Chapter 47

Joe and I met Jenny at the State Police barracks where they picked up the samples and the laptop that had the copied DVD’s on it, as well as their camera equipment.

I thanked Joe for all of his assistance as I returned his Tyvek suit.

He said “If you ever need me to help like that again, please let me know – it was a blast!”

I had kept the digital camera that Joe had used; I wanted to look at the evidence myself. I would love to have gotten a copy of all the DVDs as well. I would talk to Jen about that but I didn’t have my hopes up about getting any copies.

I went to Jen’s office to say goodbye. The Major was in her office so I knocked before I entered.

“I just wanted to tell you that I was leaving, I will see you tonight,” I said.

Jenny said, “If you have a minute, please close the door and sit down, let’s talk.”

“If you were working this investigation, what would be your next moves?” she asked.

“Until you get the results back from the DNA and a look at all the DVDs there isn’t a whole lot you can do. I would have the utility company install cameras in the two street lights in front of the frat house and monitor who comes and goes. I would also subpoena the cable records for their internet traffic,” I said.

“I would look into the ownership of the frat house and the money trail, who is paying and how. Is the owner being paid with DVDs? The girl in the pictures – who is she?”

“It looked like she was offering a lot of input from the pictures, and was paid a lot at the end. Is she a hooker or a porn actor? There were several good face shots of her. I would do the facial scan thing to find out who she is, and I would do the same thing with every female in the DVDs.”

“I would get the cell phone records of the members of the frat house. I don’t think they are using burn phones; this whole thing reeks of over-confidence. By monitoring their web traffic we may find a web site where this is being posted. For now, it’s a waiting game,” I said.

“I thought for a while that we had found our rapist, now I’m not so sure; maybe a connection to one of them,“ I said. “I’m still going to run a loaded tight ship for the next two weeks – maybe we can get lucky,” I said.

“I think you have a good handle on the things we will be looking at over the next few days,” Jenny said. “I will keep you informed,” she added.

I stopped by the college admin on the way out of town. I gave Mr. Jackson the signed job offer. I was in for it now. I told him I wanted a black Suburban without decals but with a hideaway strobe package for a vehicle. He called the local GMC dealer while I waited. If another dealer had one in stock they could have it ready in a week.

Before going home I stopped by the QT Banking and Trust office on the island to speak with Mr. Rustone. He said “I have been expecting you. Jake called and we discussed the transaction. We faxed him the necessary paperwork. He is going to FedEx it back to us. We should have everything ready in a day or two after getting the paper. I see that you work at the Kent County College – what is your title over there?“ he asked.

“I was given a promotion today – I am Director of Safety and Security,” I said.

“That’s all I needed to finish the paperwork,” he replied.

I headed towards home – yes, I could call it home – it was soon going to be mine. I drove past my road to Kurt’s Woodworkers Shop. Kurt was an older gentleman. I explained what I wanted in a sign and what I wanted on it. He told me to come back in two days and it would be ready.

I carried my things into the house; the paperwork from the college with all the details about my new job duties, some papers from the bank and the camera from today’s adventure. That adventure had me concerned the most. I just couldn’t get the pieces to come together. I pulled the memory card and downloaded the images onto the laptop. I went thru them one by one. I studied every single image trying to find something that stuck out, anything that would help me find out what the hell was going on there and how involved the college students were. I damn sure wanted to know if any female students were involved.

I finally decided that I needed a break. I went down to the gym and spent the next two hours working out. I went through all of the machines twice and finished up with a nice run on the treadmill. It didn’t help anything but I did feel better in a different way; a good work out always did that for me.

Jen and the girls would soon be home. I should be doing supper for them tonight. That brought up the age old question ‘What’s for supper?’

A salad with steaks and a nice bottle of wine would hit the spot. I had enough time to get to the market to get the things. I made great time and got 6 steaks, salad mix, and 10 sweet potatoes. I also got two bottles of wine and a case of beer as I came by Barkers store.

When Jenny and the girls got home I had the table set, the sweet potatoes in the oven, and the salad mix washed, I greeted Jen with a big hug and a kiss and hugs for the rest of the girls. I put the steaks on the grill.

I filled the wine glasses as everyone dished their salad and offered a toast “To beautiful friends, a great family – I consider all of you my family,” I said.

We had a wonderful supper followed by girl-talk. The only talk of work was that I told Jenny that I had requested a Suburban and that it could be here in a week. We cleaned up and went to bed. Jenny and I snuggled and held each other and made small talk. From the sounds coming from Ching Lee and Marcy’s room they were getting it on. Lorrie and Vicky were having fun listening to them.

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