Chapter 43

At 8 AM the meeting room was full, standing room only. The attendees were Jen, Jason Coles (Chairman of the Governors task force), Bob Jackson (Head of Human Resources), Mrs. Short (also from Human Resources), the local State Police barracks commander Major Charles Ashley, he and Jason were old friends, the police chief from C-town PD Dustin Banks, the county sheriff Howard Ward and the attorney from the legal department Kent Phillips (as an observer) and myself.

I laid out the assault against Vicky, and then played the security cam video, then the videos of Vicky’s interview and those of the witnesses.

During the cam footage somebody muttered “kick him again” then “good”.

The charges against Dan Blueberg would be assault, attempted rape, sexual assault, possession of a control substance, and under the influence of illegal drugs. These offences would be prosecuted by and from task force offices. He was to be arrested as soon as he was well enough to be released from the hospital; that was estimated to be at least a week.

Bob Jackson recommended that Dan Blueberg be permanently expelled immediately.

Kent from legal agreed and also recommended that all of Mr. Blueberg’s personal items not taken as evidence be collected and sealed by security. Major Ashley offered an SP officer to assist and seal the container with an SP labeled seal.

Mr. Phillips excused himself, saying that he had to be at another meeting.

Major Ashley asked Mr. Jackson for an update on our security status. At that point he handed the question off to me saying “BJ can give a more complete picture than I can.”

I gave a complete rundown on all the improvements since I had become chief of security. Improved lighting, removal of trees and shrubs , we were on the second set of camera upgrades, plus night cams , more security on nights, more grounds patrols and dorm patrols, logging of all visitors, and logging all tag numbers of all vehicles on premise after hours. I displayed the new ID card and informed them to hold anyone that tried to pass off as a student with the old card. We went into my office to demonstrate the new camera system.

After I was through I ask the Major and the chief if they had any suggestions for improvements. Everyone was pleased with the things that we had done.

Mr. Coles, Major Ashley and Jen went to deliver the search and seizure warrant to the med center for the blood samples and DNA reports.

Bob took me aside and said “I know you have been up all night but there is one more meeting you have to attend – if you will – it’s with the Chancellor and the board of directors.”

“OK, that’s fine,” I said. I followed Bob over to the executive meeting room.

I was introduced to the Honorable Howard Nobles (Chancellor of the college), Mr. John Jenkins (chairman of the board), Mrs. Elaine Summers (board member and yep, the paper editor), Seth Williamson (executive VP of M&T Financial Group), Leon Bright (chairman of the board of CCC International), guest Chancellor William Henson from Virginia Tech and Dean Carla Gains from Ohio State. I responded with all the normal politeness and handshakes.

Mr. Noble began, “We have had a trying and troubling year and were at our wits end. There was nothing we did that seemed to help at all. We needed a leader in security that could adapt instantly, take charge, be in command but also that could be accepted by the student body – after all we are primarily a woman’s college. Your resume spoke volumes of your ability to step up and take command when it counted. There has been excellent feedback from the students,” he said.

“The changes you have made and the rape seminar are clear examples of that. You told them it was going to shock and awe. It definitely was and to see such positive results with in a week is the icing on the cake and has to be a great feeling for you,” he said.

“The national media has taken an interest, as you know. Every major news outlet wants to do a story or a special. If you have an outline, a script or a video I suggest you copyright it immediately. Twelve other universities have formally requested that we let you do seminar or a program for them,” he said.

“When you were hired you were told it was only for the current college year, we would like to make a permanent offer. With a new title, better pay that is more in line with the responsibilities that have been put on you, and a vehicle of your choice.” With that he slid a legal envelope over and continued. “Take it home, look it over, get back to us in a few days.”

I replied “I don’t think we are ready to go to the media yet. We still have the serial rapist to deal with; I would like some resolution to that problem before doing a media interview. I appreciate the offer and will gladly look it over and get it back to you.”

“I will follow up on your advice in copywriting the program material. I do have a video that I haven’t had a chance to review; I will copyright it as well. I would also like to wait a few weeks to go over the request that you have. I need to get my partners in crime, so to speak, on board to do something like that. We do need to do one more program here; we have had over 300 student requests for another one “

Mrs. Summers said “When you do it, I want to bring my teenage daughters. Please don’t change a thing; it was perfect.”

“I will see that you get an invite,” I replied.

After the thank you’s and a round of handshakes I picked up the envelope and left.

Jen and Mr. Coles were waiting for me in my office.

“Now, young lady, what is this I hear about you being a burglar?” he asked.

I explained the arrangement and minor details. His response was, “We can fit you with a live cam and have a team waiting close by to evaluate what you see. There is enough gray area to make it work.”

Jen said, “Everything went smooth with the warrant. What’s in the envelope?”

“My termination papers,” I said.

“No way” she said as she grabbed them out of my hand. She looked at the papers a few moments.

“I’ll get you for that. This is great, if this is what you want,” she said as she gave me a hug.

“I’m going home and going to bed. It has been a long day.” 45 minutes later I was sound asleep.

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