Chapter 18

Jen and I went into the house followed by her Dad. I had my hands in and out of ice for half an hour. I learned a lot about Jason Coles – county commissioner, attorney, prosecutor, and member of the Governor’s task force on crime – while we waited out the ice.

I wondered how long it would be before the cops showed up. It didn’t take long to find out, thirty five minutes exactly. A sheriff’s deputy knocked on the door.

“Mr. Coles, I’m looking for the person or persons that assaulted Roger Dukes,” he said.

“That would be me,” I replied.

“What is your name?” he asked.

“Roberta Jones, my friends call me BJ,” I said.

“What happened?” he asked.

“Mr. Dukes assaulted Jenny, I stepped in to defend her,” I said.

“What kind of weapon did you hit him with?” he asked.

“I didn’t use any weapon,” I replied.

Jason turned, handed the deputy a newspaper and said, “She is telling it like it happened. Mr. Dukes threw the first punch; it was the only one he got to throw. He picked on the wrong woman to swing at this time.”

The deputy read the paper for a couple minutes about BJ being a martial arts instructor, self defense instructor, and the multiple medals for hand to hand combat competition.

He looked at me and said, “I guess you didn’t need anything but your hands, I think I have gotten all that I need. I don’t think there will be any charges pressed. Mr. Dukes would be a fool to pursue this and laughed out of town, would be more like it,” then he left.
Jen followed me back to Jake’s house and we carried our things in. I put my things in one dresser.

Jen asked if she could put her things in the other.

“Sure,“ I replied.

“There are two more bags behind the seat, would you go get them?” I asked “I will fix us a cold drink.”

Jen brought them and sat them on the floor. We sat on the couch, enjoyed our drinks and it hit me.

“We haven’t had anything to eat yet – no wonder I’m hungry.”

“I think it should be breakfast since we just got up a little while ago,” she said.

We went to the Country Kitchen where they serve breakfast 24/7. Eggs and bacon with pancakes sounded good for a change.

While we waited I realized that I was sore all over from that little workout with Roger. That only reinforced my thoughts that I needed to get back into my exercise routine. I would check in the basement to see if Jake still had his gym set up down there.

When we got home the hot tub was to be next on the agenda. The food was good and we headed home. I sent Jen out to check the hot tub and get it ready. I picked up the 2 bags with the toys and opened them all. I ran the sink full of hot water, added a little chlorine and the toys to sterilize them.

Jen came in and said, “The tub is 102 and chemicals check OK”

I tossed her a towel and stripped off, then flipped my towel over my shoulder as I walked naked out the back door to the tub. Jen followed my style and settled into the tub beside me. We talked about the plans for tonight and tomorrow.

“Are you going to work tomorrow?” I asked.

“Yeah, I need to, “she said.

“I need to stay up all night to get on schedule; I want to be in Dover at 7 to pick up my uniforms so I will be able to see you off to work. Then I will sleep. I’ll be getting up just about the time you will be getting home. You are coming here, aren’t you? I want you to check out the uniform to make sure it looks OK,” I said.

“I want to see you in your uniform, so all that sounds good and I can’t wait to greet you when you come home Saturday morning and find all about your first day,” she said.

We had been in the tub long enough and I was feeling much better. Jen made us drinks, and I went into the bathroom to rinse and dry the toys. I put them in the night stand along with the lube I had bought.

We sat on the couch next to each other sipping the drinks, at some point she put her arm around me and gave me a light kiss. It was good to just relax next to a warm friend. A little while later we went in to the bedroom and to bed. I left a small light on. We kissed, hugged, sucked, and used our fingers. We swapped 69; me on top, then Jen on top.

I got up and dug into the toy box, and came out with the double strap on. There were eight inches for me, eight inches for her, held in place with a harness on me. It took a little effort to get it in just right and with the straps a little loose there was plenty of movement for both of us. It took a while to get the right rhythm but when we did – we were coming, moaning and screaming out our pleasure together. We ended with hugs and kisses as we separated.

Jen went to sleep and I hit the shower; a cold one so I could stay awake. I spent the next eight hours working on the college courses they wanted me to complete.

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