chapter 11

I don’t remember much about that night’s sleep. I had short, little dreams, bits and pieces about being on the battlefield.
When I started to get restless someone pulled me close and whispered, “It’s OK, I’m here, you’re OK,” sometimes there was a kiss attached to those words, other times there were hugs from both sides.
When I woke up I realized I was sandwiched between two warm bodies – male bodies at that. I knew that because I had two hard cocks between my legs, one from the front attached to Jake and the other attached to Jim. I reached down and found that the tip of the one from the rear was past the front of my legs, I could easily play with the head. I reached behind me and found I was able to do the same with the one pushed through from the front.
“Hmm, boys – I need to get back to the base; there are a lot of things happening today and I need to get there soon, we just don’t have time for this.” I dressed in a new set of fatigues, and then I put all the decorations and pins in all the right places. I hated women’s dress uniforms.
The guys carried me back to the base where I had another meeting scheduled with Drs Rich and Moore. We talked three hours about everything, how I felt, my expectations, what I was going to do. They were amazed at how relaxed I looked. If they only knew!
They were interested if I was going to re-enlist. I said, “No, not even if I got another promotion.” I had been in the sandbox too long. We will always be at war in the sandbox. They agreed and gave me a list of numbers for help if I needed it when I got home and their personal contact numbers if I needed to talk to them.
At noon we went out to the Parade Grounds with the other 5000 or so soldiers that were being rotated out. My family and Betty’s family were seated in the section behind my group.
After all the pomp and circumstance and the Commander’s address, the Generals started with the routine, patting each other on the back and passing out ribbons and battle stars to all the officers. Then they began the promotions list, and finally the medal awards.
I was day dreaming about home when I heard “Sergeant Roberta Jones – please come forward.” At first it didn’t register, then I realized that was me. I stood and properly walked to the stage. I stood at attention while my unit commander read:
“On 6 June convoy 12630 was ambushed by 40 Taliban fighters. While taking heavy enemy fire and heavy causalities, Sergeant Jones assumed command of convoy 12630, calling in and directing air support and air cover. Sergeant Jones completed the mission while wounded.
For Service Above And Beyond the Call of Duty.
The Purple Heart
The Bronze Star”
The General walked forward and placed the medals around my neck. The ceremony was over and we were dismissed. I could go home.
We had an evening flight home. Jake and JJ sat on each side of me; we held hands under a blanket. During the flight I laid my head on Jake’s shoulder and went to sleep.
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2 Responses to chapter 11

  1. cindypress says:

    very nice encapsulated episode it would be a good flash fiction piece all by itself. Also if you ever want to post a tease on other sites this episode would be dynamite. Cindy

  2. jackballs57 says:

    Thanks for the great comment. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

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