chapter 27

Jen opened the door, invited them in and made the introductions.

She said, “BJ, this is Robert Styles.”

I shook his hand and said “Hi Robert, I’m pleased to meet you.”

Robert looked to be six foot and two hundred pounds; all muscle, brown hair and green eyes. I would say he spent affair amount of time in the gym.

“BJ, this is Bert Ford,” she said.

“Hi Bert, I’m pleased to meet you also,” I said.

Bert was five eleven one hundred eighty five, blond hair and blue eyes. Also was a gym rat.

“Would you like to sit down for a few minutes and fill in some of the blanks?” she asked.

Bert answered for both of them “That would be great, Jenny didn’t give lot of detail. Already I can see that she wasn’t truthful when describing you.”

That caught Jenny by surprise, “What did you say?” she asked.

“You said BJ was above average, she is beautiful.” He replied.

“Oh, OK” Jen replied “I knew that but I wanted you to come to that conclusion on your own,” she said with a smile.

Bert said, “I work in cyber crimes, internet fraud, child porn, net scams – that kind of thing.”

Robert followed up with, “I work in data collection, related to corporate fraud, tax evasion – that kind of thing.”

“I spent ten years in the Marines; four in rice paddies and six in the sand box. I’m just started at KCC in C town as chief of security. By the way, do you guys freelance? I’m working on a serious problem and some of your expertise may be handy as it develops,” I said.
Bert just laughed, “We have been working with Jen on that. Before we leave we will get more details on what you are after.”

“Jen implied that you two have a thing going for each other,” he said.

“I’m pretty sure we are both bi, we are sharing the bed and the house and seem to be a perfect match in everything else, but go both ways,” I replied as Jen nodded her head.

Bert replied, “That sounds like us to a tee; we both had live-in girl friends several times and still date. We are good together with no drama. I think Jenny used the word cover and it fits perfectly. Helps keep the gossip down and the family pacified.”

“So how do you want to do this?” he asked.

“Well, we’re all partners so we will just swap off with the dances, and if anything else happens do all in the same room no matter how the pairing ends up or how many different ways. I’m kind of kinky and like to watch,” I said with a smile.

That got a chorus of smiles and nods.

“Let’s go dance,” I said.

We loaded up in a nearly new Chevy Suburban and away we went. First stop was Reds Dock Bar. We walked in, went out on the dance floor and danced. I danced first with Bert then swapped with Jen to dance with Robert. We repeated the process a couple of times then sat to have a beer. We had just about finished when Roger walked in, as soon as he saw Jen he headed our way in a huff.

As he closed the distance I stood up and asked him, “Do you need a reminder on what stay away means?”

He stopped, turned and then walked away. Jen said, “I guess he didn’t, but let’s leave and get dinner.”

We moved over to the Jetty Club to a table for four. I ordered shrimp and crab cakes with another beer. I can’t remember what the others had but we all raved about the meal. We went over to the dance floor and danced to a few songs. Then we headed over to the Beach Diggers Club.

The BDC played more variety of music, old, new, slow, fast and in between and in groups of six. The slow group was just starting as we came in. I pulled Bert to the dance floor and held him close pressing my boobs tight against him. We moved separately, we moved together. My nipples felt like bullets against him. I could feel the bulge of his cock against me. He kissed the side of my neck and nibbled at my earlobe as we danced. I could also feel myself getting wet. I looked over to see Jen wrapped tightly against Robert, she was all smiles.

The song changed and we changed partners. I was tight against Robert this time. Another hard cock pressing against me and his hands were crossed behind me resting at the top of my ass.

He to kissed my neck and tried to suck on it. I had to whisper to him, “No hickeys.”

The song changed again. This time instead of changing partners they spun us around. I now had the hard cock pressed against my ass and Robert had crossed his hands under my boobs. As the dance progressed we slowly made our way to a darker spot on the floor. Robert’s right hand made its way under my jacket to hold my left breast. He softly squeezed then rolled the nipple between thumb and fingers. I reached between us and rubbed my hand up and down his cock. He was indeed a well endowed man.

His left hand slid down and as we turned away from the crowd his hand cupped my mound. My knees went weak and I struggled to stand. Robert turned me a full 180 towards the wall and his hand went under my mini skirt. He rested his hand on my mound as his fingers worked my clit. As we continued the turn I could see Bert and Jen were almost to us.

Bert’s hands were in the same places on Jen’s body. The look on her face said that she wasn’t objecting to them being there. As she reached us she pulled our mouths together and gave me a full kiss with her tongue playing with mine. As that happened Robert lifted his fingers off my clit then flicked it with a finger. I came hard and moaned into Jen’s mouth. It’s a good thing I was trapped between them or I would have been on the floor.

“It’s time for us to leave and I mean right now!” I told Jen as soon as I got my breath back. “Or they are going to throw us out.”

“I have to stop by the bathroom as I’m leaking all the way to my knees. I can’t get into the car like this!” I whispered into her ear.

She said “I’m coming with you; I’m the same way.”

When we got to the bathroom Jen guided us to the handicap stall. She pushed me back against the wall and kissed me. I wrapped her in my arms and returned the kiss. Jenny pushed away and went to her knees; she pulled my thong down and off my feet and stuck it in her jacket pocket. Then she moved my legs apart. She used the bathroom tissue to wipe the inside of my thighs dry. She moved my legs further apart and was sucking my clit. She slid her tongue deep into me. I reached for her head to hold her tight; I was about to cum again. She pulled away and wiped me dry and stood.

She said, ‘Do me.” So I did. She had to push me away. I wanted her to cum on my face. I reached for tissue to dry our faces.

Jenny said, “No, let them taste us.”

We met Bert and Robert at the exit door and hurried to the truck.

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