Chapter 22

At 9:30 I got a frantic call about a fight in male dorm D on the second floor. I locked the office and hit the all call button on the radio alerting Russ; I also called the local PD for possible backup. Russ and I arrived at the same time running up the stairs. When we exited the stairs into the hall four males were fighting – two of them looked too old to be students – they were each fighting a student.

I shouted to clear the area. The audience backed off in all directions. I waded into one fighting pair while Russ engaged the other. The student in my pair was finished. A simple shove moved him out of the way as he collapsed onto the floor. The assailant began swinging at me. I flexed and the first two punches missed. I step into my first punch as I swung and delivered a hard right into the rib cage followed by two left jabs. He hit me twice but the vest softened the blow, making more noise than anything else. I hit him again with a left and a right.

The hits must have stung him. He hesitated for a second and I stepped in and delivered my favorite male stopper – a punch to the Adams apple. His hands started to drop then reach for his throat. I delivered repeated body blows, the kind that would leave him sore for a week. I hit him half dozen more times before he went to his knees. I stepped behind him and put him in cuffs. I look over in time to see Russ cuffing his guy. The local PD had arrived and was waiting for the show to end before getting involved. They came forward and said, “We will take it from here.”

“I want to question them and I want DNA from both of these guys before they are released,” I said.

“You will have to come sign the paper work. We will call you when it is ready,” they said.

Both students refused the ride to the hospital.

“Russ lets get a list of witness that saw the start of this and then take these two over to the office and question them. I want to know what this is all about,” I said.

“This is the first time in a long time that we have had a brawl here,” Russ said.

“Do you know the procedure for this then? There was nothing in the manual I was given,” I asked.

“No,” he responded.

“Well, we are going to wing it then, I’ll call Mr. Jackson to advise,” I said and did just that.

The eight of us walked to the security office. I separated our two fighters, one in each of the offices and left the four witnesses in the sitting area and instructed them not to discuss the fight. I gave them each a legal pad and told them write it down from the beginning. I walked to the computer and saved the video from the dorm where the fight had taken place.

I went in, threw a folder on the table and sat down facing Richard Jenkins Jr. I heard a knock on the door. I looked to see Jen looking in. She had on her business attire, dressed fit to kill – a 15 on a 10 scale. The eyes of the guys in the waiting area were locked on her gorgeous ass. I was suddenly horny as hell. Her state badge was hanging on her waist.

I looked at her with a raised eye brow as she mouthed, “I will explain later.”

I waved her in and asked, “I think you are highly experienced in this, would you like to do some on the job training?”

She smiled that million dollar smile of hers and said, “I want to observe what you can do without the restraint that I have to operate under. I already know you are an expert at beating some deserving bastard to death with your hands. You can teach me how to do that and I will assist you in how to do this.”

I smiled and said, “You have a deal.”

We questioned the fighters, and then the witness for over two hours. We then reviewed the tape with audio that pretty well backed up their story. It seems our pair of intruders followed a student in and was in the process of searching rooms for valuables and got caught.

I called the local PD and then faxed them copies of the statements from the students. I had let Russ go to supper. Jen and I were alone,

I gave her a hug and said, “Thanks for coming and helping.”

She laughed and said,”You are going to pay me back when you get home, oh yeah, Tuesday night has been confirmed”

Jen picked up her briefcase and said, “This is the real reason I came so early, Daddy had this dropped off by special courier and it has to be in the custody of an officer of the court.”

“Daddy said you will need a strong stomach when you look at these.”

Victim 1:
Candy Small Jersey City, NJ. Born 1/4/93, age 18, 115 lbs, mid-back length blond hair. The attack date 12/5/11 5’7.
Abducted leaving college at 9 PM while standing at the crosswalk on Main Street. She was punched several times, head covered with a bag, pushed in back seat of car. Her hands and feet bound. Two assailants, drive time to destination after attack less than 10 minutes. Pedestrian reported finding victim naked on sidewalk.

Medical report multiple bite marks on side of neck and both breast, severe bruising on both breasts, method unknown, possible pinching device, broken and bruised ribs, severe internal and external damage to vagina, 140 stitches to repair. Victim passed out and was revived multiple times during attack. Pubic region shaved during attack and long blond hair was cut short. Body marked in permanent black marker ‘slut’, ‘fuck here’ with arrows pointing to vulva. Back and buttocks marked, ‘cock loving ass’, ‘fuck here’ arrows pointing to anus, STD test negative this date, DNA samples taken confirmed 2 assailants. The color photos showed the brutality of the assault all too well.

Victim 2:
Jeanie Davis, River Falls Mass. Born 09/30/92, age 19. She was assaulted on 01/07/12 at approximately 9:30 PM while returning to college from party at 19342 West Avenue. Assailant bolted from bushes and forced victim into waiting vehicle. Victim’s head covered by dark hood and hands bound. Victim estimated travel time to place of assault 10 to 12 minutes. Loud music was nearby. Victim was gagged.
Medical report, bite marks to neck, both breasts, both breasts showed heavy bruising, possible pinching device. Abdomen showed sign of repeated punching. Vagina had extensive damage internal and external. Perineum ripped from anus to vagina. 100 stitches required. Body of victim was marked with black marker, ‘whore’, ‘fuck slut’, ‘cock wanted here’ with arrows pointing to vulva, back marked ‘anal slut’ ‘fuck me here’ with arrows to anus. Pubic hair removed. Long black hair cut off. STD test negative at this date, DNA samples taken. Photos attached to report. Victim found in high school parking lot, by sheriff’s dept call to tip line.

Detectives note: DNA test results – one assailant’s DNA matched previous assault – now have three assailants.

Victim 3:
Lorrie Smithfield, Los Angles California. Born 06/20/91, age 20. Lorrie was assaulted 02/04/12 at approximately 9:15 PM from sidewalk 2 blocks from college. Forced into car, hands bound face covered, travel time to hideout 10 minutes. Lower portion of face uncovered while assailants repeatedly forced victim to perform oral sex. Medical; throat and vocal cords damaged, will require extensive repair by specialist, bite marks to breasts and heavy bruising from pinching device, possibly pliers, vagina and anus damaged, stitches required. 2 cracked ribs. STD test negative, pubic hair shaved, brown hair cut short. Body was marked same as other victims. DNA samples taken

Detective notes: DNA test showed this victim was attacked by same assailants as the first victim; she was also awake for the entire assault but gagged except for the oral sex. She also believed all or part of the assault was video taped.

The rest of the reports were the same the only difference was the dates ad the names the abuse done to the victims almost identical.

To say I was furious was an understatement. I was going to do everything in my power to stop this. Jen had to stop and leave at times, the reports were so troubling.

I asked Jenny if there was a way to check all email for video or photo attachments for the day of attacks in the local area for 24 hours and do the same for cell phones for 24 hours after the attack.

All the attacks happened in the first week of the month.
DNA indicated only 3 attackers.
The victims all had similar injuries.
All were marked in the same way; however on the last victim some of the words were tattooed making them very permanent.
All had their pubic hair shaved and had their hair cut short.
The attackers were getting braver, and keeping their victims longer – it was only a matter of time before one of the victims were killed.
Of the eight victims, three still attended the college – number 3, 7 and 8. I wanted to question those three, I just had to figure out a tactful way to do it.

In four weeks it would be first of the month and four weeks to put something into effect to stop this. They had not raped the first of every month. They had skipped a few. But every rape that happened was in the first week of the month. There were no reported rapes two months in a row. The last rape was ten days ago; we had a seven or an eleven week window.

Jen volunteered to help whatever it took.

I wanted an aggressive rape prevention class to be held, shock and awe came to mind.

I asked Jenny how she felt about aggressive self defense training. I wanted her help me with the prevention class plus be able to defend herself.

She replied “I’m all in!”

I sent an e-mail to Jackson wanting better cameras for the street around the college and more lighting. I also wanted night vision equipment and cameras.

I would check out the basement gym in the morning to see if it was adequate for what I wanted.

By now it was 3 AM and Jen wanted to stay the rest of the night. She walked on patrol with me; we had an extensive talk about a lot of things. I found that she had been in sports in school and college – baseball, basketball, and hockey – and had been going to the gym regularly since.

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