chapter 8

I spent the next two weeks in the psych ward. I must have seen and been interviewed by a dozen doctors. My primary doctor was Dr. Debra Rich. I spilled my guts. I told them everything and more. The slumber parties we girls had and the sex. I told them about the sex with Jake and Crystal. How Jake and I had an all night fuck fest two days before his wedding to Crystal.

I told them how mad I was when I found out Crystal was killed in an auto accident and I had missed the funeral. We had been on top-secret operations in the mountains of Afghanistan. That was four years ago and I still hadn’t been able to go home to see him.

The docs gave me heavy drugs so I could sleep at night; I didn’t dream, just knocked me out cold. After the daily sessions I did get to go to the gym so I could stay in shape. That seemed to help my spirits improve. Plus, not eating 4000 calorie meals twice a day made me feel more like a human again.

I expected my revelations about my relationship with Jake as a kid would cause problems, but Dr. Rich implied that incest was a lot wider spread than most people knew.

The real issue that came to life was the gang rape that happened while I was in Japan as part of my Asia tour. I was part of a security team assigned to low level diplomats at the embassy compound. There was a big party after a conference.

When the official functions was over, the Japanese sent over food and drinks. The drinks were laced with drugs. When I came to and coherent my arms were strapped to some kind of x shaped device. I had all kinds of clamps all over my breasts, nipples and clit. Some diplomat’s wife – dressed in a leather outfit – was between my legs with her whole hand in my pussy, pounding the hell out of me and trying to get her other hand in my ass.

I had enjoyed anal with Jake as our sexual education grew, but shoving her fist up my ass was too much. The pain level soon took over and it was time to do something. I guess her helpers had left or thought I was still under the drugs. They hadn’t tied my legs and their portable table wasn’t very strong. I snapped my legs together and rolled my lower body trying to break her neck. She removed her hand from my pussy and tried to get out of my leg lock. She got free but was stunned and close enough that I was able to give her a solid kick with my foot, hitting her in the throat. She slammed hard up against the wall and fell into a pile.

My movements broke apart their stand. When her aids arrived to see what all the racket was I was standing over her getting ready to finish her off. They quickly carried her out but I could tell she was in a bad way and unresponsive.

All the diplomats tried to cover everything up and even refused to get me any kind of treatment. Less than four hours later I was on a flight to a new duty station in South Korea. The Front line on the DMZ.

Dr. Rich was furious that there had been that kind of cover up and thought that may have been a contributing factor in my current problem. But, I never thought about the incident again, other than an occasional wonder if I have killed that girl.

On the third week I was sent into a more general area and a semi-private room instead of a private room. The meds were reduced. Once I got my sanity back I became horny as hell. My roommate was a little younger and a little better looking than me. She had the hourglass figure that every woman dreamed of. Good hips, narrow waist and great tits. Her name was Dr. Shelly Moore; I think she was there to evaluate me to see if the dreams came back.

We both slept in just a marine issue tee-shirt and panties to be comfortable. We went to bed early and I fell right to sleep and started dreaming again. This time it was just me and Jake. Mom and Dad had gone to a charity affair of some kind and I needed to do some homework on a science project so I stayed home by myself. I had the project assembled on the kitchen table. It was spring and was warm so I was in an old pair or shorts and raggedy tee-shirt with no bra. I was filling out nicely and was a little proud of them. I was going through the presentation with my imaginary audience when Jake came home.

Jake was good at science and he said, “How about you start over and I’ll help you smooth out the presentation.”

“Sure,” I replied. I needed all the practice I could get. I went thru my speech again. Jake stopped me a couple of times and suggested some pointers that helped. I repeated the whole thing again with the suggestions and it seemed to flow a lot better. After I finished I asked if he had anymore pointers.

He just laughed and got up out of his chair. He walked around behind me and said, “You have enough pointers.”

He reached around me and took a boob in each hand, pinching my nipples. I said “Hey, how am I going to get my homework done with you doing that?” He kissed the side of my neck, saying, “I thought you were done,” and reached under the shirt to get a good feel. I turned around and lifted the shirt over my head, dropping it in the chair.

“Now, I like this a lot better, “he said. He set in the chair and started sucking on my breasts, sucking so hard on my nipples and pinching them.

He unsnapped my shorts, slid them and my panties to the floor and stood up. I pulled his shirt over his head, unsnapped his shorts, slid them and his underwear to the floor and he stepped out of them. He pulled me tight in his arms and we kissed passionately. I slid my tongue into his mouth and played with his. We did this for a couple of minutes. I had to back away a little to adjust his cock; I moved it, pushed it down and stepped forward with it between my legs so we could continue kissing.

I was leaking a lot of lube on it so it was easily sliding back and forth. I reached behind me, squeezed and rubbed the head that was past my ass cheeks. He was leaking a lot too. I kept pulling his cock up between the cheeks and getting my whole bottom slippery.

“OK,” he said, “Enough of this.”

He picked me up and I locked my arms around his neck. We went that way into the living room. He set me on the living room table. Jake went down on his knees and sucked my pussy every way possible. I must have cum several times; it almost seemed like one long orgasm.

Finally I had to beg him,” Please stop.”

I got up and cleaned my juices from his face with my tongue and then I fell to my knees. I licked and sucked his cock, taking it deep into my mouth. It was making me gag a little but each time I did it I was gaining. I didn’t think I would ever be able to deep throat it but I was going to try to gain a little more every time we fucked.

I felt him start to swell then throb hard. I knew he was about to cum and sucked harder. He put his hands on my head and moaned then pulled a little. I felt the head slip past the gag reflex and down my throat a little. Then my mouth was flooded with his cum. I swallowed as fast as I could to keep up. I liked the taste of cum better each time.

His cock never wilted as I got up on the table. I said, “Fuck me, oh brother of mine – pound me – fill me.”

He pushed my legs back against my boobs and started shoving his cock in. It went in and stopped about halfway. He had to change his angle and it slid in all the way. I loved it when he mashed my clit between us. It quickly drove me over the top. I started to scream my pleasure as he pulled me up into a full mouth kiss, smothering the noise of my massive orgasm. When I came down he started pounding me hard; the table was even moving. Then he was cuming, almost roaring like a lion. I was too.

I heard, “I love__” and the blurry image that has haunted me started to appear. Then I felt someone touching me.

I heard “It’s me – Shelly – let me hold you,” as she slid next to me and she pulled me close.

“It’s OK, I got you. Hold me. I’m here for you.”

That’s how we woke up in the morning, Shelly in my bed. I was tight in her arms, her blue eyes open and smiling at me. “Rough night but we made it thru. Are you OK?”

“Yeah, I think so,” I replied.

“Good, then let’s get cleaned up and get some breakfast. You have visitors today. And we need to talk.”

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