chapter 60

When I arrived at the college on Wednesday things were already buzzing. The contractor had moved a crane to set up the prefab office in at daylight to avoid the traffic. Along with the crane came two trailer loads of prefab office. They were just setting up the first pieces as I walked into the office. The pieces consisted of complete walls with the windows and doors installed. A few moments later it sounded like a war zone from all the air-nailers at work. The level of noise made it difficult to work, but carry on we did.

I finally had the list of colleges that wanted safety seminar for its female students. I worked out a list of requirements that I felt was necessary to help determine the order on the list. Colleges that had a high number of assaults against female students were going to the top of the list. In my opinion they were the top priority. Patti and I decided that as soon the noise from the construction died down enough to have a normal conversation we would begin on that project.

My e-mails had good news for the department. The state had pulled two of the better SUVs out of its monthly auction and donated them to the college to replace the one I had wrecked. The second one was to add one to our expanding department for additional patrol duties. They were at the Annapolis barracks. All we had to do was pick them up. I would leave an hour early and take one of the night guys over to pick one up tonight and tomorrow night.

Jenny called about doing lunch at 11 and that sounded good to me. It was even better when she said “I’m bringing cold cut subs and soup from the down town deli.”

The war zone outside had ended just as Jenny came in. I guess the crew had quit for lunch.

After we had finished lunch Jenny told me that the surviving rapists were most likely going to take a plea instead of going to trial. The state was going for the death penalty if it went to trial because of the number and severity of the crimes. She also said that the investigators had found the videos they had made of the attacks.

My response to that was, “I hope they are destroyed before they end up on YouTube.”

Jenny said, “I can assure you that they will never see the light of day.”

Jenny then said, “Don’t forget that we are going shopping tonight. The girls want to go. There are some things that they want to get. Lorrie wants you to keep your dress a secret until Saturday night.”

“I hope this goes OK, I’m a little worried in a way,” I said, “I have never planned a lesbian date. I have never had to take the lead role from the beginning. It was always a more mutual ‘do you want to do this’ and ‘OK, let’s get naked and do it’.”

“She told me that she had never been all the way with a girl. The most she had done was the heavy kissing she had done with us, that was sort of experimental, and some self masturbation slumber party style. She still gets really nervous when guys get close, even in class, and has no interest in being alone with one,” Jenny said.

“Don’t forget to stop by the tanning saloon tonight on your way home and make sure you tan completely naked,” Jenny said.

“Just what exactly are you cooking up for me?” I asked.

“Don’t know yet but a total tan will make any dress look great on you,” she said as she was leaving.

Once outside I was amazed. All the walls, including the room walls, were up and the trusses for the roof had also been put up. Plywood was being installed on the trusses. While that was going on the brick layers had started the outside brick walls. On the inside an electrical contractor was running the wiring.

Ken Smith and a county inspector were certifying that everything was being done to county code. Ken told me that a new type of foam insulation was going to be sprayed in the outside walls and bottom side of the roof making the addition air tight, better than the latest environmental standards. The contractor who was doing that was to be here at noon tomorrow. The foam needed two days to cure, and then the drywall could be installed, finished and painted.

The electricians had to be done with all of the wiring by then even if they had to work through the night. Knowing that this building was going to be heavy in the latest technology the number of outlets had been tripled. They were also running the communications cables and computer wiring at the same time. All the wiring in the outside walls had to be in conduits because the foam insulation would make the replacement of or additional wiring impossible.

Patti and I spent the afternoon going over the request for the Rape Prevention, Self Defense seminars. We researched for every piece of information we could find on each college. We looked at the local police statistics, number of female students, and on-campus incidents. This was going to take several days at least.

At two PM we had another emergency. A car ran the red light at the cross walk knocking down two students. They only received bumps and scratches but the paper work, investigation and hospital time would wipe out the rest of the afternoon.

I changed into the sweats that I carried in the Suburban before I left the college and stopped at the tanning salon in C-ville on my way home. I tanned all over just like Jenny asked.

We decided to eat out tonight as part of the shopping experience. Annapolis has a fantastic Outback Steakhouse. Jenny drove us to the Annapolis mall. She and I went one direction and the girls went another.

We went straight to a dress shop. I assumed this was where Lorrie’s dress came from. Jenny said to the clerk, “We are here to try on the dress you set aside last night.” We followed the clerk back to the dressing room for me to try it on. The dress had a deep “V” in the front cut all the way down to my navel and the “V” was so wide that it just barely covered my nipples.

It was six inches above my knees, long enough to be able to sit comfortably yet easy excess if I wanted to let someone play there. It was also split on the side several inches but was skin tight above that. It was a thong or no panties type of dress. I had a deep suspicion that Lorrie had the same dress, possibly in a different color, to match her hair better. The clerk came back with a matching jacket and a pair of 2 inch heels. I could control how much of the “V” was exposed with the jacket. After I had it all on Jenny smiled and said, “Wow.” The clerk added, “Oh yes, that is perfect”. I looked in the full length mirror and had to agree that it definitely hit the wow factor and I was going to need to hit the tanning saloon at least a couple more times before Saturday night.

I looked at Jenny very serious and said, “Shouldn’t I be wearing pants for the part I’m playing in this?” I got the death stare then her lip started to quiver; she started to say something then closed her mouth. It was all I could do to not laugh. Then I winked and said, “Got you with that one, didn’t I?” Then I had to move to escape her punch but at least the smile had returned.

All the girls had some packages when we met up at the truck. I wondered how much planning was going on behind my back. Then I dismissed that thought. These young ladies had stuck together and supported each other through the worst of things. They had shared in the emotional pain as well as the joy. If they wanted to have some part of this who was I to interfere? I’m sure they had talked to Jenny about it.

The steak and lobster from the Outback was divine and we had an absolutely wonderful time.

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2 Responses to chapter 60

  1. cindypress says:

    nice work stay at it cindy

    • jack says:

      Thanks I will. My writing has slowed. I am spending so much more time editing , rereading and re-editing . I hope it shows. I still have 20 chapters in the can for breathing room.

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