Chapter 52

I woke up at 4:30; I had a weird ass feeling I just couldn’t shake – a tingle on the back of my neck I hadn’t had that since I left battle field in the sand box.

I sent a text to all the girls with one question, “Are you ok?”

I received four yes and a call from Jenny, “What’s going on?” she asked. I just woke up with weird feeling that’s all.

She said, “You’re good, I have a political meeting to go to tonight with Daddy for the Task Force. It’s at Easton with all the Eastern Shore police chiefs and barracks Commanders. I’m on my way home now to get ready for it. I have a hair appointment to do on the way; it will be late when I get home”.

“That’s probably it, be damn careful. After it is over and you are home call me,” I said.

A few minutes later the door bell rang, it was UPS with a plain brown box for me. The toys I ordered had arrived. I took it into the bedroom and opened the box. I had ordered a 6, 7, and a 8. The eight was monster. If we were going to date Bert and Robert again Jenny was going to have to get stretched and comfortable with it. The toys were advertised as the girl’s best friend. I could see why.

They were strap-ons without the strap and harness to hold them in place. The harness was always a mess; it usually robbed the wearer of an orgasm. The six was actually a twelve; they came with a blood pressure pump and a mini football needle. The wearer inserted her end as deep as she could get it then pumped it up till it was a tight fit in her vagina, her end expanded like a dog knot with ridges to hold it in place. It would take trial and error to get the right feel and the ridges moving a little on the G spot would feel wild. The other end was a perfect feeling cock, other than being cold. It felt like the real thing, with the toy heater we had it was even better; also the curve looked about right. It was hard, but not too hard, soft, but not too soft, just perfect feeling. With no harness in the way it was true clit to clit. I couldn’t wait to try them out. I put them back in the box and slid them far under the bed. I would clean them and try the fit of the knot very soon.

I showered and dressed for work. The girls were going to be very late tonight because Saturday’s testing had been moved to tonight on account of the Lacrosse thing. With Jen’s meeting I was going to go to work early, I had plenty to do. I stopped by Dee’s on the way through C-ville and got a salad to go for supper. I arrived at 6.

I had six part timers working from 6 to midnight then it dropped to 2, then 3 for the day shifts for this weekend with everything else going on. We had our round table; I wanted both vehicles on the road continuously and someone to monitor the cameras at all times. We would rotate to break the boredom. At 9 PM I took my turn in the Explorer. I had made one full circle around the college, its side streets and parking lots. The streets were full of students tonight. I thought that was probably not good.

I was on the second sweep down Washington Street, past the main crosswalk, past Brown Avenue that took you to the hospital, past Campus Ave that was the main East /West Street that cut the grounds into quarters and also served as the south entrance to the hospital

I was getting ready to make the turn onto Kings Royal Circle when the call came over the radios “MAYDAY, MAYDAY kidnapping in progress at the main crosswalk. It is a blue Ford Econoline van. Fight in progress at the scene.”

“The Ford is pulling away headed south on Washington” came over the radio.

I did a U turn; I was going to meet them head on and block their escape route. I was closing in on Campus Ave fast; they were headed towards me smoking tires. With all the extra lighting that had been installed I could see that there was still a fight going on at the cross walk. As the van and I met I yanked the Explorer into its left front driving both of the vehicles onto the side walk and into a huge concrete utility pole that supported the power lines, telephone and the stop lights for the intersection. The van hit the pole head on with the Explorer nosed against its left front.

As I exited the Explorer and ran around the back to get to the driver of the van I noticed red and blue lights come on from a police cruiser exiting the hospital parking lot. I had pulled my Glock out as I rounded the Explorer. The driver was out and had started towards the back of the van to run. I started in pursuit; you can’t shoot them in the back no matter how much you would like to. I had just got to him when he turned with an automatic pistol in his hand. I reacted and blocked his swing before the gun was in my face. It was beside my head as he started pulling the trigger, the explosions were taking place close to my ear and the empty shell casings were hitting the side of my face. I raised my Glock and put four rounds into his chest.

As he went down I looked up to see another one standing behind him getting out from the rear of the van, all bloody, with a Saturday night special pointed at my chest. He pulled the trigger 5 times into my chest. As I was recoiling back from bullet impacts I emptied the remaining rounds from my Glock into him. I also heard several rounds fired from beside me. Crap, there were three of them in the van, I thought. Then someone was saying “Officer down, officer down.” There was screaming from the adjacent sidewalk.

I was back against the Explorer gasping; I could feel my heart beating. It hurt to breathe, but I wasn’t coughing up any blood. I was still standing, looking into the face of State police officer Linda Grant (as I read her name tag).

At the crosswalk there were now police lights and it looked like things were under control.

“I need to get up there and check on my people,” I said to Officer Grant. “I’m OK”

“Like hell you are,” she responded as the medics got to me. “I’ll get you a report from them.” I caught a whiff of something burning and I realized it was me. His gun had been so close to me that the powder had set my shirt on fire; it was smoldering. The medics helped me put it out, and then they put me on a stretcher. While they were getting me strapped down one of my crew came and said, “We got them and no students got hurt”.

By now there were police officers everywhere. Officer Grant was ordered to stay with me to collect my uniform and vest for evidence and to provide protection.

The scream I heard was one of Lorrie’s friends; she had witnessed me getting shot. She texted “BJ’s been shot five times” then she had hit send to all; that included Jen. Jen received that less than 30 seconds after “Officer down” flashed across all the smart phones at the task force conference. Almost immediately after that flashed “2 dead 2 injured, officer down at KCC at C-town.” The tables cleared but they were already behind Jen.

At the hospital they cut my clothes and my vest off me, including my bra and panties. Officer Grant bagged everything. The only thing she said the whole time was when we were alone for a minute, “You have a great body; I wish mine looked that good”. I got a hospital gown, MRI, X-ray, a bunch of doctors and finally a look at my chest. It was red and I was going to have five bruises. It hurt to breathe but getting better all the time.

I still had no information on what happened at the crosswalk. I asked Officer Grant if she could get my cell phone back. “It was on my tool belt,” I said. It was 10:30; I had been here an hour and I still hadn’t seen anyone that could give me any information.

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