Chapter 15

It was noon when I got back home. I called the Kent College Security Department to inquire about requirements for the security job there and the pay. I learned they still had several positions open for the night shift. The requirements were a joke. You had to be able to pass a background test, be a living, breathing US citizen and be able to read and write.

I thought to myself, “No wonder they are having problems.”

I also found out that all but one were retirees and only working part time. The staffing was a nightmare. The lady I talked to wanted me to come up today, fill out an application and do an interview right away, if I could work nights. None of the part-timers wanted to work nights.

I said, “I would be there in an hour.”

In an hour I was sitting down in front of Mrs. Shirley Short, the Human Resources rep. Mrs. Short questioned me for another hour as I filled out the application. The HR rep took all the paperwork plus my Marine paperwork I had brought to copy it. Mrs. Short gave me the grand tour. One thousand students at what was one time an all girl liberal arts college age eighteen and up. Plus, there were another 200 student that commuted. The dorms weren’t coed but they may just as well have been, there were as many boys in the girl’s dorm as there were girls and for the most part it looked like most clothing was optional.

I noticed that we did not encounter one door that was locked during the tour. When we got back to the office I was offered the job, if I could start immediately. I also had to take and satisfactorily complete several online college courses in criminal law and the investigative fields from an approved list.

The HR rep said the two years I had spent as an MP while I did my Asian stint was the kicker.

It also helped that the director of HR was a retired Marine Major and was impressed that I had gotten two field promotions during my service time.

I asked about uniforms, weapons and pay. I was told that Lawman’s Supply in Dover, Delaware would supply everything but a hand gun, which I could not have until the background check came back. All items were the property of the college when I left. The pay was better than I expected, so I took the job with the conditions they had laid out. I was sworn in and handed a security badge.

Fifteen minutes later I was headed to Dover with a letter of authorization for uniforms and equipment. When I left Dover I had everything but uniforms. They had to be altered to fit and I could pick them up in 2 days on Friday morning. That was cutting it close because Friday night was to be my first night. The passenger seat was full when I came home.

I got home and filled Mom and Dad in on my day, I was elated – I never dreamed that I would find a job on the first day. It was going to be a learning experience and a challenge. I intended to learn everything I could from it. My schedule was to be four twelve hour days, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 7 PM to 7 AM with Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday off. I would need to get on a night schedule and I would start tonight. I unloaded the truck and put everything in my room for now. I had a feeling that after the first week I would be moving to Jake’s house in order to be able to sleep during the day.

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