Chapter 4

At 0500 I was wide awake. I hadn’t been able to go back to sleep. I went to the showers again then went to breakfast. I finally decided to go to the field hospital and see if they could give me anything to help me sleep.

I actually got to talk to a real doctor and explained what was happening. He insisted that I see a shrink but did give me some mild sleeping pills since I was leaving the combat zone tomorrow. He set things in motion so that I could see a shrink on my 3 day layover in Germany. I spent the day packing and getting ready to head home. I kept out a clean bra, panties and uniform for tomorrow. I would be so glad to get some comfy lace underclothes instead of the military issue bloomers.

I took the meds and turned in early, praying for a good night’s sleep. I rested comfortably for several hours before the dreams started. This one started a few days after the birthday party. Betty was over and we were looking at a JC Penny catalogue trying to decide on the new fashions for school.

Jake came onto me all cocky and I knew something was up. I asked where his girlfriend was. He said in my room, waiting on us.

He said, “I could hear you and your girlfriends the other night. I knew you were doing something from all the moaning going on.”

I said, “And what do you think was going on?” casting a glance at Betty.

He said, “Come on over to my room and I’ll show you.”

Betty and I both had the look of dread on our faces. We slowly followed him over to his room. Crystal – his girlfriend – was sitting on the corner of his bed and it was covered with pictures. She was wearing a ‘cat got the canary’ smile. I picked up the pictures and started looking at them; as I did I passed them to Betty. Jake was a camera nut. He had crawled out his window, across the porch room and had taken pictures of us girls while we were experimenting and playing with the toys and each other.

I said, “I’m going to get Dad; he won’t be too happy about you invading our privacy and being out on the roof. I’ll bet you won’t be taking any more pictures for a long time.”

With that, I picked up the pictures and started for the door.

“I’ll show these to all your friends” he said.

“Wait,” Betty said, “What do you want?”

“It’s not what he wants; it’s what I want,” Crystal said. “You looked like you were having so much fun. I want to do some of those things and Jake wants to watch.”

“Jake’s not going to touch us and we get all the pictures and all the negatives?” Betty asked.

Jake said, “Oh no, pictures are not in the deal.” I picked them up and started for the door with Betty following me. I opened the door but before I could step out he said, “OK”

We all got undressed, Crystal, Betty and myself on the bed, Jake sitting in a chair next to the bed slowly stroking his cock. He had a nice one; bigger than the dildos we has used but not as big as the ones in the magazines. Crystal must have shaved her pussy tonight, it was bald and smooth.

I looked at Betty and said “I guess we just do to her what feels good to us.”

Betty nodded. I kissed Crystal and started playing with her boob. I could tell she was a lot better kisser than any of us had been the other night. She was pushing her tongue deep in my mouth so I did the same. Betty was sucking her other boob and had one hand in Crystal’s pussy and the other rubbing her own. After a few minutes Crystal was really getting hot and moving all around. I let Betty take my place kissing Crystal and I got between Crystal’s legs and started licking and sucking her clit. I slid two fingers into her, they went in so easy that I added a third. Then she really started to move, lifting her hips up to me.

Jake had gotten up and moved to the side of the bed. Betty was sucking Crystal’s boobs at the time. He leaned in and put his cock against Crystal’s lips and she started licking it, then sucking on it some. Betty started licking on it and sucked some of it in her mouth, then both of them were licking his cock. Jake then moved out of my sight. He was only gone for a minute and then he was on Betty’s side of the bed and had started rubbing Betty’s pussy – she jumped and looked at me with a slight frown that turned into a smile, so I guessed it was OK.

I went back to sucking and fingering Crystal’s pussy. Crystal and Betty were both moaning. I had been up on my knees, bent over while I was going at Crystal. Jake move from Betty to behind me and I felt him put his hands on my ass cheeks and spread them. I started to get up but Crystal pulled me back to her pussy by my hair. She was humping at my mouth and fingers hard, then went still and fell, limp.

I felt Jake starting to lick me, his tongue went from my clit to me brown hole and it felt so good that I forget that he was my brother. I was getting close to cuming. Suddenly I felt his cock rubbing against my clit, whoa, that was better than any cold dildo, I could feel it sliding way past my clit and then he would pull it way back and do it again. Now I was really close and started moving to help him by moving my hips around. We went too fast and got too far apart. I felt him touch me too high but it was too late, he slid several inches deep. We both stopped but I was too close to coming and didn’t want to stop, so I shoved back. I was full and stretched; I could feel him touching the bottom of my pussy and he wasn’t all the way in. I guess I moaned very loud because Crystal and Betty were looking at me and they both realized what had happened.

They both got up and came to me. I was up on my hands and knees now, with Betty and Crystal alternating between my boobs and kissing me. Jake was really starting to pound me. He had me by the waist, he was moving things around inside of me and it was starting to hurt, but a different kind of hurt.

After a few minutes something changed in my belly, I had a slight burning pain and I could feel him sliding in much deeper. I could feel his nuts hitting my clit. I forgot all about the burning; I was cuming big time. My whole body tensed; I could hardly breath, my vision got blurry. Someone pinched both my nipples. Crystal clamped her hand over my mouth to keep me quiet.

Suddenly Betty was in my arms whispering “I love you,” her blood on my hands and uniform. I was screaming, sobbing, shaking, and sopping wet with sweat. The pills didn’t work.

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