Chapter 48

Anyone that works shift work knows how hard it is to change the day/night routine. I only napped a couple of hours before I was wide awake. If Jenny hadn’t been sleeping so soundly I would have woken her with kisses in all the right places, instead I slipped out of bed and went to the living room. I sat in the recliner with the laptop and flipped thru the pictures from yesterday one more time, still finding nothing that stood out. I gave up on them and started looking at porn sites on the net.

I looked at some adult toy sites. I found some nice toys that I thought Jen and I would have fun with and ordered them. One of them looked very interesting so I ordered several different sizes. They were expensive, but if they lived up to the ad they would be worth it.

Then I searched everywhere for ‘college girls raped, molested, tortured’ and every variation that I could think of. After a thousand sites and what must have been a million pictures I found a site ‘Raped and Tortured College Girls of the Northeast’. They said that they had four hundred raped coeds, at least one from every college in the northeast.

I started with the very first one and looked at the stills used to promote the video. I saved the best face picture to a file. I wondered if Jen could get useable facial scans to compare against the student roster.

Then I was hit with a brick. Girl number 318 was staring at me – the same girl, on the same bed, with the same corner bedpost, and with the same arm restraints as the girl in the pictures from the frat house. They even had a name and the date the rape supposedly took place. They called her Roxey Newhouse. I downloaded the DVD and all the pictures of her. I continued to look at every girl on the site. I found fifteen more girls in the same bed with the same corner bedpost and restraints. By the dates it was done over a fifteen month period. That was one a month; I copied the pictures and bought the down-loadable DVD for all fifteen.

Jenny could subpoena the sites actor release that they were required by law to get and keep and may even be able to get all the information about each film.

After 5 hours of looking at cocks, tits, pussy and ass I was horny as hell. I thought about masturbating but decided to go for the real thing. I snuggled up behind Jen and began kissing her neck at the same time groping her tit and molesting its nipple. After a few minutes she said sleepily “I think some one is horny”. As soon as she said that I attacked her like the bitch in heat that I was.

I plastered her mouth with mine and went for her tonsils with my tongue. The whole time I was tweaking and pinching her nipples; first one then the other. As soon as she was moving to the motion I kissed my way to her tits and fed on both of them, nipping and playfully biting them, rolling the nipples between my lips and teeth. She had a small orgasm while I was doing that. The orgasm may have been small but I was sure Jen was vocal enough to wake the house.

I needed to feel some love so I moved her down and crawled on top into a 69. I pulled her legs back and tucked them under my arms. I licked and sucked at her vulva but not touching her clit or hole as I licked around both. Jen was whimpering, and then begging for me to suck on her clit. I was intentionally tormenting her and she was getting more desperate by the second. She was moving her bottom all around trying to get me to put more attention on her clit and hole. The begging was getting desperate and louder.

I knew there were at least two at the door watching. A quick glance out the side of my eye showed that they were playing with themselves; both were naked. That was an odd thought; no-one ever wore any clothes in this house. There were shorts and tee shirts in every room for quick cover up in case someone came to the door.

Jenny was attacking my pussy with a vengeance trying to make me feel guilty for not doing the same to her. I was wet before I ever got into bed. I knew I was making lube like a faucet. She either was lying in puddle or she was gulping it down like crazy to keep from being drowned in it. She had me right on the edge of the big O. A dozen more licks and a suck or two on my clit and I would be there. In between the licks and sucks Jenny was begging me to tongue fuck her.

We had been so noisy that all four girls were in the room now. Ching Lee and Marcy had taken the other side of the bed and were also in a 69. Lorrie and Vicky were doing themselves but were holding each other up.

One more lick and it was going to be over for me. I sucked on Jenny’s clit as hard as I could then mashed it with my tongue, and then I started tongue fucking as deep and as hard as I could. Jenny and I both came at the same time. She screamed into my cunt then bit down on my clit, that made me come again on top of the massive one I was already having – I was screaming as loudly as Jenny was. In retaliation for biting my clit I bit hers and she was coming again. About this time Ching Lee and Marcy started their orgasms. Somewhere between’ oh’ and ‘ah’ and ‘I’m cuming’, Lorrie and Marcy got off.

All of a sudden Jenny was pushing me saying, “Get off me, get off – I have to pee now – hurry” as she was running to the bathroom – the rest of us were doubled over in laughter.

When it subdued I said, “That’s what you get for teasing me and then leaving me hanging the other day”.

Ching Lee said “I want this for an alarm clock every morning”

When everyone had left the room to get dressed for their day I asked Jen if she could stay a few minutes after the girls left, that I needed to show her something.

I detailed my search and showed her the web site along with the pictures from the site. I showed the picture that I had taken of the bedroom, pointing out several things that were also in the pictures from the site. I copied it all to a thumb drive for her kissed, her good-bye and sent her on her way.

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