Chapter 42

My natural clock had finally adjusted to my schedule; I was in the process of waking up, lying on my right side, when I felt the covers and bed move from both sides. A warm naked body squeezed tight against me, a hand settled over me to grasp my breast and started gently playing with my nipple.

I could tell by the touch that it was Lorrie. She was still cautious, still learning about another woman’s body. She was gently placing kisses against my neck. Given the time, I doubt it was meant to be sensual but it had that immediate effect. I could feel my nipples harden; I know she could. I could also tell that she was enjoying her new-found power. It was heating up in my kitty; I could feel it getting wet.

The other person squeezed tight against me from the front, kissed me lightly on the lips. Then her hand grasped my ass cheek and squeezed hard enough to hurt. I opened my eyes at that to stare into Jens dancing blue eyes. She immediately attacked my mouth with her hard tongue, playing tag with my tongue. I couldn’t hold back the groan that escaped.

I heard a chorus of giggles from the door. Lorrie said “I told you we knew her weak spots.”

Ching Lee said “I want that kind of alarm clock. I want to get up like that every morning.”

By now Jen had me on my back and was between my spread legs with her knees. She leaned forward and gave me a toe curling kiss then backed away and sucked my right nipple between her teeth. She bit down on it and pulled back until it snapped from her mouth.

She said, “Girl, if you didn’t have to go to work you would get it good.” With that she started to back off the bed. She was just about off of me when she stopped.

“Wait a minute, I forget something,” she said.

She pushed my legs back and did one long lick from my butt to my clit, stopping at my kitty long enough to circle it and my clit before backing away.

“Yep, that was it,” she said “I’m done,” as she got off the bed.

“Wait a minute, you’re not going to tease and torture me then leave me like this, are you?” I asked to a roar of laughter from the doorway.

“Afraid so, you won’t make it to work and you are going to have a busy night. Your phone has been dinging like crazy again. A quick cold shower is all you get,” she said as she was headed to the door. I dispatched both pillows at her to another roar of laughter from the cheap seats.

A very cold shower, clean uniform and I was in the kitchen with the tormenting crew in fifteen minutes.

Jen said. “I will be there at 8 AM with everyone to finish up yesterday’s events and to fill in the gaps. The paper work will be completed to collect the samples from the doctor.”

“Jen, have you found a car that these ladies can use to go back and forth to the college, for at least a week or two? They are not going to fit in the Corvette,” I said.

“I’ll call Dad and see if he will swap his Benz for a few days,” she said.

I ate and drove to the college. Students were lined up outside, the word had gotten out that they needed the new ID cards. The day guys were passing them out and collecting the old ones.

As I walked by the girls I got hi fives, Hi BJ and hugs, and scowls from the guys. Obviously the word of Vicky’s solution to Dan had also spread.

By 8 we were down to stragglers picking up their ID. My helpers for the night began the routine things while I started on the e-mail backlog from today. There were many more thanks and request for another seminar. Since the newspaper article and the fact that the security office e-mail was published on the college website, security was now being bombarded with request for interviews from other news sites. Those I forwarded to the HR and PR departments for advice.

A little after 9 a red Ford pickup pulled up in front of the building. A middle aged man, mid to late 40’s, got out from behind the steering wheel and on the passengers side there was a girl’s head over pizza boxes. He opened the door so she could come in first and I recognized the girl as Jan, one of Vicky’s friends.

“Hi BJ, do you remember me? I’m Jan Potter, Vicky’s friend”

“Yes, I remember you. Good of you to stop by. You know you a welcome here anytime,” I said.

“BJ, this is my dad, Joe Potter,” she said.

“I’m please to meet you Mr. Potter,” I replied.

“Jan showed me the flyer about the class you put on. She insisted she was going, I wasn’t enthused about it. But when she got home she was really pumped up about the things she had learned. Then when she told me that her friend Vicky had been assaulted and that Vicky had used the things that you had showed them to put that guy in the hospital I suddenly became very enthused about your class. It could have been Jan that had been attacked. I am grateful that you taught the things that you did at the class. To show our appreciation we brought pizza for your security guys tonight,” Joe said.

“Thank you very much Mr. Potter, but I have to say the best reward was that Vicky came out on top of that confrontation and that makes it all worthwhile,” I said.

He shook his head and smiled. I noticed that the truck had Potter’s pest control on the side and a little light popped on in my head.

“Mr. Potter, do you do pest Control County wide or just local to C-town?” I asked.

“I do the whole county and I do most of the rental houses in town. I give them a commercial discount with free semiannual checkups,” he said.

“Do you do any houses on High Street near 15152?” I asked.

“That is one of the houses I do. The owner lives in Maine; a real nice guy,” he said.

“I would really like to get into that house when no-one is around and without them knowing it,” I said.

“I think you may be thinking about a pest a lot larger than I can spray for, something to do with some of the shenanigans going on around here,” he said with a frown on his face.

“I have suspicions that I would like to put to rest, is all,” I said.

“That property is due for a checkup, chemical coveralls, hat, mask and gloves would work OK for you. I think I may even have a key, but how would you guarantee that no one is there?” he asked.

Jan said, “There is a program here on Tuesday that is mandatory; it runs from 10 till noon.”

“You be at my shop Tuesday before 10 and we will go looking for cockroaches,” he said with a big smile on his face. Jan gave me a hug and Mr. Potter shook my hand as they left.

I sent Jen a text. “Going to do a break-in at the frat house 10 AM Tuesday.”

“You can’t do that, you can go to jail for B&E.”

“I will have the key and a legit reason to be there,” I sent back.

”And just how are you going to work that out?” she asked.

“Pest control, going to look for cockroaches,” I sent.

“Is that the new name for them?” she sent back.

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