Chapter 10

We returned to the motel. The Moms and Dads were concerned that I would be alright. I assured them I would be. Jake and I showered together. It was nonsexual. It felt wonderful to have someone wash my back and hair and I washed him. We dried off and headed to bed.

His was a king size bed; he threw the covers back and I melted in his arms. He kissed me like we had never been apart. We kissed lightly, and then so hard I wondered if my lips would be bruised tomorrow. We dueled with our tongues then kissed our way down to more sensitive parts. He sucked and pinched my nipples, mauled my breasts. When I felt his hand on my mound my knees went weak. I went down on them.

I grasped his hard cock in my hand and kissed the tip, licked the underside from the tip to his balls. I slipped my mouth over the head and swabbed my tongue around it and back and forth on the tip. I heard him moan loudly and felt him rock his hips, thrusting a little more of it my mouth. I slowly started bobbing my head taking more and more until it was at the back of my throat. I tried to work some of it down my throat. It had been so long I had to remember how to relax to be able to deep throat it. I couldn’t do it; I was going to have to relearn that trick. I continued to suck and bob on his cock, driving it hard against the back of my throat, causing me to lightly gag. I could sense him getting close, I stopped and stood, my mouth was not where I wanted him to cum.

I stepped backwards and lay on the bed; he followed me and was kissing me as my head touched the pillow. I pulled him close, my tongue penetrating his lips. Our tongues fought passionately building the desire. He broke the kiss and started working his way down. On my neck he placed sweet gentle kisses and more between my breasts, and then he sucked on my nipples pulling back hard on them until the pressure broke the suction. He took the nipple between his teeth and gently bit it; pain to my pleasure.

If he was trying to drive me wild it was working. He kept going, stopping at my navel; first he kissed it then playfully wiggled his tongue in, making me giggle. And then he was there, first light kisses, then a lick. He spread the flower and placed a kiss on its wet core. He pulled it between his lips and sucked hard then flicked his tongue across it. I was going mad. I reach down and pulled him up – I wanted him in me now.

He teased me; he rested his cock against me and flexed it against my clit. I reached down, and tried to pull it into me. He pulled away then relented; I guided it and the head found the perfect spot. He leaned down, placed his mouth on mine and shoved, pushing my ass against the bed; I rocked my hips finding the angle I needed to take him deep. And deep he went, he hit bottom, I screamed into his mouth, and he pulled out and did it again, his nuts were mashed against me, my clit mashed. He started thrusting gently then harder, first short strokes, then longer, finally full strokes pounding me hard. I was cuming in waves over and over again, each one taking me higher. I thought I heard the door open and close but I wasn’t sure, but I couldn’t be sure of anything outside of me and Jake. I started getting dizzy, my orgasms so strong I saw flashes of light, stars, I was flooding. I felt Jake stiffen then throb, his cum pulsing into me. Then I passed out for a moment. When I fully came to my senses Jake was lying beside me. He pulled me tight and we rested.

When I came fully back to my senses I saw Jim, sitting in the chair naked, slowly stroking his cock. It was as long as Jake’s and may be a little fatter. Jake was lying beside me.

Jim said, “Damn Jake that was better than the movies. Do you share?”

Jake said “I forgot that you were spending the night here. We have with other women together but never another man.”

I looked at Jake and raised my eyebrows. I moved so I could use my mouth to clean our juices from his cock. As soon as I started licking, it started rising, by the time it was clean he was as hard as a rock.

I motioned Jim over and put them side by side so I could suck both cocks. I knew it wouldn’t take much to get Jim off so I sucked him enough to get him slick. I then had him lie on his back and mounted him cowgirl style. Even though I was freshly fucked it was a tight fit and took a lot of trying to get it in me.

Then I leaned down on him and told Jake to try it.

I knew if I said, “Stop,” Jake would.

Jim hugged and kissed me as Jake got into a position to fuck my ass. He scooped all the juices he could that had been leaking from my pussy and slowly worked one and then two fingers into me, I felt his cock against the opening and then steady pressure with an occasional extra push. I felt it sliding in then it stopped. His cock had come to the inner sphincter. Instead of forcing it, which would have hurt, Jake withdrew a little and then applied more steady pressure. I felt myself relaxing and then Jake sliding in deeper. I was on James as deep as I could get him and now Jake was balls deep in my ass. I was full stretched to the limit. If they were any bigger they would have torn me.

Jake started to move, short strokes then longer. The pressure eased and gave way to pleasure. I then started flexing my hips to meet his thrusts. We got the motion together quickly. I was fucking James while Jack was fucking my ass. I could feel the two cocks working against each other, separated by very little. I was getting hot. My pleasure was getting out of control. My orgasm was near; I hoped that Jake and James would come with me.

I started begging them, “I’m almost there, cum with me, please cum with me.”

I was slamming down hard on Jim and Jake was slamming my ass equally hard.

“I’m cumming,“ I started to say but in the middle of it I went quiet; James grunted and thrust up hard into my pussy and flooded me with his cum. Seconds later Jake grabbed my hips and shoved deep as he could, his cock throbbing as it put squirt after squirt of cum deep in my rectum. We collapsed on each other. We finally untangled, hit the showers and fell into the other dry king sized bed.

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