chapter 12

We landed at BWI after what seemed to be a forever flight, then an hour ride to Eastern shore. It was nearly dark when we got home. I remember when I was little, looking out from the back porch across the bay seeing the Navel Academy. Tonight was no different; the Academy was all lit up. I’m sure all the Middies were cramming for tomorrow’s test, burning the midnight oil.
We were all exhausted, too exhausted for Mom to be cooking, so we went to the Inn. Those Maryland crab cakes were just as I remembered, good to the last bite, I even had several cold draft beers.
Dad and Jake helped carry my bags in to my old room. It had been two years since I had been home. Everything was just as I had left it; Mom hadn’t moved a thing and the room was spotless. A long hot shower was in store. After the shower I stood in front of a full length mirror for the first time in a long time.
‘I’m going to grow my hair a little longer,’ I thought. I still have that tomboy look. I have muscles in places that most girls don’t have muscles, thanks to carrying those heavy packs all these years. Being female on the front line didn’t cut any slack and I would have never asked for any slack.
My boobs had filled out more and sagged a little, some of the side effects of getting older. I was a very full C cup now and my nipples were larger and more pronounced; just the right kind for getting pierced. I giggled at that. I’ll have to think about that more. I kinda liked that that idea.
My butt still had the right shape and was firm – no fat there. My tummy was flat, thanks to sit-ups everyday. Tomorrow I was going to shave my pussy. I liked it smooth; it had been furry too long. I reached down and spread the lips. I realized that I was getting worked up, I was starting to get wet and my clit popped out of its hood nice and long and big. Hmm, should I consider getting it pierced as well? I pulled on a long tee-shirt – good for a night shirt – and no panties and climbed into bed.
I slept soundly, may be it was the beer, total exhaustion or maybe just being home. I don’t remember a thing. I felt the bed move and opened my eyes to bright sunlight and Jake sliding under the covers.
“What time is it?” I asked.
“10 AM,” he replied. “Mom and Dad have gone to work and I have to leave to go back to Tennessee in the afternoon. I want to spend the day with you.”
“You have to go back so soon?” I asked.
“The job is very busy right now, I should be finished there and back before Christmas,” he said.
He pulled me close and kissed me, softly at first then adding some tongue against my lips. I softened and let his tongue invade my mouth, teasing back with my tongue. Then we tried to choke each other with plenty of tongue. We broke the kiss and he responded by kissing the side of my neck and feeling up my tits. I wiggled around so we could get my shirt off; when they were free he sucked on the nipples hard.
He said, “Nipples like these would look great pierced.”
“Yeah, I know,” I replied.
I was getting wet and he would soon know; his hand was headed there. I spread my legs to allow him easy access.
“I see that we both want the same thing,” he said laughing.
Jake rubbed my clit a little and he had me squirming in no time. Then he slid a finger in. If he didn’t stop soon I was going to cum. He must have read my mind. He removed his fingers and hand completely from my mound.
I found his cock and stroked it a couple of times, then slid my fingers to the tip and spread the pre-cum that was leaking around the head. I decided right then what I wanted for breakfast. I moved and opened my mouth and closed it around the head, flicking the tip with my tongue and started stroking it at the same time.
I took my hand away and started to fuck his cock with my mouth, taking it deeper with each down stroke. My mouth was full to the back of my throat. I still had room for my hand and more between my chin and his hair. I opened wide and pushed down hard. I got another inch but that was all I could do; I needed a lot more practice. Then I realized he was thrusting and moaning. He had started to cum in my mouth. I held as much as I could in my mouth and swallowed the rest. I pulled his mouth to mine and we shared his cum.
Jake rolled me over onto my back and said “It’s your turn now.”
He moved down, kissing my pussy softly over the lips, working down skipping over my clit as he spread me like a flower. He circled my sensitive hole with his tongue several times then flicked the tip back and forth across it. Then his tongue went in deep. I thrust my pelvis up hard to get as much as I could, then he pulled out. He continued lower, tormenting my perineum. I didn’t remember being that sensitive there, but it was quickly putting me near the edge.
He went lower circling my anus with kisses, lashed across a few times and started back up licking and probing as he did. When he got to my clit he sucked all of it in his mouth as far and as hard as he could, and terrorized the tip with his tongue. Then he bit down and I was on a rocket ship to the moon, my orgasm took control of my body, I grabbed his head and pulled him tight to my pussy. I arched up hard and the result was he bit even harder on my clit.
With the pain/pleasure I was moaning, crying, screaming, “Fuck me, fuck me.”
But he didn’t. He let me come down to a whimper. I pulled him up to kiss him. He pulled my legs wide as he came up. The target was wide open as he reached my mouth, his missile aimed dead center. As my lips touched his to kiss I felt the tip of his cock enter my pussy – he shoved his cock deep and I was off again. He was fucking me like a jackhammer. He was pounding my ass into the mattress. We were cuming hard. I was running out of oxygen; there were flashes of light, stars, and then darkness. When I regained consciousness it was several hours later – I guess I fell into a deep sleep.
Jake had showered and left, a note was beside me.
It said, “BJ, you were sleeping so soundly and looked so heavenly that I didn’t have the heart to wake you. My plane is leaving BWI in less than an hour and I must hurry. Please call me every day, come to see me when you can. I love you dearly, Jake.
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2 Responses to chapter 12

  1. cindypress says:

    so how do you like having an ongoing storey does it consume you when you least expect it,. See something on tv or at the mall that give you an idea for a turn or twist?

    • jackballs57 says:

      I’m still trying to get all my origional ideas worked into the story. i still have a few to go yet.Yes at times it seems to consume everything. I have written 15 chapters ahead I seem to have a burst of creatitivy and then a day or two almost nothing. My wife goes into the hospitalon the 21 for a knee replacement and i havewill take 2 weeks vacation to play 24/7 nurse so i may not be able to do any writing for a couple of weeks. i plan to use the chapters i have ahead during that time. So far i have enjoyed writing. i just wish my typing was faster and my spelling and punct was better. You are deffinately a lot better at adding turns and twist than i’m going to be i can easily see that.

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