Chapter 16

After supper I worked on the internet on the courses the college wanted me to take. I worked at it till 11 PM then decided that I would go down to the Reds Dock Bar.

After a shower I put on shorts and a tight top with no bra, it was midnight when I got there. The music was loud and there were plenty of drunks by now. All the guys were either around the pool tables or arguing about the game that was on the wide screen. I found an empty table and ordered a beer. While the waitress was gone I noticed that there seemed to be a lot of tables that had one or two girls sitting at them with a lot of beer bottles on the tables. Then it hit me; the guys were at the bar and wide screen getting drunk and the girls were stranded until the guys were ready to go home. I laughed at that one; nothing had changed but the faces.

The table beside me had a nice looking lady sitting at it by her self but only one mixed drink glass sitting on it. Either she was alone or was the designated driver.

When the waitress came back with my beer I told her to bring her another of whatever she was drinking.

When the waitress set the drink on the table she asked her, “Who ordered the drink for me?” the waitress pointed in my direction.

She picked up the drink and her purse and came over, “May I join you?” she asked.

“Sure,” I replied.

“I’m Jenny Coles,” she said as she extended her hand.

“Roberta Jones My friends call me BJ, “I said as I shook her hand, “Please sit down.”

“Are you here alone?” I asked.

“Yes and no, my date Roger is already wasted in front of the TV with his friends, I guess I was window dressing for his friends. This was our third date and is the last. He has only been back over here once since we got here, “ she said.

“That’s too bad; you’re too beautiful to be treated that way,” I said.

And she was. She had long blond hair, maybe 120 lbs, nice chest, small waist, in her mid 20’s. Roger needed someone to kick his ass, I thought. That or walk out with his woman.

We made small talk for a while. I found out she worked for the state in Annapolis and I told her about my past and about the new job. I found out that she lived down route18 several miles from my house.

She said, “You know, I’m bored and horny as hell – soon I’m going to the bar and ask if anyone wants to fuck.” I burst out laughing.

“To be honest, I am too but I don’t want a drunk puking on me,” I said.

Then she was the one to laugh. “Been there done that,“ she said.

“I know where there is a place that will play soft music on demand and there are no drunks, if you don’t mind being there with another lady,” I said.

“Let’s finish our drinks and go then,” she said.

I paid the tab as we walked out. Roger never saw us leave.

I walked with her towards the truck and be damned if another drunk tried to corral us in the parking lot. All I could smell was booze and cigarettes.

“Hey girls, how about you coming with me – I can make you both happy,” he said.

Then he reached for Jenny’s breast. I intercepted his hand, gave it a twist, two solid hits to the ribs and I put him face down on the parked car we were beside.

I turned to Jenny and asked, “Are you OK?”

She was pale as a ghost. I put my arm around her to make sure she would not fall and walked her to the truck. I helped her get in and asked her again, “Are you OK?”

“I am scared. What if I had come out here by myself?” she asked.

“I wasn’t and you didn’t, “ I replied

What I didn’t say was it was all I could do not to beat the shit head to death, which I desperately wanted to do.

We left the parking lot and I ask what kind of booze she liked. “Beer, Coors Lite, and Jack with coke,” she replied.

I stopped at Bakers and picked up a case and a bottle and coke. I drove to Jake’s house, hit the garage door opener and drove in closing the door behind us. I helped her out of the truck and into the living room and then went back for the booze. I put the beer and coke in the fridge. I made two Jack and cokes on ice and carried them and two beers into the living room.

I looked through the CD stack and found one that I thought was soft and slow, to set the mood. I handed her a drink and sat down beside her with mine.

We sipped and talked. “I was so scared,” she said.

“I wasn’t going to allow anything to happen to you. You are safe with me,” I said

I put my arm around her as she leaned over and said, “I know that now.”

We sat quietly for a few minutes with my arm around her. The music softly played. She had her hands resting in her lap. I put my hand on hers. The song changed to a slow – what I called a hold them close – song.

I asked Jenny, “Would you like to dance?”

“I would love to,“ she said.

We stood, took a long sip from our drinks and walked around the end table. I kicked off my shoes so we would be the same height.

“I have never done this before,” Jen said

“I have, just relax,” I said. I pulled her to me and placed one arm around her high up on her back over her bra. My other hand I placed at the top of her butt. I put my head on her shoulder and kissed the side of her neck, soft kisses, and then harder ones. I felt her squirm a little then a little whimper, she pulled me tighter. I playfully sucked on her neck and felt her kissing my neck.

We moved with the music – a hug here, a kiss there. We separated and I kissed Jen gently on the lips and started to pull away; she pulled me back and we kissed with passion. Our lips parted, our tongues touched, lightly at first, then with the fire of the passion we were feeling. I pulled Jen close and slid my hands up her sides and under her top. I needed to feel her skin.

As my hands hit her skin she moaned and said, “Yes, please touch me.”

“I can’t wait to feel you,” I replied.

I lifted Jen’s top over her head, unhooked her bra and dropped it to the floor.

“Now me,” I whispered “Now me.”

She hooked her fingers under the edge of my top and lifted it off, dropping it in the floor with hers. As if connected we reached out and lifted each other’s breasts then pinched and rolled the nipples. I pulled us together again so I could feel Jen’s breasts against mine. My nipples were like bullets. Jen’s breasts felt like hot pokers against me. We kissed open mouth, tongues in play. I moaned, Jen moaned.

I reached between us, unbuttoned her cutoffs and helped them slide to the floor. My mouth stopped at her breast. I kissed it, sucked on the nipple and rolled the nipple between my teeth. My hand had found her clit at the same time and I squeezed it. Jen gasped, let out a loud moan and started to tremble.

“BJ, oh God, I’m cuming ahhhh I’mmmmm cumming,” she said.

I eased Jen to the couch. My mouth never left her nipple; I was sucking it as hard as I could. I knew she would have one hell of a hickey there tomorrow to remember me by. I pulled her to the edge of the couch and spread her legs wide. I left a trail of kisses to her pussy. It was shaved with just a little landing zone above the clit. I licked around it, sucked on the lips and tongue fucked her hole.

“Damn, she is leaking lube like crazy, I should have brought a towel,” I thought.

I went back to her clit, stroked it with my tongue, sucked on it and nipped it with my teeth. She grabbed my head with both hands, pulled my mouth against her pussy and held it tight.

Then she got vocal “Oh, don’t stop, harder, right there, oh yes, more, I’m cuming again.”

I got a little shot, a squirt, and then another. I thought maybe she had peed a little but it was slippery, sweet and good. Damn, Jen had squirted her cum into my mouth. Oh, how I wish I had brought the toys in.

I took my shorts off and used them to wipe my face. I climbed up on the couch facing her. I pressed our breasts together and kissed her. Jen reached to my pussy and fingered me and my clit, I came, and came. I cried, whimpered, and I moaned.

We rested. Then we made our way to the shower together. I soaped up, washed, kissed, hugged, and held Jen. She would indeed have a nice hickey on her right nipple. I thought about making them a matched set, hmm, next time.

I pushed her back against one of the hand bars, got on my knees and sucked her clit again. I soaped my finger and worked it against her brown hole.

“What are you doing?” she asked with a pitched voice.

“Relax and enjoy,” I replied.

When she came I had that finger as deep as it would go. Jen was in overload shaking, screaming, cuming, and squirting.

The sun was up now; we had sucked and fingered all night long. I dried us off and helped her to the spare room that was going to be mine while I stayed here. I sent Mom a quick text about where I was that I was going to bed now and didn’t want to be disturbed until 5 PM at least. Jen called and took the day off. I got into bed with Jen and held her as tight as I dared. I felt different, relaxed and had a peaceful feeling that I hadn’t had in a long time.

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