Chapter 57

I may have needed rest. But there were still horny girls in the room. Lorrie and Vicky were sitting on the floor facing each other, watching the other, while their hands were busy with their own breasts and pussy.

Marcy was between my legs giving the toy a thorough inspection. Then she was licking Jenny’s cum from it and from me. My clit was so sensitive that her tongue felt like coarse sandpaper. Each time her tongue went across my clit I would involuntarily jump.

I pulled her to me to get her away from my clit. She kissed my breasts, and then sucked on my nipples. Marcy moved up to kiss my lips. I felt her sliding her cunt against the toy that was still in me but lying against my belly. I reached down and tapped the side of her hips; as she lifted I aimed the toy up. She moved to align it up and slid down on it cowgirl style. I reached up rolled her nipples then pinched both of them.

She moaned, “Oh God, yes, oh yes, so fucking good.”

There was a lot of moaning coming from Ching Lee and Jenny. I tapped Ching Lee on the shoulder and said, “There is another toy in the heater; get it and I will tell you how to put it in Jenny so you can ride her.”

As she pulled it out of the heater her eyes got really big, it was the 9 inch one. “I don’t know about this,” she said.

“You don’t know until you try,” I said.

I talked and grunted her through the set up as she inserted it into Jenny’s pussy. “Just four pumps,” I said.

When she got to four Jenny squeezed my hand and said, “Whoa, that’s enough I think.”

“Ching Lee, check and see if it is right; you grasp it and see if it will move in and out a little without causing Jenny any discomfort,” I said.

As she did Jenny jerked and said, “Oh, that’s feels real good.”

The whole time this conversation was going on Marcy was rocking away on me and getting all dreamy eyed. She would slow down then speed up. She would close her eyes for a moment then they would open wide as she moaned. Every time she moaned I would squeeze and pinch her nipples. I didn’t think I had any more orgasms left in me but I could feel myself building towards one. I was breathing faster and starting to rock my hips to meet her.

Ching Lee was over Jenny in the cowgirl position trying to work the 9 inch in. She was grunting, groaning, rising and dropping on the toy. She was gaining; the gap between her and Jenny was getting smaller with each stroke.

Jenny, on the other hand, was about to squeeze the blood out of my fingers. She was almost panting! She was also rocking her hips trying to help Ching Lee. I knew when they had succeeded; there was no mistaking that sound of pleasure. Ching Lee had stopped moving up and down and was sitting straight up. She was trembling like a leaf on a tree in a wind storm.

I was so engrossed in watching Jenny and Ching Lee that I hadn’t been paying much attention to Marcy. I was on the edge but my attention to Jenny and Ching had allowed it to back off. That was changing quickly as Marcy had leaned forward putting maximum pressure on our clits, along with a little rock in her hip action; we were both going to cum soon.

I had a nipple in each hand as her hip motion jerked then hesitated. I pinched both nipples as she screamed, “I’m coming, oh god, I’m coming.”

I came with her. I even managed to thrust up into her hard a couple times. Then as in slow motion she leaned forward until she was lying on me. She was whimpering, drool leaking out the corner of her mouth and still in her orgasm. I could feel her muscles ripple with each spasm. I rubbed her back and kissed her.

I looked over at Jenny; little Ching Lee was in the same position only she was lightly sucking Jenny’s nipple as Jenny lay there.

Lorrie and Vicky came and sat on the bed next to me. Almost together they said, “That was so beautiful”.

Lorrie added, “Next time that is going to be me, I am so ready now. I want to do this soon”

I took her hand, kissed it and said, “I will do my best to make it special for you”.

We all dozed off for about half hour, then the need to pee made itself known.

Marcy and I kissed then separated; I released the air and removed the toy from me. When we moved that woke up Jenny and Ching Lee. We took turns in the shower. Jenny and I stripped and made the bed. I slept for the next six hours.

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