Chapter 26

I was home and in bed by 8 AM. I rested peacefully until 4 PM. Nature called for a pee break so I got up, did the honors, went to the kitchen and made a pot of strong coffee. While it was brewing I went back to the bedroom dressed in sweats and tennis shoes, and made the bed.

I had just made it to the kitchen when Jenny came in. She said,” Let me change and I’ll work out with you, while we warm I’ll fill you in on the plans for tonight.”

While we did the warm-up routine she said, “Here are the plans for tonight. They are going to pick us up at 7 PM. The first stop will be at Reds Dock Bar for a drink and a couple of dances. Then we go to the Jetty club for a light supper and dance to a couple of songs. And finally go to the Beach Diggers Club for a couple of dances there. All that should be done by 10 or 10:30. If things don’t click and you don’t want to go any further we can finish out the evening there. If they do and we want to go further we can return here and finish out the evening. I stopped and got some booze and beer in case we came here. The beer is in the fridge.”

“Sounds good to me, but do you want to take separate cars?” I asked.

“No, let them pick us up – that will give us more time to check them out. They work in my unit but we have not worked together on anything,” she replied.

“Now on the other things you wanted me to find out. There are 15 on the sex offenders list that live within 25 miles of the college. Seven of those live within the town itself which would put then in a 10 to 15 minute driving time of the college,” she said

“Another thing that I checked on was the prerelease center that is at the edge of town. They have 7 inmates that get one week furloughs the first week of the month. They have been doing this since January. Those seven are scheduled for release this January. I asked for the security tapes of the parking lot so we could see what kinds of vehicles were picking them up. I assume that we are looking for a van with a side door since all the victims but number 2 think it was a van,” she said.

We got quiet and for the next hour and half we went at it hard; so hard that I knew we both would have bruises. Tomorrow I would get the training gear and we could take it up several levels. I was amazed that Jen picked up the moves and holds so quickly.

On the way to the shower I asked Jenny, “What do you think about getting Lorrie here for the weekend? She could teach Lorrie what I was teaching her. I noticed that Lorrie seemed to be timid on campus; her self esteem still had not returned, even with counseling, maybe a different setting on weekends might help.”

Jenny replied, “Hey, that would be great! I would have someone to train and help me train while you are at work.”

We hit the shower together and made sure all the things were shaved and smooth, no stubble for tonight. We both chose mid thigh miniskirt outfits and a thong, a blouse that showed plenty of cleavage, a light jacket and modest heels. Jenny remarked that we both looked good enough to eat.

I laughed and asked if she wanted to do a warm up before we left?

She smiled and said, “You just save the last orgasm for me and I’ll do the same for you.”

The door bell rang; our dates were here twenty minutes early.

Edit by Alfmeister

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