Chapter 46

I was at Joe’s Pest Control at 9:45. Joe had me all suited up in a Tyvek suit before the Task Force guys even got there. I looked like one of those state workers at a chemical spill. When the task force arrived they were delighted, there was all kinds of room to hide all kinds of surveillance equipment under the suit. I had a hard hat cam that looked like a light and another cam that looked like some kind of meter hanging around my neck on a strap. I had two digital cameras, one in each pocket.

We were sitting In front of the frat house at ten after ten. The guys that were monitoring the equipment were parked two spots back in a beat up old modified Ford Econoline van.

Five minutes later the ear piece told me that all the equipment checked out and that “go” was authorized. We first walked around the house looking for crawling bugs. The only thing we found was two full trash cans. I asked into the hidden microphone in the white mask I was wearing if they wanted that?

“Yes” if we could do it without it being to obvious.

I told them we had some white Tyvek bags in the back of the van. I would simply re-bag it before we left making it part of our cleanup trash.

Joe opened the back door with a key and asked if anyone was home several times, with no response. I walked around the first room giving the experts a panoramic view so they could see the obvious. Then I did a more through search. I checked every box, bag, under every couch and chair, and in every nook and cranny. Then I did it to every room downstairs.

Upstairs was all bedrooms and one full bathroom with a huge antique claw foot tub. One room with a double bed was set up as a video room with the window blackened and there still was a heavy rug over it. There were enough big lights in it to give you sunburn.

On a shelf on the wall were twenty five or so homemade DVDs. I sent Joe out to the van to get the laptop so I could copy the DVDs to the hard drive. Under the bed were several boxes of assorted toys that looked like they had been put away dirty. I asked the tech guys if there was a way for me to get DNA from them. They said “sample kits are on the way” and that they would work me thru the process as soon as they arrived.

I started copying the DVDs while I waited. This was going to be a long process, too long I thought. Joe came in carrying the kits in Micky-don food bags.

I asked him if he knew how to copy the DVDs. “No problem,” he replied.

The tech guys started me with the sampling process. Put on the latex gloves, open the solution, dip the q tip, swab the object, put the tip in the test tube and seal, then repeat with the next object. The process picked up speed as it went. What I thought would take hours we had done in 45 minutes. After I finished I continued the search.

In another box under the bed there were girl’s panties, each was in a zip lock bag with a name and date on them. I lay then out on the bed, and took snapshots of both sides of each bag. Someone was trophy collecting, I guess. None of the names were on the rape victims list. The rest of the upstairs bedrooms gave us nothing except more questions.

The bathroom posed even more questions. There were several major brands of condoms in there. They were boxed by the gross; that was 144 condoms of each brand. Whorehouses were the only places that bought condoms in that quantity, way too many for this kind of place.

There were also several cases of feminine douche products. The attic door had been sealed shut and locked by the homeowner, there was a note there to call a local realtor if access was needed. It was one of the specially keyed types you see at houses for sale.

Joe had finished the DVDs. We were ready to leave but something was bothering me. It just didn’t feel right. I did another walk through, and then it hit me. All of the other rooms had wall to wall carpet of a matching color. It was in good shape, nearly new. The video room had throw rugs. There were signs that wall to wall carpet had been there but throw rugs covered the floor.

I began looking under the rugs. I was down to the last one. I moved the camera tripod and the rug under it. There was a neatly cut hole in the floor. The original floor material was held in place with four Phillips screws. Joe looked at me and then handed me a screwdriver from his tool pouch. As I started removing the screws I asked into the microphone if Jenny was listening.

She responded with “yes”.

“Jen, call my office and tell whoever answers the phone that it is extremely important that they call you as soon as the assembly is over,” I instructed as I removed the last screw.

I handed Joe the still camera to take pictures as I began to remove and inspect the contents. There were several boxes and bags. One bag contained several black hoods, hand cuffs and ball gags. Another bag contained medical syringes and two bottles of inject-able drugs. I didn’t know the name but I was sure someone would tell me. I also held them so Joe could get a picture of the labels. The other bag held a powder that was labeled for veterinary use only. The box held one DVD; I gave it to Joe to copy. There was a three ring notebook used for photo album.

The pictures in the album were made in the room; they were in sequence and started with a girl talking and pointing things out. Then she was brought in by two guys, with hoods, and they tied her onto the bed and did a mock injection into her arm. The next series was a mock of her inhaling the vet powder. There was a series of pictures of attempts to disrobe her in various restraints. The next series were of implied torture; pliers to the breast, stomach and groin areas. Then finally simulated sex acts. As I looked at the pictures my heart stopped when realized what I was looking at. This was a rehearsal for a rape. I continued to flip the pages, taking pictures of each page. Someone else was also directing how the events were to occur. occasionally there was an arm or side of another female in the shot. An older woman, fit, definitely middle age, late forties or early fifties was in some of the shots.

The next series of pictures was apparently the final run-through from the beginning. This time the girl’s head was in a hood when they brought her in, when the hood was removed a large ball gag was in place and she was treated harshly. She was crying, fighting their moves.

Her clothes were removed, and her panties placed in a zip lock bag. There was a sequence of pictures of her tits, nipples, abdomen and ass being pinched with the pliers. The next pages were of her being fucked and sodomized, even a double penetration. Her ass was whipped horribly red and given welts. The final pictures showed her with the ball gag removed, sitting on the bed. It would be weeks before the bruises from the pliers would be gone from her body. The final picture was of her accepting a handful of cash.

This raised a whole lot of questions. Was this a paid run-through with a hooker? Were they making on demand porn movies to a customer’s script using hookers and/or college girls? Were they being broadcast on the net? Was this supplying the money to pay for the frat house? Who was the older lady? Who was the girl?

The guys never removed their masks to reveal who they were. They did use condoms – several of them in fact – with 3 gross of condoms they were planning a lot of something. We put everything back and left. Joe and I met Jenny at the State Police barracks where they picked up the samples and the laptop that had the copied DVD’s on it, as well as their camera equipment.

Edit by Alfmeister

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