Chapter 63

At 7 we were all up and decided that we were going to Cracker Barrel for breakfast. We had a good meal with bacon sausage, eggs, pancakes and orange juice. We ate plenty.

I went over to Lorrie and whispered “You are going to need all the energy you can get so eat plenty of protein.” She almost choked then said “I’m not worried about me, it’s you old folks that need all the energy and rest, and you should have another helping.” That got a roar of laughter from the girls at my expense.

Once home, we drifted in different directions. Lorrie and Vicky disappeared into their room whispering and giggling as they went. Ching Lee and Marcy were having a quiet conversation in the den.

Jenny said, “Both of you have hair appointments at 4:30, after that you can come back here and dress. I have reserved a table for you at the Seafood Inn at the Narrows at seven as you asked. The girls are going to take the Suburban to get it cleaned today. I will play chauffer tonight so you can enjoy each other to the fullest and drink a little if you want.”

“Are you sure this isn’t going to cause hard feelings with you and the other girls?” I asked. “I don’t want any hard feelings; I care too much for all of you.”

“Believe me, there will be no hard feelings. They are anticipating Lorrie going out and having a good time and such. This is the first time she will have been out on a date since she was raped. She has turned down a lot of dates. Outside of the group here she has stayed in a social shell. They say she is a lot better but they want her all the way back to the old Lorrie,” she said.

“It’s going to take more than one social outing to do that but it may be a good start” I said. “I’m going to order her flowers from Island Flowers to be delivered at 2 before we get our hair done. I want to see her face when she gets them,”

“That’s the flower shop that has the great looking guys do the deliveries. The girls were making comments about them the other day when we were window shopping there. I bet they will get a kick out of that. Heck, they might throw in a visual tease for the tip,” she said laughing. ”I’ll get them aside and give them a heads up.”

The Suburban left to get cleaned with Jenny at the wheel and Vicky as a passenger. I had a feeling that there was more to that story. Ching Lee, Marcy and Lorrie disappeared together.

It was a good time for me to do some things for tonight. I started by washing my hair then making sure I was baby smooth in all the right places and finished up with a feminine washout. I cleaned the small pump up toy and put in the toy heater for tonight, and then I put on an over-grown tee shirt and went to the kitchen.

Jenny and Vickie had returned with boxes. They went on a shopping trip while they were out. All the boxes went into the room that Vicky and Lorrie used.

They had also brought back cold-cut subs for lunch. It was just a few minutes to two when we sat down to eat. I noticed right away that Lorrie and I were the only ones wearing anything. Even Jenny was naked, not that that was unusual at this house. I glanced at Jenny to see her point to her watch and wink. I struggled hard not to laugh.

At two on the nose the doorbell rang. Vicky went to the door and opened it enough to look around the door. The gentleman said, “I have flowers for you.”

Vickie said “Come in,” as she opened the door. Still standing behind it she yelled, “Flowers for someone!” as he stepped inside and she shut the door. Jenny, Ching Lee and Marcy walked naked and proud as peacocks towards the door as Vicky stepped into his view.

“You have flowers for us? “ Vicky asked. At that point he was done, lost in visual overload. His mouth was open and moving trying to talk but making no sound.

Vicky took the ticket and said, “Lorrie, these are for you” as she took the box from him and walked away towards Lorrie.

I had to laugh. Vicky was wearing heels giving him the rock and roll treatment as she walked away. Jenny turned him towards the door, opened it and said. “You should have brought more flowers then you would have been able to stay longer.” She closed the door behind him. Laughter filled the house.

Vicky passed the box of flowers to Lorrie. There was a heart melting smile as she saw the roses. Then she read the card that came with them.

Roses and you have a natural beauty. The twinkle in your eyes is brighter than any star in the heavens. Your smile will melt a heart made of stone. Tonight is our night together. We will make the twinkle brighter and your smile wider. I am anxious for your touch and to satisfy your passions and desires. It will be a night for us to remember!
Patiently yours BJ”

The twinkle was bright, the smile big as she hugged me and whispered “I will remember this night forever and I am anxious too.”

At 6:30 I stood before the full length mirror for one last look. My dress was blue with a matching jacket. The front was v cut starting a couple inches below my navel and so wide at my boobs that it had a tie string with a bow tie to keep me from exposing my nipples. There were only two inches of material as it went over my shoulders. From there dipped down to just a couple inches over my ass crack in a half circle. My entire back was open and there was a bow tie to keep it in place at the middle of my back so that it wouldn’t fall off my shoulders if I bent forward.

When I had tried it on it was mid-thigh and the sides were slit up a couple inches. Now it was an inch or so higher than mid-thigh, almost a micro mini, and the slit was four inches, may be more. Jenny must have had someone do some alterations. With all the open skin, panties were out and even a thong may be exposed in the back. I had on a matching blue thong and it looked to be OK. I wore only perfume and a little lip gloss. The jacket would make the dress look respectable in the restaurant but a CFM look without it.

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