Chapter 59

Tuesday started off well enough. There were no contractors on the job today yet. Bill Yoder, one of the new part-time day guys who worked in construction, said that the concrete needed a day or two to cure before they could put up the walls.

I met Jenny at ten to go with her to the news conference. This was to be the closure about the rapes. I was going to get to stand on stage looking silly while the politicos took credit and beat their chest, but so is life.

Jason Coles, president and Jenny Coles, special prosecutor represented the task force. Major Charles Ashley, commander of the C-town state police, Dustin Banks C-town, police chief and Howard Ward, county sheriff, Bob Jackson and I were there from the college.

Jason opened the news conference with an overview then the specifics on the four attackers.

Mickey Stoops, aka Smack, 39 born in Philadelphia, was the driver of the van that I had killed. He had been arrested 39 times for small crimes starting as a teen and has served only 2 years total. There was an open warrant on a probation violation for him. DNA connected him to all eight rapes at the college. It also connected him to 32 rapes in four states over the last 6 years. Two of his victims had been killed or died in New York two years earlier. The gun he had was stolen from a robbery in Newark N.J.

His parents had a summer house on South High Street that was used to carry out the college rapes. According to the two attackers that survived he was the one that tortured the victims. If I had any bad feelings about killing him they were now gone, I thought.

Darrell Walks Jr. aka Dom, 37, was born in Atlanta Ga. He had been in the back of the van to help subdue their victims once they were thrown inside. He was the one that came around the back of the van and shot me in the chest and I had killed in return. He had been arrested 15 times, mostly in the south. He served 5 years in juvenile detention and 5 in the Alabama state corrections system. DNA connected him to 4 of the college rapes and a total of 24 with Mickey Stoops. He had acquired the palm gun he shot me with in a house invasion / assault and robbery in Camden, N.J.

Tony Toomey, 27, was born in Wilmington Delaware. Served four years at Sussex Correction for aggravated sexual assault and was on probation. He was the first one out of the van at the cross-walk. Lorrie was his intended victim. DNA connected him to 5 of the college rapes and 15 other assaults and rapes in 3 states with Mickey ad Darrell. He was going to be permanently blind in both eyes as a result of the finger pokes. His front teeth were all missing, his nose and jaw broken as well as one of his testicles had to be removed.

Jeff Heath, 26, was born in Washington DC. He served 4 years for car theft and armed robbery. There was an open warrant for probation violations in Virginia. His DNA connected him to the last four college rapes and 9 in 3 states with Mickey. He was second out of the van; Vicky was his intended target. He was going to be permanently blind in one eye. His nose was broken and many teeth were missing. Both of his testicles had to be removed. Vicky had been wearing very pointy shoes and had kicked him twice.

If you believe that it bothers me that I trained the girls to inflict that kind of damage in self defense, then sorry, but I wish they had done more to them. I’m proud that they walked away unharmed. I feel no sorrow for those bastards.

The investigation found that the group communicated via an internet chat room to do their planning. They would go to an area and stay till they found a suitable victim or victims over several days. Then they would move on to a different location and support the group through other criminal activities. They were stealing copper wire and pipe at some locations. When they were in the New York area it was cars and pickups that went straight to scrap yards. They were coming came back to this area the first of the month because Mickey had to check the house for his folks, plus they had always been successful finding victims.

Jason ended his presentation there and let the others speak.

The C-town chief gave his speech on how safe the town was due to the hard work of his department and he gave his thanks to the other agencies for their help.

The county sheriff must have copied the speech – only the names were changed.

Major Ashley thanked everyone for their assistance in the investigation. He then turned it back to Jason.

Jason opened to floor to questions from the media. That is when the B.S. hit the fan.

Elaine Summers, Kent county Gazette to Mr. Coles, “How long has the task force been involved in this investigation?”

Jason. “We have been actively involved for 4 weeks and a couple weeks longer in a minor way.”

Elaine, “ We have a serial rapist at work for a year and the task force only got involved in the last four weeks ,why is that?”

Jason, “The task force cannot take over an investigation unless we are requested to by the local agency or directed to by the Governor and that request usually comes from a local law enforcement agency to the Governor.”

Dan Devine, NCBS news Baltimore, “Are we to understand that it took eleven months for the local agency to request the expertise of the task force or was the task force that long in responding?”

Jason, “We did not get a request from the local agencies. The primary agency is the local police department and in this area the county sheriff’s department could have as well. That did not happen. BJ – excuse me – Security Director Jones requested information from a member of the task force and followed up with more requests for assistance in an assault case. At that point we needed to seek directional advice from the Governor on how to proceed with requests from a non-judicial agency.

The governor responded by instructing the Superintendant of the State Police to make space available at the C-town barracks and the task force temporarily assigned a special prosecutor, Jenny Coles, there. Ms. Coles formed a partnership with Major Ashley and Director Jones. That partnership grew and resulted in multiple search warrants that were issued and executed during that investigation. At the conclusion of that case the manpower started with the rape assault investigation.”

Dan “As I understand it local law enforcement did not and has not requested any assistance from the task force – is that correct”?

I stood there listening and couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Why? Then it hit me. They just wanted the assaults to go quietly away. This is one of the most expensive Liberal Arts colleges in the nation. For the most part the students are not local. Mommy and Daddy shipped their kid to an elite college where they could get an easy degree as a status symbol and a conversation piece for the next cocktail party. They are out of sight and out of mind and unless they fucked up horribly no one in their circle of friends would ever know unless some rag sheet picked up the name and came knocking on their door.

The chief and the sheriff have local things to deal with to get re-elected. The out of state people can’t help them. On top of that, come June they will all go away anyhow, with 25% never coming back because they graduated. I’ll bet that they were never reported to the media as being raped, just as assaulted. By happening just once a month and occasionally missing a month the assaults wouldn’t stay in the news cycle at all, especially if the sheriff and the police chief loaded that week with gibberish news.

Plain and simple they all wanted it to go quietly away, the parents, the sheriff, and the chief of police and for that matter the college.

I wonder why they didn’t try to stop me; they had to know I was going to try to stop it. Had another college found out about the assaults and was going to use that as a recruiting tool against KCC? Had the increase in severity of the assaults made the college realize that soon a student was going to die and that would blow the cover off everything?

I had a fine line to walk. I needed the sheriff and the local police to work with me. I had no legal authority to arrest anyone and really even to detain them if push come to shove.

The citizen’s arrest works real nice on TV and if the person says “OK.”

But if they said “Fuck you” and walked away it could get ugly. If the local police had a burr out for you, it would be trouble from all directions.

I had to maintain a close working relation ship with them and the task force had just cut them off at the knees. Jenny would soon be reassigned back to Annapolis so that leverage would be gone.

Jason, “That is correct. The request started with the Director Jones’

Elaine, “Were the cases connected”?

Jason, “In the end they were not. Once we got involved, Ms Coles began looking into scenarios as to the routine first of the month assaults. We then coordinated with the FBI and started a DNA search in the North East. To be honest we were just compiling the data when the events of this past weekend unfolded.”

Elaine “When did the real break come in this case?”

Jason “When two girls kicked ass at a cross-walk, which blew the case wide open. The rest is history.”

Dan, “Where did those students learn to fight like that?”

Bob Jackson, “That was from a Rape Prevention, Self Defense seminar that BJ put together for the female students here. As you can see it has been a very successful class. We have had over a hundred requests for her to do the program at other colleges. The College Board has given it blessing for that to happen after the first of the year.”

Jason turned to me and asked, “Do you have anything you would like to add, Director Jones?”

“I would like to thank the task force with special thanks to Mr. Coles. Also Chief Banks and Sheriff Ward for their hard work in helping to bringing closure to this sad and tragic affair. It’s hard to believe that a multi-state crime spree came to our community but even better that it was put to an end here. I would also like to thank Police Chief Banks and Sheriff Ward for their cooperation with the security staff and for the response to the emergencies we have had. I’m looking forward to continuing this working relationship”. I shook hands with everyone.

Jenny winked at me and said, “You had diplomat training too, I see”.

That was the end of the news conference. Needless to say the Police Chief and Sheriff were not happy with Jason and Major Ashley. The rest of the day went quietly.

Jenny took Lorrie to Annapolis to get a dress for Saturday night. They wouldn’t let anyone to go with them. Vicky, Ching Lee, Marcy and I went to the basement gym and worked out for three hours. The girls wanted Lorrie to model the dress when they came home. Lorrie was all smiles but said it was to be a surprise and everyone had to wait until Saturday night.

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