chapter 45

The girls went about doing their things, getting ready for tomorrows classes. I had an uncomfortable feeling hit me, telling me to talk to Jake.

I sent Jake an e-mail asking if he was available to Skype and was by himself. He returned “yes”. I took the laptop, charger and the high-def web cam and went into the bedroom and then set everything up. I linked the video out to the big flat screen TV. I turned on all the lights including the extra ones. I also got the newspapers from the dining room.

I logged in, hit the send button and there was Jake. He looked great, he had his shirt off or was naked, the same as I was, I knew the way I had set the camera up he could see all of me.

“My sixth sense told me to call you tonight. You look fantastic, so what is wrong?” I said.

“My business has changed; I’m not going to make it home for the holidays, I’m not going to be home for at least five years. I’m packing up to move to Japan. My company received the contract to clean up the reactors damaged in the earthquake, it is a rush job as you can imagine. It’s at three time’s normal pay; I can’t turn it down. I’m sorry,” he said.

“And you look heavenly. I wish I could hold you while we are having this conversation.”

“Yes, so do I, I miss you already,” I said.

I had left the door open; I knew they were standing quiet outside my door. After today’s visit from the Marines I knew they were concerned for me, not eves dropping. They had become part of my family.

Jake said “I have met a beautiful girl; we are going to be married tomorrow and leave for Japan the day after. I wish you could be here but it just isn’t possible. The Japan thing has happened in just 3 days and I want to be married in the states. She is in the shower. She will be out in a few minutes, and she knows about our past and is OK with it. You will be able to see her and chat with her in a few minutes.”

“I have a new family too, Jake. They have filled the void; I am whole again,” I said

“Girls, come on in here, all of you.” They came part way into the room; I patted the bed for them to come sit on the bed with me. I pulled Jen to sit next to me.

“This is Jenny; my girlfriend and lover. She is staying here with me,” I said.

I had my arm around her holding her close. I was shaking and didn’t want Jake to see it. I didn’t know what Jenny’s reaction would be at the revelation that she was my lover, but I need not have worried. She pulled me tight and kissed me. I introduced the rest of the gang as close friends and that they are also staying here. They moved closer as if to touch some part of us.

“Girls, this is my brother Jake,” I said.

Jake said, “You have such wonderful friends, take good care of them.” The girls chimed in, “She already has.”

Jake said,” The rest of the bad news is I’m not really going to need the house or the truck for five years. It doesn’t make sense for me to keep them.”

“That is one thing I wanted to talk to you about. Would you sell or rent me the house and truck?” I asked.

“Your name is already on both, after Crystal died and with me moving around so much I put your name on the deeds and title just in case anything happened to me,” he said. Then he added “QT Banking & Trust has the loans on both, just change them over to your name.”

”But that won’t give you anything back for all you have put in them,“ I said.

“I don’t have time to deal with appraisals and all that stuff, I don’t need it. I have invested well and now this. When it is finished I am going to retire where it is warm all year round. I love you. I want you to have it so you can stay close to Mom and Dad,” he said.

“Make sure you change over the insurance and taxes. To save on taxes just have them remove my name whatever way possible that is the cheapest for you,” he said. “I have always dealt with Chuck Rustone at the Kent Island Branch; I will call him tomorrow and tell him you are coming.”

“Here comes the bride to be now; let me move back so we can both be in the picture,” Jake said.

As he moved back not only was he naked as we were but he was near fully erect. There were gasps all around me; Jenny gave me a little extra tight squeeze.

“Now just who are you video chatting with that’s got you in that condition?” a voice asked. “Oh my, a harem and here I am over dressed.”

We all chuckled at that as she dropped the towel and sat on Jake’s leg.

“BJ, this is Malinda, my wife to be. She likes to be called Mindy. Mindy, this is BJ and her girlfriend Jenny and BJ can you do the introductions again?” Jake said.

“What’s the matter Jake, I never remember all the blood going to the little head, interrupting thoughts in the big head,“ I said to laughter all around. I then introduced the girls to Mindy.

“I have heard so many good things about you BJ, your Mom and Dad have been sending Jake the newspaper articles about you. I feel like I’m talking to an old friend. Speaking of friends, they are gorgeous, you are so lucky to be so close to them,” she said.

“I heard Jake tell you about the house, he loves you so much. I’m so happy that he is going to let you keep it. I just can’t get over how beautiful and happy you all look as a group,” she said.

Jenny kept nudging me with her elbow. Mindy was slowly stroking Jake’s cock with her hand. I also heard giggles from behind me so Jenny wasn’t the only one to notice. I also noticed she had a great looking jewel in a nipple piercing in her right boob.

So I asked her, “What kind of jewelry is it, how long had the piercing been done and why the right boob?”

Mindy laughed and said “The truth – I am right handed, I jill and use my toys with my right hand so the left hand pulls and twist the right nipple when I am almost there. I have had a dozen different ones in there, this one I like the best so far. The size is good; it has diamonds and rubies on it.” She moved it to within a few inched of the camera so we could get a good look at it.

“It is also a matched set; the other one is in my clit hood and it is just the right size for there. If I wear tight panties or thongs they hold it against my clit and that it causes me to come from a long walk or be wet all the time during short walks. Jake will have to hold the cam close for you to see it. By the way, Jake says you have a perfect clit for a piercing. I also see several nice nipples for piercing sitting around you,” she said.

Jake moved the camera close as she sat and spread wide, he played with the piercing causing her clit to pop out. She had a beautiful clit, just like a little cock. I could easily see why the placement of the piercing would keep her stimulated all the time.

I noticed some heavy breathing behind me. Jenny was almost panting in my ear.

“Jake, can she deep throat you yet?” I asked.

“No, you are coming to Japan to teach her, sooner than you think,” he replied.

“Jake, unless you want to do a live show for her you had better shut that thing off,” Mindy said. Jake’s response was to sit the camera back into its holder.

As he moved the camera around getting it back in its mount I could see what they were sitting on. It was a multi angle, multi position multi everything sex chair. There was an exact copy down in the basement. It was shaped like a “Y” and completely padded in vinyl for easy cleanup. Those chairs were big hits at orgies and sex parties; they worked equally well with male of female. A push of a button changed the height, angle of the back and even tilted it. The width of the “Y” was adjusted manually.

Jake stood by Mindy’s head and she began to suck his cock, at the same time he was twisting, pinching, pulling on her nipples and breast, alternating between her tits and pussy. At her pussy he would rub her clit, play with the clit ring and slide his fingers in and out of her. Mindy lowered the back and Jake straddled her head. He bent over and pulled her legs back, giving us a full bottom view.

The bed we were on had taken on a life of its own, shaking and moving. The heavy breathing had now become grunts, panting, and moans. Jenny and I were masturbating each other.

Jake bent over blocking our view of Mindy and his cock but made up for it as he started licking and tonguing her. Mindy was very nimble and double jointed, somehow she locked her feet over him to keep him sucking her pussy. Mindy was lubricating so much we could see it dripping off her ass cheeks onto the floor.

She was moaning, then cried out “I’m coming.”

Jake swiftly reversed ends and in a classic porn shot ended with Mindy’s legs back and her arms looped to hold them that way, he lined up with her pussy and gave her all eight inches of it in one hard stroke.

Mindy was saying, “Fuck me, fuck me, I’m coming again, harder, fuck me.”

Jake was pounding her so hard we could hear the slap, slap, slap of their bodies meeting. Jake was wet, dripping with sweat but he never slacked off pounding her pussy.

Suddenly he let out a groan; “I going to cum.” Then he stayed deep making circular motions. It hit me what he was doing, he was holding pressure on the clit piercing, grinding it against her oversized clit.

Mindy let out a weak scream “Oh god, I’m coming again”.

Jake deep stroked her a few more strokes and then stopped, we could see his cock and balls move with each pulse of cum he was squirting in her.

Someone behind me said “I’m coming.” Then within seconds the rest of us were saying the same thing. When we looked back at the screen Jake was just pulling out leaving Mindy gaped for a minute. Just as the gape closed a big glob of cum came out and started its slide down her ass cheeks. Jake scooped it up with his fingers and deposited in Mindy’s mouth; she licked his fingers clean.

Jake looked at me and said “I wish you were here. I love you, good night.” Mindy added “Love you, hope to meet you soon.”
“I love you Jake, kiss Mindy for me till I can do it in person, love you, good night.” The screen went black.

“Girls, I think that is all the educational TV we can stand for one night,” I said.

Someone, I think it was Vicky, said “How about a refresher course tomorrow night?” That brought giggles and laughter from all of us.

We changed the bed covers because of all the wet spots, showered and went to bed. Jen snuggled tight and said, “We are more than best friends and lovers, aren’t we.”

I squeezed her tight, kissed her deeply and said, “Yes, but we still need a cock every now and then, even if we have to share it.” We both giggled.

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