on funding, possibly delaying the project to completion.”

            ”JBG security will supply all security for the buildings because of the risk of terrorism and as not to tie up county police resources. JBG is far better equipped to handle any terrorist threats than the local police. We have listening posts and undercover personnel in some of the worst places around the world,” Marcy said.

            ”High rise buildings of this type require special fire fighter training and equipment. The volunteer system in the county does not have the equipment or the necessary training and honestly, will never have it.”

            ”The buildings will have their own paid fire department that is specially trained in fighting high rise emergencies by either the NYFD or the Chicago Fire departments, as well as recurrent training as needed to remain proficient.

            ”That training and equipment is going to run into millions, a fee that JBG should bear – not the county.”

            ”The residential sections of the building are going to be age limited and expensive. There will be few children who will require public schooling. We believe most of those who have school age children will be attending private schooling and there may be a private 1-12 grade school in one of the towers, if there is enough demand,” Marcy said.

            ”Once the plans are announced I expect Baltimore, Baltimore county, Washington and Philadelphia as well as other states to try to do everything they can to move the buildings to their areas. As you know from past experience, they will offer all kinds of special tax incentives and plans plus legal maneuvers. We haven’t asked you for special tax plans, just waive the one time impact fee,” Marcy said.

            ”Now is where we want to hear from you. What do you think about the projects? Do you have questions, would you support the plans?” Marcy asked.

            They talked for an hour with me saying little, just listening. There would be no public release until the bore samples were completed and determined that the project was a go.

            ”Do you want a big presentation at the county meeting or do you want a low key just dump the tons of blue prints at planning and zoning?” I asked.

            ”Do the big presentation. More bang for the buck,” Duke said.

            After they left, we girls went to the gym through the tunnel, worked out lightly for a while and then built up to the hard stuff. It was after dark when we decided to call it over for today.

            Mom wanted us to go to church as a family again. It had been a while so we agreed. Sunday morning – in the Beast and several Suburban’s – we went to the little country church that Jake and I went to as kids. Lots of things had changed, while many had not. It had been almost a year since we were here last. Mom and Lisa were happy, so all of us were. The media groups were upset and that was just tough.

            The chefs had a Sunday feast prepared when we returned. They must have been doing a trial run for Thanksgiving that was a few days away.

            Christmas this year was going to be interesting. Mrs. Thomas had handled all the White House decorating for seven years. My mates were going to come over and help with that this time. For the first time in years there would be small children in the White House on Christmas morning.

            Monday morning I was back to the oval desk. There was a light cold rain in Washington; even so it didn’t stop the paid demonstrators. I wondered what their paid beef was this morning.

            Vice President Harrison came in at 1000 after all the morning updates which always took longer on Mondays.

            We talked about the progress in the Iran negotiations and where we wanted to go with the follow up on them. VP Harrison was making the trip to Russia to carry the payment over to President Orbatch and then stopping in Iran to personally review the progress and give me a firsthand report.

            Treasurer Albert Morrison was escorted in by an agent carrying two attaché cases with the fifty billion that was the installment. There was only one more to go before the balloon payment. The missile and submarine destruction was ahead of schedule. I wrote out a check from Pirates Bank to the treasury.

            The final grain and food delivery had been completed. The Russian corn and soybean crops had been average – nothing to brag about but it would be enough to get to spring.

            After the Secretary of Treasury left, ”Someday I hope you will be able to tell me where you found nearly a trillion dollars that you could spend for that agreement,” Vice President Harrison said.

            ”It is not exactly one of those things that if I tell you I will have to kill you, but at the moment it is close. Once the deal is finished and closed, I will fill in all the pieces for you,” I said.

            ”What happens if someone carries out the contract on your life before the deal is finished?” he said.

            ”In that case, you are standing much too close to me. Marcy knows the scope of the arrangement and would see it through,” I said.

            Orbatch was wanting to buy live cattle to rebuild their beef herds faster after so many cattle had been eaten as food in the last few years. I had no problem with it. The Secretary of Agriculture was against it. Besides being against it, he was getting vocal in his opposition of it to the media.

            There were other things he had started to do that I was dissatisfied with. He was trying to change agriculture policies without guidance from the White House since the election.

            He was one of the few that had not tendered his resignation since the election. I would give him one more week then prod him by having Connie mail him a letter of intent to terminate.

            Another one that was in trouble was the Administrator of the EPA. President Thomas and he had had a tenuous relationship at times when he tried over-extending the wings of his department. But now he was trying again and I wondered why he had waited so long after I had assumed the presidency.

            He was trying to bring back old programs that had been failures at best. I guess he thought he could fix failures with enough money. Now there was going to be a money problem for a while. I intended for him to go down the road the same way as the Secretary of Agriculture.

            There were plenty more things that were going to change and I was not waiting until January 20th.

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