Chapter 7 The flight out

My group flew by four choppers to the main airfield to get a C130 transfer flight to Saudi Arabia. From there we flew on a commercial lease flight in an old DC10 to Germany, it was a 12 hour flight. I slept most of the flight; maybe it was the whine of the jet engines, but it was a light rewarding sleep.

Dreamland returned. I was home again; Mom was carrying Betty and me over to Sam’s house for our sleepover. We played all kinds of games and had lots of girl talk about school and boys. Sam didn’t know anything about what Jake had done and I thought it was best to keep it that way. Sam’s sister Sally had left earlier to go to the mall so Sam went to her room and brought back the whole box of toys that was under her bed.

There were several more dildos, a couple of vibrators, a couple of long dildos that looked like a double cock and a dildo that looked like a 2 pronged fork with a handle, along with a bottle of wet lube. We each felt them, running our hands over them. We lay them on our bellies to see how deep they would go, and laughed about the straight double-dildo that we knew was for 2 girls to do butt to butt.

We were going to try them all, although we weren’t sure about the forked one; we couldn’t decide if it was for 2 girls lying on top of each other or to do pussy and butt, but it sure looked like the spacing for either. The lube was very slippery. We started by kissing and feeling each others boobs, sucking on nipples. Taking turns, experimenting, anything we thought of we tried, fingering and sucking each other’s clits.

Now we were ready to experiment with the dildos, and started with the normal cock looking one. Betty was the first. We tried all the angles, seeing how deep it would go along with kissing and sucking her nipples and clit. She had us stop before she came.

She said, “We want to try them all and if we come with each one, we will be too tuckered out to do that.”

Sam and I agreed with that. Sam was next, after that I got my turn. I noticed that I struggled to get it as deep as they did; it just seemed to bottom out. I did get it as deep as they did; I felt a little pressure deep inside me.

Next we tried the strap-on, or I should say Betty and Sam did. Betty had it on and was trying to do it like she has seen Jake do me. She came close to spilling the beans about Jake fucking both of us. Then Betty was trying to fuck me with it. It was longer than the first dildo by an inch or so and couldn’t get in as deep as she had with Sam. With her it easily went all the way in after a few strokes. I finally pulled my legs back to my boobs, I got that little burning stinging sensation and it went all the way in. I could put my legs back down and still take it OK. Betty was getting better with it and was grinding our pubes together hard when she had it deep in me.

I was closer than I thought. I was humping back at her for a few strokes then on an out stroke had a tingle. On the next in stroke, as soon as our clits touched I was there, moaning, groaning, whimpering and thrashing around. To make matters worse I had locked my legs around her, pulling her against me as deep as I could and our clits mashed together.

As I was coming down from my orgasm I looked over to see Sally standing in the adjoining bathroom door with her pants around her ankles and both hands at her pussy. As soon as she realized she was discovered she stepped out of the jeans, shucked her top and she climbed onto the bed.

Sally said, “You did that so well, now do me.”

Sam and I smothered her with kisses on her tits and nipples.

She was saying “Bite them a little, pinch them, harder, harder.”

Sam stayed at her boobs and I started kissing her, sucking on her tongue, and shoving my tongue deep as I could. Betty was pounding her so hard she was shaking the bed with the 4 of us on it; it’s a good thing it was a quiet one. Betty was beginning to run out of steam and Sally was very close. She lifted her legs and Sam and I each took one and pulled them back against her boobs. Betty changed her position a little and Sally started cuming hard and getting loud. I put my hand on her mouth to keep her quiet.

After a cool-down Sally said, “Girls, you shouldn’t be using my toys; you need to get your own.”

I quickly responded, “If I give you the money, would you get them for us?”

She said, “Sure, just tell me what you want.”

“I think we want one of each but we haven’t tried all of them yet,” I said.

Sally said, “Well, the double-dong is not as good as it looks; here, let me show you.”

She had me lie back and took the dong, used the wet to lube it and started shoving it into me. It had only gone in about 5 inches when I felt that sting again, but it kept going in. Sally’s eyes got big but she kept pushing; it kept sliding in. When it stopped it felt like it was hitting my diaphragm; if she pushed it felt like I needed to exhale.

She said, “Girl that is a sixteen inch dong and you got ten or more inches in you. That’s not possible!”

She pushed it in, slid a finger against me to mark it, pulled it out and then put it on my belly. It was past my belly button by a couple inches. No wonder it was making me exhale when she pushed it deep.

Betty and Sam both wanted to see how deep they were so Sally did each of them; they were both between 5 and 6 inches deep. Now that was puzzling. That was the end of the toy play that night. Sally took her toys with her, promising to pick us up some of our own.

This dream ended in the nightmare about an hour before we landed. I woke up as before, Betty in my arms dying. I was screaming, soaking wet, and crying. I scared everyone on the plane half to death. I was carried directly to the hospital from the plane.

I found out a couple of weeks later what was different about me. My period started. Right on time, but it was bad. I had massive cramps, terrible flooding one day, none the next. They had always been bad but this was by far the worst. Mom took me to a gynecologist.

I had a defect in the uterus at the opening. Instead of being pencil sized it was well over an inch. To her knowledge there was no known successful surgery. She put me on the pill to stabilize my periods and told my mother to get a second opinion, but recommended I be sterilized. She said I would never be able to carry a fetus; that they would just abort in the first trimester. My mom for some reason called Betty’s mom that night and told her everything about my doctor’s visit. I was so embarrassed; I didn’t know why she did that.

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  1. cindypress says:

    I like the style you write in and the narrative you tell. There is enough detail to more the story along but not enough to bog it down. The chapters seem to be a complete thought, but still tied one another. A bit like a tv show would be,


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