Chapter 14

“Mom, after we get done sunbathing and supper, will you take me to get Jake’s truck? There are some things I need to get started doing tomorrow, “I said.

“Sure, Jake’s been worried about someone breaking in so Dad and I take turns going over to check thing out and turning on different lights. It might be good if you stayed over there every now and then,” she said.

After supper Mom, Dad and I went over to Jake’s house. It was on the bay with a nice back yard that went right to the water. Dad cut the grass. Mom and I went inside to check things out. Everything was OK, but the house needed a good cleaning.

I told Mom that I would come over to clean it in a day or two and may stay to give it a lived in look if she didn’t mind.

She said that would be great because she really didn’t have time to give it a proper cleaning.

I found the keys to Jake’s truck so I went out to see if it would start. It was an almost new F250 Ford diesel, big tires and all jacked up.

“Damn, just the right truck for a tom girl,” I thought.

I took it out to the highway and headed east to get the feel of it and give it a run. I then knew why Jake wanted a truck like this. I saw more legs and panties and legs with no panties than I had since boot camp. To be honest, I enjoyed the view.

On the way home I picked up all the local papers so I could scope out the job market. I read the paper for a while. I noticed a story on the front page of the Kent county paper about the college there. They had had 4 rapes and 3 attempted rapes there in the last year and so far no one had been caught. The last one had been only a week ago, that made my blood boil. I had been on the wrong end of that.

I also noticed they were looking for several temporary security people for the rest of the college year. I wondered what the requirements were for that. A call tomorrow would answer that.

Out of four local papers there were only two jobs that piqued my interest at all: the security job and the local lumber company wanting a local delivery person. There were a few of the hi-end jobs that required college degrees and lots of minimum wage entry jobs. Mom had given me the password so I could use her computer. I spent the next 3 hours looking for a job that I thought I would like.

I decided to call it a night and headed to the shower. I washed my hair, shaved under my arms, lathered my pussy and made it baby smooth, and then after the shower rubbed it with lotion to prevent razor burn. I had given away all my toys I had at home when I went into the service and the things I had used in the service I had thrown away before I left the sand box.

I wondered if the bookstore in Annapolis still carried a selection. Tomorrow I would find out, sometimes I needed more than just my fingers and I just was not ready to hit the bar scene yet.

I was at the MVA when they opened. Three hours later after a lot of runaround and going through 15 people it was decided that I needed to get a learners permit for a commercial license, take the written test and wait a few weeks. Then make an appointment for the driving test and bring the type of vehicle I was taking the test for and I would be able to get a commercial license. I got the commercial learners permit that would allow me to drive all types of trucks including a tractor trailer type vehicle. I had driven them in the marines so I didn’t think I would have any problem. The only problem was finding a vehicle in class to use for the driving test but I was sure Dad knew someone who had one I could borrow. But once I had the license I would be covered if I needed to go that route.

After I left the MVA I went to West Street to see if the book store was open, and it was. I bought several different sizes and length of dildo, a double and several strap on. On the way out I saw sale packs of DVDs so I got a pack of straight and a pack of girl on girl. I was covered no matter what my mood was.

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