Chapter 19

At 6 AM I went in and woke sleeping beauty with kisses. We showered together, Jen to get rid of the smell from last night, me to keep me awake for a couple more hours. Jen left for Annapolis and I for Dover.

Lawman’s Supply was just putting final touches on the uniforms so I had a chance to look around. In the sandbox every soldier carried a knife of some kind as a last resort defensive weapon. I was experienced at hand to hand close combat and self defense and a knife was almost always involved. They had hundreds of styles and shapes. It had to be small, easy to conceal, and easy to operate in a hurry. I just didn’t find what I wanted. I did find a small version of the standard combat knife with a rig similar to a shoulder holster for a hand gun. It kept the knife under my arm to my side and with loose fitting clothes would do. I did have a good look at all the self defense items and military surplus items. I would be coming back here a lot. By 8:30 AM I was back home and in bed.

I felt the bed move and woke up immediately, ready to fight. As soon as my eyes focused I was looking into Jen’s smiling face.

“How long have you been here?” I asked.

“Only a few minutes, there was little traffic coming across the bridge today and I made good time. Daddy sent a present for you. He said to give it to you after you get ready for work.”

“What is it?” I asked.

“I’m not to give it to you until you are dressed for work,” she said.

It was then that a very full bladder made its presence known.

”I need to pee; let me up,” I said.

“OK, you pee and I need to get out of the work clothes. Get up, hurry up, I want to snuggle for a minute!” she said.

“Girl, you need to get a boyfriend,” I said laughing.

“We both do or people will be talking. Mom has already asked the question – what was going on between us?” she said.

“What did you tell her?” I asked.

I wanted to tread carefully; I just didn’t know what I was after yet. I liked Jen, hell I loved Jen. She filled a hole in my heart and we seemed so close in other ways. But I didn’t want either of us to be trapped. I still needed to find a way to explain my relationship with Jake.

“I told her I had found a new friend that I felt safe and comfortable with, sort of the sister I never had. She was happy with that,” she said.

“There are a couple of guys at work that have a thing for each other, real studs, too. We could double date them for appearances. Cover for everybody,” she said laughing.

“I don’t want you to take this wrong but I still like real cock, also!” I said.

“So do I,” she said. “But we have something special together. I know that sounds weird – I can’t explain it, I just feel it, I would like to explore it, let it run its course,” she said.

“I feel the same way,” I replied.

“If they are agreeable to being used for cover why don’t you set up a double date for Tuesday night? Worst case scenario is we can be voyeurs; they can watch us make out and we will watch them,” I said laughing. It took several minutes for Jen to stop laughing. “I’m game if you are,” she said “And I bet they will be too.”

I dressed for work, traditional panties, bra, and bullet proof vest (on a girl’s college campus – I should have asked more questions) black shirt with long sleeves. Then slacks with a stripe, wide belt, pepper spray, hi-end Taser, handcuffs with several extra keys, ID card and a jacket to which I attached the college security badge. I put on black shiny shoes and topped it off with the traditional cop’s hat. I played with my hair in different ways. I finally decided on a bun under the hat was the best.

I went out to profile for Jen; she was waiting in the living room. When I walked in she handed me a box from her dad. In it was my concealed carry permit along with a gun and holster. It was a Glock model 32 in 357 caliber. I looked at her with a question on my face.

She said, “Daddy saw the request for the background check and the application for conceal permit, he made a couple calls and put a rush on it, after all this is Maryland – it’s all in who you know. The gun is his; it is a loaner until you decide what kind you want.”

I put the permit in my wallet; yes, a wallet – not a purse – and put the holster and Glock on my belt along with the loaded extra clips he sent. Jen took several pictures and sent them to her dad. I told her to tell him, “Thanks!”

I now looked like an official Kent County College Security guard. I thought I looked silly, Jen thought I looked fantastic and was beaming. After a big hug and a good luck from Jen I climbed into the truck and away I went to play nurse-maid and chaperone to a bunch of college kids who only had party on their mind.

The trip from Kent Island to Kent County College took 45 minutes, which was another thing that was going to have to be added to my to-do list, find a car or a truck. The more I drove Jake’s truck the more I liked it. It had plenty of power and good ground clearance with the big tires and lift kit. Good ride and the crew cab was nice, especially with the short bed.

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