Chapter 21

At 4:30 the bed moved a little, I opened my eyes to look into Jen’s blue eyes – she was sporting a big smile. “How long have you been doing that?” I asked.

“Only about five minutes, you are so cute as you wake up,” she said.

With that she planted a full mouth full tongue-play kiss. “Girl, we got to find us a couple of studs,” I said.

“We have a date Tuesday night 7 PM,” she said as she was fighting back laughter.

“I think we are in for a surprise; they were too eager, they may lean to the male side but are bi, I think. We will have to figure out who is using who,” she said.

“Supper is almost ready – it will be a surprise. I need to go finish it while you are getting dressed.”

Bra with hi-cut lace panties, then all the hardware transferred to a clean uniform, added a touch of makeup and called it good.

Jen yelled, “Suppers ready.”

I sat down to a spread on the table, checking out or making a gym in the basement was definitely a must. Filet mignon baked sweet potato with cinnamon and brown sugar, salad, Texas toast and red wine. Mom and Dad came in the door.

Dad said, “The grill is off.”

I got up and gave Mom and Dad a hug and a peck on the cheek.

Dad stepped back and said, “You look great – you and the uniform look like you were made for each other. Let’s eat before it gets cold.”

We had a wonderful family meal, everything was delicious, and Jen brought out homemade apple pie with a big scoop of ice cream on it. We were all full.

Dad said, “That was the best steak I have had in a long time, I’m going to come watch what you do the to get it that good.”

Jen said “I told you I love to cook”

“It shows,” I said.

Mom and Dad helped Jen with the dishes. I started to but they ran me out of the kitchen.

I got the smart phone and looked at my e-mail. Wow, I had a lot for having the phone just one day. The day shift was on board with my logging all contact idea and I had several pages to look over.

Mr. Jackson sent the following: Maintenance will fix the lights today as per your request, if it doesn’t meet your needs when it gets dark call him on his cell and he will meet you tonight – his cell number is 447-442-5555. The print shop down town is doing the business cards and the door stickers. I think your idea to personally meet with all the female students and give them a card to break the ice with the new security is a great idea. The print shop is to deliver the cards today. There are 2 of you working tonight and tomorrow so you will have more time to sort through all of this. The files are in a security sealed envelope in your mailbox. The electronic portion is in secured e-mail on the desktop labeled ‘for your eyes only’. The password is your military ID number.

They already have had 2 rape prevention seminars; I guess no one listened. If you can do something that will shock them into reality, have at it. To meet everyone at one time will be tough. I think that you may have to come in at shift change time on a couple of your days off. You will be paid overtime. Questions or suggestions, contact me as you see fit. Bob

Damn, I got all I wanted. Mom and Dad left so I had a few minutes to spend with Jen. I thanked her for a great supper and apologized for not spending more time with her today.

I asked her what she was going to do tonight.

“Dad texted me a few minutes ago; he wants me to come over for a few minutes then I’m going to come back here and research some things,” she said.

“What time do you eat? I’ll bring you something or meet you – we didn’t get a chance to talk about your first day,“ she said.

“Eleven or so would be good. I don’t want you out too late by yourself if it can be helped,“ I said.

She gave me a kiss and said, “Later babe.”

I arrived 30 minutes early so I would be able to spend some time with the afternoon shift. I was to work Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday 7 PM to 7 AM. On Thursday evening I was to work by myself. Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening there would be an additional person those nights, because they had been the nights with the most problems. The day shifts were filled by part-time people, one on each shift, unless there were special events scheduled.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday night was also staffed by a part-timer who worked 7 PM to 7 AM and had done it for years. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday required three people. Friday, Saturday and Sunday required four. The day shifts ran from 7 AM to 1 PM and 1 PM to 7 PM. I was considered the only full timer because I worked more than 40 hours. I was to have the title ‘Chief of Security’. Mr. Jackson from Human Resources would handle problems when I wasn’t there. They had given me a load of responsibility right out of the gun.

This weekend’s afternoon shift was staffed by Lisa Smack – 38, 5’7”, dirty blond, 140 lbs, divorced, 1 child (a boy) and by Sandy Cox – 41, 5’9”, 145 lbs, long black hair, married, 2 children, both girls.

When I went in no one was in the office, on the counter was a stack of the Kent County College papers, with my picture on the front page announcing the new security department and me as Chief of Security with a write-up.

I opened my office and began with the e-mails and logs. I had just finished when Lisa and Sandy came in carrying boxes of the new cards with the contact number for security and the adhesive labels. We would start distributing them tonight. There was also a case of the new rechargeable LED super-bright flashlights.

My partner for the night came in – Russ Apples, 55, retired from AT&T, 6’, 200 lbs. The group of us went through introductions and small talk until the day shift left.

After a quick review of the security cams we each grabbed a box of cards and stickers. I wanted to get dorm A done tonight before dark and hoped Russ would get dorm D done. I would leave instructions for the day shifts to complete it tomorrow. We completed those two dorms and the rest of the patrol and were back at the office at 9 PM. Russ started the second patrol; I stayed in the office to begin the review of the college investigative reports on the rapes and attempted rapes.

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