chapter 56

I left an hour early on Sunday morning. The night had been very quiet and I needed to be at the college Monday morning at 8 to start the new routine.

The Suburban was a lot quieter than the diesel Ford. When I went in no one was up. Jenny had kicked the covers off sometime in the night and was sleeping on her side, naked. This was a clothes optional house hold; it wasn’t unusual for everyone to be sitting in the living room watching TV, naked. I put the 8 inch toy and the bottle of lube in the toy heater. Then I took a hot shower and shaved everything baby smooth.

When I came out of the shower Jenny was sprawled out on her back spread eagle. It was a pose too good to turn down. I slipped quietly to the basement and searched through the toys and BDSM equipment. I took an eye mask and four silk rope restraints back to the bed room.

I carefully slipped the loops of the silk rope over each hand and secured them to the corner post of the headboard, pulling them as snug as I dared. I was going to secure her ankles as well but decided I wanted her feet and legs free.

I straddled a leg and pulled my knee tight against her sex then I began kissing her. As her eyes opened and focused I smiled and kissed her again then placed the eye mask on her, lifting her head to get the elastic in place. As she started to protest I kissed her with my full tongue, hard and aggressive. I whispered into her ear “You’re mine, relax and enjoy.”

I started with small kisses, the tip of her nose, on the cheek. I sucked on her earlobe then playfully stuck the tip of my tongue into her ear. I hated it when someone did it to me, but it was such a turn on when I did to her. I sucked on the side of her neck like I was going to give her a hickey, but I knew better than to do that. It would difficult for her to explain with her position.

I went back to her mouth to smother it with kisses. I was fighting hard to keep my anticipation in check. It was a battle that I was losing. I wanted to hear her moan in pleasure and scream in the throws of orgasms. We started a tongue battle; she lost as I sucked the tip into my mouth.

I kissed the V between her breasts. I then left a trail of wet kisses between the nipples. I had to stop and savior each one, sucking hard then nipping it with my teeth. I sucked and kissed my way to the underside of her breasts. I could leave a hickey there – no one would ever see it except the girls – and they would get a kick out of it so and I did, a nice big one. In fact I made it a matching set when I got to the other breast.

She was whimpering and moaning almost continuously now; getting louder by the minute. She was working her sex against my leg trying to get off. But I wasn’t going to allow her that pleasure on my leg. I wanted her to come with my lips on her clit. I wanted to taste her cum. She moaned her displeasure when I moved my leg away from her sex.

I heard lots of giggling by the door. I looked to see four naked girls on their knees intently watching, with a hand here, fingers there. I winked at them and wide beaming smiles were returned.

I returned to Jenny, I kissed my way lower and teased her belly button terribly with my tongue. I kept going lower, taking my time teasing her. Finally I was at her smooth pussy.

There was no doubt that she was excited. Her clit was out of its hood further than I had ever seen it. It had a beautiful drop of lube on it and there were strings where other drops had fallen away. I had to have that one. With the tip my tongue I went after it but I gave into passion. I opened my mouth and sucked the whole clit in swirling the tip of my tongue around it.
She lifted her ass off the bed as she came into my mouth. I sucked, licked and swallowed her sweet cum. She was begging “Fuck me, please fuck me,” as she worked her pussy against my mouth.

I pushed her legs back and tongue fucked her hole. I was really after more sweet cum. I reached under the towel and got the new 8 inch toy. I couldn’t wait any longer. I already had the pump needle in. I lubed it and shoved it deep into me and squeezed the bulb five times fast. I looked over to see the girls were now at the side of the bed watching what I was doing, their eye were locked onto my pussy as I removed the pump and covered the cock with lube. I had the whole process done in less than 30 seconds, so fast that Jenny was still in her orgasm. I said to anyone “untie her”.

I kept her legs push back, lined up and sunk the cock deep. We were clit to clit. She screamed out “Ahh, I’m coming again, fuck me, fuck me”.

I ground our sex together hard and pumped her hard for a dozen strokes and then I exploded into a massive orgasm. I screamed louder than Jenny did as I came. As I ground our clits together the ribs on the toy in me were on my G spot and driving my orgasm higher. With her legs still back I went forward humping her like I was a man. I searched out her mouth. I kissed. I sucked.

I pushed myself up so my arms were straight to support my weight. I pounded her pussy with all that I had. I was at the peak of my orgasm. I slowed for a moment so I could grind our clits together and to enjoy the waves of pleasure that were happening to me. My internal muscles were gripping the toy then fluttering like a butterfly was trapped in me. I had my eyes closed, lost in the pleasure that was driving me wild.

I felt the bed move. Then someone was kissing me. I opened my eyes to look to see Marcy’s dancing green eyes. She was toying with my tongue. She would slip it between my lips and sweep the tip of my tongue then retreat then repeat it. She had my breast in her hand with my nipple between her finger and thumb, squeezing the nipple.

I started slow fucking Jenny again with a mix of motions, pressing tight, then a circular motion and a couple of deep strokes.

I noticed a change in the vocals from Jenny. They were growing louder with some desperation in the tone. I looked past Marcy to see that Jenny was getting the same treatment from Ching Lee.

I added pressure to my thrusting and speed. We were building towards another big orgasm and it was showing in my movements. I heard Jenny hit those little noises she makes just before she comes. Then she was fucking back at me. Marcy kissed me and pinched my nipple hard. My orgasm exploded. Jenny and I came together.

I pulled out of Jenny and flopped down by her side. I was covered in sweat and a need to rest.

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