Chapter 3

I went back to the barracks to clear my head before chow. I hadn’t slept more than a few hours a night since the ambush. Every night it was the same, a little sleep then some kind of dream about Betty, and then finally ending in the nightmare of her dying in my arms. I hoped tonight would be different.

I finally forced myself to go to chow down; you just have to keep a regular routine over here. You never know when the next meal might be. I turned to find a table and saw several members of my squad – who had been there at the ambush – waving me over. We made small talk while we ate, mostly they asking questions about the investigation. We had all been through it now. I learned we were all being shipped home on Friday and with different return to duty dates. It was obvious there were going to break up my unit and fill it with all new people.

Rumor had it that Captain Walsh had family that was well connected in Washington and was raising hell with the politicos. It was just one more reason I was glad that I hadn’t signed up for two more years. I was scheduled to be discharged two days after I returned to duty. So far no one had caught that little fact.

After small talk I said goodnight to my group and decided I would hit the showers and call it a night. I stopped by the barracks to pick up clean military issue panties and a tee shirt. I carried my 45 in the folded up clean clothes, you just couldn’t take any chances with so many friendly Afghans shooting us in the back now days. Fresh from the showers I crawled into my bunk hoping for a good night’s sleep.

A couple of hours later the dream started.

“BJ, are you listening to me?” she asked. (Roberta Josephine had been shortened to Bobby Joe and then to BJ by Betty when we were little.)

“Yes Betty, I’m listening. I know our Moms’ gave permission for us to have a sleepover Friday night after the birthday party. I can’t believe we are 14, wow, teenagers. Are April and Samantha still coming?” I asked.

“Yes, BJ Sam said she was bringing some magazines from her brother’s room and some things she found hidden under her sister’s bed. She wouldn’t tell me what they were,” she said.

The party started at Betty’s house at 7. We had pizza, ice cream, cake and Pepsi. Betty and her Mom and Dad, my Mom and Dad and my older brother Jake, April and Sam were there.

I got some nice clothes from Mom and Dad. April and Sam gave me some cassettes for my tape player. Jake gave me a gift pack of 6 games at the local bowling ally. I love to go bowling, I am very good at it but then I’m good at all sports, I beating the boys a lot.

At 9 we decided to end the party and we girls went upstairs. Betty, Sam and April grabbed their things as they came up. I had my own shower so we all took our clothes off and showered, I went last since they were my guests. When I came out they were all sitting on my bed laughing and giggling; they were in panties and night tees like me. Betty was all shades of red. I sat cross-legged like they were and Samantha handed me a magazine. I had seen playboy in Jake’s room, but these were like wow. Naked men and women doing everything, I laughed and passed the magazine to April.

Sam said “You better look at them good because if you keep beating the boys at every thing that is the only way you will see one.”

I asked, “So you have seen a real one?”

Sam came back with, “Seen one and held I in my hand.”

We all started laughing and giggling at that. Sam was almost 14 and has a part time boyfriend so I guess things were getting heated up for them. Anyhow, all the questions started, how did it feel, did you feel it soft, hard, was it cold, warm? We started thumbing through the magazines again looking at all the men’s dicks.

Sam said, “Boys like to call them cocks instead of dicks.”

We asked her to point to one in the magazine that was close to her boyfriend. Sam said he is big but not as big as in the magazine pictures.

That’s when Sam said, “It fits in me just right, I love it and when he sucks me it drives me wild; it feels so good. And I shave it just like in the pictures. Here, let me show you a picture.” She opened the magazine to a page that we had missed and it showed a guy doing it to a girl. He had her legs spread and had her clit sucked in between his lips.

Sam asked, “Do you want to see mine – I shaved it?”

We all shook our heads and at that Sam removed her top and panties.

She said, “You too.”

We all took off our panties and tee shirts. Sam had the biggest boobs – they had nice pointed nipples on them – her pussy was shaved clean just like in the magazine (it looked neat) and her clit was big, almost like she had a little cock. April’s boobs were bigger than mine and Betty’s but not as big as Sam’s. All our nipples were hard and pointed, I guess we were all cold or turned on. I was surprised at Betty’s nipples – they were big, bigger than Sam’s, and longer. I don’t know why but I reached over and squeezed Betty’s nipples between my thumb and fingers.

Betty looked at me startled then smiled and said,” Oh, that feels nice; it even made me tingle between my legs.”

At that we all started feeling each other’s boobs and nipples. Betty asked Sam “What does it feel like when your boyfriend sucks on your boob?”

Sam said, “It feels great!”

April said, “Lie down Betty – your nipples are the biggest – I want to suck them first.”

April started sucking on her nipples and squeezing her breasts. Betty started moaning and wiggling around. Sam spread Betty’s legs and started licking and kissing Betty’s pussy. I leaned forward and started squeezing her other nipple and breast. Then I bent down and sucked it into my mouth. Betty was moving around so much I almost had to use both hands to hold on.

All of a sudden Betty pulled April to her mouth and gave her a full mouth kiss. It was a good thing, because Betty screamed into her mouth and was shaking all over, she had Sam’s head clamped between her legs. After she settled down, she was gushing about how good it felt. After that we all took a turn with the others kissing and sucking us. It’s a wonder somebody didn’t hear us with all the moaning and screaming going on. We soon learned to keep their mouth covered with a full kiss or a pillow when we were cuming.

After a short rest, Sam asked if we were ready the real thing?

We looked at her like she was crazy. She reached into her bag and pulled out two dildos, saying “These I borrowed from under my sister’s bed. I have seen her and her girlfriend using this one.”

“It was big and in some kind of belt. The other one was a little bit smaller but longer, with a place to grip it.”

Sam asked, “Who wants to go first? I think we start off with the small one first.”

April chimed in with, “Let BJ put the one on with the belt – after all she thinks she is a boy most of the time.”

So that how it went, Sam was the first because she had seen them used and had a little experience with a cock. It was decided that we each would use the hand held on her and the others would suck and kiss her. Once she was ready, I would replace the handheld with the bigger strap on and try to act like a boy with a cock.

After a few minutes Sam said, “I’m ready. go slow.” I spread her legs and tried to get it in the right spot, finally Sam took and aimed it and I started pushing it in.

She let out a gasp and said, “Wait, go slower and work it in and out a little”

She started working her hips and moaning. She said, “Stop pushing – it’s not going any deeper – it’s hit bottom.” I just started working it in and out from there. It was pushing on my little nub every time it hit bottom in her. I could feel myself getting wet and breathing harder; suddenly I felt like I was coming like when they were sucking me. I noticed Sam was thrusting back hard at me. Suddenly she hooked her legs in mine and I could feel our pusses touching. She wrapped her arms around me, pulled me close and kissed me hard. She shoved her tongue in my mouth and played with my tongue. We moaned and screamed into each other’s mouth then stopped, out of breath. I could feel my juices leaking from me down onto her.

April and Betty were excited, both wanting to be next. There was no way I could do both of them.

Sam said “I’ll do one and you do the other.” The process was repeated, this time April went next and Sam had the strap on. April took the bigger strap on with no trouble. The end result was the same two exhausted sweaty girls. April had an ear to ear grin, saying “We have to do this every chance we get.”

It was my turn to do Betty, she got on her back and I used the dildo on her but I added some sucking on her nub. She started wiggling and thrusting and I decided it was time to put the strap on in. I got between her legs and tried again and again to get it in but it just wouldn’t go – she was just too tight. Betty had tears in her eyes.

She said “I want this, push harder.”

Sam Said “BJ, get on your back and let her sit on it; she can control it and stop if it gets too bad.”

We changed places. Betty was now above me with my end of the strap on resting on my pubic bone and the tip in about an inch.

Betty told the others, “Squeeze my boobs and suck on my nipples. One of you rub my nub.”

I started to rub her nub and I could feel all her weight on my pubic bone, suddenly she covered her mouth to stifle a scream and she slid down on the strap on. Almost half of was in her. Her eyes were rolled back n her head and I thought she had passed out. Then she smiled, lifted a little, and then took the rest. Slowly she started moving up and down, and then faster and faster. She leaned down on me, not losing her rhythm, and started kissing me and moaning into my mouth.

She looked me in the eyes and said, “I’m cuming.”

Suddenly I was back at the ambush. Betty was in my arms saying,” I love you,” her blood on my hands and uniform, her eyes closing.
I woke up screaming, bed soaked from sweat, shaking all over, and tears running down my face.

Every night was the same. It was a different dream that ended with the same nightmare. Why had she said that – she had never said anything like that before?

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