Chapter 51

When I woke up I was alone in the bed. There was a note on the table – she had gone to work at noon. Information was coming in on the frat house investigation and she wanted to review it as soon as possible.

My smarter than smart phone was full of e-mails; the news cycle was running with the Food King assault as they were naming it. Everyone that had my mail was sending some kind of kudos or well done.

Bill Jackson said to take the evening off if I needed it; they would get by without me. That was nice of him, but I had long ago learned that it was best to keep busy and not allow myself to dwell on things. Besides, this was the first weekend of the month; if the rapists stayed on their normal routine there was a high probability this weekend was it. I wanted to be there if something happened, not home feeling sorry for myself.

Jenny called to invite me to supper/breakfast at the hut, she was going to work late and the girl’s last test for the day was at 6:15, so we could eat together if could make it. I sent a note back that I could. That would give me time for a 45 minute workout in the gym and I needed that. I wanted to stay my weight and that would require a lot of work in the gym to do that.

We couldn’t have timed it any better. We all hit the parking lot at the same time and only had to wait a few minutes to be seated. I ordered light; I didn’t want to feel bloated for the evening.

While we were waiting for the food a big black man came to the table and I do mean big. He was at least 6ft 4in and weighed at least 250 pounds. He said in a very loud voice that had everybody looking at us, “You dat woman that killed them two on the island last night, I saw it on TV?”

“Yes, that was me,” I replied.

“My mom shops there; that could have been her car they tried to take. Thank you for taking that scum out, you sure put some moves on them,” he said as he stuck out his hand for me to shake.

As I stood to shake his hand there was a round of applause from the restaurant. The rest of the meal was mostly quiet. As patrons were leaving a lot of them said, “Nice job” or “Thanks” as they walked by.

As we left to pay the bill the manager said “No bill; this one is on us. Thanks! Stop by anytime”.

A patron placed a twenty on the counter, “For the tip and thank you,” he said as he walked away.

The girls headed home and Jenny followed me to my office.

“I’ll work in there on my laptop until you get cleared up, then I’ll fill you in on the things we found out,” she said.

There were several papers on the counter. The story was on the front page of all of them, including pictures of the fight, the dead ones lying covered up and one of Jen and me making the statement to the press.

I read over the notes and the contact list that had accumulated on my desk over the last few days, nothing out of the ordinary there. The things that did catch my eye were that the Athletic Department was hosting a division Lacrosse Tournament. The games were to run Saturday and Sunday. They were going to play four games on each of the two fields on Saturday with the winners doing a play-off on Sunday to accommodate all divisions. That meant we would have 200 players plus coaches and spectators and media on the grounds over the weekend and we were just now getting all the details. This had all the makings of a snafu with a full cluster. We were going to need every one of the part-time people this weekend.

The mail included a big interoffice envelope from HR. It had several bomb shells in it, almost like a carpet bombing. I knew it was coming but I thought there would be a longer transition period.

I would be officially introduced as Director of Security and Safety at 9 AM on Monday to the media and was to assume all duties immediately. A pool secretary would be temporary assigned to me until the full time position could be filled to handle scheduling, payroll and other duties. I now needed to be working the normal five day week for a while.

I need to develop staffing levels and consider adding several full time people. HR would develop the job packet and handle the help wanted postings. I would be on the final interview committee after HR had verified the qualifications.

Because of all the violence happening at schools and colleges we were given a million dollar federal grant to improve campus safety.

An additional 500,000 safety grant was given from an anonymous donor with specific instructions that it was to be used for student security. A Washington attorney was to approve the expenditures from the anonymous donor. We had to document that every penny went to improve security and safety.

I needed to work with the grounds group, state and local police and the sheriff’s department to develop a comprehensive plan on safety enhancements from community and student standpoints.

Additional office space was going to be constructed beginning Tuesday. The plans were included. It was to be attached to our existing office, triple our space and it was to be completed in thirty days. From what I could make of the plans a lot of it was prefabricated. I was to meet with the contractor and building services at 9 on Tuesday.

They were also going to announce that they were going to increase student capacity by 250 students in each of the next two years and build two new dorms with grants from a major local corporation. This was going to be one busy place.

My Suburban was in. I could inspect it Friday. A contractor was going to install the additions I wanted Friday afternoon. I would be able to pick it up on Monday.

I was finally caught up and went in and sat with Jenny. I slid the HR packet to look over. She smiled and said, “We get more time together, I like that and we were invited to the Monday announcement.” I told Jen that I was caught up for a bit, that we could discuss the frat house evidence.

Jenny began, ”We hit a lot of dead ends. None of the DNA from the athletes matched the DNA collected from the rape victims. None of the DNA collected from the frat house matched that collected from the rape victims so all that was a dead end.”

“Now for the DVD’s. The video sales company had signed actor’s releases and compliance statements as required by law for adult movies. Six of the girls were former college students from here. We contacted all of them. They willingly participated and were paid although they didn’t want to admit it. Four of them thought they were made for a private collector and would never be published. They were quite surprised and horrified that they were and worried about repercussions,” she said.

“The company did supply the male actor’s names. They were also paid from by the video company. Three of them are seniors and are on the frat house members list. The fact that they made movies isn’t enough to pick them up for questioning yet. We simply need more evidence.

The other eleven girls all are known adult actresses from either New York or California and were supplied by the video company. All the videos that were there were sold as commercial porn or at least the 15 that we found were.

None of this explains why there were so many condoms there or the female products. As it stand’s right now all dead ends and more questions,” she said.

“If they stay with the same method of operations the next four day stretch is prime time for the rapist. To complicate matters we have the Lacrosse tournament this weekend. There will be an extra thousand people to deal with. I will have every one of our part timers working,” I said.

I gave Jen a hug as she left. Other than dozens of students stopping in to comment on the news article on my part of the Food King assault it was a quiet night. In between patrols I had plenty of time to plan my department. I liked the sound of “MY” department. I also planned out the work schedule for the weekend and the Lacrosse Tournament. The question was, would everyone be able to work?

I was still at the college when the girls stopped by to say hi Friday morning. I had just finished my 2 bagels and a cup of Swiss Miss Chocolate. I called all the part timers; those I didn’t get to talk to I left messages to call me after 7 PM tonight and that it was important. It was 9 before I crawled into bed.

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