Chapter 64

I put the jacket over my arm and walked out to the living room to wait on Lorrie. It was a short wait. If I had been a man, I would have had in instant hard on. To say she looked hot was an understatement. She wore the same dress as I but in black. Her larger boobs were a plus. She wore 4 inch black heels that made us the same height. She also chose a light lip gloss.

Jenny and Vicky were dressed as chauffeurs; little black hats and all. Ching Lee and Marcy were dressed as French maids. They wanted pictures. We posed side by side, back to back, face to face, my hands on her waist, her hands on mine. They even wanted one with our arms around each other, kissing. I wondered if there would be a hidden video camera in the bed room. I would have to look closely for that when we got back.

Jenny parked in the parking lot and waited until she received a call from the restaurant. I was in the front with Jenny and Lorrie in the back with Vicky. When the call came she drove right up to the front steps. Jenny opened the doors for us to get out of the truck while Vicky held open the door to the restaurant.

Our waitress met us at the door in a not so conservative French maid’s uniform and led us to the table. I wondered how Jenny pulled that off. She waited while we removed our jackets and placed them on the back of the third chair at the table. You could have heard a pin drop as we sat down.

The waitress took our drink order for red wine and left the menus. I decided on a salad with a seafood teaser as they called it. It had lobster, a crab cake and salmon. Lorrie ordered a salad and surf and turf; two crab cakes with steak. The wine came and we enjoyed making small talk.

The waitress made sure to bend over to go over our order and every time she stopped at the table. We got plenty of cleavage shots including full nipple view. She was either cold or horny because they looked hard as bullets and I noticed that the right one had a ring through it. We also kidded each other about the increase male walk-by traffic.

We finished the salad and ordered two more glasses of wine to go with meal that was on its way. I moved my chair closer to her while we waited for the main course and made more small talk. I occasionally touched her hand.

The food arrived and we ate quietly. We exchanged eye contact and small smiles. On a spur of the moment I removed a shoe and rubbed her lower leg. That startled her at first but then brought smiles and a little blush to her face.

We finished our food and I summoned our chauffeurs. They came in and Jenny picked up the check. Apparently, she gave the waitress a very healthy tip for the outfit and special service. The waitress couldn’t stop thanking her, even offering to waitress any time or any event for her. Vicky helped us into our jackets. The stares we got were something to see. I thought ‘why not’ as I pulled Lorrie to me and put my arm around her as we walked out.

As we got to the Suburban I said, “It’s time for a change up.”

I slid into the back seat next to Lorrie and pulled her close. I whispered into her ear so Jenny and Vicky couldn’t hear. “I had planned on going to the Beach Diggers Club for dancing. Are you comfortable with that?”

Lorrie looked at me and whispered, “Yes, please do,” then she kissed me lightly. When the kiss broke I said to Jenny “BDC but don’t hurry.”

I unbuttoned her jacket, lifted her legs over mine so I could pull her close. I gave her the first real kisses of the night. Light ones on her neck and a hard one on the lips. With my arm around her and her head on my shoulder I rubbed her side as we went to the club.

We left our jackets in the truck and I paid the door fee. We then stopped at the bar where I ordered two large fruity mixed drinks. We went to the back of the club. As soon as I put the drinks on the table, a slow song started playing. I pulled Lorrie to me and put my arm around her waist, her head on my shoulder and we slow danced to the music. I kissed her neck as we danced. When the song ended I kissed her on the lips and sought out her tongue. I rubber her back as we kissed. Then I let my hands fall to her ass and pulled her tight to me. I could feel her nipples through the fabric of our dresses. I knew she could feel mine.

We broke the embrace to sit down. I moved our chairs together. With my arm around her we shared my drink. I rubbed her thigh and her back as we sipped on the drink. Then we danced to another slow song.

This time Lorrie led. She held me and started the kisses. She rubbed my back and I hers. This time when the song ended we shared her drink. We danced several more dances sharing touches, affection and kisses.

This time when she leaned over she said “I have a problem; I need to go to the rest room. My panties are so wet that I’m soon going to spot the dress.”

I smiled, winked and whispered “Same here, I can help you with that.” We walked to the bath room hand with my arm around her waist.

The handicap stall was empty so I directed her that way. As the door closed and locked I pulled her close, looked into her eyes and whispered. “Are you still OK with this? Are you good, we can stop any time if you are not,” I said.

She wrapped her arms around me and kissed me as passionately as possible. “I have never in my whole life wanted to do anything like this so badly. I have teased and watched you and Jenny. I held you when you orgasmed with Jenny and I have held Vicky when she did. I have masturbated and had good feelings but I have never orgasms like other girls do. I have never wanted to hold, to touch, to be one, the way that I want be with you tonight. I want to give love and be loved that way tonight with you,” she said. Then she kissed me again.

I did not let her back away. We kissed, I teased her tongue, and I sucked on the tip of it. I let my hands drop to her ass. I lifted her skirt out of the way and cupped her beautiful firm ass cheeks and used them to pull us together. My lips moved from her mouth to the side of her neck. Lorrie moaned loud enough to be heard over the music coming in over the speaker. “Let’s go home,” I said. I called Jenny to meet us at the door.

When we got to the door they were standing by the truck holding the doors open. I followed Lorrie into the back seat. I hit the button to move the seat all the way back, then to recline it. I undid the bow on the front then slid the dress from her shoulders as she lay back against the seat.

I covered her lips with mine, her arms around my neck. Our tongues play lovers games. I had her breast in my hand, its nipple between my thumb and finger. We broke the kiss to get air. I returned to kiss her neck. The sounds of passion were unmistakable, so were the scents. My hand left her nipple and I spread her legs, I tried to squat between them.

I said to no one and every one, “Pull the front seat all the way ahead, please.” With the extra room I worked my way between them. I decided that I loved the room in the big Suburban.

I flipped her skirt up to reach the string of the throng to pull it down as she lifted her ass. I realized I wasn’t going to get them off with me between her spread legs. I ripped one strap apart to get them out of the way. I bent to smell the aroma of her arousal from her sex. It has its natural intended effect as it as I inhaled. It caused my clit to throb and caused my brain to focus only on the woman in front of me. Nothing else in the world mattered as that moment. I couldn’t wait any longer; I had to taste her.

I pushed her legs back as best as I could and licked then sucked on her clit. Her groan of pleasure and the lifting of her ass said it all.

I hadn’t felt the truck move so I looked at Jenny to see her staring at us mouth wide open. I ripped the other strap on Lorries throng and flipped the tattered pussy juice wet remains at Jenny to snap her out of her daze. I pointedly and loudly asked, “Are we home yet?” to make no mistake at what I wanted to happen.

“We will be there in ten minutes,” she replied as I felt the truck lunge forward, its wheels spinning.

I turned back to the nearly naked beauty who was reaching for me, pleading “Don’t stop, please kiss me.” It was all the encouragement I needed.

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