Chapter 5

After I had settled down and gotten myself together, I realized I was going to have to change the bedding as well as shower. The bedding had a huge wet spot. I guess I had really been getting into the dream. That didn’t surprise me because I had been using my memories of my later years at home for masturbation material. The sessions with Jake, Betty, Sam, Crystal and April were the ones that were most repeated. I drifted back into a light sleep and my dream continued.

After Jake had finished in me I fell, sprawled out on the bed. Betty lay down beside me asking, “Are you OK?”

All I could was smile. Crystal went to Jake and started sucking his cock. Jake was hard as ever, Betty was rubbing her clit trying to get herself off. After Crystal was satisfied she saw what Betty was doing and said to Jake “Fuck her, she needs it bad,” and he did.

Crystal then looked at me where our juices were leaking from and said “I see something I want.”

With that she went between my legs and licked up all that was leaking out of me. She pushed my legs back and I must have leaked out a glob, she stuck her tongue deep and then crawled up on me and started kissing me. When I opened my mouth she let some leak into my mouth before a full mouth kiss. It was the first taste of my own cum, let alone cum from a boy. At first it didn’t taste very good but I soon decided it wasn’t too bad.

Jake and Betty had finished by now, we were all laid out resting on the bed when suddenly Crystal said “OH MY, are you two on birth control pills?”

We both said “No” and she had another fearful look on her face.

“She asked when our periods ended?” She began counting and said, “You’re still safe but barely, we can’t do this again without some kind of protection; you girls have to get on something.”

Betty and I went back to my room, photos and negatives in hand, exhausted but scared about the possibility we could still be pregnant. We both decided we loved sex, with girls and toys but boys a little better. We also talked about how we could get some toys of our own, but could come up with no answer at the time. The other thing we talked about was birth control.

I also decided that I was going to have a long private talk with Jake. Things got busy so I didn’t get the chance to have that talk until the next Friday night. Crystal had left town to visit her in-laws with her parents. Jake was home early because he was going to a game on Saturday night with his friends, I was going to Sam’s on Saturday night for another sleepover. I guess we both wanted to be well rested for Saturday and went to bed early. Mom and Dad had gone to a retirement party for one of his bosses. I showered first and put on the thinnest lace panties that I had and a worn out tee shirt without a bra. I gave him about 10 minutes and then knocked on his door. He opened the door in a pair of boxers.

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